Tuesday, 13 November 2018


The Pixi Glow Tonic (£18) and by now the Pixi Retinol Tonic is likely no stranger to you all. I have been trying the newest addition to the cult Tonic range for over a month, almost two months, now. I really wanted to give this a thorough try. I am about a third of the way through the bottle so I do think you get a lot of bang for your buck and it would last about three months if you are using it night and day every day and more if you are not. I purchased the 100ml version at Boots when it was ion offer along with the Glow Mud Cleanser (review here) which is already a favourite of mine. I have reviewed the Glow Tonic previously, here is the review, and although I did like it it wasn't my favourite product for my skin type. I have oily, combination skin which is acne prone so I was especially excited when I stumbled across this gem. 

Retinol is a firm favourite of many bloggers, it is a key ingredient that is beneficial for acne prone skin but for some reason I have always been hesitant to incorporate it into my routine. It might be because it is not so readily available in purchasable skincare products in the UK, until recently, and it might be because I don't think my acne is bad enough to warrant such an ingredient which to my mind is akin to acne medication. These were just my feelings and understanding of retinol, over the last two years I have seen it mentioned more and more and have paid attention to the benefits of this ingredient. Still, the thought of having overly sensitive skin and other concerns kept me from wanting to spend big bucks on a product that might not even work and might even damage my skin, because I already use a lot of potent products on my face. Thankfully, Pixi fully saved the day with this Retinol Tonic (£10), I love that it comes in two sizes, due to my doubts I grabbed the smaller size (100ml) and I love it dearly. I would happily buy the full size (250ml) at a later date/ 

I am not a skincare expert or a cosmetologist so I am only speaking for my experience of the product. All my doubts about it making my skin irritable and sensitive vanished the first time I used it, there are so many great nourishing ingredients in here that it wasn't a problem at all. My skin feels soft and nourished after being gently swiped with a lightly saturated cotton pad. It doesn't feel harsh or make my skin tingle. It's really a good product and I prefer it to the Glow Tonic. DId it clear my spots? No. But honestly one product will not magically erase acne, it is a combination of lifestyle, diet, stress, hygiene and skincare. My complexion has improved, to my eye it is brighter and my spots are more easily covered with makeup than they were before. I really appreciate Pixi skincare, they are a brand that I trust, I appreciate their packaging, their price point and the range of products that in my opinion work for all skin types because they are not strong in my opinion, and I do think that is a bad thing. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this review, if you don't like leaving your house to shop then you can get Pixi products from Cult Beauty. Take care. 

What are your favourite products from Pixi by Petra?


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*Affiliate links are used throughout this post, this post is not sponsored. 

Wednesday, 7 November 2018


Wishing you all a Happy Diwali and Bandi Chhor Divas, I wanted to create a fun but still simple makeup look using only a few shadows, and more importantly, a couple of brushes. Originally I tried to film the process this morning but the lighting was all over the place and I ran out of storage so here is the makeup look along with the products I used to create the look. I hope you enjoy. All affiliate links are denoted with an asterisk, I hope you don't mind, not all links are affiliate links, mostly just the products I purchase via Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay as that is where I do most of my makeup shopping. Leave me a comment as to how your week is going, thank you!


The most interesting part of the look, begins with the eyes, I didn't use a primer or base for my lids because I couldn't find one. I did my eyes first as when I sat down I had no idea what colours I would be using so wasn't sure about the fallout. The only eyeshadow palette I used was the B Perfect Cosmetics x Stacey Marie MUA Carnival Palette* which I purchased from Beauty Bay and adore dearly. The only two eyeshadow brushes I used for this look were the dual-ended E32/E33 Blank Canvas Brush* and the bdellium tools 785 Brush*. I used Naked (a cool toned medium brown) as a base for my entire lid and then using the E32 side of the Blank Canvas brush I packed on as much of Wasted (a vibrant blue toned purple matte) as possible on the outer half of the lid and crease area, being careful to work in layers then blend out the edges. After wiping the E32 clean on my hand I dipped into Chant (slightly deeper softer purple matte) and gently placed this in the inner half of the lid and crease marrying the two shades together and saturating the entire lid in colour. This was done in soft wispy motions as I don't want Chant to be as opaque as Wasted. After laying and blending Chant, back in with Wasted to ensure the colour payoff is still rich and vibrant. 

