Tuesday, 7 May 2019


Hello Met Gala, I did my due diligence on social media perusing the Met Gala looks of this year. I love this time of year, I love looking at the different interpretations of the Met Gala theme. This year the theme is Camp Notes on Fashion which I believe embodies the notion of being extra just to be extra. Please correct me if I am wrong, Vogue usually delve deep into the meaning and story behind the Met theme as the host of the Met ball is none other than fashion mogul Anna Wintour. I was surprised that more so than the gowns and garments, the makeup really caught my eye this year. So let's talk about it. First up and potentially my favourite is Lily Collins as seen above, it is striking, beautiful with a distinct vintage feel. I love pastels in makeup, especially lavenders and lilac and the makeup and hair complement each other so well. Overall a very cohesive, eye-catching look.

This graphic forest green eye look from Sophie Turner is mesmerising against her blue eyes and pale hair. This was a look that is much better appreciated close up as with a full view her attire is quite distracting. To the point where it detracts from how honestly stunning she is, her cheekbones are something else. I love the glitter frost in her carefully styled hair, it is very tastefully done. 

I have one question for you: have you watched Us? If the answer to that is no, stop what you are doing right now, go to the nearest cinema and patiently wait until the next showing. Watch it. Come back. And please let's discuss. I have watched all the videos there are on that movie unpicking the tiniest details and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. I equally enjoy the pink mermaid fish scale-esque effect on Lupita Nyong'o. Very cool. The dark lip perfectly balances out the Jojo Siwa of the dress too. 

Riverdale's Madelaine Petsch has an ethereal gown that flatters her perfect fair skin and brilliant red hair. I am impressed by this look, the soft, pretty yet editorial makeup with the bitty lashes and blunt bangs against shoulder wings of nearly transparent mint is an aesthetic. I underestimated her and her stylist. Love this look. And I really like that she isn't wearing a necklace to give this stunning design a platform to steal the show. So pretty

Kendall Jenner is beautiful and her makeup is spot on flawless as always. Nothing about this screams Met Gala to me, there is no risk. She looks Victoria Secret runway perfect and that to me is slightly disappointing. I would have liked something that would set this makeup look apart from every other makeup look she does. I do appreciate the lashes though. 

Speaking of not playing safe, Priyanka Chopra came to play, although not my favourite this is clearly not your everyday I am famous so I have to look picture perfect makeup look. It is clearly a Met Gala look. I like that it is different and the monochromatic elements that tie it in together. The lip is gorgeous on her but the base is not my favourite. I can't put my finger on what it is, perhaps it is too matte. Unexpected. Which really is all I ask for at this point. 

I saw Candice Swanepoel on Patrick Ta's page and it is a tad hypocritical that I am salivating over this look when I dismissed Kendall's typical VS makeup. I don't know, there is something about this that just feels elevated and extra compared to Kendall's. Maybe I am just a sucker for blue eyes and this is blue eye prejudice but this is so ridiculously gorgeous. I cannot breathe. Imagine being  this beautiful? Can you imagine it? Ariana Grande reference. I know you got  it.

Lady Gaga has kind of fell off the radar for me. I had to think for a minute what the saying is. It might be because of the annoyingly loud hype Shallow got. If any movie gets praised to death it is a huge turn off for me, for this reason I still have not and will not watch La La Land. Her look here is cool but without the lashes it would be meh. And that is a cop out in my book, She looks great though. Her hair is cute too. 

Joan Smalls, also painted by Patrick Ta, looks amazing. Her eye look is one of my favourites actually and her hair is my favourite. Stunning artistry all round. Simple, elegant but still ostentatious. Patrick really knows what he is doing and he just knows skin, base and faces so well. It is like they are painted by an angel. Gorgeous. 

Wow wow wow, Ezra Miller wanted people to choke when they saw him. I love the sfx makeup inspiration, this trippy look is so cool and when executed this well impossible to look away from. I love that he did this, paired with a perfect red lip. Giving me Dita von Teese. But better. Why is he so cool? It is a mystery. 

