Sunday, 6 February 2022


My favourite way to unwind after work or on a weekend with nothing planned is to watch something. I like to just switch off an immerse myself in a different world, the same reason I love reading. There is always something to watch no matter my mood, whether I want something lighthearted or mindboggling or knee-tremblingsly shaky. Like many, I have subscriptions to multiple streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney +, and as I live in the UK I have access to All 4 and BBC iPlayer too. Here are the series and films I watched over the past few months, and what I thought of them. Share in the comments what you have ben watching too. 

--------------------------------------------------------  SERIES  -------------------------------------------------------

The Bold Type {NETFLIX} Set in New York City, this show follows three strong women, Jane, Kat and Sutton, who are best friends and work for a huge women's magazine called Scarlet. Think Sex and  the City meets Devil Wears Prada for millenials. 

I found this show entirely by accident and it was like a breath of fresh air, I felt inspired and excited, but most importantly thoroughly entertained. Shows set in New York City are my kryptonite, because Gossip Girl - the original series - has left an indelible mark on me to this day. Watching this show made me want to write and post on here, and it also made me want to quit my job and beg Refinery 29 to let me work for them, because there definitely is that glossy, picture perfect, aspirational quality to it with glamorous parties, gorgeous clothes and lots of pretty people. What I like most though is that the characters are likable and relatable, which is key to any good series in my book. 

Breathe: Into The Shadows {AMAZON PRIME}A psychiatrist finds his six year old daughter has been kidnapped during her friend's birthday party. The kidnapper demands he kill the people on his list in order to ensure his daughter's safety and get her back.

My cousin recommeded this show to me and I was hooked from the beginning. I didn't expect certain twists and turns and found myself empathising with the protaganist and the antagonist. I recommend going into this one blind. it is an Indian series. It was so good and I can't wait for the next one. 

After Life{NETFLIX} A black comedy drama created and written by Ricky Gervais who plays Tony, a man struggling in the aftermath of his wife's death and how he finds the will to keep going.

The first two series were brilliant and I enjoyed the third and final series this month. It was bittersweet for it to come to an end, this is what I call a "quiet" series, I don't hear much about it but it left an impact on me, even more so since my Mum's passing. Grief is a real bitch, I tell you. I just wish there was more, I really liked Tony and there were so many unexpectedly funny moments in this show. 

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window{NETFLIX} Satirical comedy of psychological thriller classics. Anna, our unreliable protagonist, swears she witnessed a murder. Join her in figuring out what the hell is going on with her shady neighbour. 

This recently came to Netflix and I watched it one day, the episodes are short. All in all, although I adore Kristin Bell and pyschological thrillers are one of my favourite genres this one massivey missed the mark for me. Instead of it being an acumulation of a variety of thriller tropes, it felt very much like a knock off of A Woman in the Window. Down to the set up, setting, phobia and even the culprit. Completely missable. Do not recommend. 

The Apprentice{BBC IPLAYER} Competition reality show where 12 candidates fight to be Alan Sugar's business parter by undertaking a number of group challenges to prove they have the business savvy to make it big. 

It has been a long time since I have watched something weekly. I am firmly entrenched in the binging culture, but Apprentice is a show we used to watch as a family when it came on once a week. It is also one of the few shows my brother and I both find enjoyable, so it is something we watch together. I enjoy it, competition reality shows like Drag Race, Project Runway, Glow Up etc. are a favourite of mine. I enjoy them immensely. There are some real plonkers on here though, be warned.

Celebs Go Dating{NETFLIX & ALL 4} A reality dating show where your Z-list celebrities join a dating agency to brush up on their skills and g on dates with ordinary British civillians. 

I am a realtiy TV show watcher, I enjoy most and I am not ashamed. I watched the latest series available on Netflix, and then when Made in Chelsea finished (yes I watched that too last month), I realised it had been replaced with a new season of Celebs Go Dating, so started to watch that on All 4. It's a show I watch when I am overthinking or worried and find it hard to focus or start something new. It makes me laugh and helps me unwind, particularly if I have had a stressful or long day.

Eastenders{BBC IPLAYER} I don't know how to explain this, it is a long-running soap series on BBC set in Walford. Follows a community while they deal with every day struggles.