Now for the fun part I used the MUA Velvet Luxe Matte Lip Lacquer in Perseus on the E33 side of the Blank Canvas Brush and pressed it into the inner half of my lid like a cut crease but not as precise and fading it out towards the middle. I did this on both eyes, and when I was happy with the placement and colour, I went in with the 785 to blend Wasted on the outer half and add Liquor (warm brown matte) to deepen up the crease slightly and add more dimension. Then I applied the Rimmel Wonder'Fully Real Mascara on top and bottom lashes until they were dark and dramatic. I did get some mascara on my lids so went back in with the 785 brush to add more of Wasted and Liquor and disguise the mascara marks. Voila. 


Skin was prepped by first cleansing with the Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser* followed by the Pixi Retinol Tonic*, which I am almost done trialing. After letting that sit I applied my Cetaphil SPF and went into the eyes. Going back to the face after eyes were done, I applied Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Foundation in Shade 52 Honey Light, I skipped concealer today and set the face with a generous layer of my favourite Vichy Dermablend Powder. While letting the powder sit as my skin is oily, I used the bdellium tools 980 to apply the bronzer shade of the Wet n Wild MEGA Glo Contouring Palette* in Caramel Toffee. For more precise contouring I went in with the bdellium 964 brush and the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder* in Deep. I brushed off the powder using my Wilkos Powder brush and added Ofra Cosmetics Rodeo Driveon the highest points of my face with The Body Shop Fan Brush. 


Lastly, I prepped the lips with Barry M Coco Loco Lip Oil at the beginning whilst applying my SPF, after the eyes and face were complete I went in with Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil* in Dolce Vita placing it in the centre of the lips and smudging it out with my index finger. To finish I applied an extra coating of the Coco Lip Oil for extra shine and hydration, tied my hair up in a ponytail.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you liked this post and enjoyed this makeup look. I honestly despise taking photos, my insecurities prevent me from enjoying selfies and filming tutorials but I really am trying to get better at it. It is my face and I don't think I will ever do anything drastic such as surgery so I need to learn to love it and embrace all the imperfections that bother me. Please comment if you have tried any of the products mentioned in this post, and if you want any specific reviews. I hope you are well, have a beautiful Wednesday and enjoy the rest of your week.  My next post will be up this Saturday so stay safe and happy and I will see yu then. Take care.

Have you tried, or do you want to try, any of the products in this post?


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Friday, 2 November 2018


James Charles x Morphe  New Artistry Eyeshadow Palette with Swatches ($39) photo via @jesusgomez
A palette between James Charles and Morphe Brushes has been rumoured for a very long time, ever since news of the 35B palette being discontinued broke. This surprises me because I actually bought the 35B Palette on Cult Beauty for £23 no trouble (review coming, still need to play around with all the colours a bit more). So although James mentions in his video that his new Artistry Palette is a replacement and improvement on the 35B, I don't see it being removed from Cult Beauty anytime soon, especially as it looks like it has had a bit of a makeover, but that's a discussion for another post.

James Charles x Morphe Artistry Eyeshadow Palette with Swatches ($39)
Like most rumours this one turned out to be true as James has been teasing about his palette in his videos for a while, finally it has been revealed. I love the carton it comes in, I love that James has his whole damn face on it, it looks very cleverly done and quite artistic. I love that it pays homage to his iconic Blank Canvas look which  is constantly inspiring artists to this day to post similar looks. Set to launch on Tuesday 13th November 2018 8am PST along with a 34 piece brush set for $149.

James Charles x Morphe Artistry Eyeshadow Palette with Swatches ($39)
The packaging comes in a white unicarton and the palette is bubble wrapped. The actual palette itself is soft touch matte black with shiny lettering. There is no mirror, and the shade names are not printed on the actual palette itself. Instead there is a plastic overlay sheet insert which can be removed which has the shade names. The palette boasts a similar setup to the 39A Dare to Create Palette which was hugely popular, so popular in fact they brought it back I believe. This 39 shadow palette with 7 larger pan shades will be available for $39. Not sure how that will translate in other currencies, but hopefully should be a fair and reasonable price. Onto the mammoth task of swatches, let's discuss row by row and where applicable I will expand on the meaning behind the shade name and the formula of the shadow if it is unique in some way. All information and photos were derived from James's video which he just uploaded. At the end we will have a brief glimpse of the eyeshadow brush set he is also releasing in conjunction with the Artistry Palette. 

