Thursday, 25 July 2019


Urban Decay have recently come out with their Stay Naked collection, within this collection there are two new complexion products including a brand new foundation and concealer and to top it off new Vice Lip Chemistry Lasting Glassy Tints. Every single product in this collection is vegan and cruelty free. The majority of this post will focus on the foundation as I think that is what most people are interested in. The Stay Naked Correcting Concealer (£20) is a demi-matte concealer, which re available in 25 shades, described as being highly pigmented and full coverage with up to 24 hour wear, it has a unique wave tip applicator just like the foundation. You get 10.2g or 0.35oz of product.

The Vice Lip Chemistry Lasting Glassy Tints are available in 12 shades and retail for £19 each. A lightweight but long-lasting lip tint that reacts to the pH level of your lips to create a custom shade. It claims to feel balm-like and nourishing on the list with up to 12 hour wear, which is quite a high claim indeed. The shades are very pretty and range from a lavender purple to your rosy nudes, with something to suit everyone's tastes. Personally, lip products rarely intrigue me.

Now what everyone is most curious about: the foundation. The Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation comes in a flabbergasting 50 shades with quite a balanced, even spectrum of shades that are divided into shade intensities, master tones and undertones. You get 30ml of product which is fairly standard for a foundation, it claims to provide all day up to 24 hour wear, a real skin matte finish, waterproof formula and to be pore-minimizing. I really like the package, it comes with a pump in a beautiful bottle, I definitely appreciate the shade range. It sounds like the midway point between the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation and the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation. 

Leesha (xsparkage) compared the Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation to the Naked Skin foundation on her channel - see her video below. Stay Naked is a more matte, longwearing foundation. She really liked the concealer which is worth noting although it is not as full coverage as other concealers like Tarte Shape Tape or Jouer Essential High Coverage Concealer. I think for those of us with oily skin and a preference for matte, long-wearing foundations the new foundation will be a hit. I know on the Urban Decay website they offer different recommendations for application depending on skin type i.e. oily or dry and preference of finish i.e. light or medium coverage. The foundation is medium coverage and from Leesha's video (see below) not as buildable as I prefer whereas the Naked Skin foundation is quite luminous. The Stay Naked Concealer looks really nice and I would love to see what that looks like all over the face.

Overall, my thoughts are skeptical, I am starting to really appreciate more affordable foundations. I think L'Oreal, Maybelline and Makeup Revolution all do great foundations. There are a few high end foundations that I am eager to try, specifically the Nars Natural Radiant Longwear which unfortunately does not have a shade to suit my skin tone which is incredibly frustrating so I reiterate I really appreciate the shade range. I would also be keen to try the Cover FX Power Play foundation which is used a lot by Alyssa Ashley who has the skin of dreams, this foundation is stunning and comes in over 40 shades I believe. Apart from those though it takes a lot for me to want to buy a foundation over £30 as there are so many good quality affordable foundations out there. I would love to know what you guys think, are you thinking of buying anything from the Stay Naked collection? Let me know in the comments below and share your current favourite beauty products as I am always looking for recommendations. Hope you are having an amazing week. Take care.

What are your thoughts on the new Stay Naked collection? 


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Sunday, 23 June 2019


Image via Kaushal GRWM video
I found out about this gorgeous new fragrance through Instagram and good old YouTube, namely through Kaushal's recent video (see photos above, watch full video here). The Cacharel Yes I Am Eau de Parfum Spray is a perfume that looks like a lipstick, considered a must-have for makeup lovers everywhere, which would look ridiculously cute on anyone's vanity. 

Of course, perfume is not just about how aesthetically appealing the packaging is but also what does Cacharel Yes I Am Eau de Parfum Spray smell like? This cute fragrance is described as being oriental, which I truly do not know what is meant by that. It combines fruity top notes including mandarin and raspberry with a heart, by which I think are the base notes, of white floral accords, possibly jasmine, on a base of milk and sandalwood. A "fun and flirty fragrance". 

Image via Gordons Direct
Typically I don't go for a floral fragrance but I really do enjoy a fruity note and mandarin and raspberry sound brilliant. My preference is for sweeter fragrances usually with vanilla notes in it, but this does sound really nice, so I can see why it is so popular. For Cacharel Yes I Am Eau de Parfum Spray the tops notes of the fragrance are mandarin, raspberry and cardamom (I love cardamom); the heart notes (medium or in-between notes) are ginger flower, jasmine and gardenia. I truly did not know there was such a thing as a ginger flower, but I love the smell of ginger. Ginger tea and cardamom tea are my favourite types of tea, so I will be picking up Cacharel Yes I Am Eau de Parfum Spray as it sounds right up my street. Base notes are milk and sandalwood, as mentioned, I have never heard of milk as being a base note for a fragrance, is this a common thing? Sandalwood is not my favourite base note but I prefer it to musk.

