Monday, 21 May 2018


Huda Beauty New Rose Gold Remastered Eyeshadow Palette Swatches & Release Date
I am sure you have already heard that Huda Beauty is bringing back her limited edition Rose Gold Textured Shadows palette (review here), but this time it is different. Huda explains on her blog that after the initial success of her first few palettes that she wanted to take into account the feedback she received to bring out an even better version. There is some controversy surrounding this palette, for instance there was a video by drama channel Here For The Tea, suggesting that it is pretty shady for Huda and her team to bring out a subpar palette and cutting corners in the first place and that she should have waited until she could afford to bring out a high quality palette

I couldn't agree less with this sentiment. The palette she brought out originally is a great palette in my opinion. I don't have long nails so I don't encounter any trouble using the specially formulated "textured shadows" which are essentially chunky af glitters. The mattes swatch okay but on the eyelids they blend really well and build well also, and with a base they really do last all day and night. I understand that a lot of people feel the complete opposite and do not fuck with this palette, but nothing works for everyone. That is just the truth. My biggest problem is that it retails for £56 which is ridiculously high when considering Huda's admission that they had to cut corners on packaging etc. The only saving grace is with the Desert Dusk Palette and Remastered Rose Gold palette the price has remained the same in spite of the blatant improvement in packaging (a mirror, a cover, more design work etc.). 

So what is different, you may ask? Basically, the original textured shadow formulas which are difficult to  use with a brush can now be used with a brush.  It could still be done with the original, if you add some oil or really dig in and use a spray for adherence but I understand that is a lot more hassle than people are prepared to do. Again, I use my fingers but a lot of people have long nails or just don't want to get their fingers dirty for many reasons. Instead of being textured shadows in the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette (£56) they are now melted metals with a liquid metal finish. You still will get more payoff with your fingers though. It releases on May 22nd and will be available on Cult Beauty in the UK if you are from here. Still 18 shades and this time there is a mirror as well as better packaging. 

Thank you so much for reading, I would be interested to hear what your thoughts are on this palette. Did you try the original Rose Gold palette? Are you more interested in this version? Hope you are having a great week and hopefully the weather is as sunny as it is in London right now. Take care.

What are your thoughts on this remastered palette?


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Saturday, 19 May 2018


I was supposed to post earlier this week with a review of one of the many skincare products I have been testing out, but the thought of that almost brought me to tears. Instead, being the pop culture whore that I am who loves to give other people shit about what they are wearing even though I legit rotate the same five outfits until it is no longer physically possible I thought why not talk about the royal wedding. More specifically what people were wearing at the royal wedding. I spent today at The Book Club in Shoreditch taking part in a brunch and booze kind of celebration where everyone just kind of drank and then cheered when someone we recognised came on the screen. Follow me on Instagram or Snapchat to have a look at some of that live footage (both @alittlekiran). There were drag queens too (only one though), it was cool but crowded. It made me realise that the one thing I can happily do alone is judge people's outfits, it is so fun. So onto the looks I liked best, in no particular order, except the next one of course. 

Naturally, the favourite of the night is Meghan herself in her Stella McCartney reception dress. I love her Givenchy wedding gown with the long train and veil. A lot of people have mixed opinions on her looks and some compare her choices to Kate's, but I think it is genius. Whoever styled her knows Meghan's body very well and the fit of both dresses are impeccable as well as extremely flattering. She has such an amazing toned body and gorgeous skin and I think the dresses truly accentuate that. Harry's velvet suit jacket is really dapper too, the old school elegance is a win.

Priyanka Chopra in Vivienne Westwood with a Phillip Treacy hat and Jimmy Choo heels is a look. The colour is perfect, the shoes are perfect - wedding shoes are hard to find - and even her hat is cute and interesting without being too much. She looks really good, I bet she pulled. 

Carey Mulligan looks completely perfect, from the length of her dress to her ankle strap stiletto pumps. I am obsessed with this outfit. The design of the dress is so pretty, if I had this I would never take it off. 