James Charles x Morphe Artistry Eyeshadow Palette with Swatches ($39)
Above you can see what the palette looks like in all its glory, the setup is cleverly done with warm tones and neutrals forming the top two rows and rainbow shades comprising the last two rows. In the middle are the shades most used by people including a matte white, a highlight shade, a transition shade, several deepeners and a matte black. James insists this is his perfect palette and it was his goal to create a palette that you could create any look with. This was designed for artists and enthusiasts, can be taken travelling and used every day. The whole concept behind his collaboration with Morphe is to Unleash Your Inner Artist. 

James Charles x Morphe Artistry Eyeshadow Palette with Swatches ($39)
Above you can see the plastic overlay with the shade names over the top of each corresponding shadow. From the video it is clear that James has thoughtfully named each shade in this palette which is something I have commented on previously. One of the unique aspects of influencers is a lot of their audience watches and supports them because of their personality not just their talent, and thus having shade names that are pertinent to their lives that their readers can pick up on is a way to make a palette stand out from the crowd, it is something that is different to a non-influencer palette if that makes sense. This was one of my criticisms of the Morphe Vault Collection, the names were so generic that I think Jaclyn missed out on a lot of support because it feels much more like a business transaction rather than someone creating a palette for the people that watch and love their videos. 

James Charles x Morphe Artistry Eyeshadow Palette with Swatches ($39)
First Row (from left to right; eight shadows total): Canvas a light bone coloured matte inspired by the iconic Blank Canvas look, this will help you start each look with a blank canvas as it will set the lid; Ring Light inspired by James's famous high school photo yearbook story where he brought in his own ring light for school photos so his highlight was especially blinding, this move made him a viral sensation, this shade is a metallic white gold; So Good is a light true gold metallic; 518 is a burnt orange matte named after the area code of his hometown, it is a pressed pigment which James stresses has great colour payoff but can be difficult to work with, he recommends using an eyeshadow primer such as a MAC Paint Pot and a flat brush to pack on the colour and then blend; Rusted is a slightly more vibrant orange shade named after one of James's sayings; Halloween is a metallic reddish orange shade inspired by the holiday, which was also the first time James started dabbling in makeup; Wig is a brown gold metallic shade and Tea is a deep cool tone matte brown perfect for deepening up any look.  First row complete. 

James Charles x Morphe Artistry Eyeshadow Palette with Swatches ($39)
Second Row (from left to right; eight shadows total): Punch Me is a light cool tone brown matte, named after the Dolan twins who are friends with James after he left a series of thirsty af comments on their Instagram posts including, yep: punch me; Sister peachy pink champagne metallic shade; Mary is a cool-toned mauve shade which looks almost pinkish red in the photo above, named after a reclaimed gay slur according to James's video; Literally is a bright pinkish peach slightly metallic shade, named literally because it is literally one of his favourite shades as it can be used in many ways; You're Kidding is a true red matte which he insists does not exist until now; Shook is a metallic cranberry red: Boutique named after his friend Laura who owns a boutique, is a burgundy matte shade; Benny is an eggplant matte shade named after his puppy from back home. 

James Charles x Morphe Artistry Eyeshadow Palette with Swatches ($39)
Third Row (from left to right; seven shadows total, larger pan size): Flashback is a matte white shade inspired by the infamous Flashback Mary moment; Face is a champagne highlight shade; Tune is a light orange transition shade, after facetune; Code James is a warm orange matte; 10% Off is a warm deep red matte; No Beans is a warm brown almost purplish shade, named after his favourite meal a Chipotle's Burrito Bowl in which he always specifies no beans and Spooky is a matte black. All the shadows in the third row are matte and are likely to be the shadows people will get most use out of. 

James Charles x Morphe Artistry Eyeshadow Palette with Swatches ($39)
Fourth Row (from left to right; eight shadows total): Bee is a bright yellow matte named after his mother, it is her second name, might be spelled Bea I am not sure: Guac is a metallic green shade: Hello is a metallic teal shade; Playground is a pool blue matte; Brother is a true blue matte and named after Ian (his brother); Artistry is a unique glitter with a pinkish base and multicoloured reflects; Love That is a hot magenta matte pink, James often says "love that for you/us" a lot and Pinkety Drinkety is a light matte pink named after James's favourite drink. 

