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I actually cannot believe this happened to me and I am not entirely convinced that it is not a practical joke by one of my not-so-funny-friends. One of my closest course friends at university and I were dawdling around aimlessly in the Psychology department on the last Tuesday of term, essentially we were just lamenting the lack of work ethic we had in ourselves. Our very important assignment was due in on Thursday and of course in our typical fashion we hadn't even looked at it yet. It has become a sort of tradition of sorts for us to face time until the wee hours of Wednesday morning and then Thursday until half 11 when our deadlines are always at 12 on Thursday afternoon. A running joke if you will, we just have no motivation. 

My friend decided to check her pigeon hole so on a whim, I checked mine and found the usual outdated leaflets, some coursework feedback and then a sheet of neatly folded line paper. I unfolded the paper and saw about five to six lines of neat cursive that read something along the lines of and this is an exact transcription but I don't want to embarrass anyone so the name at the end is omitted and some details are changed and those will be put in italics:

Dear Kiran,

You may not remember me, but I certainly remember you, your doe eyes and your breathtaking smile.
I know that you are out of my league, but I would love it if you agreed to go out to Starbucks with me sometime as I get a 20% off discount there as a member of staff. 
Please text me, whatever your answer, may be. My number is: (insert eleven digit phone number here) 

Hope to hear from you soon.
John xxxx

So yeah, that's a thing. I'm really bad, I haven't replied yet because I just don't know what to say. I am almost positive that this cannot be a genuine letter, because I really don't think people do that anymore. It is a brave and courageous thing to do, not to mention incredibly sweet, who doesn't like being told that they have a breathtaking smile? But I do not remember meeting this person and it makes me apprehensive that they know so much about me. My name on my pigeon hole is my full name which is different to Kiran. Kiran is just an abbreviation that everyone I know and like refers to me as. He also knows what I study and either I met him when I was incredibly drunk and told him my life story or he is a bit of a stalker or he is a friend who thinks this is funny which I suppose it would be. 

I honestly really don't know what to do. I'm not interested in this person and yet I feel like such a bitch not replying or anything. I am utterly useless in these situations. Is it unacceptable to ignore it, does that make me cold-hearted? I feel so ridiculous even asking myself these questions because it will probably turn out to be nothing. And that is the worst thing, isn't it? Getting your hopes and expectations all built up for them to be dashed to pieces by reality. I don't think anything will come of this and the people in my life that I have already implored about this matter have made it abundantly clear that I should at least text this faceless person. But bearing in mind this could be anyone? Absolutely anybody, I feel I should proceed with caution. 

So honestly, any advice or anecdotes of similar situations would be highly encouraged because I am not equipped to deal with this. Should I just text asking who it is? Or is that too blunt? The most important thing is that I don't want anyone to get hurt, including myself, and I definitely don't want to lead anyone on. I think everyone should be upfront with their feelings, which I commend him for, as it is unnecessarily cruel to play with people's emotions. But the longer I leave it, the more tempted I am to just push it aside and forget it ever happened. 

So that is the main objective of this blog post. What should I do? I really need an answer and I don't mind at all how you choose to tell me: comment, tweet, instagram. I don't mind, all suggestions are welcome because this has seriously rendered me speechless. A feat that rarely happens, believe me. Thank you for your patience and kindness in reading my blog, I will continue with blogmas but a daily blog is most likely not feasible. However, I did have a very exciting trip to London just yesterday, full of adventure and I look forward to sharing everything about it with all of you. It means so much to me that you read what I write. Thank you again and please let me know what you think about this love letter lark. For the record, although love wasn't expressed in said letter, I refer to is as a love letter because I don't actually know the correct way of defining it. If you do, let me know in the comments below and I will change the title of the post. Thanks again and lots of love. 

Kiran xxx

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