Saturday, 21 January 2017


Washington DC was probably the highlight of my entire trip. I was completely alone in the freezing (-6) cold and walked everywhere. It was eerily quiet with hardly anyone around apart from joggers. What is it with joggers in DC, there are loads and none of them seem bothered by the icy chill. It felt like a dream, I can't remember the last time I was surrounded by so much snow. Standing outside The White House with thick flurries covering me from head to toe I was so happy. Awesome.


The White House was not what I expected. I expected it to be busier for sure. It was so cold I could barely take photos but struggled through it and took as few as possible. What was really funny was two American girls walked past me and said, I kid you not, "This building is so pretty, I wonder what it is...". I laughed so hard. You could not make this shit up, you just couldn't. Obama was still President when I visited, so I am infinitely glad I visited The White House while it belongs to such a greatly respected and admired man. A shame now that it is the home of someone very different

The highlights for me were the memorials. The Thomas Jefferson memorial was particularly far to get to and on the way I saw the World War 2 memorial which is huge and beautiful. Seeing the Jefferson memorial was awe-inspiring, it is in such a remote location I felt like I was on the set of The West Wing. I literally walked on ice to get to it and the marble floors of Jefferson and Lincoln's were very slippery. I am proud of my Chelsea boots because I didn't fall once. In total, I went to the Jefferson, Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr and World War 2 Memorial


I also saw the Washington monument, I have a ridiculous amount of photos of it because not only did I walk right up to it but I saw it everywhere I went and couldn't stop snapping pictures. In addition, I saw the Smithsonian, Library of Congress, Capitol Building and The Hill (right by Union Station), Supreme Court and many museums including the National Gallery, Air and Space Museum and the African Museum. I wanted to visit Georgetown University but didn't have time. 

Thank you for reading, it is odd sharing trips. I find it difficult to put into words such a unique, important experience. There is something really beautiful about Washington DC and I hope no matter who is the President that this place never loses its impeccable beauty and we continue to see progress and some great change regardless. I listened to a Podcast a few days ago that really opened my eyes as to the reality of America. There is so much that needs to be changed. Did you know that the state of Ohio was pushing to make abortion illegal after 20 weeks even in the case of rape and incest. Did you know many states allow a rapist the right to sue for custody of the child conceived in said rape. Can you imagine something so inhumane? I have no idea what the law is in regards to a rapist's parental rights in the UK but I hope to God it is something along the lines of burn in hell. Sorry to end on such a sour note but there are some serious changes that need to be made and it baffles my mind that such educated, privileged people fail to see how barbaric it is to ask force that from of a rape victim. After their choice was already taken away. I just... What the fuck? Sorry. Take care

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Friday, 20 January 2017


Photo from @BeautifulDestinations Instagram
New York. I finally took a slice of the Big Apple and spent three days in the much loved city. I have mixed views of it and if you haven't read about all the drama that haunted this trip check out my last post here. I arrived in New York (alone) on Friday and got a shuttle to Grand Central Station from the airport, walked partway to my hotel (The Franklin Hotel on East 87th Street) before grabbing a cab. Yes, I successfully hailed my first yellow taxi. Living all my dreams. In total, I had two full days in Manhattan as one day was spent in Washington DC so I could see The White House before Trump moves in. I am aware that talking about travels can be boring so I really just want to share some photos and touch on some of my favourite and not so favourite things. Hope you enjoy the post. 

Flights are always fun when you can watch movies, I can never sleep when travelling so long haul flights are my saviour and I managed to watch quite a few with all the travel time we racked up. I watched Cafe Society (hated it), The Shallows (not bad), Bad Neighbours 2 (funny) and Finding Dory (adorable) on the way to New York. I also managed to watch Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (again funny but Bad Neighbours 2 was better) and then for the rest of the time I watched Simpsons and 2 Broke Girls and got into Divorce with Sarah Jessica Parker. Since I have been back I have finished the first season, I quite like the show. It is interesting, the humour is shit but the premise is good and a little different to expected breakdowns of marriages these days.