James Charles x Morphe Artistry Eyeshadow Palette with Swatches ($39)
Fifth Row (from left to right; eight shadows total): Social Blade is a bright neon green matte named after the website that keeps track of follower counts for social media platforms, Daddy is a dark forest green metallic shade named after Laura's husband; Keep Cod metallic acqua shade named after Cape Cod; Cola is a deep blue shade inspired by James's soda addiction; Acapella is a deep metallic blue shade, it is well known that James loves to  sing, even in the commercial for this collection he sings; Escape is a dark purple matte named after his love for escape rooms; Single is a bright purple pressed matte named after his relationship status and Skip is a vivid neon pink named after his father.

James Charles Artistry Collection Eye Brush Set Morphe Brushes
Wow, that took a long time. Lastly is the 34-piece brush set ($149), I believe the price drops to $118 if you buy the palette and brush set together which also comes with the Morphe sponge, which has duplicates and triplicates of the same brushes, rather than 34 different brushes. I actually think this is a cool concept as I often wish I had two or even three of the same brush when doing my makeup, I am not sure if any of the brushes are sold individually. The ones James has newly created have three of them in the set whereas existing Morphe brushes will be present in pairs. I hope that makes sense.  There are a few face brushes as well, like an angled contour brush and a setting brush. The palette is available for $39, I think it looks nice and I do believe James has worked hard on it, I will not be buying it because I bought the 35B from Cult Beauty and The Carnival Palette by B Perfect Cosmetics and that is truly all the colour I need. The pressed pigment formula sounds like a bit too much work for me, and the colours although nice do not appeal to me. This does not look like a palette I would get much use out of and all the warm tones and wearable shades are present in my Jaclyn Hill Palette which I still adore and use regularly and am nowhere near close to finishing. As for the brushes the price is steep, but I have been wanting more eyeshadow brushes maybe if they are in a sale later on I will pick them up. Below is the reveal video James uploaded today. 

Thank you so much for reading, I would love to hear your thoughts on this new collaboration and collection which is similar to the Jaclyn Hill collection. Does this palette appeal to you? Do you think it is a smart release? Do you already own colourful palettes? Let me know in the comments below, it means a lot to me when you guys comment. I think this palette is different and certainly interesting to look at, more importantly it screams James Charles and I respect him for staying true to himself, I look forward to the reviews coming our way. At the moment, I don't think I will buy it but who knows that could change. Hope you are having a wonderful week. Take care. 

What are your thoughts on the James Charles x Morphe release, are you buying?


