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Are you considering laser hair removal? If so, it is crucial that you know your skin type. Laser treatment is becoming an extremely popular choice amongst both men and women as a way to get rid of unwanted body hair. Shaving and waxing are some of the tedious daily processes we undergo to remove hair from different parts of our body, and the result is sadly not permanent. But, when it comes to lasers, the process is fast, convenient and a long-term solution. However, there are some things you need to know before arranging your first appointment for laser hair removal treatment. One of the most important and basic things you should be aware of are: skin types.

You might be thinking what is there to know about skin types? First of all: what are the types of skin colour? Essentially, there are six different skin types which are categorised below:

Type I: Caucasian - It is sensitive to sun rays but does not get particularly tanned. It burns easily.

Type II: Caucasian - This type of skin is extremely sensitive to the sun, burns easily when you go out and results in minimal tanning.

Type III: Light Olive/Asian - The skin changes colour to light brown when tanned. Due to its sensitive nature, it sometimes burns in prolonged sun exposure.

Type IV: Dark Olive/Asian - The skin tone changes to moderate brown when receives sun exposure. It is minimally sensitive to the sun and burns.

Type V: Light African/Indian - This type of skin colour is prone to excessive tanning. However, it burns rarely and is insensitive to the sun.

Type VI: Dark African/Indian - Due to its sun insensitive nature, the skin never burns and is highly pigmented.

Why is this impportant and how will knowing your skin category help you when undergoing laser hair removal? It is important to consider how does the laser beam work on different shades?

During the treatment, the laser light must pass through the layers of the skin to reach the hair follicle. Skin that is deeper in tone converts the light into heat by absorbing it. Then, the heat affects the hair follicles, stopping their growth and development. Performing laser on darker shades, therefore, is a challenge because of the higher level of melanin present, which inhibits the light from penetrating the sub-epidermal layers of the skin. For this, several sessions may be required to get the best outcome.

Similarly, if your skin is fair and has blond hair, the process can also be challenging and tough. This is because fair skin does not have enough pigment to absorb the heat. However, with advanced and developed hair removal treatments, specialists have successfully removed unwanted hair from men and women with all skin types. Another problem faced in those with deeper skin is that the laser fails to distinguish between the skin and the hair because of the similarity in colour. Laser hair removal treatment works best when the skin and the hair colour contrast to each other.

Laser therapy is thriving in the beauty industry because of its benefits. The light of the laser beam is attracted to the colour of the hair. Consequently, if your hair is darker than your skin, the light will go for the follicles and leave your skin undamaged. With different types of lasers available for various skin types, it is no longer a concern if your skin and hair colour match. You can still achieve the smooth, hairless skin you desire by getting in touch with trained laser hair removal specialists.

Thank you for reading, please comment below your experience with laser hair removal. I know my sister had approx eight sessions to her face and she noticed that as she is darker complected it took slightly longer to see results. Have you considered laser hair removal? Would you recommend it to others? Comment your thoughts down below. Hope you had a great Halloween. Take care. 

Have you tried or considered laser hair removal


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Tuesday, 15 September 2020


Friends is possibly the most popular 90s TV show in existence, practically everyone knows about it and everyone has a favourite even if they have just watched one episode. For that reason, I think it is pretty smart to do a Friends Makeup Collection based on the hit sitcom, I was certainly surprised that Makeup Revolution would be stepping up to the mantle. Only because Makeup Revolution are based in the UK and I am  shocked that this hasn't already been done by a US company. Maybe it has. 

In total, there are a lot of eyeshadow palettes - four - one for each female main character and a general one, three lipsticks corresponding to the three girls again and a whopping six lip glosses representing the main cast. There are also cosmetics bags, scrunchies and a mirror up for grabs. The one big main eyeshadow palette called the Flawless Limitless Eyeshadow Palette. This palette has 24 eyeshadows and three highlight shades. 

The palettes for the female characters are smaller nine pan palettes which are really popular now thanks to the Huda Beauty Obsessions Palettes and ABH Norvina Mini Palettes. Rachel's Palette above is very pink, neutral and girly, she is the quintissential girly girl of the show so in that sense this palette fits and has wider appeal as the palette comprises of every day colours one could easily wear for work, school, college or shopping. We know Rachel loves to shop. 