My Mum watched most British soaps, she watched Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Eastenders. Last year over Christmas, my brother and I joined her in watching them because over Christmas and New Year is when shit really hits the fan in these household soap shows. I was missing my Mum and decided to watch the Christmas episodes of Eastenders and then just carried on watching. I surprised myself by enoying it, it reminds me of when I was younger because we used to watch it with my Mum and Dad a lot when we were little, but also because of how different it is to Netflix shows. These are ordinary people, they look ordinary and they dress ordinary and I think there is something really beautiful about that. They have wrinkles and imperfections, different body sizes and ethnicities and that makes me feel good. I found it quite shocking watching it, which goes to show how out of touch you can feel when you are only consuming certain content. Even though I watched about a month's worth of episodes I still don't have a clue what they are on about half the time which is part of the fun.

---------------------------------------------------------  FILMS  -------------------------------------------------------

A few weeks ago my cousin stayed over for a sleepover and we love to watch movies and eat snacks together. We got all of our movie recommendations from @maddikoch on Tik Tok. Here's what I thought of them below and where I watched them.

An Incident in a Ghostland{AMAZON PRIME}A family experiences a traumatic event in an old house they inherited.

This movie was not good, however, I found it quite disturbing and creepy. I hate dolls, I found the antagonists to be quite unsettling so for that reason if you like horror movies or movies that give you that weird unsettling feeling this might be a good match for you. I would not watch it again. 

What Happened to Monday{NETFLIX} A dystopian sci-fi movie about seven identical sisters (septuplets) who are born into a society where ony one child per family is permitted. Their grandfather tasked with their care after their mother died in childbirth, decides to hide them from the government and society. He names each child after a day of the week and allows them out on the day of their name, so no one suspects they are not the same person. But what happens when Monday doesn't come home?

This was so good. I really enjoyed this. I thought the acting was brilliant, and although the plot and ending were not a surprise, I appreciated the journey so much that I didn't even mind in the end. Highly recommend. 

Vivarium{NETFLIX & ALL 4} While buying their first house, Tom and Gemma get stuck in a maze of identical houses. They can't seem to escape. Then they are presented with a package containing a child they are expected to raise. How and will they get out?

I was morbidly intrigued, but found myself getting distracted watching this. I didn't see the point and the ending was not satisfying in any way. Missable, if you ask me. 

Fractured{NETFLIX} On the drive home his daughter experiences an injury, when Ray takes his little girl to hospital to get a scan she doesn't come back out. Nor does his wife. Ray is determined to find his missing wife and child and uncover what has happened to them, but the hospital staff swear that his wife and child were never there. 

This was a film I was quite surprised by, I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. It kept me on the edge of my seat, I was engaged throughout and kept changing my mind as to what I think happened to the family. Recommend this one 100%.

Thank you so much for reading and catching up with what I watched recently, I hope you enjoyed this. Please comment below what you have watched recently, I am always on the lookout for recommendations. Let me know if you have watched anything listed above or plan to. Hope you are having a great weekend. Take care. 

What have you watched recently


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Friday, 31 December 2021


It's already New Year's Eve. what better time to share the presents I received for Christmas. Personally, I enjoy What I Got For Christmas Hauls, but I know it's not for everyone. Christmas is relatively a small affair for my family, I only buy gifts for a few people and receive gifts from a few people. I am grateful and delighted with everything I got and feel really lucky to have enjoyed the day, with it being the first Christmas without my Mum and not spent at home. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas too. 

Anyone who knows me knows I am a bath fanatic, this Lush box filled with lots of lavender scented goodies is one hundred percent a bit of me. I have already used half a bath bomb. Baths are part of my weekly routine, I have a bath at least twice a week and it is directly correlated with my mood and attitude. My last bath was excellent, I knew the moment I slid into the purple hued water that it would be perfect: the temperature, the mood, the book I chose to read, everything just hit the way it was supposed to. Baths over showers always.

This next gift is the gift that keeps giving. I got a lovely hamper with lots of cute items including a bottle of pink prosecco which is always fun. Not everyone likes Prosecco, my sister is not a fan, but fortunately I do like it and even more importantly the bottle is very pretty.

Next in the hamper were these dead sea bath salts. There are many people that advocate for the use of bath salts, I have not found them to make much or any difference. I prefer bubbles over salts any day of the week, but I am excited to use these, especially as I actually visited the Dead Sea in Jordan in 2019, and that was an unforgettable holiday. Plus anything that claims to improve my life is welcome.

No hamper is complete without a candle, much like baths, candles are a staple in my home. You can never have too many, which is fortuitous as this is not the last candle in my haul (spoiler alert!). This candle is called Amber Blush, it is in a pale pink jar and smells really soft and lovely. A great scent for the living room. 