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Wednesday, 31 October 2018


Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Full Collection Reveal With Swatches incl Alien Palette
Jeffree Star just unveiled his Holiday 2018 collection from his eponymous brand including the anticipated Alien Palette housed in, you guessed it, an alien-shaped palette that is described as sturdy and 3D, there is a hinge to open it and the palette alone retails for $52. The exterior is hot pink. There are 18 square pan shadows inside with a mirror and the shade names printed underneath, without further ado let's have a look at the shades. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Full Collection Reveal With Swatches incl Alien Palette
Pluto is an icy duochrome pale shade with a peachy yellow shift named after Jeffree's favourite former planet, Titan is an ivory bone matte white colour and is also one of the moons of Saturn, Alien is a lime green metallic shift named after the palette itself, Interstellar is a white gold metallic shimmer, Abduction is a chartreuse matte like a highlighter green/yellow shade, UFO is a green gold metallic, Gravitea is a soft tan matte perfect for transitioning, Martian Soil is a mustard matte, Flying Saucer is the first shadow in the palette with a saucer actually embossed instead of Jeffree's trademark star print, this is a pretty bluish green matte, Phone Home is a mauvey brown matte that resembles the inside of a Smartie if you know what I mean, Moon Rock is a strain of cannabis I imagine, it is a forest green metallic with a gold undertone, X-Files is also different with an alien embossed in the shadow and is described as a khaki army green matte, Ghost OG also named after a cannabis strain and is a dark deep army green, Area-51 is a rich royal purple matte, Space Cowboy is a metallic brown with a hint of pearl, Probe is a metallic greenish blue with a brown undertone, Tall Grey is a grey with a blue undertone and is named after an alien and lastly is Black Hole which is a true black matte shadow. I actually annotated this hope you appreciate it and it is useful!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics  Alien Palette Full Swatches
Onto the rest of the collection, the Velour Liquid Lipsticks are again in limited edition packaging, they come in a white iridescent box which has a rainbow shift. There are 8 in total. The first shade is called Can't Relate which appears like a peachy nude. The packaging is gorgeous in a glitter container with a white cap. Karma is an army green matte that looks almost greyish. Jeffree Who? is a pinkish rosy warm toned matte, Scandal is a lavender mauve/rose-toned glitter, Hi How Are You? is a glitter red berry holiday look, Clout is a dark purple silvery metallic, You're Still On The Property navy blue metallic and the last shade Triggered is a blackened plum shade with glitter. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Full Collection Reveal  Velour Liquid Lipsticks All With Swatches 
There are 4 Lip Ammunition Shades, starting with Alien Tears which is a satin glitter top coat which can be worn alone and on top of other lip products. These lipsticks come in a white bullet with a silver cap. Galaxy Gold is a metallic gold. The Lip Ammunition lipsticks smell like vanilla bean, whereas the Velour Liquid Lipsticks have no fragrance. Beam Me Up is a multi-dimensional bronzey pink shade. The last Lip Ammunition Shade Area-51 metallic glitter green. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Full Collection Reveal Velour Liquid Lips and Lip Ammunition Shades Swatches
Last are the Velour Lip Scrubs which are vegan and edible, there are 4 of these. The first flavour is Egg Nog, second is Pumpkin Pie, third is French Toast, and lastly there is Salted Caramel. Out of all of them the last one appeals to me the most. An iridescent white makeup bag is also available. The collection launches November 9th and the lip products are all $18 each. Watch the full video below.

Thank you for reading, I will try and update this with links, especially UK links, and better photos as they become available. All of these photos were screenshotted from mostly the YouTube video posted above or Instagram (@jeffreestarcosmetics). As you know I don't personally support Jeffree Star Cosmetics, their aesthetic and products don't appeal to me - I am a boring bitch - but these are just my personal feelings. If you do support the brand and the collection appeals to you I would love to know what you think of the products and whether or not you will be buying anything. The Alien Palette looks interesting, the colour story was underwhelming for me I expected something a bit more vibrant I also wish the exterior was more alien, maybe if it was green or something. I don't think it looks very expensive but it is fun and different and I can always commend that when makeup is being done to death. Hope you are well guys.Happy Halloween! Take care. 

What are your thoughts on the Alien Palette?


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Tuesday, 30 October 2018


#BADBETI Look by @dressyourface
Halloween is tomorrow, it's my favourite time of year and although I have been hiding it doesn't mean I haven't been appreciating all the incredible talent that is out there. So this is an appreciation post, one of the reasons I love October so much is that it gives so many people the chance to shine and tap into their creativity. There are so many talented people out there that I couldn't possibly fit them all in here, this post contains just 12 of my favourite looks, if you are interested in more Halloween looks check out my Instagram and of course especially check ot the Instagrams of all the artists featured in this post, they are all tagged and where possible I have linked tutorials of the looks featured in this post. Thank you for your patience, I can't say I am feeling better but seeing all these incredible looks has me feeling inspired. Starting with the #BadBeti look by @dressyourface above if I had Halloween plans this year (my lazy ass is going to go to the cinema and watch a scary film instead) this is the look I would be rocking because it is phenomenal and looks especially good with Indian formal wear. I really like it and there have been so many recreations here are the tutorials available for this look. Obsessed with them all. 

Violet Beauregarde by @ellieaddis
A look that went viral, and deservedly so, created by Ellie Addis and based on Violet from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the first movie and the only movie I acknowledge). You know, "Violet, you're turning Violet, Violet!". Iconic. There have been many recreations of this look and Ellie herself uploaded her tutorial which you can watch here. I love this look especially because it can be achieved relatively easy with a varying skill level and can be made simpler or more complex, you can add glitter, liner, scales, anything you want. Really cool look

3D Cracked Face by @promisetamang
 The queen of transformations herself, Promise Tamang, did this incredible 3D Cracked Face which she posted on her YouTube (watch here). She makes it look so easy and I don't know how she does it, all her videos are creative and exceptional. The cracked lips in particular elevate this look to the next level, her attention to minute detail is what makes her looks stand out from the rest. I love how her look is three dimensional and you could turn it into a broken doll etc. it has many possibilities.

