Tuesday, 19 June 2018


The news of Manny MUA's brand and trademark was broken a while ago, so this launch has been much awaited. Finally, Manny took to his channel to reveal his very first product which is the Life's A Drag Palette (£42). Aesthetically the palette is gorgeous, the unicarton is a highly reflective gold with elements of pink and white and the actual palette has his hazel eyes emblazoned on the front all done up in wonderful drag makeup, by Lipstick Nick. I do think the eyes on the cover is a little Huda Beauty-esque, she is of course known for that with both her lashes and 18 pan palettes but whatever. 

I know there are mixed opinions about the actual packaging. A lot of people prefer something more sleek and simple as that is the standard high end aesthetic, I don't mind that but I also do like my makeup to be quite fun and colourful as well. It is the reason I am obsessed with the bdellium tools yellow brush sets, yellow brushes make me fucking ecstatic.

So inside you get a total of 14 eyeshadows in cute little circular pans and you have 8 neutrals and 6 more colourful and bright shades. The shade names are printed above or below the corresponding eyeshadow and you get a mirror to boot, with the script "Be a Queen". I love the message and inspiration behind the palette, Manny explains in his video that he began his exploration of makeup by playing with drag first and foremost. That was the birth of his Instagram career and he talks about what a difficult time that was for him. His parents struggled with his sexuality and then his foray into the makeup industry and wanted him to delete his Instagram account which scared him badly. Right now, his parents are hugely supportive and are part of his company and helped him create this palette. I find that to be a really touching story, I do wish the shade names were more personal and not jsut drag/gay-related. Although, one could argue that does make them personal. For instance, I would have liked a shade name after his cute af little dog Zaya, maybe friends, siblings, his favourite coffee etc. I think that is the best part of YouTubers making their own products is that they get to put all their personality into it, as  we are usually buying it for the person.

Here are all the eyeshadows and their descriptions, in brackets I'll put the meanings of the eyeshadow names in case you are not familiar with them.

Eyeshadows (Top Row):
Cake Face (means face full of makeup) – Pure white matte;
Sickning (means perfection, so good it makes you sick) – Soft orange/peach matte;
Hunty (a coinage of honey and *unt) – Cool toned brown matte;
Beat (the process of applying makeup, getting your face beat) – Peach foiled micro glitter;
Campy (I guess a more accepted term of saying something is "gay") – Bright yellow matte;
Pageant Queen (a drag queen that enters pageants, a shady term that can be used for queens that look good but have no other talents) – Purple matte;
KiKi (chilling and laughing with your friends and just having a good time) – Soft mint matte.

Eyeshadows (Bottom Row):
Shady (insulting someone but with wit) – Pure black matte;
Trade (someone who is hot in and out of drag) – Deep burgundy matte;
Mug (means your face, like mug shot) – Deep warm brown matte;
Legendary (think this has the same meaning in and out of drag culture) – Gold foiled micro glitter; Kai Kai (when two drag queens hook up) – Bright pink matte;
Snatched (when you've got your face on, you're contoured, lashed and you are LIVING) – Deep red matte
Fishy (a drag queen that looks really feminine naturally) – Blue satin

Last but not least, it comes with a dual ended eyeshadow brush, with a fluffy side for blending and a stiff flat side for packing colour. All in all, I think it is a good first release. I could do without the neutrals I can't deny, I feel like at this point everyone who will buy this palette will already have a more than decent selection set of neutrals already in their collection. If this was a pure colour palette with blues, purples, pinks, reds and greens that would have been really fun. The most exciting shade for me is Campy that magnificent Tweety Bird yellow is calling my name. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. This has been sitting in my draft section for weeks and I have only now gotten around to editing the photos and swatches etc. The palette is also finally available on Beauty Bay so if you live in the UK like me you can get your hands on it. Please comment and let me know your thoughts on this palette. I will have a review up on Friday. Take care.

Are you sick of new releases at this point?