The master that is Mario, of course, glammed Kim Kardashian West and I disagree with the eye roll another bronze look response this is getting. Regardless, Mario is extremely good at what he does and the shine that is so precisely placed and so perfectly balanced is what seals this look as one of my favourites. It is gorgeous and expected in some ways, but done by anyone else it would look like trash. Her boobs look amazing to boot.

Thank you for reading,  please comment below your favourite look that you have seen this year. I watched Avengers Infinity War yesterday, and Zoe Saldana looked gorgeous at the Met this year too. I will watch End Game this weekend. Have you seen it yet? Hope you enjoyed your bank holiday weekend. I haven't decided if I am going to do a fashion rundown yet but if I do it will be soon. Most likely on my Instagram Stories, so follow me on there. It is alittlekiran. Thank you. Take care.  

Which is your favourite Met Gala 2019 look? 


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Wednesday, 1 May 2019


Summer is coming, so the pursuit of the perfect glowing skin is ongoing. To the rescue, Huda Beauty are releasing a brand new body highlighter to give you the goddess-like skin you have been craving, jokingly called N.Y.M.P.H (£40) which stands for Not Your Mam's Panty Hose this face and body highlight will make you visible from outer space. The release date is 3rd May. Described as a transfer-proof, streak-proof body and face liquid highlighter that will leave you with a gorgeous summer glow. Inspired by Beyonce no less, and created to mimic the perfect pantyhose that don't look like your mama's pantyhose. Available in 3 shades suitable for a plethora of skin tones. Can be used on its own, underneath or mixed into foundation.

The formula is unique and ostentatious with 28% being light-reflecting pearl pigments. In spite of the extra-terrestrial-like glow many, including Huda herself, swear by using this as a face primer to radiate through heavy full coverage matte foundations. The shades currently available are: Luna is a white gold shimmer with hints of silver and gold ideal for those with lighter skin complexions. Aphrodite is a beautiful golden bronze shimmer that is best suited to medium tan skin tones. Aurora is a rich coppery shimmer with golden pearls suitable for those with deeper skin tones. Undoubtedly I believe this range will be extended if this launch proves a hit.  

I would love to hear your thoughts regarding body glow products as they are especially popular this time of year, with many high end beauty brands possessing their own, including but not limited to Charlotte Tilbury, Nars Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty and more. Personally, I do not understand the hype body glow products receive, I feel they can be easily DIYed and the accompanying high price tags are unjustifiable. Regardless, I would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think of the new Huda Beauty NYMPH? Will you be buying it? Do you already have a body glow product you are loyal to, or have a life hack that ensures you have supermodel worthy skin all year round? 

Please share your thoughts and opinions below. Thank you for reading, apologies about the inconsistency in posting it is strictly due to wifi issues at the moment. This is ongoing, so things are going to be a tad inconsistent over here, but what's new. Hope you are having a great day. Take care.

What do you think of the new Huda Beauty N.Y.M.P.H.? 


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Saturday, 20 April 2019


Jeffree Star has released his highly anticipated Magic Star Concealers* (£21) and Magic Star Loose Setting Powders* (£21). There was quite the scandal where Jeffree Star's warehouse was robbed and his entire storage of the C5 shade was stolen and is circulating on the black market, is what is being reported. For this reason, Jeffree decided to push the release date forward, originally touted for the end of April it is available as of right now. In the UK you can get both the Magic Star Concealer* and Magic Star Setting Powder* on Beauty Bay.*. Like the Lunar Beauty Moon Prism Powders* (read post here), I am quite impressed at how quickly it is available to international consumers as usually there is a delay. That is something to be celebrated for sure, if you are interested in this launch keep reading for photos and swatches courtesy of trendmood1 on Instagram

The Magic Star Concealer* is available in a total of 30 shades, plus 2 additional colour correctors, with quite a decent spectrum of shades available for a variety of skin tones and purposes, whether you want to use it for contouring, concealing, foundation or whatever tickles your fancy. In addition to a pure white shade for the lightest of skins, there are also two correctors: one peach for dark circles* and blue/purple pigmentation and one green for redness*. The concealer is described as being lightweight, full coverage (20% pigment), able to cover tattoos, hydrating and long lasting, and of course like all Jeffree Star Cosmetics* vegan and cruelty free. 