Overall, I think this fragrance would make such a great gift and on top of that is the most Instagram worthy perfume in the history of the world. Comment your favourite fragrance below, I was just looking for a new fragrance now that my Mon Guerlain perfume has run out which I adored and was quite taken with the Jean Paul Gautier Scandal Eau de Parfum Spray, the top notes for this fragrance are blood orange and grapefruit, middle notes are honey and gardenia and the base notes are patchouli which is one of my favourite base notes for a fragrance. Whilst I was there I found a great fragrance for men too, the Paco Rabanne 1 Million for men is such a good fragrance. The notes are as follows, top notes are grapefruit, mint and blood mandarin, heart notes are cinnamon, rose and spice and base notes are leather, amber and patchouli. You can see why I like this fragrance.

Thank you for reading, please let me know what perfumes you like for yourself, for men, for gifts. Perfume and fragrance are so personal, I would love to hear your favourite notes etc. as well. I hope you have had a great weekend so far. Wishing you a fantastic week ahead. Take care. 

What are your favourite fragrances? 


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Monday, 17 June 2019


The beauty community has all but exploded over the past few weeks, it has been messy. I know it has been a while but as a quick catch up I was in Marbella just last week for my birthday and now I am back and I do want to get properly back into blogging. I am taking it slow and I can't make any promises as I  have been off my game for so long it is actually sick. So bear with, please. In other news, who is excited for the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special? Regardless, the drama we are addressing today is the Jaclyn Cosmetics Lipsticks

All 20 nude lipsticks are swatched above, the lipsticks are described as being rich, buttery and smooth. They are the classic cream lipstick with great pigmentation, boasting a one swipe pay off, and Jaclyn highlighted that she really wanted to create a collection that every person no matter their skin colour could find their favourite go to nude lipstick which would turn into a repeat purchase for them. At a first glance I think the colours are really nice, do I think this is the most innovative amazing release? Absolutely not. I am sure for some people this is what they were crying out for, but for me, if I want a go-to nude there are plenty of brands - from Maybelline to MAC - I can choose from. Anyway, the actual product isn't the shocker. 

If you watched Jaclyn's initial launch video - see above - you would know that she stressed heavily how this launch would be pure perfection. No cock ups to see here and boy oh boy was she wrong. Before her launch el scandalo began and lipsticks that were half melted, mouldy, fuzzy and hairy were received in PR, followed by actually purchased products. YouTubers like Raw Beauty Kristi and Brianna Fox posted in depth videos talking about their purchases, putting their lipsticks under a microscope and tweezing out sickeningly long hairs. If you are interested in those videos you can watch here: Raw Beauty Kristi Video, Brianna Fox Video, Nikkia Joy Video. Below is a lipstick that showcases some of the problems people were experiencing. 

After being called out by people like Marlena Stell, CEO of Makeup Geek, and Kevin James Bennet, a well known professional makeup artist who has a lot to say about influencers, Jaclyn finally posted a video on YouTube explaining everything. She apologised and took responsibility for the problems people were experiencing with her lipsticks. I'll be honest, after watching the video, I was disappointed. Really truly disappointed. After her conviction in the launch video where she insisted everything would be perfect the buffoonery that presented afterward is just inexcusable. They mixed the lipsticks in too big of a vat so the ingredients weren't properly broken down which was why people had balls in their lipstick? They used cloth gloves? The whole thing just screams massive eye roll. I feel bad for people who are disappointed with their products and spent their money believing that this release would go without a hitch, because even as someone who had no intention of spending a penny on these lipsticks, I fully believed that this Jaclyn launch which has been four years in the making would go without a hitch.

In general, my opinions on this latest release is abject disappointment. Not only for the issues consumers have experienced but for the actual  product itself and the component. I really don't like this packaging, I don't think it looks sophisticated or of high quality. I am sure it feels and looks better in person but in photos it translates as quite gaudy to me. 