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Thursday, 14 June 2018


Huda Beauty New Easy Bake Powders 8 Shades
 Huda Beauty announced last night that she has been working on a lot of new products as well as her reality TV show Huda Boss which airs via Facebook Watch. She teased on her Instagram stories that we would be seeing one of these products very soon and she wasn't wrong because her next story was a reveal! She showed us her Easy Bake Baking Powders, which is the next product set to be released as part of her hugely successful eponymous makeup line. Baking is a makeup hack that Huda credits for changing her own makeup game drastically and she claims she worked hard to perfect this powder to make it the perfect under eye baking powder. 

Huda Beauty Easy Bake Baking Powder
The exterior packaging looks quite simple, and dare I say it plasticy, which is reminiscent of the early Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette. I do wonder if with time she will improve the packaging but as I don't have it in front of me it could very well be luxurious as all get out. Plain black lid with the Huda Beauty branding. Below you can see the netting inside which is placed to reduce the mess you inevitably get with baking powders. Makeup is a messy business. 

Huda Beauty Easy Bake Baking Setting Powder in Banana Bread
The shade she teased specifically was called Banana Bread, and what a cute name that is. All of the shade names have a bakery theme which I think is adorable. It reminds me a little of Beauty Bakerie and their Flour Setting Powders, the concept is cute perhaps not all that original. I just hope the alliteration of Banana Bread is seen throughout the shade range, because then my Year 10 English Literature heart will rejoice. In total, there will be 8 shades for all skin tones which I think is quite inclusive but again you can't really tell until you have it in front of you. For me, the banana powder would probably the most Indian girl friendly. Huda does say that although it has that brightening lifting effect that you want from an under eye powder you can absolutely use it to set the rest of your face as well, just use a lighter amount of course.  

Huda Beauty Bake & Blend Dual Ended Brush
In addition to the 8 Easy Bake Powders, there is also a Bake & Blend dual ended makeup brush to help consumers bake to perfection. She says in her stories that a lot of people find baking quite intimidating and it is her desire to make it as easy as possible and she does believe it is the secret to flawless makeup. I always roll my eyes a little at comments like that and Kim Kardashian's that contouring needs to be consumer friendly. I struggle to see the difficulty as both contouring and baking seem quite self-explanatory to me, what we really need is a foolproof way to apply lashes. Call me when someone has figured that out. These new products will be available on July 2nd 2018 (which also happens to be my Dad's birthday), as of yet no price has been announced but I imagine it will be around £25. I will update this post when more information surfaces. Thank you so much for reading, I actually had a review to post today but when I saw this news I felt like I had to post about it. Please leave a comment below about your thoughts on these powders. Take care. 

What do you think about these powders and are you a fan of "baking"?


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Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection All Eyeshadow Palette Swatches and Details
Jaclyn Hill and Morphe Cosmetics both recently announced that they have teamed up again for another collaboration. This time, however, it is not just the one product. There are a staggering 4 ten pan eyeshadow palettes available this time around. Jaclyn explains in her product reveal video (scroll to end of post) that these shadows were all the colours that didn't make the cut for the Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette (review here). The Jaclyn Hill palette is a 35 colour eyeshadow palette which had huge success and was met with rave reviews by practically everybody. So you can imagine the excitement surrounding this upcoming launch. The news of another collaboration was, however, met with some disappointment as it is no secret that Jaclyn has her own brand, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics, in the works. Her followers have eagerly been anticipating her first product from the second she created an Instagram account for her brand and that was some time ago. Jaclyn has addressed this on Twitter and other social channels to say she has experienced some setbacks and although she does intend to persevere with her own brand and makeup line, at present it isn't viable.

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Instagram Account. Why Hasn't She Launched Her First Product?

Enough about the past let's talk about the future. Her new launch of four eyeshadow palettes are organised by colour story: green, red, yellow and purple. Her new eyeshadows boast the same formula as the Jaclyn Hill palette which most of us are aware is different to the ordinary Morphe eyeshadow formula. Simply put: it's better. The packaging is also very cohesive with the Jaclyn Hill palette: white, glossy with silver lettering. These palettes actually have a mirror which is something people have wanted forever, similarly the names of each shade are printed below each shadow. Each palette retails for $15, I have a feeling in the UK it will cost more than £15 but I hope not. The names of the individual palettes are: Ring The Alarm (red colour story), Armed and Gorgeous (yellow colour story), Bling Boss (purple colour story) and Dark Magic (green colour story).