I was settled into my hotel by around 4pm and then made it my mission to hit every Sephora I could find and that is what I did. I bought quite a few products which I will haul in a future post. I strolled down Park, Madison and Fifth Avenue and then walked around the city at night passing Christmas trees and iconic shops like Barneys and Saks and just getting to grips with the city. Saks Fifth Avenue is a sight to behold, I thought it was a theatre at first with the extravagant light display.

Saks Fifth Avenue

We skip a day where I spent most of it in Washington D.C. and move onto the next day which started with hours in Central Park appreciating how gorgeous the snow covered grass looks. Everyone was sledding and laughing and walking their dogs it was so lovely, I can't imagine how gorgeous it must be in the summer. I walked to Metropolitan Museum of Arts and then headed to the Public Library. 

If you are wondering where we ate it was mostly Chipotle and then we went to Bubba Gump one night when we were starving. On my day of exploration I also hit up Magnolia Bakery and Carrie Bradshaw's apartment from the SATC series: 64 Perry Street. I was quite proud because I walked everywhere and didn't take a single cab. Excuse the fuzzy photo it was taken at night so apologies.

That night my sister got back from her Washington DC day trip and we went to Times Square which isn't an actual square. It is just the place where the screens are up and you can see the ball that drops which is really small actually, like an oblong Picadilly Circus. 

For our last day in New York we walked across Brooklyn Bridge and we went on the Staten Island Ferry which is free! How awesome is that?! There are people hanging around trying to get you to buy the boat trip so just be weary of that if you have your heart set on not spending no money like me. It was freezing, but the inside of the ferry was heated so we kept ducking in and out. Stunning views. The pictures don't do it justice but I had such a fantastic time. Weirdly, New York felt like home. It was nice to see the yellow cabs and visit places that I have only ever seen in Gossip Girl or movies

Overall though I would have to say that New York, for me (so please don't be offended) doesn't have a patch on London. Especially in Winter if it wasn't for the snow I wouldn't have thought much of it at all. New York is grey and boring. In London the buildings are prettier, the streets are cleaner and the rain, fog and other miserable weather only serve to enhance the beauty. New York is comparatively monotonous, I wasn't bowled over and truthfully preferred DC. I will say though that I love love love that in New York nobody stops for anyone. They all walk fast all the time and if you stop you'll get pushed over. It is brilliant and for that reason and that everyone minds their own business and just goes about their affairs I could really see myself living there. I do think New York is probaly more impressive and alive in the summer so I will return for sure. Going to New York really made me appreciate our own capitol though and see the differences and the uniqueness of England that I love. 

I wouldn't change a single thing about my trip at all and find it fitting that New York has been the first ever place abroad that I have explored by myself. You learn a lot when you are by yourself in a new city, you really get to see what you are made of. To wrap it up here are my highlights and low-lights

  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Staten Island Ferry 
  • Magnolia Bakery, their vanilla buttercream cupcakes are heavenly
  • Sephora 
  • Central Park 
  • The snow I felt like Elsa
  • The VAT and that's about it 
  • Not knowing how much to tip people so most likely overtipping 
Thank you so much for reading, I hope this post wasn't too much of a drag. My next post will be about Washington DC which I am psyched to share. I had such an amazing time there despite how crazy cold it was. Hope you all have a lovely weekend, don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin'. Take care. 

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017


I survived my very first American adventure! I say first because already I want to go again. On this ten day excursion I travelled to New York, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Arizona and Los Angeles. For each place I am going to dedicate a single post. The first obviously being New York, which will be posted next, and this very special post is about all the drama that surrounded this holiday from the very get-go. 

Some background for you all. My sister and I booked this deal online to go to New York, Las Vegas and LA with hotels and flights all included for £799. Originally, we planned to go in June for my birthday but with Donald Trump’s impending inauguration we wanted to see The White House while Obama was still in it. It’s pretty easy to get to Washington DC from New York so we booked the trip for early January instead literally days before the Obamas were set to leave. 

We were set to fly out on Friday 6th January at 9am from Birmingham Airport to Newark Airport in New York. Everything got completely fucked on its head when my sister couldn’t locate her passport a few days before. Needless to say, the house got turned upside down and there were a lot of tears and stress involved because, even though I had my passport, everything, all the hotels etc. were in my sister’s name. So although I could travel it was possible that I would have nowhere to stay. 