Above you can read the descriptions of all the available shades, for my skin tone C14* would probably be the best match.. Jeffree claims it is almost crease-proof, he doesn't say it is completely creaseless as makeup will wear off and crease eventually but the formula  is supposed to be pretty darn good. Tati Westbrook did a 12 hour wear test of both  the conceale*r and setting powder* on her channel (scroll down to the end to watch) and from initial impressions it seems to apply and blend nicely. The applicator is flexible and tear-drop shaped, the packaging looks interesting and not cheap, but it might look different in person. 

If you have oily skin, you know the struggle of finding the perfect powder. I feel like I am constantly on the hunt for a magic powder so I would be lying if I said the Jeffree Star Magic Setting Powder (£21) didn't intrigue me. Out of all the Jeffree Star Cosmetics* range this is really the only product that has caught my eye, so based on reviews and whether my personal feelings towards the brand and its owner change I might give this one a go. The jury is still out but it is not outside the realm of possibility. It is described as an ultra-fine setting powder, available in 8 shades for a range of skin tones that claims to prevent creasing and blur skin for an airbrushed effect. Out of all the shades, I think Banana would suit my skin tone the best but I do like the look of Beige as well. 

Both the Magic Star Concealer* and Magic Star Setting Powders* look very pretty, a lot of the shades are out of stock but I am sure when the hype dies down they  will be available to purchase again in no time. I have my misgivings about Jeffree Star, despite paying some attention to him for the past few years and posting about his brand, I don't personally feel like buying from him at the moment. This is subject to change, however, I do think this is one of the more exciting launches I have seen in a while, although the Blue Blood Palette* looks stunning I know I would never use it. Below you can see Tati Westbrook try out the products for an all day wear test, one of my favourite type of videos. 

I would love to know what you think of this latest launch, are you excited? Are you interested in either the Magic Star Concealer* or the Magic Star Setting Powder*. Available to purchase both on Beauty Bay* and Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you are having an enjoyable Easter weekend. Take care. 

What do you think of the Magic Star Concealer and Setting Powder? 


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Wednesday, 17 April 2019


I am honestly shocked that Manny's latest launch and product for Lunar Beauty is already available on Beauty Bay. Usually, it takes so long for US beauty releases to hit other customers around the globe. Hello, Maybelline, I am still awaiting the Loose Fit Me Powders. That seeing the Beauty Bay post on Instagram, shook  me. I hope you all enjoy this post, for all you need to know about the Moon Prism Powders (£25), including swatches, net weight and price keep reading

There have been quite a few fun launches lately. Today the new Lunar Beauty Moon Prism Powders are live, from Manny MUA's beauty brand. Manny has released four new highlights in a custom component that looks like the powder is encased in crystal. Manny, himself in his reveal video, scroll to the end of the post to see, explained that the name and the packaging of his new product is inspired by Sailor Moon. A show I have never watched, but really want to. Each powder individually costs $26 and is available on the Lunar Beauty website right now if you are interested and also on Beauty Bay, already! The launch was today (17th April) and there are bundle offers too, if you want to buy one or all four.

The Moon Prism Highlight Powder is a smooth, creamy formula designed to be able to achieve a subtle shine and a blinding buildable highlight with just a few swipes. The packaging is created to look like pieces of the moon, and has a handy little compact mirror inside the lid so you can apply your highlight on the go. They come in 4 shades, each shade name corresponds to a planet: Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter, that are suited to a variety of skin tones, Manny mentioned that he would love to expand this range even further. Above, you can see the casing is almost opalescent in the sense that it reflects a multitude of colours, is iridescent and partially transparent. Beautiful. I would love to see what it looks like in person, so am hoping they will be available to view at the Morphe Birmingham Store in Birmingham, UK. Fingers crossed. 

