Tuesday, 14 November 2017


The new Pro Foundation Sticks from Models Own dropped on November 3rd, so I am a little late to this party. I feel like foundation sticks are having a big moment right now, most brands seem to be rolling them out since the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Stick. Stick foundations typically are not well suited to oily skin because of the creamy texture, it can slip and slide. Still workable but not as easy to pull off without frequent touch-ups, blotting and baking, in my experience. This particular foundation is currently available in 15 shades. Not an astonishing amount but the diverse range is commendable and hopefully if this product is popular they will release more. 

For that reason I haven't purchased the foundation myself due to fear of incompatibility with my combination oily skin, although if you would be interested I am happy to part with a tenner to give it a go. What is really cool and unique about this product is that it has a built-in primer that is what the differently coloured inner circle is, yes it trumped me too. In addition, it is enriched with Vitamin E so for anyone with dry skin this could be a total winner. 

The finish appears to be more dewy than matte and the product claims to provide a flawless finish with staying power. It is vegan and cruelty-free. Like most stick foundations this one is buildable so you can customise your coverage from natural to full. You get to 12.5g of product which is a decent amount for the price. As they are cream stick foundations you can use them to highlight and contour, they blend easily and after watching Sabrina's review it doesn't seem like this would be a great option for oily skin because even dry skin types need to set it. Neither is it incredibly long-lasting but the finish is definitely beautiful, it doesn't look heavy or thick on the skin and blends like a dream. The finish is quite natural once the foundation is set which is very pretty.

You can see swatches of all 15 shades above, I would love to know what you think of this foundation. Are you tempted to buy it? Do you like stick foundations? Are there other affordable foundations you want to try out first? I haven't tried anything from Models Own aside from their nail polishes but their makeup looks lovely. The packaging and prices are very attractive so I do intend to pay closer attention to them in the future. Thank you for reading, hope your week has gotten off to a great start. Don't forget to follow and comment, I really appreciate it. Take care. 

What do you think of stick foundations?


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Saturday, 11 November 2017


Not something I brag about but I struggle quite badly with dandruff. I have tried a variety of shampoos and hair care products all at varying price points, some medically prescribed and others sourced by my beloved grandmother. A lot of them are intense and strip my hair leaving my scalp irritated and annoyingly itchy. I have already spoken about my troubles with hair shedding and my preference for sulfate-free shampoos. I still prefer sulfate-free shampoos but last week my scalp was terribly flaky, inflamed, dry and uncomfortable and I knew I had to do something. I wasn't tempted by anything overly expensive nor did I want to try my luck with my nemesis Head & Shoulders. 

I saw The Body Shop had a 40% off sale and thought I would look for a hair mask to see if I could improve the health, strength and shine of my hair. I stumbled upon the Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo formulated for dry and flaky scalps. Honestly, I am unbelievably impressed with this shampoo. You only need a little, it lathers quickly and beautifully. I shampoo my hair twice to make sure it is really clean and remove any build up from dry shampoo if I feel it is necessary. I wash my hair once a week, that's just what works for me and is my preference. Instantly, the volume and texture of my hair felt so similar to how I remember it being. It looks full and lively, my slightly wavy curls have returned and my scalp feels soothed. 

My hair journey is a constant battle and I am trying to find the best of the best for all the problems I have. I feel really strongly about this product and intend to use this bottle to the very last drop. You can buy it in a range of sizes and for as little as £2 which is handy if you have a sensitive scalp and want to try it first before committing to the 400ml bottle like me and perfectly sized for travel. I am keen to find a good hair mask next so if you have any recommendations please let me know. I am keen to try the Vanilla and Chai Spice shampoo and conditioner from OGX next, it sounds like the scent of my dreams! Thank you so much for reading, enjoy the rest of your week. Take care. 

What are your favourite hair care products?