The top priority was finding my sister’s passport and horribly that wasn’t on the cards. We spent a solid two days searching high and low for it and of course failing that we took to Google. We searched online and saw that you could book appointments if you stated a reason i.e. lost/stolen/renew passport etc. Instead of booking an appointment (cost £100) which could be a waste of money considering she didn't have her passport she went anyway after checking the slots were still free. Checking online continuously that the time stayed available she and my mother set off for Durham with the aim of getting there at 2pm. If you have lost/misplaced your passport and you book an appointment it automatically places you on 7 Day Fast Tracking which wasn't fast enough.  

She went there with all the necessary paperwork and IDs as well as her travel bookings and passport photos. Unfortunately, although they agreed to process her passport it was immediately sent for 7 day fast tracking, as mentioned. In some situations they will give it to you after four hours if it is an emergency. They do not consider a leisure holiday an emergency so if this ever happens to you please think of a good, believable emergency if you need to get your passport on time. Things like a death or illness are probably best, I am sure proof of that would help too, you know if it's not fabricated. 

The best they could do with our time-sensitive situation is suggest to keep calling the office to get a tracking number and then contact the courier directly to hopefully get them to deliver it the same day as they tracked it. They may charge you for this service. My sister got her passport on the Friday, without paying extra, which in all fairness was pretty quick considering her appointment was just Wednesday afternoon. On top of this because we were going to the States she needed to reapply for her Esta Visa so it would show up on the new passport. 

So what happened? My sister called the travel agency etc. to try and get them to change the bookings of hotels into my name so I would have somewhere to stay if she couldn’t make it. That worked for New York and Los Angeles but not Las Vegas. She then sent me the itinerary of the flights and our train tickets to Washington DC for the Saturday. I had no choice but to go without her on the Friday and I have to admit I was really nervous. I have never travelled anywhere by myself before and truly didn’t know what to expect and was certain something would go wrong. 

Honestly, in hindsight I feel silly as everything went smoothly. For anyone travelling alone I would suggest that if you’re not confident then just be cautious. The first time you venture out by yourself you will probably be nervous but honestly you will adapt very quickly. I left early to get to the airport and even though I had my boarding pass and whizzed through security I was relaxed while I waited for my gate number to show up. I had all my documents, my money, everything. I had checked how to get to my airport. Made sure I had more than enough money to last me in case my sister didn’t come at all and of course I made sure my passport was safe and secure throughout my entire trip.

The first two days I was alone in both New York and Washington DC and though it is not extraordinary and most people don’t think twice about it. I am really proud that I managed to navigate two cities by myself. I found that travelling alone was actually enjoyable and feel much more competent and confident in my abilities. I highly recommend it and hope to purposefully travel alone somewhere soon (any suggestions welcome?). 

The best advice I can give in regards to passports is check at least a week before that you have it and it’s within its expiry date before you travel. The worst thing you can do is leave it too late and other advice is don’t give up. If you call and one person is unhelpful keep calling all you need is one good person that wants to help and you’ll be surprised what they can do. 

I wish I could say the drama ended there, but although my sister booked a later flight and joined me just the next night in New York when we went to get our domestic flight to McCarran Airport in Las Vegas my sister’s pre-booked ticket with United Airlines didn’t show up. She flew with Aer Lingus to New York because they were cheaper and although she had called United and the travel agency to ensure that everything would still be in place for her despite missing her first flight it wasn’t. It seemed that because she had missed the first flight United had voided/cancelled the rest of her trip without warning. 

We were waiting at the Additional Services desk for over an hour to try and fix it and the advisor just kept repeating that there was nothing she could do. After literally begging her she let us use the phone to call United Airlines as neither of us had roaming data we were on hold for ages, and I mean ages, when she finally got through to an attendant the phone fucking died and we were back to square one. Fortunately another woman came to help us and she called again after I pleaded with her to just please call and see what they say. Thank God she did because it seemed we got a good person who fixed everything and reinstated her ticket. She was put on standby for the flight to Las Vegas but managed to get on. I was so thankful and grateful to everyone at that moment because it would have sucked for her to have to go home after all this. Could you imagine? What a waste. 