The lightest and first shade revealed is Mercury which is a pale white highlight with a gold shift, this would be suitable for fair to medium skin tones. This is also the kind of highlight that can easily be layered on top of darker shades for extra brightness. Manny said the formula is very creamy and smooth, so as not to emphasise texture. Above you can see finger swatches on bare skin and on foundation as well as brush swatches on bare skin and foundation. 

The next deepest and second lightest is a peachy highlight named Mars which would be great for light to medium-deep skin tones. A similar formula to Mercury, this shade feels a little more unique to what is usually available in a highlight range. I am used to a pinkish highlight so I think this is a refreshing colour choice and would look especially pretty on olive and tan skin in the summer months. I can see this shade being very popular. 

Venus is probably the highlight that would suit me the most and be the most popular across all skin types, or at least the majority. It is the ever coveted champagne true medium gold highlight that seems to sell out the fastest in every collection. This again is the same formula as Mercury and Mars, smooth, creamy and reflective. 

Last but not least is Jupiter which is a slightly different formula from the rest of the shades, this is the only formula with a glitter shift hence the inclusion of the photo with flash below. This is a reddish copper highlight that would look beautiful on medium to deep skin tones, the glitter is very fine but in sunlight and under lights would be noticeable and slightly more eye-catching than the other highlights in this range. I also think this shade in particular would look stunning on the eyes

Thank you so much for reading, what I find strange is that the net weight of each highlight is different, I have no idea why that is or could be, so if you have any idea about that let me know in the comments below. Manny's full reveal video is inserted below so have a watch if you would like any more information, or would like to see the swatches in motion. I would love to know what you think of these highlights, do any of them take your fancy. Do you support Lunar Beauty? Do you like the packaging and shades? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments. Hope you are having a great week so far. One more day of work and then four days off! See you soon. Take care. 

What do you think of this new release? 


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Sunday, 7 April 2019


Patrick Ta Beauty #ThisIsMajor Glow Collection. Photo by 'lilitcaradanian, edit by me @alittlekiran
Patrick Ta, celebrity makeup artist known for slaying a gorgeous visage or two - Shay Mitchell and Gigi Hadid to name some names - has released his own beauty products including three lip glosses, three spray on highlighters and two body oils, three lip glosses plus one setting fan. The launch date for this line is April 4th so if anything here tickles your fancy go to patrickta.com/shop and shop away. These products will also be available in Sephora and as you guessed the theme here is glowing, luxurious skin. The aesthetic I get from this launch is very Victoria's Secret meets Charlotte Tilbury and who doesn't want that. For swatches, prices and first impressions keep reading, all photos have been edited by myself and credit is always given to the owner of the photo. 

Major Glow Highlighting Mist (1.6oz) which comes in 3 shades (each $32). Look At Her (White Pearl). We Love Her (Pink Pearl). We Need Her (Gold Pearl). Described as a fine iridescent pearl in a mist to create a major highlight on the cheekbones, collarbone and anywhere else you desire. Directions include shake well before use and hold six inches away from the skin before lightly spraying, you can use the setting fan (as seen below) to aid with precision by shielding areas of your face. JKissa (below) demonstrates it in her video and it does look very pretty and sets completely. I do think that it is a slightly different take on glow, but is it revolutionary or something I feel I need absolutely not. I wold hold fire until beauty YouTube delivers some wear tests especially for us oily skinned chicas. All shades, however, are very pretty and can be layered with each other, for instance Jess (JKissa) layers Look At Her over We Love Her for a truly glowing highlight. 

Photo via @jkissamakeup Patrick Ta Beauty Video
Major Glow Body Oil (3.4oz) comes in two shades (each $52). A Dream *Champagne). A Moment (Bronze). Described as a luxurious body oil with an unforgettable signature scent (light notes of jasmine and saffron), directions include to spray all over moisturised skin. This is expensive and not revolutionary, Charlotte Tilbury, Nars and Fenty Beauty all have body oils that smell good. Nivea has brilliant rich moisturisers that literally make your skin shine add some liquid highlight drops and you will get a similar effect. I really don't know why Body Oils continue to be such an expensive and coveted thing when it is so easy to DIY. But that might just be me.  You can see the images below. 