Monica's Palette is in purple packaging and she has the more classic warm toned colours, a lot of browns and golds. This is actually the most wearable palette in my opinion, given that we are almost in autumn season. I feel this palette encapsulates the 90s makeup and aesthetic which was very brown in general. 

I can't remember much about Phoebe's makeup, although her hair always looked amazing and interesting as she always mixed it up. Phoebe's Palette, however, makes the least sense for me. It is boring, icy and pale, a lot of pale or pastel shades. Potentially to suit Phoebe's fair complexion, but actually I think Monica was paler than her. In short, Rachel's Palette feels like a spring palette, Monica's Palette a fall/autumn palette and Phoebe's Palette feels like a winter palette. 

There are three lipsticks, one for each female main character. Monica's Lipstick is a soft peachy pink, cute and wearable. I would have liked a warm orange brown. Rachel's Lipstick is a soft mauve, which is a 90s colour I believe. Phoebe's Lipstick is described as a deep pink, I don't ever recall seeing a deep pink lip on the show but at least this better reflects her personality than her eyeshadow palette.  

This time, the male characters also get some love with six lip glosses. Rachel's Gloss is clear with rose gold shimmer particles, her gloss is probably the most wearable. Monica's Gloss is a neutral mauve with silver shimmer. Phoebe's Gloss is a deep wine shade. Joey's Gloss is a brown toned nude that looks really reflective and almost pink in the photo, but that could be flash. Chandler's Gloss is a coral nude and Ross' Gloss is a deep plum pink colour. I think they are all fairly pretty, I can certainly imagine Phoebe wearing her gloss. It would have been fun to have a chapstick/lip balm named after Chandler as I think he does wear it in the show at some point. 

Finally, there are also some cosmetics bags to store all these lip products, a mirror which I am not sure what it is in reference to and scrunchies which are a really cute touch. I think the scrunchies are sold out already. I like the idea of this collection, it just seems like a fun range of products to play around with. I love that the shadows in the palettes have names that pertain to the character like Phoebe's Palette has shade names like Smelly Cat and Triplet and Rachel's Palette has shade names like Tag, Chip and On a Break (why wouldn't you have Ross or Emma?). I don't think this collection takes itself too seriously and fans of the show will likely be satisfied. I am not a huge Friends Fan, I watched it once all the way through and it was entertaining and exactly what I needed when I was writing my dissertation in 2018. I know plenty of people who have watched this show over and over again. Comment your favourite Friends' character below and let me know your thoughts on the Makeup Revolution x Friends collection. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Take care. 

Who is your favourite Friends character and what are your thoughts on this collection


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Saturday, 29 August 2020


Photo via @beautybaycom on Instagram

Nikkie Tutorials recently announced a brand new collaboration and it is none other than an eyeshadow palette, or pressed pigment palette if you prefer, with Beauty Bay. I love Beauty Bay I purchase from them all the time, they stock so many good brands and have started releasing their own eponymous products which have a pretty good reputation and fair price point. Nikkie touched on her past collaborations in her reveal video and the infamous ordeal she went through with Too Faced. The palette retails for £25 or $30 and euro. The Nikkie Tutorials x Beauty Bay palette contains 20 eyeshadows in total and is called a pressed pigment palette, I am sure we are all familiar with this term by now it refers to the dyes used in formulas which enables the palette to be considered vegan as certain dyes are not considered safe for eye use due to staining. For swatches and more details keep reading. 

Nikkie discusses the inspiration behind the palette in her reveal video and how she was inspired by Temple Tutorials which is the name she gives to her home, her sanctuary or safe space. The palette has two halves with a bright side full of colourful eyeshadows and a dark side full of spooky darker and more neutral shades both speak to different aspects of her personality. Nikkie shares that she has been working on this palette since 2019 and it was pushed back after she came out as transgender at the beginning of the year - her decision. She recently underwent a traumatic experience where she and her fiance were held at gunpoint during an armed robbery at their home this past month. One really cool detail about this palette is it has two mirrors on either side of the opening and one is magnifying!