At first, I wasn't a fan of Victoria Beckham's navy attire, it was a little severe and corporate lawyer for my tastes but then her burnt orange shoes came into frame and I fell for it. Altogether I think it really works and well it just screams Posh, doesn't it?

Blush was big this year, it is such a wedding colour and a lot of the girls also at The Book Club were wearing blush as well, particularly those of a medium olive skin tone. So I have come to the conclusion that there is a strong chance blush should suit me, so I should try it. Oprah looks like the queen she is. I love that it is long sleeved and that everything basically matches, but I really love the massive smile on her face. What a babe. 

So Mike, I think his real name is Adam, is not a favourite although it is a favourite that he and Jessica, Harvey, Donna and Louis were invited to Rachel's wedding. His suit looks way too big for him in my opinion, but Troian, Spencer from PLL and Mike's irl wife, looks smashing. Again in blush with a choker neck and some shoulder detail which gives it some youthful flair and those super pretty heels. They're so cute. 

That's all folks, there are others like Kate Middleton and Alma Clooney but I am sure you could have guessed, I thought Meghan's mother looked so beautiful and Queen Elizabeth looked adorable in her lime/lemon coat (I'm colourblind sorry), although she did not smile once. I had a unique day and I am happy I shared it with other people, the one thing I love about events like this is the sense of unity and joy it brings to us all. How cool that we're all ridiculously happy and invested in a couple of stranger's nuptials? It's so uncool it's actually cool, do you know what I mean? Take care. 

Did you watch the wedding?


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Sunday, 13 May 2018


Another day another Kylie collection, this time in collaboration with her famous mother slash momager. I, for one, think it is really cool that Kylie's next drop was in partnership with her mother because I was truly thinking it would be Kendall, the only sister she hasn't collaborated with, and I can't tell you how boring I envision that collaboration to be based on her work with Estee Lauder. That is just my opinion though. The packaging in this collection knocks the socks off everything else Kylie has come out with in my opinion. I love that Kris has her face on the palettes and that her names are iconic sayings she has. It is personal and modern whilst still looking high end. The monochromatic colour scheme is cool and timeless. In the collection, there is an eyeshadow palette, a cheek palette, a mini lip collection of eight shades, a lipstick and a lip liner. It launches today which is also Mother's Day in America. Happy Mother's Day! Mother's Day in the UK is in March. 

Let's talk about the eyeshdow palette first. The palette consists of twelve mostly cool-toned shades which embodies Kris Jenner's makeup style perfectly. She is known for her smoky eyes and when I think of her eye looks, brown and grey hues are what immediately come to mind. I love the shade names I think they are really cute and fun, it is something I admired in Kourtney's collection with Kylie as well and I think Kris did even better with her shade names. 

Into the shades: I Love Myself  (matte cream), Gorgeous (gold grey metallic), It's an Emergency (matte beige), Very Nice (metallic maroon shade), Haters (metallic silver grey), Vodka Tonic (chrome gold shimmer), Payback is a Bitch (soft pinkish peach matte, this shade seems to swatch differently to how it appears in the pan, not sure what to make of this matte), Impressed (pewter shimmer), 10% (dark purplish grey shimmer), I'm Watching You (almost bluish dark grey shimmer), Talent (goldish metallic) and Does it Come in Black (black matte shade). If you watch Jaclyn Hill's video you will see that there is discrepancy amongst the colours in the palette, some swatch better than others. There is also quite a lot of kickback and only a few mattes relative to the number of shimmers and frosts in the palette. No mirror, but the shade names are printed beneath the shadows, If you like cool toned taupe shadows this could be a good palette for you, be wary of Payback is a Bitch as it doesn't translate true to colour on the eyes - more of a mauve purple tone than the neutral soft pink peach you see in the palette. 