Thank you guys for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. Unsurprisingly, the lipsticks so far have all sold out on Jaclyn's website so I would say that despite the backlash it has been a success. Please let me know what your thoughts are down below, were you surprised or outraged by what happened? Do you have any opinions? Have you bought anything from Jaclyn Hill? Hope to see you back here at the end of the week, I am going to do a good old fashioned beauty post. Take care. 

What is your take on Jaclyn's first launch of Jaclyn Cosmetics? 


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Thursday, 23 May 2019


Huda Beauty is fresh off releasing her new Huda Beauty Tantour and Resting Boss Face Setting Spray. Unfortunately, similar to the setting spray which is available to purchase now, her newest release the Neon Obsessions Mini Palettes have been leaked. Huda announced this on her Instagram Stories, a Sephora employee stole the palettes to leak on their Instagram in order to gain followers.

This is not the first time a brand has had to deal with leaks, Jeffree Star recently shared in a video that his Magic Star Concealers were leaked (post here) and Anastasia Beverly Hills and Norvina have taken to Twitter to lament about leaks of their products. The Neon Obsessions launch May 30th!

Huda is releasing three new Obsessions Palette as part of her Neon Collection. She already has multiple Obsessions Palettes including: Warm Brown Obsessions, Ruby Obsessions, Gemstone Obsessions, Coral Obsessions, Topaz Obsessions, Mauve Obsessions, Emerald Obsessions, Sapphire Obsessions and Amethyst Obsessions.  All of which retail for £25, therefore her three new palettes should possess a similar price point. There is the Neon Pink Obsessions, swatched above. You can see it is quite a monochromatic palette in the pink family, with a lilac and purple shade and a coral pink shade too. I am not sure I would get much wear out of this as I already have the Huda Beauty New Nude Palette.

Next is Neon Orange Obsessions, which is a palette that screams summer to me. I love the colours in this palette as they have a nice range, from a gorgeous vibrant yellow to a peach coral matte and pinks. The goldfish orange shimmer is stunning, but for a palette named Neon Orange Obsessions there is not a lot of orange at all, a tad misleading, but I do think you could create some great fun looks with this eyeshadow palette that will inspire a lot of makeup enthusiasts. 

Last is Neon Green Obsessions, which has a similar theme to orange there is only three greenish shades in this palette. Again a lot of cool colours, I particularly like the purples and would love to see them in a green look as purple and green are contrasting colours on the colour wheel. The blue shimmers are a bit of a wild card, pretty but not sure they fit in with this colour scheme. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. At the moment I have no plans to buy these palettes only because I don't see myself using them very much. Out of all of them the Neon Orange Obsessions appeals to me the most, which one do you like best out of the three: Pink, Orange or Green? I am shocked as to how many products Huda is coming out with so quickly but it makes sense given the leaks which is a real shame. Have you tried any other Huda Beauty products, like the Tantour or Resting Boss Face? Hope you are having a great week, guys! Take care.

Which of the Neon Obsessions have caught your eye, would you buy? 


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Tuesday, 7 May 2019


Hello Met Gala, I did my due diligence on social media perusing the Met Gala looks of this year. I love this time of year, I love looking at the different interpretations of the Met Gala theme. This year the theme is Camp Notes on Fashion which I believe embodies the notion of being extra just to be extra. Please correct me if I am wrong, Vogue usually delve deep into the meaning and story behind the Met theme as the host of the Met ball is none other than fashion mogul Anna Wintour. I was surprised that more so than the gowns and garments, the makeup really caught my eye this year. So let's talk about it. First up and potentially my favourite is Lily Collins as seen above, it is striking, beautiful with a distinct vintage feel. I love pastels in makeup, especially lavenders and lilac and the makeup and hair complement each other so well. Overall a very cohesive, eye-catching look.

This graphic forest green eye look from Sophie Turner is mesmerising against her blue eyes and pale hair. This was a look that is much better appreciated close up as with a full view her attire is quite distracting. To the point where it detracts from how honestly stunning she is, her cheekbones are something else. I love the glitter frost in her carefully styled hair, it is very tastefully done. 

I have one question for you: have you watched Us? If the answer to that is no, stop what you are doing right now, go to the nearest cinema and patiently wait until the next showing. Watch it. Come back. And please let's discuss. I have watched all the videos there are on that movie unpicking the tiniest details and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. I equally enjoy the pink mermaid fish scale-esque effect on Lupita Nyong'o. Very cool. The dark lip perfectly balances out the Jojo Siwa of the dress too. 