I can't remember the last time I ate macaroons, but they make me feel very French and very fancy. I was really excited to see these sitting in the hamper. I think I might eat them while watching Emily in Paris. I heard mixed reviews and overall I decided to give it a miss, but it might be a good light-hearted viewing for me to help bring in the new year as I have some days off. I am currently watching Maid on Netflix, it is so good, I highly recommend it if you haven't watched it. I also had some strawberry cheesecake popcorn in the hamper - which I may have already eaten - it was very sweet and strange but fun to try. 

I can always count on my sister to get me a book at Christmas, and a book will always be a great thing to receive. The Secret Garden is one of my favourite childhood films, my all time favourite film is Wizard of Oz and my sister gifted me a special edition book of that last year. So I am sensing a yearly Christmas theme, the covers are so pretty and both books are great. I have read them before and they have reached classic territory for me, I am glad to own a copy of them, but also terrified of getting them dirty so both are still in their plastic outer wrapping just in case.

The other candle I received is by a brand I hadn't heard of before L'or de Seraphine which are more luxury high end candles. I got the Varanasi Candle which has notes of sandalwood, oud, leather and florals. It is supposed to be ideal for both energising and grounding. The jar itself has the same pattern as the exterior packaging and could be repurposed as a vase or brush holder once the candle is used.

These last gifts were early Christmas presents that were both to me and from me. I got them during Black Friday while I was doing Christmas shopping for others - is it really Christmas shopping if you don't end up buying things for yourself. I have barely worn makeup over the past two years, and find myself investing in skincare more often than not. I repurchased the Paula's Choice Exfoliate 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, I first tried it when it went viral on Tik Tok and really want to keep using it. 

My last gift to myself was the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Serum, another Tik Tok favourite. I have wanted to try this for a while and as it was 25% off, I thought it would be rude not to. See my last post for my review on the serum thus far. Thank you so much for reading, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and wishing you all a Happy New Year! I hope 2022 is enjoyable for all. Take care.

What did you get for Christmas


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Thursday, 23 December 2021


What it is: The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Serum Crystal Elixir is a "refining serum" that you apply after cleansing and before moisturiser. It can be used day and night and claims to improve the appearance of skin and your makeup application. It's USP is that it is marketed as an "all-in-one" product as it has a plethora of skin-loving ingredients, which seek to justify the slightly hefty price tag of £60.

What it does: The magic serum claims to target dehydration and dullness in the skin whilst reducing wrinkles and texture, leaving you with brighter, smoother and better skin. It has key ingredients such as vitamin C (golden I may add), peptides and niacinamide (an ingredient I have become familiar with in recent years that I have a lot of fun saying). Some other notable ingredients are amethyst powder, quartz powder, ruby powder and gold, not sure what they do but they sound exceptionally bougie. Just imagine someone sprinkling finely crushed gold and crystal powder on your skin, sounds lush, doesn't it?

Pros: The obvious first pro is the packaging. It is a very pretty bottle that looks dashing on a dresser and would make a wonderful gift. I also think the impressive ingredients list (see above) and actual texture of the product are positives. It is silky and smooth to touch and does have an instant glowy effect on the skin when you first apply. I like using it as a primer and in the morning more so than the night, but that is a hefty price tag for a primer. I haven't used it long enough to be able to vouch for the long-term effects. 

Cons: The price is an instant drawback, I did get my bottle 25% off on Black Friday and I am glad I did. I initially purchased it as a gift for someone else but wanted to try it out myself and if I liked it I would gift it to the person I had in mind. I do like Charlotte Tilbury products, but sometimes I do think they are more showy than actually effective. While I think the marketing and aesthetic of this product are great, I am not sure whether the serum itself is the game changer it promises to be. 

First Impressions: It is a beautiful serum that I do enjoy using, due to the price I find it hard to justify and difficult to use consistently. As everyone knows, consistency is key with skincare and all lifestyle habits, so this could be more of a me problem. I would recommend it if you can get it discounted, as it is a lot to pay for a just-okay serum. That is my current impression. 

I will update after I have finished the bottle, as I may feel very differently and be a firm fan. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed and that everyone is looking forward to Christmas this year. Happy Holidays! I am making a stronger effort to post more in the next year as it is something I enjoy and that I have worked hard for. If there are any particular posts you want to see, please let me know. Leave a comment if you have tried the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Serum yourself, I would love to hear your thoughts. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Stay safe and take care, everyone. 