Lolli (coral orange shimmer), Rush (tangerine matte orange), On Camera (very warm gold shimmer), Boom (metallic deep red), Alert (pumpkin orange matte), Bomb Ass (metallic pink cranberry), Siren (satin purple burgundy), Mug Shot (yellow-brown matte), Framed (purple matte) and Secret (chocolate fudge matte brown).

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Ring the Alarm Eyeshadow Palette Swatches


VIP (white shimmer), Access (matte mustard yellow), Gilt Trip (muted pale gold shimmer), Coin (metallic green yellow), Agent (muted orange caramel shade), Top Secret (matte army green), Smooth Criminal (warm orange red matte brown), Secret (orange matte), Prowl (cool toned matte brown) and Classified (foiled pewter shade).

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Armed a& Dangerous Eyeshadow Palette Swatches


Bling Bling (pinkish lilac shimmer), Hush Hush (matte cool toned taupe purple), Gem (bright metallic purple), Pizzazz (pink purple cranberry shimmer), Mystic (cool toned deep brown matte with purple undertones), Sparks (matte cranberry red), Glitz & Glam (golden beige taupe shimmer with glitter flecks), Rockstar (matte purple), Ballsy (cool toned lilac purple shimmer with pinky lavender undertones) and Berry Treasure (black with purple pink sparkles).

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Bling Bloss Eyeshadow Palette Swatches 


Poof (matte cream), Powercut (foiled metallic neutral silver), Shhh (matte cool toned brown), Trickery (true green metallic), Diversion (taupe brown shimmer), Potion (matte army green), Busted (matte deep blue), Inside Job (matte dark hunter green with a hint of blue), Mojo (matte dark cool toned brown) and Temptress (jet black matte with a hint of barely noticeable sparkle which makes it easier to blend).

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Dark Magic Eyeshadow Palette Swatches
The palette is set to be released on June 26th, there is no specific time announced as of yet but I will update this post when I know more. As for the UK, I can only assume we will get it later on in the summer. June 26th, as far as I know, is the release date for the Morphe site. Each palette retails for $15 individually but you can purchase all four as a collection for $49. And you can get 10% off by using a Morphe code, whether that's Jaclyn's or another YouTuber's. Watch her reveal video below.

Thank you so much for reading, it has been a crazy week alongside my sister's wedding a lot has been going on and I hope one day I feel like I can share what has happened with you. I would love to know what you think of these palettes, which one strikes you the most? When I first saw them I was quite excited and I do think each palette is a palette in its own right you can create looks just using one of these palettes. Personally, I would have preferred a palette that was a gradient of that colour, I always have to mix different shades to get the green or orange or purple that I want so I think that would have been really cool. I am excited for reviews of these palettes, please share your thoughts below and let me know what content you would like to see. Both here and on YouTube. Take care. 

Which of these palettes are you most into?


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Saturday, 2 June 2018


I cannot believe May is basically over, June is going to be one hell of a month. I do intend on completing a beauty favourites post but in the meantime let's chill out and share some music I have been listening to lately. I have been slacking massively on the blog front, honestly I am just so scared of getting blocked off most social media platforms that I do minimal promoting these days so if you found this post wow I really don't know how you got here but . . .  welcome! 

Weirdly most of my favourite songs at present I discovered through the Billboard Music Awards. The first one is Maren's My Church which is the opening song of the medley Kelly Clarkson opened with (see video above). I love Kelly Clarkson she reminds me of my angsty youth and if you didn't know I am a fan of country music well the cat is out of the bag now. I love country music, not all, just some. My music tastes tend to be music with lyrics. Before you ask I am not religious and I am definitely not Christian and I also could care less about the use of "church", "Hallelujah" and "Amen". I like what I like *shrugs shoulders*. But of course it's not everyone's cup of tea and I completely respect that

Next is Fall in Line by the dynamic duo and two of my favourites Xtina (yes I just didn't want to look up how to spell her last name) and Demi Lovato. This song took a while to grow on me, when I first saw the lyric video on YouTube and listened I was impressed by the vocals but didn't really care for the song. Seeing them perform it at the Billboard Awards was really powerful and damn Christina has some serious stage presence. This is a song I can easily play on repeat, it's empowering and meaningful and happens to be a great song to both get ready and pack to.