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Wednesday, 8 November 2017


Image Source: temptalia.com

The ColourPop Supernova Shadows are $7 each and there are currently 5 shades available, but I am sure they will expand on this dependent on consumer reaction. When I first heard about these I got especially excited because I thought finally our prayers have all been answered and there is a drugstore dupe of the Stila Magnificent Metals (seriously Makeup Revolution what are you waiting for?). Keep reading to see if I think these are a contender, all swatches are below and I will link the full reviews so you can find them and decide for yourselves if they are worth it. As you all know, I am on a spending ban for obvious reasons. I have slipped up here and there but come on I am a blogger I have to blog about something but I have completely forbidden myself from purchasing anything from the States. I know the second I place an order and pay a week's rent in customs and shipping fees they will be sold on Beauty Bay or Cult Beauty and my heart and bank account just can't take that shit anymore. I hope you don't mind me talking about new products without purchasing them with cold hard invisible cash but if you do I can only apologise and tell you this is temporary. I plan on being real rich real soon. Back to the Supernova shaodws, what a cool name, they are vegan and cruelty free, packaged just like a lip gloss with a wand applicator and clear tube. 

Image Source: Nikkia Joy YouTube (full video review at the end)
Claims: Water-infused, long-wearing, high impact liquid glitter eyeshadows, can be worn alone or a top coat. Apply with brush or finger. No fall out.

Formula: Extremely reflective glittery liquid cream shadows that once dry don't budge. Intense colour payoff, good longevity, unfortunately some fallout and some crumbling. 

SwatchesWalk of Fame (a champagne gold with silver flecks of glitter); Dragon (vibrant copper with bright silver and pink flecks of glitter); Hard to Empress (a warm rich red with gold duochrome and gold and silver glitter); Firecracker (looks very similar to Hard to Empress but this is a cool-toned deeper burgundy red with gold duochrome again and silver, gold and green glitter, I don't see any green personally) and Moon Lit (my favourite of the bunch, bright purple with pink, teal and violet glitter, so stunning).

Image Source: Nikkia Joy (video at the end). Edited by me.
Dupe Status: Definitely closer than most drugstore offerings but still not quite there yet, the colours are very different to the Stila Magnificent Metals offerings and thus these don't pack the punch of the Magnificent Metals because the base pigment here is so strong, definitely outweighing the glitter, whereas Stila's are as much glitter as they are base. For the reasonable price I think these are a great compromise and the colours are stunning. There might be some crumbling and fallout but some people experienced this with the Stila Magnificent Metals and they are £23.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to know what your favourite shade of the bunch is? Do you think they are comparable to the Stila Magnificent Metals? Are you tempted to buy any? Leave all your thoughts in the comments below. Please don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin', it makes my day and check out my latest YouTube video by clicking on the link. I uploaded one just last night. Come back Saturday for my next post. Take care. 

What do you think of the CP Supernova Shaodws?


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Sunday, 5 November 2017


Scrubs are the best. Facts. They leave my skin feeling smooth, exfoliated, clean and delicious. They come in so many scents and brilliant packaging and in my opinion adds that little special something to any shower. I never feel cleaner than after using a scrub. Like most my go-to scrubs are of the Soap & Glory variety, although I did try Nip + Fab's Lavender and Coconut Yoga Blend scrub which I still adore. I was contacted by Simply Scrub and they offered to send me some of their beautiful organic scrubs in exchange for an honest review. Their scrubs are 100% Natural, 100% Chemical-free and 100% Organic. Their body scrubs are made with the best, most-skin-friendly ingredients including oils so you have the benefits of a moisturiser or body lotion in one product. I was sent the Rose Scrub ($16) and the Chocolate Scrub ($14). They also do a Coffee Scrub ($13) which I would highly recommend, unfortunately, the smell of coffee makes me feel sick. Case in point: I tried a Miami Beach Vanilla Latte at Caffe Firez in Aldgate today and could only drink about an eighth of the glass before I felt like I was going to be sick everywhere. If the smell of coffee doesn't have that effect on you I reckon you would get all sorts of benefits from the coffee scrub