Major Glow Lip Shine (0.23oz). These lip glosses come in three shades (each $22). She's Expensive (Pearl). She's An Influencer (Pink). Is She Younger Than Me? (Peach). Described as a universally flattering gloss that imparts moisture and gives lips an otherworldly glow with an advanced gel system consisting of translucent iridescent pearls that creates the illusion of volume and fullness. Glass-like finish and high shine oil available in three easy to wear shades. 

Below are swatches of Jess wearing all three shades, of course she has a fair complexion and all of these shades look stunning on her. I would like to see influencers with deeper complexions try these on but they do appear to be safe and flattering shades for most skin types. They are very pretty glosses but again like the body oils nothing to write home about in my opinion, and I will withhold judgement until I see some wear tests because in my experience gloss never lasts very long. 

Photos by @jkissamakeup via Patrick Ta Beauty video. Edited by me: alittlekiran
Last and also possibly least the Major Glow Setting Fan ($24). A cute addition, which certainly adds to the bougie VS model vibe I am getting from this collection with a pinch of Charlotte Tilbury's Supermodel Body. Described as a custom fan that can easily bend and flex to suit your needs and aid in makeup precision, setting the skin and cooling your skin. There is no reason for it to be $24 in my opinion but it truly does not surprise me. And it is aesthetically pleasing so I do imagine people will buy it and keep it on their nightstands. 

Below, you can watch JKissaMakeup talk through all the products. I would buy the set if it came with the Pink Moet Champagne, because out of everything that is what I want the most. Honestly, glowy skin is not my makeup goal so I am not the target demographic for this. I do think a lot of people are and will be interested in some of these items. I would love to hear your thoughts on the #ThisIsMajor Collection and what you think of Patrick Ta releasing beauty products. I truly hope he releases a foundation because his skin game is on a completely different level and I would love to look like Gigi Hadid. So please Patrick, do me a solid and release a foundation next. Puh-lease. 

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post. I wasn't expecting Patrick to come out with products so soon. I am really excited to see celebrity makeup artists release products and am awaiting Mario Dedivanovic's line to come bursting onto the scene as that will certainly garner a lot of interest. I hope you are all having a great weekend. See you soon. Take care. 

What do you think of Patrick Ta's This Is Major Glow Collection, will you buy? 


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Monday, 1 April 2019


I start every post the same now, sorry it has been a while. The classic excuse is coming: "I have a lot going on in my personal life", which sounds like such a cop out but it is honestly making it hard to focus and even harder for me to stay motivated. There are a few atypical posts I will be sharing after I have done some research on several topics that I think should be discussed more so stay tuned for that. On the positive side, my low buy is going incredibly strong. I didn't buy a single beauty item last month and in the month of March I only bought one. The Bare Minerals Matte SPF 15 Mineral Foundation (£23). This isn't a review post as I have been using it for just over a week inconsistently but I thought it would be interesting to share my reasoning and experience so far. 

Why I bought it? Space. I returned from Jordan yesterday and truthfully I just wanted a foundation to wear whilst on holiday which wouldn't take up room in my liquids bag. The original plan was to buy a liquid foundation, such as Urban Decay All Nighter or NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation as I have heard good things about both but the NYX Foundation was truly horrible and the Urban Decay All Nighter wasn't available as a sample so that is on the TBC list. Carli Bybel posted a tutorial where she used the Bare Minerals Original Foundation as a finishing powder and she said this made her makeup last forever so that is what I intended to do (see video above). I wasn't aware there was a matte version so when I was being colour matched, the sales assistant informed me that the matte foundation might be a better fit. 

What do I like about it? So far, I like that it is ridiculously lightweight. I barely feel it on my skin and buffing it in feels nice and is a very quick process. The shade range is decent, there are a few colours that I think would have worked for me I opted for Tan Nude 17 as I like to add bronzer and this looked the best in natural  lighting. There is a lot of product and the matte lid is a good touch. 