The moral of the story is losing your passport is fucking expensive, she had to pay for the new passport (currently £103 for 7 Day Fast Track and £128 for 4 hour emergency service) and had to drive to Durham which is approx 3 hours away from us plus book a last minute flight to New York and pay for another visa (about £$14). Not to mention the endless phone calls and undue amount of stress. Thank you so much for reading, if you are undergoing a similar passport situation then trust me I feel for you and I hope you have the time to sort something out. Thank you so much to everyone who still read and commented on my posts even though I have been off the scene for a while, I appreciate it a lot and look forward to returning the favour, lots of love. Hope you are all well, I am definitely ready to get back to blogging. Thanks again. Take care.

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Sunday, 15 January 2017


I struggle with fiddly things, lashes and liner are my greatest challenges when it comes to makeup. With liner, I have tried them all and have found patience and a makeup-remover-doused-cotton-bud are your best friends. With lashes, I haven't even bothered. I wore them once at prom and coerced my lovely brow lady into popping them on for me. The lashes were huge and speckled with glitter and although incredibly intimidating to me, it took my brow lady all of three seconds to pop them on using her hands, no big deal. I tried once more on a drunken night out with the help of a close friend using my fingers and honestly I was having so much fun getting ready I can't even tell you if we did a good job or not. I recall hating the glue and using my friend's lash glue (Eylure) instead which was much easier. They did last all night, though so that's something. 

When offered to send me some I was reluctant, in fact at first I dismissed it completely. I suck at lashes, why would I want them but then I clicked on their website and saw what an impressive array of popular lash brands they carry like ArdellVelour, House of Lashes and Lilly Lashes. Brands I have heard of through YouTubers like Carli Bybel, makeup artists like Dress Your Face and celebrities like Kylie Jenner. I chose Eylure lashes because they were a brand I am already familiar with, my sister is a big fan of their Katy Perry lashes, and I like their lash glue. I tried out a set of pre-glued Texture 117 lashes (£4.95) to see if they are easier than the typical glue-free lashes and the Eylure Volume No 070 lashes (£4.95). I was surprised they were both the same price, I would have thought the pre-glued would be more expensive as it still comes with lash glue in the box.


EYLURE PRE-GLUED TEXTURE 117 LASHES (£4.95): A long, angled lash with a twisty, messed up finish. The pre-glued band makes application simple and mistake proof! Instant and easy application! Simply remove lashes from the bottom lip of the lash holder, apply and go! No mess, no fuss, no waiting! Make sure you remove them before you go to bed. If the glue is tacky enough you can re-use them again, if not, you can find an extra pair of bands in the top lip of the lash holder. Natural looking, perfectly full lashes every time. Latex free. Contact lens friendly. Lash glue included.

EYLURE VOLUME 070 LASHES (£4.95): A compact but fully lashed style, for a subtle, airy look. Eylure strip lashes enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. Suitable for all eye shapes, they are ideal for regular wear or a special occasion. Re-usable. Contact lens friendly. Lash glue included.


TRIMMING THE LASH: The first thing I learnt is that if you are visually impaired you can abandon trying to apply them without contacts just for the 'gram, it ain't happening. Put those contacts in and get to work my friend. The first time I tested them out I didn't cut them at all, I would advise you to trim them just a little because even though when I measured them against my eye they seemed to match up perfectly in the end the outer corners looked weighed down. So either glue them so they are slightly lifted up in the corner (I have seen a drag queen do this) or trim the inner part of the band.

TOOLS: I tried the pre-glued lashes first and I was too scared to use tweezers so I used my hands and the corners just weren't sticking down. I was getting so frustrated that I got a pair of tweezers out and tried again. Scariest moment of my life. Those tweezers came so close to taking my eye out that I can't in all good conscience recommend anyone to ever use tweezers to apply lashes. Scary as fuck. 

GLUE PROBLEMS: Eventually I got them on, but because I'd been fiddling about so much the glue just wasn't sticking so I took them off and applied the lash glue that came in the box (even with the pre-glued lashes, how good is that?) and tried again. I love their lash glue it is white, tiny and has a flat wand which allows you to spread the perfect amount of lash glue to the band. I waited around 20 seconds for it to dry before placing it on top of my lashes. With my hands I seemed to get the lashes stuck down perfectly 1cm away from my lash line. Why is this so hard? With tweezers it was much easier to get it really close to the lash line but it definitely shaved about 10 years off my life. 