Glitter Skull by @rowisingh
One of my favourite artists all the way from Australia is Rowi Singh, a fellow brown girl and one of the most cool, creative and colourful feeds I have ever come across. I always do a double take whenever I see a new post from her, she looks gorgeous and unique. This particular glitter skull is stunning, I love it so much because it still has an impact but doesn't contain  the detail and heavy shading seen in typical skull looks, which is exactly why I love her art it's atypical, original and beautiful. The glitter brows, the choker necklace, the line work, it's just the right amount. 

Demon by @makeupby_makenzie
This demon look by Makenzie is everything, she is an artist I found through searching for Halloween looks this month which perfectly embodies exactly why I love this time of year so much. I think the eye makeup alone with pale skin would be striking enough but the way the horns are attached and the pattern on the lower half of the face is so well executed and really suits her. Brilliant. 

Poison Ivy by @alyssaroseart_
A look on the prettier side, there are so many Poison Ivy looks on social media but I particularly liked this one by Alyssa Rose because of how simple and striking it is. The blood on the corner of the mouth makes it epic. Also, how pretty are those leaves? So pretty. I think the makeup is really nice especially for anyone with brown eyes and the green shade used in this creation looks like it is straight out of the woods from Red Riding Hood, so beautiful and ethereal.

70s Disco Glam Gone Wrong by @beautsoup
Molly Bee (beautsoup) is an incredible artist and I like this look in particular because it screams Seventies, it is a pet peeve of mine when people get their references mixed up, although lord knows I am no expert, but this look embodies that era perfectly at least to me and the blood placement is so pretty. Isn't she beautiful? All her looks are mesmerising, honestly, her talent is astonishing

Leopard by @beautybysofiewa
Inspired by @milk1422 face chart, see that here, another look I found trawling through the halloween hash tags, it is so good. The talent and skill is irrefutable, I hope one day I can achieve a look as good as this. I think it is especially hard when using someone else's face chart as inspiration as it draws on someone else's skill as well and she did such a good job (original here). I'm not going to lie it took me a while to realise it was a leopard but I love that she only did a quarter of her face as it lends it some ambiguity and draws the eye for longer. 

Clown by @powerpuffmoniq
There are no words, an artist I have been following for a long time and someone who knocks my socks off every damn time. Another @milk1422 face chart recreation, @powerpuffmoniq really did that with this one. She is beautiful and always pushes herself. Clowns have been done to death especially with It coming out last year so really impressed with how well she executed this. Unbelievable. Plus, she really made it her own. Also I am convinced that her hair look would good no matter the colour. Seriously, how gorgeous is this?

Snow White by @lisamarie_murphy
I love Disney and Lisa Marie did this gorgeous Snow White look, who in my, possibly unpopular, opinion is the least loved of the princesses as far as I can tell, but she really made Snow White interesting with this look. The accuracy of the pale skin, red lips and dark heir and the costume that looks painted on makes it unmistakably Snow White. Such incredible artistry with how she did the drawings in specific areas of the skin. She really has perfect features

Exposed Heart by @butterflyjasmine49
This is a collaboration between @natasha_noemi and @butterflyjasmine49 where Natasha creates the art and Jasmine executes the look is my understanding. This is so cool, the eyes are edited, but apart from that the heart is so incredibly artistic I love how it looks like tree roots and is shaped like a commercial heart and not an actual human heart. The dripping blood tears and eerie pale skin all add to the look as well. It really does look like a painting come to life, stunning. 