Shawn Mendes and Khalid collaborated on Youth which I believe was a response to the school shootings happening in America and a stance on gun violence. It's a beautiful hopeful song. Shawn Mendes, Khalid too, can do no wrong in my eyes. They are both great artists and the song is very well executed. A great song to listen to when you are staring sadly out the window on a London bus.

Another sad song, for me at least, is Kesha and Macklemore's The Good Old Days. I love this song and it almost always makes me want to bawl my eyes out. Recently I started a new placement as part of my degree and it has been sincerely eye-opening. Every day I meet people who are dealing with problems way outside of my wheelhouse and as you know I have been struggling a little over the past year and recent events have made it clear to me that to appreciate what you have in the moment is all you can do. Happiness and sadness can be fleeting and just as things can get better things can get worse too. I know people always say you're not going to feel like this forever and there will be a day where it gets better but equally there could be a day where it gets worse and you pray for this day where it was bad but not so bad, do you know what I mean? I hope that made sense. I think after Kesha's public legal battle with her manager everyone sees her in a different light. I view her music very differently now, I don't know if that's wrong or right but this song is damn good.

Fifth Harmony's Don't Say You Love Me is a classic easy listening ballad. Surprised I like anything from them since Camilla left but this is actually really good. The melodies are on point and it is a song I can easily listen to on repeat. I usually have about five songs that I listen to over and over again and this fits perfectly in that limited playlist.

On a more upbeat note Ann-Marie's 2002 is just the cutest song ever, I love every song she pays homage to and it makes me think of dancing in my living room when I was eight and watching all those iconic music videos. Such a great nostalgic song which makes me want to buy Hubba Bubba and find an Avril Lavigne album. The video is super cute and fun too.

Zedd, Grey and Maren Morris came out with The Middle which is a song that I just know I will love forever. It suits every mood that I am in, and few songs can do that. I was surprised that the same Maren Morris that sings My Church is featured on this song but also appreciate her versatility.

The Vamps were a band I thought I would never return to after about 2014 but no their latest song Hair Too Long is a song that I instantly liked. It's fun, a little childish and catchy. It's a song I walk faster too and it literally brightens my day. Songs that make me want to smile are just as important as sad songs. It's all about balance.

Yet another unlikely return is Jesse McCartney, I will forever be a big advocate for Beautiful Soul, it is a masterpiece fight me if you wish, his new song Better With You is just incredibly sweet. No one does sweet better than Jesse even though his hair is no longer boy band blonde I still dig this song a lot. 

A song I listen to when I have to be social is Ru Paul's Call Me Mother, it's one of the only songs in the world that actually makes me feel like dancing in high heels. It is a great song and is my go to song for going to work as it instantly uplifts me and gets me to work twice as fast. Nothing much has changed, I am still almost always late to work despite living so close so this is a lifesaver. I also like to listen to this after I have listened to a lot of sad songs, again balance. The choreography videos on YouTube for this song are insane as well, definitely worth a watch.

Finally, and a little random, let's round off with another country song. This time by Carrie Underwood and it's called Church Bells. I am obsessed with songs that tell a story and this is like a movie in three minutes, I love the lyrics and I can't help but sing along every time. It is my go to song when I want time to move faster i.e. when I am on a long walk or when I am in a low mood.

In total that's 11 songs that I have started listening to over the past month. I would love to know what songs you have been listening to and loving, no matter the genre, please share in the comments below. Things are totally  crazy over here but I am going to do my best to keep posting throughout the wedding madness. Thank you so much for reading, don't forget to comment. Take care.

What songs are you into right now?


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Thursday, 24 May 2018


A skincare review as promised! I actually purchased the L'Oreal Paris Smooth Sugar Clear Kiwi Face and Lip Scrub (£10) a few months ago, and I have been using it every other day for almost three months. I have probably about four uses left in my little jar, so I thought it was about time I write up my thoughts. Skincare is a tricky one as everyone's skin is different and we all have our preferences. I have oily/combination skin with enlarged pores and texture. I always look for products that help with acne, blemishes, blackheads, oil control and large pores as well as uneven skin tone and dullness. I know that's a lot, but we are our own worst critics. Here are my thoughts on this product. 