Onto the swatches:

Redemption - marigold orange matte (nod to the fiasco with Too Faced where she was ripped off)

Blend & Snap! - bubblegum pink matte (nod to the iconic movie Legally Blonde)

Ivy - icy white shimmer (nod to her gorgeous dog)

Slasher - mulberry purple matte (nod to her love of slasher films

5am - true chocolate brown matte

Roxy Catan - bright pink shimmer (an alias she used in the past for staying at a hotel)

Vla - bright bumblebee yellow matte (means custard in Dutch)

Mikai - true red matte (nod to her little brother who passed away a few years ago, his favourite colour)

Mila - caramel nude matte (Nikkie's other dog)

Underground - hybrid of silver and gold

Photo via @edenamyh on Instagram
Swatches continued:

Plot Twist - periwinkle matte (refers to the shade that looks different depending on your skin tone)

Aura - orange rose gold shimmer

Basic Trut - pink toned light nude matte (means basic bitch in Dutch)

All In - greenish gold-silver duochrome ()

Ew - true green matte (an in joke as she hates green although this looks more like a cyan/seafoam)

Pride - pink and blue duochrome (inspired by the trans flag)

Zomer - peach pink matte (means summer in Dutch)

Mama Tutorials - baby blue shimmer (nod to her mother, of course)

Amsterdamn - cobalt blue matte (Nikkie lives in Amsterdamn)

Mr Tutorials - hazel shimmer (nod to Dylan, Nikkie's fiance)

Watch Nikkie's full reveal video HERE.

Photo via @edenamyh on Instagram

What do you guys think of this palette/launch? Do you think this was the right time for Nikkie to release a new eyeshadow palette? Are you interested in it, will you buy it? Please comment your thoughts below, I think as a beauty guru Nikkie actually has a pretty stellar reputation and she is widely known for her amazing makeup skills particularly her eyeshadow looks. I am excited and happy for her. I personally don't need anymore eyeshadow palettes as I barely use the ones I have but if I didn't I would pick this up, the price is reasonable, the shimmers look gorgeous and the mattes look like they are good quality. The colour story is also pretty versatile. The Nikkie Tutorials x Beauty Bay Palette will be available to purchase from the Beauty Bay site from 31st August and it is limited edition. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and that you are all having a great week. Take care.

What are your thoughts on the Nikkie Tutorials x Beauty Bay Palette? 


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Tuesday, 11 August 2020


The time is passing so quickly it's startling, I have had this post in the works for weeks. It was just supposed to be a haul but by the time I remembered to post I had already tried them all so thought I would squeeze some first impressions/mini reviews in for you. Let me know if you have tried any of these products in the comments below and if you have any recommendations too. I am in the online shopping stage of social distancing and have been buying everything and anything over the past two weeks including massage slippers. 

L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask  Repurchase This is a tried and true holy grail of mine, I am obsessed with this mask. How can something so affordable be so good, it feels great on my skin, dries down in a way that feels like it is doing something and when I remove it with warm water and my Face Halo my skin feels so soft and refreshed. I really think this is a terrific mask especially for the price. 

L'Oreal Pure Clay Glow Scrub Repurchase Another product I love dearly and a repurchase, I must have gone through at least four of these so far. It is a product I keep returning to. Like the Detox Mask the Glow Scrub for me is a cut above the rest. It contains salicylic acid so great for problematic acne prone skin, there are tiny granules for physical exfoliation but it is really gentle in my opinion and I used to use it twice daily. I know a lot of people are anti-scrub and I have received what many people say about physical scrubs being aggressive so I try not to use it every single day but I do still love it. 

No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Sun Protection Stick First Impression This has been the sun screen I have been using for the past week and I am not a fan. Originally, it seemed so convenient especially when I just want to sit in my garden. This was not for me at all, it's meant exclusively for pool or beach days I think it is not suitable beneath makeup and feels quite thick and unpleasant in my opinion. I much prefer the La Roche Posay sunscreen which is my go-to but I really wanted to find a more affordable alternative as I get through it so quickly. 

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Hand Cream Mini Review A gem of a find. I have spent a lot more money on hand creams in the past but this is beautifully moisturising and genuinely fast absorbing. It's not in a massive bottle either which means it fits in my handbag. I think I will definitely repurchase this. 