Spider/Tarantula Eyes by @tinahalada
I have followed Tina Halada since she was around fifteen, she is seventeen now and still a fantastic artist. This is the first look of this kind I came across, I don't know if someone else did this first, but I have seen many similar looks since this look and honestly it is one of the coolest looks I have seen this year. It looks incredible on everyone I have seen it on and Tina is such a talented, but humble and nice person that it is really cool to watch her grow and gain the recognition she is more than worthy of. I highly recommend subscribing to her, she is great to watch and is phenomenally talented as well as really beautiful. Her eyes are amazing! Watch the Spider Illusion Tutorial right here

Comment your  favourites below and if you have created Halloween looks yourselves, feel free to tag my Instagram either @alittlekiran or #alittlekiran because I love Halloween and would love to see them and show some love. Thank you for reading, if you have any accounts you want to recommend to me also leave them below and feel free to follow me on Instagram - all my social media links are below - because I post looks from incredible artists lately and a lot of them are spooky af. I am having a tough time lately, it has been a difficult period for my family but I will post sooner rather than later. I have also been having some troubling skin issues (help!) which has prevented me from making videos but I am slowly starting to get in the eff it mindzone who cares if I have a few (maybe a thousand) spots, if I keep doing this I am never going to do the things I want to do. Love you all.If you did anything this Halloween let me know, are you watching Sabrina on Netflix? I started it yesterday, really hope Salem starts talking . . . Take care.

Which Halloween look do you like the most?


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Monday, 15 October 2018


So I wrote down some personal goals today to see why I have been so reluctant to post and one of the things I realised whilst reading through different content here on the internet is that I think I have lost interest in what I am posting. Mostly, I stick to new releases as these are the posts that do really well, attract the most traffic and hell I do actually like discussing new products, however it is becoming increasingly tiresome trying to keep up and I have ended up struggling to care with some of the personal issues I have been dealing with. As a result, I want to be more committed to my blog and posting content that most of all I like. I did a Music Monday series briefly back in 2014 possibly (post here) and although I have a very basic and sometimes odd music taste music means a lot to me. Particularly in these past few months when times have been seriously hard, Ariana Grande's Sweetener Album has gotten me through some tough times, when I couldn't sleep I would listen to it on Spotify (link here not sponsored of course) until my housemates woke up, when I was huddled in the library for days writing my dissertation I listened to it to get me through a stressful time. So because it has really helped me, I wanted to share my thoughts on this album and my favourite songs with you. Because if you are going through a tough time this might help you too

This isn't going to be a track by track review, I am just going to pick out my favourite songs and post videos of the songs/covers where possible. That being said it opens with raindrops (an angel cried) which showcases Ariana's amazing pipes and to me echoes with the sadness she experienced after the Manchester bombing. It is literally just four lines, a haiku if you will, which makes it all the more astonishing with how much it resonates. It is actually a cover of a song from the fifties by a band called Four Seasons. See the original by clicking here. Ariana decided to sing a piece of it acapella, she just woke up and had the song in her head that day and decided to added it before releasing it. 

When raindrops fell down from the sky
The day you left me, an angel cried
Oh, she cried, an angel cried 
She cried

Blazed and Light is Coming are the second and third tracks on the album, both featuring other highly respected artists Pharell and Nicki Minaj respectively, neither of these tracks appeal to me as an individual but I do listen to the album all the way through, I feel it helps me appreciate the tracks I do really enjoy even more. Is that weird? R.E.M is the next song I want to discuss in more depth, at first I wasn't that enthralled by it but it is definitely a grower. If you didn't know R.E.M. stands for rapid eye movement which refers to the fifth stage of the sleep cycle where you dream. Ariana herself announced that this was her favourite song on the album, there is some "explicit" language but overall it is about being in love with someone and it's incredibly easy and smooth to listen to. Here it live below and here is a couple lines from the chorus that reinforces the message of perfect love. 

'Cause you're such a dream (does this end?)

If you can believe, you're such a dream to me

Next chronologically is the one and only GIAW, God Is A Woman, which had a lot of people's knickers in a twist. Not only is it a great song that encourages women to feel empowered in their own bodies but the imagery in the music video is simply stunning, the art, the makeup, the gorgeous body paint and bath bomb situation. It was really well executed, and her live performance of it was equally as ethereal. Her voice is just so smooth in all of the songs that pop out to me from this album. If you loved Side to Side from the previous album this is a more sophisticated version of that, my one critique is her speech about "sisters" in the official music video seemed a little contrived and not directly related to the song, but she's beautiful the song is beautiful and the message is worth listening to even if it was cringey, but for that reason I added the live VMA version below because her costume and choreography are flawless

Next is one of my favourites and it is the title track Sweetener, and to me this is all about positivity and being grateful for all the good you have in your life even when it feels like the bad is suffocating you. It's a song that feels really hopeful to me and it reminds me that  nothing bad lasts forever and you will feel happy again. The ensuing track Successful is one of my least favourites so let's not dwell in it, although there are some good vocals, instead here's a live version of Sweetener below. 