RESULT: As mentioned, the outside corner was right at the end of my eye which left my eye looking slightly weighted down, not something many would notice but odd to me when looking in the mirror. I love the actual lashes, Texture 117, they are so beautiful and fluffy yet wearable. The lash band is thin and even without liner barely detectable. I did need to apply mascara to blend my natural  lashes with the false ones and wish I had curled my lashes first. In hindsight I would have put in my contacts straight away, trimmed the lash and had tweezers and a magnifying mirror at the ready. 

DOES PRE-GLUED MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Because they're the same price and I am a beginner I would say the pre-glued option, if available is worth a try. Like most things, it all depends on the day. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is challenging. For me, gluing, as I had to re-glue the lash anyway, was the easiest part so I don't think having pre-glued lashes makes a difference, except there is no "drying time" and makes the whole process a little less fiddly. For that, I think it's worth it. 


VERDICT ON NORMAL LASHES: The Volume Lashes are gorgeous, again the band is a little too long. I think the best thing to do with such lashes is just cut them in half and then glue them to the outer half of your natural lashes. I love the Eylure glue and although I prefer the style of the pre-glued Texture Lashes, I adore most Eylure lashes as the bands are super thin and flexible and their glue makes the lashes easy to apply. 

I hope you enjoyed this comprehensive post, lashes are a struggle for me and I hardly ever wear them, I do love the overall look. Nothing compares to a false lash when taking your glam to another level. I should be back from America today, so hopefully I will be able to promote this post. Even so, please follow me on Bloglovin' if you aren't already, it means a lot to me! Thank you for reading. Take care. 

*Lashes were sent to me for free, no obligations. 

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Friday, 13 January 2017


I first saw these eye-catching canary yellow brushes on the Moda Mob channel and I have coveted them since. They are available at Beauty Bay but only individually, so I waited until Black Friday when they had 30% off and free worldwide shipping and snapped up the 24 Piece Studio Luxury Maestro Set ($165) that comes with a brush roll and 24 brushes. No regrets. To give you an idea of the cost, without the discount $165 = approx £130, which works out around £5.50 per brush. With the discount of 30% the price is cut to $115.50 = approx £91 (at the current exchange rate), which works out to be a respectable £3.80 per brush. Not bad at all in my opinion, I didn't have to pay any additional charges for shipping. I got Standard International Delivery which was free at the time of purchase and was stated to be a wait of 4-6 weeks. I got mine in 2 weeks which is nothing short of amazing. I thought it was my Colour Pop order, which I still haven't got, so this was a pleasant surprise.

My initial impression is that they are good brushes, the bristles are soft and lovely. Each brush feels well-made, strudy, the handles are long and have a little weight to them so I think these would be great tools for artistry on other people as well as just for using on yourself. The brush roll is pointless, I can't fit the bigger brushes in there and it doesn't feel all that secure. Here is a look at what brushes you get inside. There are 11 face brushes, of course you can use them for whatever but that is how they are labelled: #995U Kabuki (the smaller brush without the yellow handle), #990S Angled Face, #980S Natural Powder, #964S AP Blusher, #960S Precision Blusher, #957S Precision Cheek, #955S Finishing, #948S Foundation, #945S Contour, #942S Slanted Contour and #936S Concealer. There are 12 eyeshadow brushes: #785S Tapered Blending, #780S Pencil, #777S Shadow, #776S Blending, #769S Angled Contour, #766S Angled Shadow, #763S Angled Brow, #755S Smudge, #733S Lash, #722S Comb/Brow, #714S Flat Eye Definer and #710S Eye Liner. There is 1 retractable lip brush that stands out from the rest with its metallic silver packaging, you  can twist it up and the number of it is: #555U Retractable Lip.

I am so happy I have a bunch of yellow brushes in my life. I wish I had a cool way to store my makeup brushes because I love buying them so much. If you have any brush storage ideas please let me know in the comments. I would love to know what your favourite makeup brushes are as well. Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin', I am still in America so it would be a lovely gift to come back to. I worked super hard to get these posts up and it has been a really stressful time as well which I will explain when I get back. Thank you so much for reading, you are the best! Take care. 