Riverdale's Madelaine Petsch has an ethereal gown that flatters her perfect fair skin and brilliant red hair. I am impressed by this look, the soft, pretty yet editorial makeup with the bitty lashes and blunt bangs against shoulder wings of nearly transparent mint is an aesthetic. I underestimated her and her stylist. Love this look. And I really like that she isn't wearing a necklace to give this stunning design a platform to steal the show. So pretty

Kendall Jenner is beautiful and her makeup is spot on flawless as always. Nothing about this screams Met Gala to me, there is no risk. She looks Victoria Secret runway perfect and that to me is slightly disappointing. I would have liked something that would set this makeup look apart from every other makeup look she does. I do appreciate the lashes though. 

Speaking of not playing safe, Priyanka Chopra came to play, although not my favourite this is clearly not your everyday I am famous so I have to look picture perfect makeup look. It is clearly a Met Gala look. I like that it is different and the monochromatic elements that tie it in together. The lip is gorgeous on her but the base is not my favourite. I can't put my finger on what it is, perhaps it is too matte. Unexpected. Which really is all I ask for at this point. 

I saw Candice Swanepoel on Patrick Ta's page and it is a tad hypocritical that I am salivating over this look when I dismissed Kendall's typical VS makeup. I don't know, there is something about this that just feels elevated and extra compared to Kendall's. Maybe I am just a sucker for blue eyes and this is blue eye prejudice but this is so ridiculously gorgeous. I cannot breathe. Imagine being  this beautiful? Can you imagine it? Ariana Grande reference. I know you got  it.

Lady Gaga has kind of fell off the radar for me. I had to think for a minute what the saying is. It might be because of the annoyingly loud hype Shallow got. If any movie gets praised to death it is a huge turn off for me, for this reason I still have not and will not watch La La Land. Her look here is cool but without the lashes it would be meh. And that is a cop out in my book, She looks great though. Her hair is cute too. 

Joan Smalls, also painted by Patrick Ta, looks amazing. Her eye look is one of my favourites actually and her hair is my favourite. Stunning artistry all round. Simple, elegant but still ostentatious. Patrick really knows what he is doing and he just knows skin, base and faces so well. It is like they are painted by an angel. Gorgeous. 

Wow wow wow, Ezra Miller wanted people to choke when they saw him. I love the sfx makeup inspiration, this trippy look is so cool and when executed this well impossible to look away from. I love that he did this, paired with a perfect red lip. Giving me Dita von Teese. But better. Why is he so cool? It is a mystery. 

The master that is Mario, of course, glammed Kim Kardashian West and I disagree with the eye roll another bronze look response this is getting. Regardless, Mario is extremely good at what he does and the shine that is so precisely placed and so perfectly balanced is what seals this look as one of my favourites. It is gorgeous and expected in some ways, but done by anyone else it would look like trash. Her boobs look amazing to boot.

Thank you for reading,  please comment below your favourite look that you have seen this year. I watched Avengers Infinity War yesterday, and Zoe Saldana looked gorgeous at the Met this year too. I will watch End Game this weekend. Have you seen it yet? Hope you enjoyed your bank holiday weekend. I haven't decided if I am going to do a fashion rundown yet but if I do it will be soon. Most likely on my Instagram Stories, so follow me on there. It is alittlekiran. Thank you. Take care.  

Which is your favourite Met Gala 2019 look? 


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Wednesday, 1 May 2019


Summer is coming, so the pursuit of the perfect glowing skin is ongoing. To the rescue, Huda Beauty are releasing a brand new body highlighter to give you the goddess-like skin you have been craving, jokingly called N.Y.M.P.H (£40) which stands for Not Your Mam's Panty Hose this face and body highlight will make you visible from outer space. The release date is 3rd May. Described as a transfer-proof, streak-proof body and face liquid highlighter that will leave you with a gorgeous summer glow. Inspired by Beyonce no less, and created to mimic the perfect pantyhose that don't look like your mama's pantyhose. Available in 3 shades suitable for a plethora of skin tones. Can be used on its own, underneath or mixed into foundation.

The formula is unique and ostentatious with 28% being light-reflecting pearl pigments. In spite of the extra-terrestrial-like glow many, including Huda herself, swear by using this as a face primer to radiate through heavy full coverage matte foundations. The shades currently available are: Luna is a white gold shimmer with hints of silver and gold ideal for those with lighter skin complexions. Aphrodite is a beautiful golden bronze shimmer that is best suited to medium tan skin tones. Aurora is a rich coppery shimmer with golden pearls suitable for those with deeper skin tones. Undoubtedly I believe this range will be extended if this launch proves a hit.  