Soap & Glory In The Fast Lane 2 Minute Polish & Peel First Impression I have tried this once in the shower, I am not sure if it actually peels. It feels very spa like and can make my skin tingle, I haven't experienced anything magical happen to my skin. I do tend to like Soap & Glory products but I don't know if I will repurchase this, a lot of "polish and peel" products tend to be more of a gimmick.

Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack First Impression By far the coolest (punny) product in this haul, I had no idea what to expect with this and am not entirely sure what it does. From the instructions you shake it vigorously and squirt the appropriate amount onto your hand, it's like a mousse, I might do a full review on this so you can see the full texture it's unlike anything: whipped and buoyant. You then massage it into your face for a minute or two and leave it for ten minutes like a mask. It's touted for dull, oily/combination skin which it totally me. The first time I tried it I really enjoyed the process but didn't leave it on for longer than two minutes I didn't know I was supposed to leave it on for longer. My skin did feel brighter afterwards but I did use this after using the L'Oreal Detox Mask.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. Weirdly, I have so many post ideas, I  am in the right frame of mind to blog more consistently, however, even though it only feels like a week when I log in again it has usually been over a month. Nevertheless, come back soon I have a post on SPF coming soon. Comment below what your thoughts are on these products, let me know if you have tried anything and if you have any Boots products you constantly repurchase. Take care. 

Have you tried any of these? Do you have any recommendations? 


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Sunday, 12 July 2020


Today we are talking about Pur x RawBeautyKristi I first found Kristi's channel through her Huda Beauty New Nude Palette* Review. I had received the palette as a very thoughtful gift after personally deciding not to get it as I likely wouldn't get much use out of it. After being gifted it I was scouring through looks and reviews to figure out how to wear it and get use out of it. Kristi is so funny and down to earth, personally I don't always like watching content creators that are high energy or even overly positive or cheery a lot of the time and Kristi strikes that balance of being humourous in a really offhand way. I have enjoyed her videos since, and as mentioned, have become invested in her personal life. I could happily listen to her talk about her cats, remodel or chronic illness for hours (chatty grwms are my crack). 

An influencer collaboration that actually appeals to me is the hot topic of today. I thought 2017-18 gave "collabs" a bad name. I have to admit that there are some that really do appeal to me, I still stand by the original Jaclyn x Morphe palette* and I have been silently lusting after the So Jaded Palette from Colourpop x Kathleen for the last year. The Jackie Aina palette* courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills* is still stunning and I should use it more. Of course, there have also been many that don't appeal to me or are simply not available to me and with the rising numbers of influencers creating their own cosmetics line I really thought collaborations may become a thing of the past and instead brands would push curated collections a lot like Sigma's Favourites*. 

2020 has been a rough and difficult year so far, to cope with this I have been spending slightly more time on my electronic devices. I am fully entrenched in the current events occurring in the beauty community, but more so I use YouTube specifically as a form of entertainment and distraction. I honestly don't know what I would do without it - actually I do, I would just read more now that I think about it or write more, what a double-edged sword it both brings joy but also steals my productivity. Amazingly, and what I like most about YouTube is you actually come to care and empathise with the people you watch, whether it is just one video or many over years! I was so happy when Desi and Kristi announced their pregnancies this year, I cried happy tears both times and I still feel an abundance of joy whenever I think about it. Weird? Probably.

Two days ago Kristi announced her collaboration with Pur Cosmetics (video here). She has a dual sided palette and two sets of lashes in this collection. The palette exterior has some really cool artwork that represents things personal to her that she herself drew. I think a dual sided palette is really smart, it allows for twice the amount of shades in a compact size. One side of the palette is neutral and the flip side is colourful. Again: smart. It appeals to multiple audiences. The palette retails for $34. The names of the shadows are all personal to her, this for me is a key part of an influencer collaboration. I remember the Morphe Vault lacked this and felt that was a significant oversight for the brand and Jaclyn as a lot of subscribers are fans of her as a person, but on the whole it doesn't make a difference it just adds a personal touch like the artwork on the exterior packaging. The neutral side has a rose gold font while the colourful side has a holographic font. 