What do you think about the CT Magic Serum


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Monday, 8 February 2021



Vieve, is a new(ish) brand that has recently been launched by none other than Jamie Genevieve. I love the name of the brand, I think it is cool and fun and certainly appropriate. Would you expect anything less from Jamie Genevieve. If you don't know who she is, Jamie is a makeup artist turned beauty guru known for her gorgeous blown out smoky eyes,stunning face and signature tattoos. Jamie is a YouTuber I have been subscribed to for some time, I never tire of her makeup tutorials and I do enjoy her beauty content and Scottish accent. Although, it has been a while since I have watched her.

In all honesty, through being subscribed to Jamie I was aware of her brand launch and saw some photos here and there, but I wasn't really checking for it. I haven't been in the makeup buying mood lately, especially as I am barely wearing it. Plus, there is so much makeup, especially new makeup being released that I feel it takes a lot to really spark my interest these days. A neutral palette and some nude lipsticks didn't really appeal to me, as they are all things I already own a few times over. 

It wasn't until I came across a review by Tyme the Infamous that it piqued my curiosity. In the review I got a good look at all the packaging and the actual products themselves. Her video review wasn't exactly favourable and she pointed out a few flaws in the products whether it be the flimsy, cheap or insecure packaging or trouble with the formulas themselves.Watch the full review here if you are interested. 

From look alone, the products swatch beautifully, the colours are gorgeous, wearable and that sultry grunge glam that encapsulates Jamie's style and own makeup preferences is certainly embodied here. There is a lot to appreciate and as a first release the product concepts look solid. The swatches alone make me drool and almost ignore some of the issues people have pointed out. With it being an online order only purchase, having secure unicartons is a necessity otherwise you risk breakage, the prices do unfortunately seem high for an unestablished brand with, what has been described as, subpar packaging. If you could buy it in person it might not be as big of an issue, but alas that isn't the case.

The lipsticks, however, appear to be very nice, with matching lip liners.I think out of everything on offer here, the lipsticks would be what I would go to. That being said, a nice nude lipstick can be purchased from NYX or Maybelline for a fraction of the price without the worry of not getting a good product. To watch Tyme's Review click here. To watch Alexandra Anele's review please click here. To purchase or acquire more information about these products or this brand go to Vieve's website hereor Cult Beauty.

I would be interested to see what other products are released as part of Vieve and to wait for more reviews before committing to a definitive stance. What are your thoughts on this new makeup brand? Do you think this is a solid first launch? Are you impressed by the products? Will you purchase anything available? I have noticed my interest in makeup waning as I am wearing less and less so it is entirely possible that I am feeling dispassionate more due to lack of opportunity to wear product than the actual products themselves. So the jury is still out on my end. Please comment your thoughts and opinions below, I am interested to know what you think. Thank you for reading. Take care. 

What do you think of Jamie Genevieve's new makeup brand


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Thursday, 3 December 2020


Although the title of this post is a bit negative and we likely all feel a bit despondent abour what 2020 turned out to be, this is actually going to be a positive post. I promise. It's a pretty grey day outside, a constant drizzle of rain. I have spent most of the morning in my bed with a hot water bottle, the only truly productive thing I have done so far is wash my hair. In an effort to feel better about myself and the day ahead I thought I would write about the things that I have to look forward to this month. I would love to know what things you are looking forward to to finish this year off as it might give me some ideas too!

Books I love reading, it is my favourite thing to do. It always has been and I am particularly excited because there are so many books on my TBR list that come out this month. I cannot wait to dive in and devour them all. I just hope I can be patient and save them for when I have some time off instead of greedily and impatiently burning through all of them the second they are released. 

Shows I have been in quite the nostalgic mood lately, I have been trying to watch Simpsons when it comes on All 4 Live at 18:00, it's something I used to do all through my childhood and well into my adult years. I love The Simpsons, every episode always makes me laugh and leaves me feeling good. I have even thought about converting my Twitter into an out of context simpsons quotes page. Similarly, I have been revisiting The West Wing, a show I watched all the way through at least five times with my sister and it's still just as good on this sixth rewatch. I am already approaching Season 4. My brother and I will be rewatching Chuck together over the Christmas break, another favourite of ours. I also really want to try out The Sopranos, I have heard it is really good and a lot of people say it stills holds up as a good show even now. Hopefully I won't be disappointed. What shows have you been enjoying/watching?