On the other hand, in the cheek palette the three highlights all seem to be of a similar quality, very alike to Kylie's original powder highlighters, basically pretty but not amazing. It's Snowing Pussy Willows is a beautiful light gold champagne shimmer, Money Doesn't Grown on Trees is a warm champagne shimmer which reminds me of Becca's Prosecco Pop and I Raised You on Mac 'n' Cheese is a beautiful coral highlight which would work well as a blush topper as well as a highlight for deeper/olive skin tones. Last in the palette is the blush shade Your Sister's Going to Jail representing an iconic moment on KUWTK this is the perfect peachy coral blush that suits all skin tones. In Jaclyn's review the blush had next to no pigment whereas Katy from Lustre Lux didn't experience any problems, I think it is important to use a stippling or buffing brush with this blush as you want to make sure you don't lose the product. It also appears quite powdery you can see the dust billowing off Jaclyn's cheeks in her video when she is packing it on. 

Image from @cassydaraiche on Instagram
In the Momager Mini Lip Collection there are eight shades with a mix of mattes, velvet mattes and glosses. It does seem like the gloss is less pigmented in this miniature formula than Kylie's typical glosses but aside from that all the colours are very pretty and most are part of the existing Kylie range. My favourites are Middle Finger mostly because of the name but I do think it is a stunning orange red that will be everywhere this summer, Overwhelmed which is a deeper brownish maroon shade that is really flattering on fair to deep skin tones. 

Also as a part of her collection is the limited edition Gimme a Kiss lipstick and lipliner which match each other exactly, I love that. The two lip products are both the perfect Kris Jenner rosy nude with just a hint of brown, like a rosewood shade. The lip liner is a standard Kylie Cosmetics formula and I do believe her liners are one of her most praised products. The lipstick is beautiful and feels like a comfortable matte but does have a slight cream finish  and does transfer unfortunately. 

You can see the lipstick swatched below, this was a screenshot taken and edited from Jaclyn's video by me. I would really love to know what you think of this collection. Do you think it's too soon since her last collection? I mean she literally dropped Kourtney's collection less than a month ago, I know it is Mother's Day but I wish they would space these things out more. Even as a makeup addict I only have so much excitement to give. Again as always I will not be buying any of these, the shipping and custom fees alone are not worth it but I do think all of Kylie's line is overpriced but in particular her palettes. Their cardboard packaging just doesn't seem very pricey to make, I am sure there are good products in her line even some that I will love but there's just so much makeup available now at all price points that it wouldn't make sense to me. 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. A lot of you seem to like and read my posts about new(ish) launches and that is why I still upload them. I also have a lot of reviews that need posting and I am trying to space them out so you don't get ten reviews all at once, check back on Thursday for my next post. Hope you are having a great weekend! Did you watch Eurovision last night? Do you agree with who won? The release date for this collection is today, I am going to try and carve out some time in the day tomorrow to catch up on all my favourite blogs. Take care.

What do you think of the KrisxKylie Collection, is it better or worse than her others?


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*Images from @kyliecosmetics or @krisjenner via Instagram unless otherwise stated.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018


I was kindly sent the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter (£30) in Tan as well as the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Bond Girl. As you might already know, I love it hence its inclusion in my April Favourites (read here). As promised, this is the full review. I have a love and hate relationship with Charlotte Tilbury products in general, the very little I have tried hasn't worked for me, for instance the Magic Foundation and the Dolce Vita Eyeshadow Quad, but that doesn't mean to say that their products might not be your favourites or that there other products wouldn't work for me. The Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder has been on my to-buy list forever and I am definitely going to purchase it before my sister's wedding. 

What It Is: The Hollywood Flawless Filter is a "hybrid complexion booster" directed to be used beneath foundation, either all over or just on the high points of your face. It is marketed as essentially being a filter in a bottle. It is available in 7 different shades, but importantly it is not a foundation.