What It Is: A smooth sugar clearing scrub comprising kiwi seeds (to smooth skin, unclog pores and visibly reduce blackheads), peppermint essential oil (rich soothing properties, to visibly reduce blemishes) and lemongrass juice (to purify skin). 

What It Does: As well as exfoliating the skin and lips, yes it can be used on the lips too, it claims to visibly improve skin in one week by reducing blemishes and the appearance of pores. Advised to be used on dry skin with clean dry fingers, use a small amount and apply in small, circular motions upwards on the face, the scrub has self-heating properties so you should feel a warm sensation briefly on the face. Massage until the sugars have melted, it will start to feel runny on the hand, and rinse off face and lips with warm water. Use three times a week

What I Liked: This scrub does a brilliant job of removing dead skin cells and the slimy gritty texture allows you to really take your time and work it in. My skin is unbelievably soft and smooth immediately after use, I especially like using it just before applying my makeup as I find my makeup sits on my skin a lot better and I feel like I can use less. I think it does help with blackheads and my blemishes haven't been too bad for the most part, but it does nothing for the hormonal breakouts that keep popping up on my chin. Fun. I like that is is two-in-one and can be used on the lips as well. Not really relevant, but I like the colour as well, it is summery and perks me up a little. 

What I Didn't: It tastes like shit and it smells pretty strange too, it is slightly off-putting only because the name and marketing makes it sound like the most natural product ever so I literally expect it to taste and smell like sweet kiwis and it doesn't. When I use it on my lips it leaves a strange taste. My skin is instantly quite red initially but that is to be expected, I am quite vigorous. The jar isn't my favourite just because I have to balance the lid and seal on the edge of the sink which is a bigger ordeal than a squeezy tube would be, but I can deal. I honestly don't think it is the miracle product it claims to be, my skin hasn't dramatically improved and I do think I get similar results with other exfoliating products. I also think the results, like the general smooth and soft texture it leaves is quite short-lasting. I could easily use this every night as it is not that potent for me. 

Overall Verdict: 3/5. Might be a little harsh, but I much prefer the L'Oreal Glow Scrub, it takes up less time and gives me a similar feeling. I actually just repurchased one today and I am really excited to reintroduce it into my routine. The Clear Scrub is a great idea and is a good product but it didn't quite meet my expectations, I am still interested in the other scrubs in this range though. Thank you so much for reading, I would love to know if you have tried these scrubs, if so, which ones are your favourites, or which one do you have your eye on? Comment below. Take care 

What is your favourite daily skincare product?


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Monday, 21 May 2018


Huda Beauty New Rose Gold Remastered Eyeshadow Palette Swatches & Release Date
I am sure you have already heard that Huda Beauty is bringing back her limited edition Rose Gold Textured Shadows palette (review here), but this time it is different. Huda explains on her blog that after the initial success of her first few palettes that she wanted to take into account the feedback she received to bring out an even better version. There is some controversy surrounding this palette, for instance there was a video by drama channel Here For The Tea, suggesting that it is pretty shady for Huda and her team to bring out a subpar palette and cutting corners in the first place and that she should have waited until she could afford to bring out a high quality palette

I couldn't agree less with this sentiment. The palette she brought out originally is a great palette in my opinion. I don't have long nails so I don't encounter any trouble using the specially formulated "textured shadows" which are essentially chunky af glitters. The mattes swatch okay but on the eyelids they blend really well and build well also, and with a base they really do last all day and night. I understand that a lot of people feel the complete opposite and do not fuck with this palette, but nothing works for everyone. That is just the truth. My biggest problem is that it retails for £56 which is ridiculously high when considering Huda's admission that they had to cut corners on packaging etc. The only saving grace is with the Desert Dusk Palette and Remastered Rose Gold palette the price has remained the same in spite of the blatant improvement in packaging (a mirror, a cover, more design work etc.). 