The scrubs were beautifully packaged and smell lovely and true to their name. The Rose Scrub was the first scrub I tried and it looks gorgeous, I wish it was a bath-friendly product because it would be Instagram worthy floating in bubbles. It was very odd to use, because it feels like you're rubbing pot-pouri into your skin, it can also be a little messy but ultimately the texture of the product makes you rub it in harder and this improves circulation. My skin really did feel hydrated and looked moisturised after use, almost as if I had used a lotion when I had not. All in all, a very pretty and unique scrub. You really don't need a lot and the smell is subtle, not too much. The Chocolate Scrub on the other hand is more liquidy, almost like goop. I was worried the scent would be overpowering but it is more like cocoa than Dairy Milk and I find it surprisingly invigorating. The texture of this was easier to use, because of the jar packaging it is still a little messy but at least you can see how much you have used and exactly what is in the product. A little goes a long way and I think this is the perfect Sunday pamper scrub. It honestly feels like a treat and a great way to end the week.

These both get a thumbs up from me, and I am excited to see if they will expand their range to bath products. I love a good bath. I am so grateful to the team for sending me their products and look forward to the growth of their brand. With everyone being more conscious and aware of what we are being sold, I think this is exactly the right time to start looking into companies such as Simply Scrub. I would love to hear about any new bath and body products you are trying so please leave a comment below. Check out Simply Scrub here. Thank you so much for reading. Take care. 

Any new bath and body products you have been loving?


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Friday, 3 November 2017


It feels like I have ditched monthly favourites for monthly goals here on my blog and although that seems representative of my maturity levels, I am not sure I dig it. Rest assured I just placed an outrageous ASOS order so expect a haul super soon. Without further ado, let's jump into my November goals which are probably eerily similar to my October goals. 

Organisation. So with starting university again, my organisation skills are in need of serious nurturing. My whole life is in need of a massive clean out and the best place to start is my laptop. I need to organise folders in terms of modules and coursework. I want to make all my notes digital, but even more nerve-wracking I need to spruce up my numerous CVs and make them extra pretty and appealing to every employer imaginable so my broke ass is less broke in 2018

Coursework. Another month equals another nail-biting assignment, and when I say the last one destroyed me I tell no lies. I am talking endless bouts of uncontrollable tears, sleepless nights, lengthy phone calls to my sister and just general feelings of worthlessness. It was stress with extra stress and dressings of stress. So this time round, the goal is to chill the fuck out. It is 25% of my overall module and not worth the exhaustion, upset and stones I gained devouring chocolate instead of real food when writing my essay. Do your best and stop letting this stress leak into aspect of your life

Enjoy yourself. I haven't been feeling like myself lately and I think that is because I have let university be the sole focus of my life. Which sounds like a great idea but I am not made that way. I need variety and I need fun. So for that reason I want to make the most out of my time here in London, see friends, and just explore this brilliant city myself. There is so much to see and do. I want to find a job so I can spend money without barrels of guilt assailing me and get back into volunteering to build on my existing skills and explore new opportunities. I used to be busy all the time before I came to London and now with only my degree to focus on it can be a bit much at times. Balance is important, so just like finding time to watch Stranger Things 2 (yes I watched it all in one day, no I am not ashamed) I think it is important not to lose sight on what brings me joy and fulfillment

Do not compare yourself. Say it once more for good measure. This motto for me used to be a holy grail blogger motto because there is always going to be someone better, taller, with thicker hair, a prettier face and a jaw-dropping wardrobe. And I got over it, I don't have a Canon, I live in jumpers and at this point in time I am lucky if I upload once a week. But now the dreaded social comparison has spilled into my real life which is infinitely worse. I am comparing myself to other 23 year olds I know. Some of my friends are applying to the DClinPsy this year and I am thrilled and excited for them. I hope with all of me that they get onto a course of their choice and look forward to hearing what it is like, but still I am nowhere close to that milestone myself. This saddens and distresses me. I am also not in a relationship, nor am I close to being a homeowner and it all just weighs on me at times. I want to be a success and I want to make my parents proud, but the road feels longer than ever even though with my MSc I am finally taking an active step to reach my destination. Like most things I need to get over it and I need to be realistic. I am not like other people, my journey will not follow the same pattern but that is okay. It may take longer and be more difficult but thems the breaks