What It Does: The Flawless Filter offers the blurring properties of a pore-filling primer and the glow of a great highlighter. The different shades are tinted and therefore do offer a slight bit of coverage. To me it is like a dewy BB cream. 

What I Liked: I really like the colour I chose, which is Tan, it is slightly warmer than my actual skin tone which makes it an ideal summer complexion product. The wand is also brilliant, not the most sanitary, but it makes applying with precision easier if you are just targeting the high points. The packaging is luxurious and looks so pretty sitting on my shelf with the rest of my makeup. I use it as a base and just set it with either a powder foundation or my MAC MSF in Medium Deep. I love the finish and effect it gives to my skin, it is uber natural and so pretty and skin-like as well as being really lightweight on the skin, perfect for summer. For someone who avoids glow I am actually quite impressed with this. Suitable for all skin types, even my oily skin.

What I Didn't: There's not anything I don't like per se, it is very beautiful both in the bottle and on the skin. I wish they had a few more shades but as it is quite sheer it's not a problem. The price is moderately high but expected for Charlotte Tilbury. It is definitely not a necessity and I don't think it is a product I would have purchased of my own volition. 

Overall verdict would be 4/5. It's a great product and does exactly what it says, but again not a must-have. Thank you so much for reading, I really want to try a lot of new products so please comment below any reviews you are interested in and I will add them to my list. Hop you had an amazing bank holiday weekend I spent a lot of time with my family in the countryside and it was stunning. It is taking me a while to get back into work mode but hopefully I will get there. My sister's wedding is imminent so I will be playing with some colourful makeup soon and hopefully I will be confident to either post tutorials or at least some photos and blog posts. Take care. 

What is your favourite Charlotte Tilbury product, if you have one?


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Tuesday, 1 May 2018


Like most of us I tend to gravitate towards the same makeup on a daily basis and haven't really ventured out of my comfort zone for a while, this is in conjunction with spending less money on things I don't need. The only new product to grace my presence is the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter* (£30). In recent months, however, I have been embracing many full coverage foundations and using a lot more base products. My skin has been problematic to say the least, and sometimes I literally overdo it unintentionally. Lately, I have been feeling less and less motivated to do a full face of makeup and have just been using these three products and leaving it at that. I have been surprised by how much I love the end result and happy that I have managed to incorporate some great but forgotten items back into my routine. 

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter in Tan* (£30) This is an interesting product that I still don't fully understood. When I first started using it I used it as a highlighter but felt like it didn't do that at all, in fact it felt more like a very lightweight sheer natural foundation. It is marketed as a complexion booster that has the versatility of a primer and the glow of a highlighter. I literally use it as a foundation, if you want to use it as a highlighter maybe choose a lighter shade, Tan is a spot on match for my summer skin tone. I love this, it feels like nothing on the skin and still provides enough of a blurring effect to improve the appearance of your skin. 

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Medium Tan (£30) My MSF is actually in the shade Medium Tan but I think you can match them to your foundation shades now which for me would be NC40 in the summer and NC35 in the winter. Like the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter this is quite light and sheer in coverage but on top of the Flawless Filter it adds just that little bit extra as well as setting the face a little which my oily skin needs. This is a firm favourite of mine. 

B Beauty Bronzer in Medium* (£8) A product that I had hardly used until a few weeks ago, I am a die hard contour lover but again recently I just haven't wanted to spend the time on my face. Contouring and eyes are my favourite sections of my makeup routine so if I skip them i want it to be super fast and effortless. This bronzer is a great tan shade which is warm but not orange, a true warm bronze. I apply this lightly but liberally on my cheeks, including the apples, around my jawline and temples and dusted across the centre of my nose as well as on my neck. I really like how this looks on my skin. It's pretty and natural but still gives me the dimension and colour that is lacking. 