How does it wear? It doesn't settle into my smile lines! This is an amazing feat, truly. It doesn't really break apart either but my oil does come through. I do think I would like to try the original version to see how the two compare. 

What don't I like about it? The packaging can be messy, much like a translucent powder spillage is likely. My oil comes through, as mentioned. The price point is higher than I would like and I wish it came with a good brush. I use a flat top kabuki brush but I am sure there are better brushes out there to apply this. I am slightly out of touch with using mineral foundations and avoid all cream and liquid products which means I never get a full coverage or perfected look but for the every day more natural makeup that I definitely favour when abroad, if I decide to wear any makeup at all, this is a winner. 

I haven't tried it as a finishing powder yet and I didn't wear it every day when I was on holiday so the jury is still out and an in depth review will be coming in the next month. Thank you for reading my March Low Buy, there are a few things that have caught my eye but I have such a vast amount of makeup that I can never convince myself to buy anything. The hunt for the perfect foundation continues, though, I wish I  could get my hands on Cover Girl True Blend Matte foundation and the Fiona Stiles Matte Foundation. They both look and sound phenomenal. Hope you are having a great start to the week. Happy Monday and April Fool's. See you in my next post. Take care. 

What did you buy this March? 


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Thursday, 28 February 2019


As promised this is the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation* Review. I picked up the shade F10.5, described as being for "medium skin tones with a warm golden undertone". I do have the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer* in shade C10 as well. I don't consider this to be a perfect match for my current skin tone as it is a little too warm right now but in summer I think it will be close to perfect. This foundation claims to be an oil-free creamy formula which dries down to a demi-matte finish without settling into fine lines to create an even airbrushed complexion. It is vegan, cruelty-free and oil-free, can be applied with a damp sponge or brush and works well with setting powders and finishing sprays for extra longevity. 

This isn't my favourite foundation, after watching both Nikkia Joy and Casey Holmes review it, both had varying opinions, I went in with an open mind and thought, especially with that description, that there was a distinct chance that I could love this foundation. I find it is an okay foundation, I prefer foundations with a pump dispenser only because it is very easy to overdo it with this wand applicator, but on the other hand, I do like that I can apply it straight to the face without wasting product or getting foundation on my hand. All in all, the most disappointing aspect of this foundation is the wear, it doesn't wear nicely, it does get oily/dewy regardless of how I set my face and it does settle into my smile lines which is the most abject disappointment for me. I look for matte foundations that look skin-like so demi-matte finishes are usually a winner and I want a foundation that will last a good ten hours on my skin to last me through a standard work day without touch-ups. I don't mind a little oil, but separation and settling is a no-go  for me. This isn't one of those foundations you can set and forget, other foundations from the drugstore like the L'Oreal Pro Matte and Maybelline Super Stay Foundation can perform this way for me so this leads me to believe I will not repurchase this foundation. 

There is a great shade range and if you have normal skin this might last really well on you, I have tried it in many ways and the best way to use it for my skin type is to apply skincare and primer, set with powder then apply foundation with another layer of powder. This technique works well and improves the longevity of my base, if I spritz some Urban Decay All Nighter to top it off it is as close to bulletproof as I will ever achieve but it does leave my skin feeling slightly stiff and unable to breathe. I would describe this is a medium, buildable coverage, you can achieve full coverage but I feel like I do have to use quite a lot of product to get a full coverage finish which is a con for me. Other foundations I want to try are the Revolution Matte Base* and the L'Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation. It is the last day of February and I have not purchased a single cosmetic this month (go me!) but I have been testing out the new Laura Mercier Flawless Lumiere Radiance Perfecting Foundation* in Golden. A review of that foundation will be up next week. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this short, snappy review. Leave a comment sharing your current foundation down below, I would love to know what your products you are trying at the moment. Check back on Sunday for some new product discussion. Take care. 

What foundation are you using at the moment? 


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