The palette has 18 shades, nine on each side and a mirror, Kristi shared in her reveal video that she has been working on this collaboration since 2018. She shared that there are more mattes than shimmers in general as she personally prefers mattes and that she worked hard on the colour story to ensure that the shades worked together and made sense i.e. you can use the three shades in each column for a look each. The shades go from top to bottom by column moving from left to right. As a bonus, she also talks about the meaning behind the names and as it is two in the morning I might as well add them here in case you care. 

Colourful Side: (first column) Flavour Town (reference to her 2015 transformation of the Diners, Drive In and Dive's dude) is a red matte with a hint of berry, Am I Orange? (Kristi says this in a lot of her video) is an orange matte, Dandelion (reference to her neice saying the word in a significant memory) is a yellow matte, (second column) Garden State (movie reference that she and her husband loves) is a teal green matte, Cafe Disco (favourite episode from the Office US) is a shimmer champagne shade, Hurtful (comment she says a lot) is a deep blue matte, (third column) Tribute (name of a song from a favourite band called Tenacious Steve) is a purple matte, Side Effect (name of a cover band she was in when she was younger with her sister and friend) is a vivid pink matte and Lumos (spell for light in Harry Potter, she's a Potterhead) is a white matte. 

Neutral Side: (first column) Camelot (last movie she watched with her Mum before she passed) is a mustard orange matte, Copper Boxes (symbolises her Dad's profession as a metal artist, he gifts copper boxes and they are beautiful) is a warm medium brown matte, Bee (pet name for her husband) is a deep warm brown shade, (second column) It Just Does (common phrase she uses and movie ref) is a deep peachy orange matte, Golden Ticket (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory reference) is a peach gold shimmer that works great as a topper, Told You (something her husband says a lot) is a warm deep brown matte, (third column) My Whole Heart (she says this a lot) is a soft light peach neutral matte, Moo Point (Friends ref to Joey saying moo point but meaning moot point) is a cool light purple mauve matte and You're Not My Real Dad (she says this a lot) is a cool toned deep brown. 

Lashes: Lovely which is a faux silk natural set of lashes that will pair well with the neutral side of the palette. Kristi describes these as curly and natural that can be worn alone without eyeliner due to the thin clear band, but also without eyeshadow as they are not too overpowering. These retail for $14.

Can't Be Bothered is the other pair of lashes which pairs with the colourful side of the palette. Kristi states these look different on everybody and describes them as long and fluttery. They are not as curly as the Lovely Lashes. They are dramatic and can be customised to suit your needs. These retail for $14

The Pur X RawBeautyKristi collection will be available on 12th July (the date of this post) from the Pur Cosmetics website (link to Pur Cosmetics US). As a refresher, the palette has 18 shades in total and a mirror and retails for $34. There are two sets of lashes available individually which retail for for $14 each. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post, I would love to hear your thoughts on this collection and any products you are currently enjoying. Please comment below. Have you picked up any influencer collaborations? Would this be a collection you are interested in? Have a great week and check back for more, I have so many reviews to post. Thank you! Take care. 

What are your thoughts on Pur x RawBeautyKristi collection? 


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Sunday, 21 June 2020


Kylie recently revealed her newest Kylie Cosmetics collection set to drop on 26th June 2020, the face of which is none other than supermodel sister Kendall Jenner. The Kendall x Kylie Cosmetics Collection boasts numerous products from eyes, cheeks to lips and a sleek white packaging. There is a distinct 90's Vogue-esque aesthetic which is clean, editorial yet still appealing, echoing the promotional videos that have been splashed all over Kendall and Kylie's respective Instagram accounts. 

There has been some buzz about a Kendall collection since the inception of Kylie's eponymous cosmetics line, she has collaborated with almost every other female family member at this point and consumers speculated whether a Kendall collection could be anticipated as well. Kendall and Kylie share both biological parents Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner and are the closest in age to each other, with Kendall being only a few years older than Kylie. It is possible that Kendall's pre-existing contracts with Estee Lauder for instance prevented her from collaborating with Kylie as a lot of big name beauty brands will not allow their models to represent competitiors. Think when Jamie Oliver was found shopping at Tesco when he is the spokesperson for Sainsbury's. The outrage! The Estee Edit line that Kendall promoted was discontinued shortyly after it was brought to stores, so this might be the first of many collaborations between Kendall and Kylie Cosmetics. 