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017


LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Longwear Illuminating Foundation Warm Beige Review  with Swatches
Recently LA Girl Cosmetics released a brand new foundation, LA Girl Pro Coverege HD Long Wear Illuminating Foundation (£9) and I think it is the sleek, high end, Makeup Forever-esque packaging because it drew makeup lovers like flies. The second I saw it on Beauty Bay I snapped it up to see if it would be similar to the original Makeup Forever HD Foundation which I love. Spoiler: it's not. Nevertheless, I am sure some of you are interested in what this affordable foundation is like.
LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Longwear Illuminating Foundation Warm Beige Review  with Swatches
It is described on the Beauty Bay site as being: "A lightweight, full coverage foundation ideal for creating a flawless finish. Developed to deliver seamless results every time, the PRO Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Liquid Foundation is perfect for creating looks that last. The weightless, hydrating formula glides onto the skin imparting gentle hydration and incredible coverage so you can create radiant camera ready finishes whilst caring for your skin".

LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Longwear Illuminating Foundation Warm Beige Review  with Swatches
I have mixed feelings about this foundation. It is exactly what it says it is, both longwearing and illuminating. It lasted all day on my skin and was very dewy. When I first applied and set this foundation I was in love with the medium coverage, lightweight consistency and overall finish. However, throughout the day my skin looked like an oily, shiny mess that was barely tempered with blotting paper. I think if you heavily set this foundation you could get away with wearing it if your skin is oily like mine. My skin is combination to oily so I didn't expect to look so greasy. I think this foundation is perfect for anyone with dry skin or those who love glowy, dewy foundations. I am in love with the packaging and hope they bring out another version of this foundation that is more mattifying. I have heard it is quite comparable to the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation, but I do not own that particular foundation. The original MUFE HD Foundation is definitely more matte. Overall, I love everything about this foundation except the "illuminating", the shade was perfect too. 

LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Longwear Illuminating Foundation Warm Beige Review  with Swatches
+ Long wearing
+ Perfect for anyone with dry skin
+ Medium to full coverage
+ Affordable
+ Great packaging, pump dispenser, feels high end
+ Amazing shade range, plus it comes in a pure white which can be used as a lightener

- Not suitable for oily skin
- Can build to full coverage but the more you use the shinier the finish will be
- The scent is quite chemical and quite strong

Thank you for reading, it has been some time since I have done a good, old-fashioned review and I do miss them. I have so much to review for you guys, as always please follow me on Bloglovin' if you aren't already it is completely free, no spam, just a great site where you can follow blogs you love. I am still in the US so I had to be super organised to get this post up for you all, I would really appreciate a follow. I hope you are all having an amazing week. All my links are below. Take care. 

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Monday, 9 January 2017


Reading is one of my favourite past times and whilst I love reading at night on my phone before I fall asleep, there is something enthralling about holding a physical book in your hand and getting lost in the pages. When I was younger, before the Kindles and the iPhones, books were all I had and I loved to read more than anything and I would read absolutely everything. Instead of just picking up books casually as I stumble through 2017, I wanted to make an effort to read all the books that not only have been sitting on my desk lonely and waiting but also have been recommended to me or have been on my radar for quite some time. If you want to find some good books to fall into next year, please keep reading. There is a nice selection of fiction, non-fiction, contemporary and spiritual. 

THE GIRLS | I heard this was loosely based on the Manson Family and have since Googled the Manson Family which only led me to ask more questions. I am not sure I fully understand. It seems Charles Manson was a batshit cult leader who killed people and yet still was revered by many. He was on the cover of Rolling Stone and friends with The Beach Boys! What? So I need to read this.