Movies For Halloween, one of my best friends and I have been doing a "Dan and Blair" (gossip girl reference xoxo) where we watch horror movies together in our separate homes over the phone together. We are hoping to continue this with Christmas so we can both feel festive together and have an excuse to drink mulled wine and Bailey's hot chocolate in the spirit of festivity. 

Candles Who doesn't love a candle? Christmas scents are not my favourite personally, but I found a delicious cinammon candle that is red (so festive) that I love and intend to buy multiples of. A burning candle really adds something to a space and if I could I would light a candle constantly. Can.dles are a necessity in winter in my humble opinion

Present Buying Half of my Christmas shopping list is already done and I am so excited to see if my loved ones like and enjoy their gifts. I really hope they do. This year I have a gorgeous little neice to buy for so I can't wait to spoil her and I am still trying to think of some good ideas for my teenage brother. I get really excited when buying presents and tend to get a little too spend happy but I am hoping that my gifts will make everyone's Christmas extra special. 

Virtual Christmas Dinner Every year my friends and I have a friend Christmas dinner which is always so much fun and something that really gets me in the Christmas spirit. Sadly this year an in-person Christmas dinner is off the table but we will be doing a virtual dinner. I think it will still be a lot of fun and when we get a date sorted, I'll definitely try to make it as awesome as possible. I have no idea what I am going to eat. 

Decorating Since August I have been changing things around in my room, a horribly expensive mirror I purchased in September finally arrived so I am hoping to spend the last month of 2020 adding the final touched to my room. I need to change my bedsheets and curtains, possibly my rug and find some cute decorative pieces for my desk including a makeup mirror. This little project has been really good for me and I hope it looks as awesome as I want it to when I am done with it. 

Other things I love are the Christmas decorations, the lights on the tree are so fun especially as it gets dark so early now. Black Forest Hot Chocolate and other special seasonal drinks available at Costa and Starbucks are something I enjoy immensely. I am sure I will add more to this list as we meander through December but I would love to know what you are looking forward to over the next month or even longer? Thank you so much for reading, hope you are having a great start to December. Take care.

What are you looking forward to this month


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Wednesday, 4 November 2020


Are you considering laser hair removal? If so, it is crucial that you know your skin type. Laser treatment is becoming an extremely popular choice amongst both men and women as a way to get rid of unwanted body hair. Shaving and waxing are some of the tedious daily processes we undergo to remove hair from different parts of our body, and the result is sadly not permanent. But, when it comes to lasers, the process is fast, convenient and a long-term solution. However, there are some things you need to know before arranging your first appointment for laser hair removal treatment. One of the most important and basic things you should be aware of are: skin types.

You might be thinking what is there to know about skin types? First of all: what are the types of skin colour? Essentially, there are six different skin types which are categorised below:

Type I: Caucasian - It is sensitive to sun rays but does not get particularly tanned. It burns easily.

Type II: Caucasian - This type of skin is extremely sensitive to the sun, burns easily when you go out and results in minimal tanning.

Type III: Light Olive/Asian - The skin changes colour to light brown when tanned. Due to its sensitive nature, it sometimes burns in prolonged sun exposure.

Type IV: Dark Olive/Asian - The skin tone changes to moderate brown when receives sun exposure. It is minimally sensitive to the sun and burns.

Type V: Light African/Indian - This type of skin colour is prone to excessive tanning. However, it burns rarely and is insensitive to the sun.

Type VI: Dark African/Indian - Due to its sun insensitive nature, the skin never burns and is highly pigmented.

Why is this impportant and how will knowing your skin category help you when undergoing laser hair removal? It is important to consider how does the laser beam work on different shades?

During the treatment, the laser light must pass through the layers of the skin to reach the hair follicle. Skin that is deeper in tone converts the light into heat by absorbing it. Then, the heat affects the hair follicles, stopping their growth and development. Performing laser on darker shades, therefore, is a challenge because of the higher level of melanin present, which inhibits the light from penetrating the sub-epidermal layers of the skin. For this, several sessions may be required to get the best outcome.

Similarly, if your skin is fair and has blond hair, the process can also be challenging and tough. This is because fair skin does not have enough pigment to absorb the heat. However, with advanced and developed hair removal treatments, specialists have successfully removed unwanted hair from men and women with all skin types. Another problem faced in those with deeper skin is that the laser fails to distinguish between the skin and the hair because of the similarity in colour. Laser hair removal treatment works best when the skin and the hair colour contrast to each other.