So what is different, you may ask? Basically, the original textured shadow formulas which are difficult to  use with a brush can now be used with a brush.  It could still be done with the original, if you add some oil or really dig in and use a spray for adherence but I understand that is a lot more hassle than people are prepared to do. Again, I use my fingers but a lot of people have long nails or just don't want to get their fingers dirty for many reasons. Instead of being textured shadows in the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette (£56) they are now melted metals with a liquid metal finish. You still will get more payoff with your fingers though. It releases on May 22nd and will be available on Cult Beauty in the UK if you are from here. Still 18 shades and this time there is a mirror as well as better packaging. 

Thank you so much for reading, I would be interested to hear what your thoughts are on this palette. Did you try the original Rose Gold palette? Are you more interested in this version? Hope you are having a great week and hopefully the weather is as sunny as it is in London right now. Take care.

What are your thoughts on this remastered palette?


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Saturday, 19 May 2018


I was supposed to post earlier this week with a review of one of the many skincare products I have been testing out, but the thought of that almost brought me to tears. Instead, being the pop culture whore that I am who loves to give other people shit about what they are wearing even though I legit rotate the same five outfits until it is no longer physically possible I thought why not talk about the royal wedding. More specifically what people were wearing at the royal wedding. I spent today at The Book Club in Shoreditch taking part in a brunch and booze kind of celebration where everyone just kind of drank and then cheered when someone we recognised came on the screen. Follow me on Instagram or Snapchat to have a look at some of that live footage (both @alittlekiran). There were drag queens too (only one though), it was cool but crowded. It made me realise that the one thing I can happily do alone is judge people's outfits, it is so fun. So onto the looks I liked best, in no particular order, except the next one of course. 

Naturally, the favourite of the night is Meghan herself in her Stella McCartney reception dress. I love her Givenchy wedding gown with the long train and veil. A lot of people have mixed opinions on her looks and some compare her choices to Kate's, but I think it is genius. Whoever styled her knows Meghan's body very well and the fit of both dresses are impeccable as well as extremely flattering. She has such an amazing toned body and gorgeous skin and I think the dresses truly accentuate that. Harry's velvet suit jacket is really dapper too, the old school elegance is a win.

Priyanka Chopra in Vivienne Westwood with a Phillip Treacy hat and Jimmy Choo heels is a look. The colour is perfect, the shoes are perfect - wedding shoes are hard to find - and even her hat is cute and interesting without being too much. She looks really good, I bet she pulled. 

Carey Mulligan looks completely perfect, from the length of her dress to her ankle strap stiletto pumps. I am obsessed with this outfit. The design of the dress is so pretty, if I had this I would never take it off. 

At first, I wasn't a fan of Victoria Beckham's navy attire, it was a little severe and corporate lawyer for my tastes but then her burnt orange shoes came into frame and I fell for it. Altogether I think it really works and well it just screams Posh, doesn't it?

Blush was big this year, it is such a wedding colour and a lot of the girls also at The Book Club were wearing blush as well, particularly those of a medium olive skin tone. So I have come to the conclusion that there is a strong chance blush should suit me, so I should try it. Oprah looks like the queen she is. I love that it is long sleeved and that everything basically matches, but I really love the massive smile on her face. What a babe. 

So Mike, I think his real name is Adam, is not a favourite although it is a favourite that he and Jessica, Harvey, Donna and Louis were invited to Rachel's wedding. His suit looks way too big for him in my opinion, but Troian, Spencer from PLL and Mike's irl wife, looks smashing. Again in blush with a choker neck and some shoulder detail which gives it some youthful flair and those super pretty heels. They're so cute. 

That's all folks, there are others like Kate Middleton and Alma Clooney but I am sure you could have guessed, I thought Meghan's mother looked so beautiful and Queen Elizabeth looked adorable in her lime/lemon coat (I'm colourblind sorry), although she did not smile once. I had a unique day and I am happy I shared it with other people, the one thing I love about events like this is the sense of unity and joy it brings to us all. How cool that we're all ridiculously happy and invested in a couple of stranger's nuptials? It's so uncool it's actually cool, do you know what I mean? Take care. 

Did you watch the wedding?


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