Christmas Drinks. I fully intend to consume as many Costa Christmas Drinks as humanly possible. I look forward to it. I also plan to ingest an inhuman amount of mulled wine

Spending and Blogging. I found it hard to blog as I haven't bought much of anything in the past two months, but now I have had enough of that. I really enjoy blogging and I need to come up with a schedule where I have time to post, promote and comment on other blogs daily, fingers crossed. I have already made a few online orders and intend to explore the amazing flagship Missguided store in Westfield in a coming weekend. I will at some point, when I feel deserving, buy the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette. I am as of yet undecided as to whether I want the Faux Filter Foundation, I am keen to try Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr first but have to drag myself all the way to Harvey Nichols because I refuse to pay £6 shipping. I have seen ELF available in Superdrug so I will pick up their foundation as well and the L'Oreal Lash Paradise mascara has been on my list forever. 

Get Out. I am the worst for not leaving the house if I have nothing to do. I like my pyjamas, I like not having to put any makeup on. It is comfortable, but this definitely effects my mindset. Getting dressed, going out even if its just to the library for a few hours really helps me be productive and makes me feel like I have done something. I think this has had great input into how shit I have been feeling lately. We all need our hermit days, me more than most I gather, but I want to make more of an effort to just leave the house, go to Brixton, get foundation matched at The Body Shop, do a price comparison of Holland & Barrett's teas, find a coffee shop that isn't Starbucks. Life won't come knocking on your door, you have to go out and live it. 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to know your goals for this month, and if you have any tips for time management when it comes to blogging it would be much appreciated. Hope you are having a great week, enjoy the weekend. Take care. 

Any goals or advice for the coming month?


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Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Finding great skincare products for little money is the entire purpose of my existence I feel like. The Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Scrub (£4) was a pure accidental discovery as it was sitting pretty on my bathroom shelf back home when I went to visit last week. It is a glorious product, for so many reasons. Firstly, as always with skincare reviews my skin type is oily/combination which means I do have dry areas on my face at times. Recently, due to stress and poor diet and general life habits my skin has been particularly blemish-prone, rough and dull. My typical skin care products have been ineffective, which is a huge disappointment as I do have some pricey items in my routine. 

This scrub, and I wouldn't even call it a scrub, has been a breath of fresh air for my skin. It is actually like a gel with suspended beads in it and it has the loveliest clean but soft scent. Like expensive laundry detergent making it a really pleasant product to use. I wouldn't describe this as abrasive or gritty, rather it is unbelievably gentle but the texture of the beads affords a light exfoliation which my skin craves morning and night. I have found using this takes care of makeup and residue and dirt and leaves my face feeling cleaner than ever. I do a few extra steps to ensure my face is properly clean and makeup-free and finish with oodles of moisturiser to try and provide my picky skin with the TLC it seems to be aching for at the moment. I truly can't recommend this product enough, it is exquisite and I imagine suitable for all skin types. I have fallen in love with it. I recently picked up the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser (£6) and Naturally Radiant Overnight Peel (£6), so stay tuned for those reviews. I will not be doing an October Favourites post because I haven't been purchasing or using anything new at all. I am going to hopefully be a little less strict this month and try out products I have been dying to buy, all recommendations are welcome. I hope you had an amazing October. Thank you so much for reading, have a lovely week. Take care. 

What is your favourite budget skincare item?


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Thursday, 26 October 2017


Moles are surprisingly common. No, we are not talking about the cute, furry variety that lives in underground tunnels with their poor eyesight and wrecks your garden. Rather, we are discussing skin moles: those small brown spots most people have. Unfortunately, although moles are commonplace and most are benign, some do turn out to be malignant, and if left undetected can cause serious problems

So, when should you worry about a mole on your face or body?