Laser therapy is thriving in the beauty industry because of its benefits. The light of the laser beam is attracted to the colour of the hair. Consequently, if your hair is darker than your skin, the light will go for the follicles and leave your skin undamaged. With different types of lasers available for various skin types, it is no longer a concern if your skin and hair colour match. You can still achieve the smooth, hairless skin you desire by getting in touch with trained laser hair removal specialists.

Thank you for reading, please comment below your experience with laser hair removal. I know my sister had approx eight sessions to her face and she noticed that as she is darker complected it took slightly longer to see results. Have you considered laser hair removal? Would you recommend it to others? Comment your thoughts down below. Hope you had a great Halloween. Take care. 

Have you tried or considered laser hair removal


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Tuesday, 15 September 2020


Friends is possibly the most popular 90s TV show in existence, practically everyone knows about it and everyone has a favourite even if they have just watched one episode. For that reason, I think it is pretty smart to do a Friends Makeup Collection based on the hit sitcom, I was certainly surprised that Makeup Revolution would be stepping up to the mantle. Only because Makeup Revolution are based in the UK and I am  shocked that this hasn't already been done by a US company. Maybe it has. 

In total, there are a lot of eyeshadow palettes - four - one for each female main character and a general one, three lipsticks corresponding to the three girls again and a whopping six lip glosses representing the main cast. There are also cosmetics bags, scrunchies and a mirror up for grabs. The one big main eyeshadow palette called the Flawless Limitless Eyeshadow Palette. This palette has 24 eyeshadows and three highlight shades. 

The palettes for the female characters are smaller nine pan palettes which are really popular now thanks to the Huda Beauty Obsessions Palettes and ABH Norvina Mini Palettes. Rachel's Palette above is very pink, neutral and girly, she is the quintissential girly girl of the show so in that sense this palette fits and has wider appeal as the palette comprises of every day colours one could easily wear for work, school, college or shopping. We know Rachel loves to shop. 

Monica's Palette is in purple packaging and she has the more classic warm toned colours, a lot of browns and golds. This is actually the most wearable palette in my opinion, given that we are almost in autumn season. I feel this palette encapsulates the 90s makeup and aesthetic which was very brown in general. 

I can't remember much about Phoebe's makeup, although her hair always looked amazing and interesting as she always mixed it up. Phoebe's Palette, however, makes the least sense for me. It is boring, icy and pale, a lot of pale or pastel shades. Potentially to suit Phoebe's fair complexion, but actually I think Monica was paler than her. In short, Rachel's Palette feels like a spring palette, Monica's Palette a fall/autumn palette and Phoebe's Palette feels like a winter palette. 

There are three lipsticks, one for each female main character. Monica's Lipstick is a soft peachy pink, cute and wearable. I would have liked a warm orange brown. Rachel's Lipstick is a soft mauve, which is a 90s colour I believe. Phoebe's Lipstick is described as a deep pink, I don't ever recall seeing a deep pink lip on the show but at least this better reflects her personality than her eyeshadow palette.  

This time, the male characters also get some love with six lip glosses. Rachel's Gloss is clear with rose gold shimmer particles, her gloss is probably the most wearable. Monica's Gloss is a neutral mauve with silver shimmer. Phoebe's Gloss is a deep wine shade. Joey's Gloss is a brown toned nude that looks really reflective and almost pink in the photo, but that could be flash. Chandler's Gloss is a coral nude and Ross' Gloss is a deep plum pink colour. I think they are all fairly pretty, I can certainly imagine Phoebe wearing her gloss. It would have been fun to have a chapstick/lip balm named after Chandler as I think he does wear it in the show at some point. 

Finally, there are also some cosmetics bags to store all these lip products, a mirror which I am not sure what it is in reference to and scrunchies which are a really cute touch. I think the scrunchies are sold out already. I like the idea of this collection, it just seems like a fun range of products to play around with. I love that the shadows in the palettes have names that pertain to the character like Phoebe's Palette has shade names like Smelly Cat and Triplet and Rachel's Palette has shade names like Tag, Chip and On a Break (why wouldn't you have Ross or Emma?). I don't think this collection takes itself too seriously and fans of the show will likely be satisfied. I am not a huge Friends Fan, I watched it once all the way through and it was entertaining and exactly what I needed when I was writing my dissertation in 2018. I know plenty of people who have watched this show over and over again. Comment your favourite Friends' character below and let me know your thoughts on the Makeup Revolution x Friends collection. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Take care. 

Who is your favourite Friends character and what are your thoughts on this collection


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