I would love to hear your thoughts regarding body glow products as they are especially popular this time of year, with many high end beauty brands possessing their own, including but not limited to Charlotte Tilbury, Nars Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty and more. Personally, I do not understand the hype body glow products receive, I feel they can be easily DIYed and the accompanying high price tags are unjustifiable. Regardless, I would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think of the new Huda Beauty NYMPH? Will you be buying it? Do you already have a body glow product you are loyal to, or have a life hack that ensures you have supermodel worthy skin all year round? 

Please share your thoughts and opinions below. Thank you for reading, apologies about the inconsistency in posting it is strictly due to wifi issues at the moment. This is ongoing, so things are going to be a tad inconsistent over here, but what's new. Hope you are having a great day. Take care.

What do you think of the new Huda Beauty N.Y.M.P.H.? 


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Saturday, 20 April 2019


Jeffree Star has released his highly anticipated Magic Star Concealers* (£21) and Magic Star Loose Setting Powders* (£21). There was quite the scandal where Jeffree Star's warehouse was robbed and his entire storage of the C5 shade was stolen and is circulating on the black market, is what is being reported. For this reason, Jeffree decided to push the release date forward, originally touted for the end of April it is available as of right now. In the UK you can get both the Magic Star Concealer* and Magic Star Setting Powder* on Beauty Bay.*. Like the Lunar Beauty Moon Prism Powders* (read post here), I am quite impressed at how quickly it is available to international consumers as usually there is a delay. That is something to be celebrated for sure, if you are interested in this launch keep reading for photos and swatches courtesy of trendmood1 on Instagram

The Magic Star Concealer* is available in a total of 30 shades, plus 2 additional colour correctors, with quite a decent spectrum of shades available for a variety of skin tones and purposes, whether you want to use it for contouring, concealing, foundation or whatever tickles your fancy. In addition to a pure white shade for the lightest of skins, there are also two correctors: one peach for dark circles* and blue/purple pigmentation and one green for redness*. The concealer is described as being lightweight, full coverage (20% pigment), able to cover tattoos, hydrating and long lasting, and of course like all Jeffree Star Cosmetics* vegan and cruelty free. 

Above you can read the descriptions of all the available shades, for my skin tone C14* would probably be the best match.. Jeffree claims it is almost crease-proof, he doesn't say it is completely creaseless as makeup will wear off and crease eventually but the formula  is supposed to be pretty darn good. Tati Westbrook did a 12 hour wear test of both  the conceale*r and setting powder* on her channel (scroll down to the end to watch) and from initial impressions it seems to apply and blend nicely. The applicator is flexible and tear-drop shaped, the packaging looks interesting and not cheap, but it might look different in person. 

If you have oily skin, you know the struggle of finding the perfect powder. I feel like I am constantly on the hunt for a magic powder so I would be lying if I said the Jeffree Star Magic Setting Powder (£21) didn't intrigue me. Out of all the Jeffree Star Cosmetics* range this is really the only product that has caught my eye, so based on reviews and whether my personal feelings towards the brand and its owner change I might give this one a go. The jury is still out but it is not outside the realm of possibility. It is described as an ultra-fine setting powder, available in 8 shades for a range of skin tones that claims to prevent creasing and blur skin for an airbrushed effect. Out of all the shades, I think Banana would suit my skin tone the best but I do like the look of Beige as well. 

Both the Magic Star Concealer* and Magic Star Setting Powders* look very pretty, a lot of the shades are out of stock but I am sure when the hype dies down they  will be available to purchase again in no time. I have my misgivings about Jeffree Star, despite paying some attention to him for the past few years and posting about his brand, I don't personally feel like buying from him at the moment. This is subject to change, however, I do think this is one of the more exciting launches I have seen in a while, although the Blue Blood Palette* looks stunning I know I would never use it. Below you can see Tati Westbrook try out the products for an all day wear test, one of my favourite type of videos. 

I would love to know what you think of this latest launch, are you excited? Are you interested in either the Magic Star Concealer* or the Magic Star Setting Powder*. Available to purchase both on Beauty Bay* and Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you are having an enjoyable Easter weekend. Take care. 

What do you think of the Magic Star Concealer and Setting Powder? 


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