Overall, this look not only looks pretty good for the very little time it takes but it lasts really well. I have been wearing this makeup today for over eight hours now and although there is a slight sheen peeking through from my natural oils it still looks very pretty, even close-up. I can't remember the last time I wore this little makeup and I am happy to have find a go-to fail safe for when the weather, hopefully, gets hotter and I want a very light base. Don't forget to leave a comment and share your favourite base products and bronzers, I am really intrigued by the Anastasia Beverly Hills bronzers, I have heard they are really good and I recently purchased the Elcie Cosmetic Micro Silque foundation which I am really excited to try. Check back on Saturday for my next post. Take care, 

What are some of your favourite base products?


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Sunday, 29 April 2018


As most of you know I live in England and usually I'm running at least ten minutes late for most obligations, for that reason my style is very minimalist. I tend to always gravitate towards dresses that will pair well with ankle boots or trainers and tights or no tights in the summer. It is that easy, if you're someone who likes a more casual approach some days here are some great dresses that can look great just worn alone with a cool pair of shoes and even better with some extra effort. Don't forget to comment below your favourite pieces. First is this really simple slouchy fit Kendall T-shirt dress (£21) with a pocket over the left breast. I love to wear this on train journeys because it is so comfy and not too tight but also just the right amount of loose to look slouchy and not shapeless. I particularly like the short sleeves, allowing most of my arms to get some sunlight and a nice tan whilst providing coverage for my upper arms which is an area of my body I like to cover.

This Blue Woven Stripe Tassel Belt Bardot Dress (£18) is such a summery dress and the different shades of blue just shout Grecian vacation to me, the colours are loud enough that the dress doesn't require any extra accessories. I would personally pair it with my favourite metallic silver footbed sandals that are the comfiest shoes in the world, but you could pair it with nude heels, converse or your favourite sandals as well. The exposed shoulder allows you to douse yourself with your favourite highlight as well, win win.

Another of my favourite black pieces, can you tell I really like to wear black? Is the Kim Heather Black Distressed Sweater Dress (£30). I never thought I could be someone that would casually wear an intentionally ripped dress but I love the style. The medium size is quite oversized on me so I would recommend if you are a size 8-12 to get the small. I personally like the longer length and looser fit and it looks really great with sheer tights and opaque boots and I will definitely style it with patterned tights if I want to add some detail to my look for the evenings. For summer, I actually think this dress would look really cool with a statement boot, there are so many great colourful boots on the high street right now. 

This Miracle Wine Lace Up Sweater (£33) screams autumn to me, technically we are still in April and as such April showers are a very real thing and this is the perfect sweater to help you feel cosy when it feels nothing like summer and barely even spring. This also comes in a variety of shades and I highly recommend the grey option, the lace up design on the shoulders is such a cool element of this piece and I get complimented on it a lot. I wear it as a dress, but you could wear it as a sweater as well. As a dress it is quite short so I do tend to pair it with tights and a pair of high heeled boots. 

This V Neck Polka Dot Black Dress (£20) is ridiculously cute from the spotted design to the adorable little tie sleeves. Again in summer, I like my arms to tan but I am quite insecure about the top of my arms so like to keep them covered as much as possible. For this reason, I love short sleeved dresses like this, especially if they come in black and a cute little print. This would look good in so many different ways and would be suitable attire all year round I think. I can imagine wearing it with white trainers in the summer and some oversized sunglasses or layered with a chunky cable knit sweater, thick tights and heeled ankle boots in winter. 

I love the style of this Ribbed Bodycon Dress (£15). Normally for casual every day wear I like a loose fit and I tend to steer away from bodycon styles completely. It just makes me really self conscious, but the horizontal stripes are actually quite slimming and I think this red striped dress would look great as a layering piece peeking under a black coat and paired simply with some old trainers in the summer. It just looks very effortless but still fun and colourful, which is needed as I am someone who is constantly drawn to black clothes as they require little thinking on my part.

Thank you so much for reading this little haul and very casual style piece, I would love to know what your approach is to style. For me, in the summer especially when it gets really hot on those rare days I want to be as comfortable and cool as possible. Leave a comment below and have a great week next week. This post was done in collaboration with Shop Tobi. Check back on Wednesday for my next post, thank you for reading. Take care. 