BLURB: Northern California, during the violent end of the 1960s. At the start of summer, a lonely and thoughtful teenager, Evie Boyd, sees a group of girls in the park, and is immediately caught by their freedom, their careless dress, their dangerous aura of abandon. Soon, Evie is in thrall to Suzanne, a mesmerizing older girl, and is drawn into the circle of a soon-to-be infamous cult and the man who is its charismatic leader. Hidden in the hills, their sprawling ranch is eerie and run down, but to Evie, it is exotic, thrilling, charged—a place where she feels desperate to be accepted. As she spends more time away from her mother and the rhythms of her daily life, and as her obsession with Suzanne intensifies, Evie does not realize she is coming closer and closer to unthinkable violence, and to that moment in a girl’s life when everything can go horribly wrong.

FACE PAINT | I have had this book for over a year and although I have stared at the pictures I have yet to actually read it. Lisa Eldridge is one of the best makeup artists in the world so have to read this.

BLURB: Makeup, as we know it, has only been commercially available in the last 100 years, but applying decoration to the face and body may be one of the oldest global social practices. In Face Paint, Lisa Eldridge reveals the entire history of the art form, from Egyptian and Classical times up through the Victorian age and golden era of Hollywood, and also surveys the cutting-edge makeup science of today and tomorrow. Face Paint explores the practical and idiosyncratic reasons behind makeup’s use, the actual materials employed over generations, and the glamorous icons that people emulate and how they achieved their effects. An engaging history of style, it is also a social history of women and the ways in which we can understand their lives through the prism and impact of makeup. 

UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING | Another book that I have downloaded and haven't actually read. Carli Bybel mentioned this on her channel and I have seen it included in many lists of books that should be read. I am hoping this will be one of those life-changing books that alter your perspective and make you feel stronger. I do want to transform my life so hope this book works. 

BLURB: In The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera tells the story of a young woman in love with a man torn between his love for her and his incorrigible womanizing and one of his mistresses and her humbly faithful lover. This magnificent novel juxtaposes geographically distant places, brilliant and playful reflections, and a variety of styles to take its place as perhaps the major achievement of one of the world’s truly great writers.

MIRACLE MORNING | I think if I somehow managed to become a morning person I would be a better person. I always feel rushed and usually spend my whole day dreaming of my bed. I think this would be a great book to help me form new, better habits that will increase my energy and make me more productive. 

BLURB: What if you could miraculously wake up tomorrow and any—or every area of your life was transformed? What would be different? Would you be happier? Healthier? More successful? In better shape? Would you have more energy? Less Stress? More Money? Better relationships? Which of your problems would be solved? What if I told you that there is a "not-so-obvious" secret that is guaranteed to transform any—or literally every area of your life, faster than you ever thought possible? What if I told you it would only take 6 minutes a day? Enter The Miracle Morning. What’s now being practiced by thousands of people around the world could perhaps be the simplest approach to creating the life you’ve always wanted. It’s been right there in front of us, but this book has finally brought it to life. Are you ready? The next chapter of your life—the most extraordinary life you've ever imagined—is about to begin. YOU DESERVE AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE. IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP TO YOUR FULL POTENTIAL.

THE ALCHEMIST | My sister recommended this book to me and I asked her what it was about just now. Her answer: "A little boy, just read it". Sorry, I don't have more to share with you on this one. Even the blurb doesn't give too much away, honestly the blurb doesn't appeal to me but my sister is adamant that I read it so I am going to trust her and read this as soon as possible. It's not very long. 

BLURB: Paulo Coelho's enchanting novel has inspired a devoted following around the world. This story, dazzling in its powerful simplicity and inspiring wisdom, is about an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago who travels from his homeland in Spain to the Egyptian desert in search of a treasure buried in the Pyramids. Along the way he meets a Gypsy woman, a man who calls himself king, and an alchemist, all of whom point Santiago in the direction of his quest. No one knows what the treasure is, or if Santiago will be able to surmount the obstacles along the way. But what starts out as a journey to find worldly goods turns into a discovery of the treasure found within. Lush, evocative, and deeply humane, the story of Santiago is an eternal testament to the transforming power of our dreams and the importance of listening to our hearts.

THE WIDOW | This was compared to Gone Girl which I really enjoyed reading. Love the film too. 