The Kendall Kylie collection was pushed back a lot according to Kylie's reveal on her Instagram Stories. She describes a lip blush kit which has never been done by this brand before, I personally am not sure what is meant by this. To me, it looks like a standard lip liner and liquid lipstick set that Kylie is known for i.e. the iconic Kylie Lip Kits which was her first ever release and product. My only guess is that this is likely able to use on both the lips and the cheeks for a monochromatic look. The shade looks like a standard 90's brownish pink nude shade. 

Another new product which is part of this range are the three cream face sticks which include Act Natural (cream bronzer), Runway (cream blush) and Spotlight (cream highlight). Kylie explains all three colours are Kendall's perfect shades for every day wear, so if you have similar colouring to Kendall (light to tan) these will likely work for you. 

The cream bronzer Act Natural is a medium warm brown shade, Runway blush is a warm pink shade and Spotlight is a champagne gold highlight. Kylie confirmed that this cream stick formula will be part of her core makeup line and teased that in the coming week following Kendall's collection she will be releasing more cream stick shades that will suit all skin tones, bronzers, blushes and highlight for all! 

One product that interests me is the invisible blotting compact powder, a "mattifying cream powder formula" that can be used with a brush, sponge and even fingers. Kylie shared that Kendall used this powder a lot on set days, and it was a "lifesaver" as Kendall has oily skin and Kylie has noticed her skin becoming more oily lately too. As someone with oily skin myself, this formula intrigues me and sounds like it is designed for on the go use. I will be curious to see reviews of this.  

Keeping with the ediotiral theme the Everything Everywhere Gloss is exactly what it sounds like, a golden gloss that you can put in your eyes, lips, cheeks, anywhere you want. I am probably one of the few people that wasn't a fan of this trend, but for editorial looks and Instagram photos playing with this could be a lot of fun. 

Kendall also has her own tinted version of the High Gloss a lip gloss for "extra shiny and juicy" looking lips, I believe Kylie has other shades available in the High Gloss. Kendall's shade is this beautiful pinky red tinted colour, that reminds me of strawberry popsicle sticks and summertime. 

Here is a swatch of Kendall's High Gloss:

Last but not least is the eyeshadow palette that has 15 shades in total, top row: Model Energy (matte bone shade), November 5 (metallic champagne gold), Twice The Ice (metallic light pink), I'm Telling Mom (orange peach matte) and To The Moon and Back (bright chartreuse shimmer with gold flecks). Second row: Cup of Tea (light pinky brown matte), You're Tiny and Cute (muted soft pink matte), Runs in the Family (turmeric orange matte), Thicker Than Water (neon electric orange matte) and Here Kenny Kenny (lime green shimmer with tiny gold sparkles). Last row: Brunettes do it Best (deep brown matte), Love You Sister (petal pink matte), Loyal (warm medium browm natte), Scorpio Energy (pink with tiny gold sparkles) and Name a More Iconic Duo (pastel purple). 

I actually like the colour story of the eyeshadow palette and the layout, it looks like a great springtime palette to me so I wonder if this was in the pipeline to be released in early spring this year but was pushed back due to the coronavirus. I like that it is half neutral half colourful and think there are a lot of fun atypical shades like the chartreuse, pinks and lilacs which remind me of some of the clothes Kendall wears on her Instagram page. Cool palette, but not something I would get a tonne of use out of

And that is everything I have seen so far. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know yout thoughts on this collection and the products mentioned here in the comments below, do you like the look of anything? Will you buy anything? Are you tempted to buy anything? I have mentioned this before, but I don't picture myself ever buying anything from Kylie Cosmetics, the price is a little up there in comparison to the product in my opinion and with customs and shipping it becomes quite expensive. I also feel over the past year that the hype around this brand has reduced significantly, would you agree? Now, there are so many amazing makeup brands and new cosmetics lines being launched that the spotlight on Kylie Cosmetics seems to be disappearing. I am sure that they will still sell out though! Hope you are all having an amaing weekend. Take care. 

What are your thoughts on Kendall by Kylie Cosmetics? 