Some people only have one or two moles. Other people, typically those with fairer skin, can be covered in moles and freckles. It really doesn’t matter how many moles you have. All it takes is one mole to become cancerous for your life to turn upside down. This post isn’t meant to alarm you or put the fear of God into you, it is all about raising awareness and your sense of responsibility to yourself. I, too, am guilty of missing regular appointments, I can’t tell you the last time I went to the dentist, and with becoming an adulthood you have to remember your health, mental and physical, are the most important things. You are important and thus you should make yourself a priority.


On that note, moles should be checked monthly. Sure, it’s a bit of a bind, especially if you have hundreds of them, but vigilance is important. The more aware you are, the more likely you are to spot any changes that indicate all is not well. It can be difficult to schedule appointments with your GP in this day and age, schedules are packed and waking up at 7am to ring constantly every minute until someone finally answers is just not realistic. Try and set up a standing monthly appointment for your moles and I cannot think why any GP would not be recipient and accommodating to that. You can also go to walk-ins or book privately if your concern is heightened.


Look for changes to a mole’s colour, shape, and size. Be alert to new moles that suddenly appear or moles that begin to bleed or are painful. Experts recommend that we use the ABCDE technique:
  • A’ stands for asymmetry. If a mole changes shape and is no longer regular or looks different: have it checked out.
  • B’ is for border. Suspect moles have an undefined, blurry border
  • C’ is for colour. Normal moles are all one colour, usually a shade of brown. It doesn’t matter what colour your mole is, but if it changes colour or one part of the mole is a different colour, book an appointment with a private dermatologist such as Cedars in London. They should put your mind at rest or order further tests if there is something to worry about. 
  • D’ stands for diameter. Larger moles are more likely to turn cancerous. Moles larger than 6mm in diameter should be monitored to changes. Be alert to changes in size, too. If a small mole grows, have it examined by a professional. Get a friend to measure it as well, an objective eye can be extremely helpful in these situations. 
  • E’ means evolution. In other words, any of the above changes to an existing mole are cause for concern, as is the appearance of a new mole. 
In summary, a large, raised, irregularly shaped mole with blurred borders and speckled with different colours is a large red flag for an experienced dermatologist. Moles that look different to other moles are also a concern, especially if they have only recently appeared.  


Melanoma often runs in families, which suggests there is a hereditary link. Whilst this doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to develop skin cancer, it does increase your risk. Your GP should always be aware of your family history, if this is not information they are privy to ensure they are informed at your next appointment. This could help you out in the future, we all have a lot going on and so things do fall by the wayside. Having a regular check-up, updating your family history and simply taking care of yourself are basic things that sometimes we forget to do but could actually save our lives.


After reading this, you are probably panicking. But, you don’t need to and this is of course not the intention of this post. We are not trying to scare you silly; we just want to encourage you to be vigilant. If melanomas are caught before they spread, five-year survival rates are 98%. Unfortunately, although melanoma only accounts for 1% of all skin cancers in the United States, it causes most deaths because it very often remains undetected until it has spread to other organs. The important thing to remember and take from this post is it is easily preventable.

Don’t be another grim statistic. Check your moles once a month and have any suspicious moles examined by a specialist. Not to sound like a L’Oreal commercial, but, you are genuinely worth it

Please pass this information on to anyone you think needs to hear it. I, myself, have two moles and hae never paid much attention to them. I am the queen of ignoring all kinds of signs and symptoms and just pretending everything is okay so I don’t have to deal with it. The way I look at it now is what would my Mum do? My Mum took me to countless appointments when I was ill at school, scheduled time off and coaxed me to undergo several scans and more to make sure everything was all right. We should feel that way about ourselves. We shouldn’t think twice about the time and effort it takes to do something that could have such major implications, you can’t put a price on your peace of mind

Thank you so much for reading this sponsored post, I hope you find it helpful and at the very least acts as a reminder to take notice of what is going on with you. I feel like we are trained to push through as much as possible, no one has time to be sick anymore and that's simply not reality. Take full advantage of the NHS while we still have it, even though it can be such a hassle. Hope you are having an amazing week and this post didn't put you in a somber mood. Take care.

Do you have any moles/beauty spots or marks?


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