BLURB: When the police started asking questions, Jean Taylor turned into a different woman. One who enabled her and her husband to carry on, when more bad things began to happen...But that woman’s husband died last week. And Jean doesn’t have to be her anymore.There’s a lot Jean hasn’t said over the years about the crime her husband was suspected of committing. She was too busy being the perfect wife, standing by her man while living with the accusing glares and the anonymous harassment. Now there’s no reason to stay quiet. There are people who want to hear her story. They want to know what it was like living with that man. She can tell them that there were secrets. There always are in a marriage. The truth—that’s all anyone wants. But the one lesson Jean has learned in the last few years is that she can make people believe anything…

FURIOUSLY HAPPY | From what I can tell and what initially made me take notice about this book is that it is a funny book about sad things, like the tagline says. Bad things and shitty situations are all a part of life and if there is a book out there that can make it feel not so bad then I'm going to read it. 

BLURB: In her new book, FURIOUSLY HAPPY, Jenny explores her lifelong battle with mental illness. A hysterical, ridiculous book about crippling depression and anxiety? That sounds like a terrible idea. And terrible ideas are what Jenny does best. According to Jenny: "Some people might think that being 'furiously happy' is just an excuse to be stupid and irresponsible and invite a herd of kangaroos over to your house without telling your husband first because you suspect he would say no since he's never particularly liked kangaroos. And that would be ridiculous because no one would invite a herd of kangaroos into their house. Two is the limit. I speak from personal experience. My husband says that none is the new limit. I say he should have been clearer about that before I rented all those kangaroos." "Most of my favorite people are dangerously fucked-up but you'd never guess because we've learned to bare it so honestly that it becomes the new normal. Like John Hughes wrote in The Breakfast Club, 'We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it.' Except go back and cross out the word 'hiding.'"

SEX OBJECT | Sometimes being a woman sucks and a lot of that has to do with sexism and the unfairness of periods as well as much more. I want to learn more about my gender and society in relation to my gender and this seems like the perfect book to open my eyes to things I have missed. 

BLURB: A darkly funny and bracing memoir, Valenti explores the toll that sexism takes from the every day to the existential. Sex Object explores the painful, funny, embarrassing, and sometimes illegal moments that shaped Valenti’s adolescence and young adulthood in New York City, revealing a much shakier inner life than the confident persona she has cultivated as one of the most recognizable feminists of her generation.

THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN | I haven't seen the film yet and my boss gifted me the book so firstly I miss reading physical books and secondly omg what the hell happened? I must know. Plus, if Emily Blunt is in the movie, it must be a good story. Cannot wait to dive into this one. 

BLURB: EVERY DAY THE SAME - Rachel takes the same commuter train every morning and night. Every day she rattles down the track, flashes past a stretch of cozy suburban homes, and stops at the signal that allows her to daily watch the same couple breakfasting on their deck. She’s even started to feel like she knows them. Jess and Jason, she calls them. Their life—as she sees it—is perfect. Not unlike the life she recently lost. UNTIL TODAY - And then she sees something shocking. It’s only a minute until the train moves on, but it’s enough. Now everything’s changed. Unable to keep it to herself, Rachel goes to the police. But is she really as unreliable as they say? Soon she is deeply entangled not only in the investigation but in the lives of everyone involved. Has she done more harm than good?

THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR | I fully believe that "people are almost capable of anything" and if you haven't realised by now I am a sucker for a psychological thriller. They are my favourite. This story sounds fantastic and heartbreaking all at the same time. A missing six month old, I can feel the tears.

BLURB: You never know what's happening on the other side of the wall. Your neighbour told you that she didn't want your six-month-old daughter at the dinner party. Nothing personal, she just couldn't stand her crying. Your husband said it would be fine. After all, you only live next door. You'll have the baby monitor and you'll take it in turns to go back every half hour. Your daughter was sleeping when you checked on her last. But now, as you race up the stairs in your deathly quiet house, your worst fears are realized. She's gone. You've never had to call the police before. But now they're in your home, and who knows what they'll find there. What would you be capable of, when pushed past your limit?

Thank you for reading, let me know if you guys would actually like any book reviews and if you have read any of these for yourself? I do love to read so any recommendations are welcome. I am still in America right now so again please follow me on Bloglovin' to stay up to date I have worked my ass off to keep posting every other day so it would mean a lot to me. Thank you! Take care. 

Have you read any of these, and if not what is your favourite book?


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