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*All images via Kylie Jenner's Instagram account

Friday, 12 June 2020


First of all, it has been half a year since I last posted and honestly I just haven't felt like it. Even today, I was finally in the mood to post because I wanted to share a mask that I have been loving but as it turns out that mask is now discontinued so there is literally no point of me sharing it. I do still want to post and thought I would share a PR event I attended back in January and do a bit of a story time alongside it because it was a complete disaster and I felt so embarrassed and conspicuous. On the day of the PR event I went to work as normal and completely forgot it was going ahead, I had talked myself into going because it felt like a great opportunity and I had never been asked to attend a PR event in Birmingham before, all of my invites are for London which is further away from where I live. However, on the day because I forgot I looked awful, I was wearing an oversized jumper dress, Chelsea boots and a humongous furry grey scarf because it was freezing. On top of that, my hair was in a ponytail and my makeup was extremely minimal. At the end of my shift, I made the split decision to just get on the bus and go to this event I would likely learn a lot and I am sure it won't be as bad as I imagine

Oh boy, oh boy, was I wrong. When I got to the event, I was asked by several members of staff if I was sure I was attending the right event. Was it the press event or the public event I was after? I had to repeat myself numerous times and I was well aware that I looked like a bedraggled mess, explained that I had just finished work and apologised for the state I was in but that I had still wanted to attend the event because who knew if I would ever get this chance again, I never get invited to events normally and when I do I can rarely go due to other commitments. I attended the event and it was lovely, the table was beautifully set, there were sparkling clear mirrors that highlighted my every flaw and a photographer with a very scary looking camera taking lots of artsy shots. This was a massive mistake. Not only was I sitting right at the front because I was one of the earlier ones to arrive which meant I was sitting directly in front of the hosts of the event (Carrie Gross) but a lovely lady took us into a separate room to remove our makeup and give us a facial. Everyone at the event I want to stress was really lovely, the lady who did my facial was so nice to me and kept telling me to stop apologising, she asked me what foundation I used and generally just made me feel really good about myself.

I was generally quiet for the entirety of the event because of how embarrassed I was, everyone there (I am not joking) looked like supermodels. I was kicking myself and wished I had remembered the event in the morning because I definitely would have made more of an effort. In the end, I left with a bag of goodies, tried lots of wonderful skincare products and ate fried rice on my train ride home which was delicious. Thinking about the event even now is mortifying, I don't think I will even step into Selfridges again for a while until the embarrassment wears off. The experience made me reconsider if PR events are really for me, I love meeting the people behind the brands and acquiring first hand knowledge of products, especially skincare, and attending the event really made me pay attention to what I was buying and what evidence there is to suggest that a product will actually benefit me and whether it is just trendy and not actually effective. On the other hand, I can't deny the pressure I feel to look perfect or as good as I possibly can, of course that's part of being in the beauty community and being a beauty enthusiast and I want to stress I utterly blame myself for what happened and I should have been more prepared. But the experience I had at this event and others is that I think that I would feel this way no matter what I am wearing, I just feel like I don't belong. I wanted to share this in case others feel the same way, especially those who might be newer to blogging. 

The realisation that this is a bigger internal problem that I have and that feeling this way prevents me from attending events and posting content and videos of myself is quite jarring and also scary, because I don't know how to fix it. Exposure therapy is a major component of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and over the next month or so I want to get used to seeing my face on camera. I have a decent platform on several social media platforms and would love to be able to post an Instagram Story without feeling like I look or sound ridiculous. So that is my mid-year goal that I hope to get better at. If you guys have any tips on building confidence or getting used to how you look etc. please let me know and if you can empathise with the pressure to look a certain way in today's society or in a specific community you are a part of I would love to hear about your experience. Not suprising to anyone, but the products that we tried at the event were great and all part of the Alpha Beta range. I haven't used them consistently enough to post a review for them but if you want to check them out you can find them here: Pore Refining Serum, Universal Daily Peels, Pore Refining Cleanser. I watched this video by Whitney Hendrick called The Ugly Truth About Being Beautiful and it is well worth a watch and really thought provoking. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have had a wonderful week and see you soon in my next post. Take care. 

What are your thoughts and do you empathise or relate to this at all? 


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