What is your go-to outfit in the summer?


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Friday, 27 April 2018


As promised, we are here today to discuss another launch occurring on the 24th April 2018, which is in just two days, specifically 2pm PST time and that means 10pm UK time if I understand the laws of time correctly. This launch is Laura Lee's second eyeshadow palette: Nudie Patootie ($45/£35). The first palette she came out with called Cat's Pyjamas was highly controversial and was met with a lot of criticism. In her video announcing her latest products Laura appears very proud and more confident, it is nice to see she is taking feedback on board. This post is full of swatches not only of her eyeshadow palette, but also her three liquid lipsticks and two retractable eyeliners that will be launching later on in May, the date is not yet announced. Continue reading for my thoughts on these products and where you can find them. 

Nudie Patootie Palette: This is a 14 eyeshadow pan palette, unlike Cat's Pyjamas which had just 10 pans in comparison. This palette is marketed as a neutral palette, when I think neutral I think browns, beige, golds, greys. Very every day soft colours. This palette on the other hand pulls very pinky purple it makes me think of the Naked 3 palette, barely, but also the Back Talk palette more recently released by Urban Decay. The addition of the StreakingStrip and Undressed almost seem out of place when these are the only shades I would consider at home in a nude palette. The mattes in general, the name of the palette aside, are all great colours, I do wish Bare was not in there. The foiled and shimmer shades are pretty too. In general it is a pretty palette but it's not a must have. I much prefer Soft Glam by Anastasia Beverly Hills as a neutral palette and here's why.

I don't think this palette is that friendly to people with deeper skin tones, you're going to need a base and a lot of patience to build these softer pinkish shades on tan to deep skin in my experience. Of course, it is a neutral palette so intense colour payoff might not be a dealbreaker for some people, for me, however, it absolutely is. I think for fair to medium skin tones it would be a lovely palette and even for those with deep skin  you can absolutely make this work with an eye base, but in general it just doesn't look like a nude palette to me. Moreover, the rose gold packaging, although nice, makes the shadows pull more pinky rose-ish than they are in the pans. It is a pretty girly palette but I am not inclined to buy it, truth be told. 

Liquid Lipsticks: As for the liquid lipsticks which are being sold for $14 a piece, most of you know I am not a fan of liquid lipsticks in general. Nakey Nakey is a pale beige nude. Topless is a deeper pinkish nude that wold look great on medium skin tones in particular. Finally, Jaybird is a more brownish nude, which is probably my favourite type of nude. Laura describes her liquid lipsticks as not drying at all, she wanted a very comfortable formula that still had opacity on the lips. All in all, they are very pretty nudes. Are they anything new? No. I also don't know if you can tell from the photos but to me they don't dry down perfectly matte, pretty sure she mentions that in her video. For her comfort was the most important thing, so if you are looking for a matte long-lasting lip colour there is nothing to see here. 

Last and probably least are these two new eyeliners. One is called Jet Black which is predictably a true black matte liner and one is Nude, I am not sure if the nude pencil is called nude so don't quote me on that but the shade is nude i.e. flesh coloured. If you are going to own two eyeliners you'd want them to be black and flesh toned. Again, every brand in the world, more or less, has a black and nude eyeliner. I believe these retail for $14 as well, but unlike the eyeshadow palette the liquid lipsticks and eyeliners come out later on in May.

Thank you so much for reading, it was my understanding that the palette would release on Beauty Bay the same time as it released on the Laura Lee Los Angeles website, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I postponed publishing while awaiting news for when the palette would reach the UK, and I believe it will be coming in May. I will update when more news becomes available. I hope you are having a great week so far, check back in on Sunday and don't forget to leave me a comment with your thoughts on Laura's new products, I would love to hear all your opinions. Take care,

What are your thoughts on these new products?


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