When life deals us cards
Make everything taste like it's salt
Then you come through like the sweetener you are
To bring a bitter taste to a halt

Everytime by  Ariana Grande is a song I like a lot, it's a song that stays stuck in my head constantly and for the longest time I thought it was called Back To You. One thing I appreciate is that the choruses in these songs (most of them) are spot on, catchy with good lyrics and vocals. This song is about that one person you can't seem to shake for some reason you always end up with them despite efforts to the opposite. I like this song because it makes me think of all the times I have made the same mistake twice and how I never learn, it's nice I am not the only one.

I've tried to fight our energy (yee, yee!)

But everytime I think I'm free (yeah)

Next is Breathin' which has just been released as a single, this song is about anxiety I believe and I love it because I literally use this song in situations where I don't want to think. If I am on the way to work probably late I play this song. If I can't sleep I play this song, if I feel like I am going to cry in public I play this song. It is a song the world needs, not to be dramatic. Followed by No Tears Left To Cry, the first single to be released by Ms Grande, another song that grew on me. This song, to me, is about leaving the past in the past, sometimes we have no choice but to move on. It's interesting how differently lyrics can be interpreted. The chorus seen below I read as I am in such a sad state of mind I don't want to leave my room because I have cried so much I can't cry anymore when after listening to it a million times it seems to be the exact opposite, she is in a good state of mind and wants too feel like this forever she has ran out of tears and is living her best life. lmao.

Right now, I'm in a state of mind

I wanna be in like all the time
Ain't got no tears left to cry

Borderline is possibly my least favourite song which kills me because it is with Missy Elliot, a legend and an iconic. But I don't even like Ariana's vocals in this track so it's a pass for me, although the percussion at the end is quite good and very old school Missy. So if I get through the entire track which I  often do as I tend to listen to the whole thing on Spotify at least it ends positively. The last few songs are all songs I like a lot. Starting with Better Off  which is the saddest feeling song about deliberately being emotionally distant to protect yourself I feel like a lot of people can relate to that, the fear of getting hurt is often worse than getting hurt in the long run better to have loved and lost and all that. Here are some of my favourite lines and I urge you to listen to this song if you tend to like sadder more emotional songs like I do, I find them very cathartic. 

Steering clear of any headaches to start 
And if we're being honest
I'd rather your body than half of your heart

I am so happy because my favourite song has arrived, it is Goodnight n Go which samples from Imogen Heaps same titled song (listen here). The song is love and attraction and infatuation it's sweet and like most good songs riddled with sexual innuendo. The music itself is really beautiful, I can't find an Ari version of the song so here is Lewis Blissett, who is going to be super famous one day performing a mixture of Raindrops, Goodnight n Go and God Is A Woman. He is so good!

Oh why'd you have to be so cute
It's impossible to ignore you
Why'd you have to make me laugh so much?

Then we have a one minute song entitled Pete Davidson which is so damn good and just showcases a very happy and in love on cloud nine person. There's a lot of speculation that they have broken up which is sad but this song is so beautiful and I will be eternally glad it is on here. I just wish it was longer. Last there is the Better Off which Ariana said was about her anxiety and she wanted this song to be a song people who listened to it to be comforted by it. I like the song because it reminds me we all take a lot, like our health, for granted and oddly it reminds me of my Dad who has now been taking steps to make healthier changes to his lifestyle and I am super proud of him even though he judges the shit out of me everytime I eat something unhealthy.

This is for everybody

Babe, you gotta take care of your body, yuh yuh
Ain't no time to deny it, that is why we talking about it

Thank you so much if you read this, I know a lot of you probably couldn't give a shit and I cannot blame you, I know nothing about music but with my uncle and grandma passing away and feeling so alone and guilty music helped me a lot. We all have songs that remind us of people and memories and I will forever remember Sweetener as the album that got me through 2018, I still listen to at least one song from this album every day and I think this will be the case for the rest of this year. I  would love to hear what songs you have been loving, Sam Smith's new album is perfection too. Take care. 

What song do you love at the moment?


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