Tuesday, 11 February 2014

It by Alexa Chung: Book Review

Hello lovelies, so I am sure you've all seen this pretty book plastered over every platform of social media available to humankind and I know I was exposed to the beautiful pale pink cover with the bright contrasting photo of the blue eye (I assume Alexa's eye) on many occasions. So much so, it spurred me to by said book, and so in an effort to advise you on where to spend your money I am going to write a short, snappy review for you and then you can make up your own mind about whether or not you want to buy it. The following is all simply my opinion, so please don't get offended. Anybody.


Okay, the good points, let's go! Firstly, the book itself is gorgeous, it is a hardback, and the cover photo in unbelievably pretty, it looks great in photos, sitting on your shelf, in your handbag, on your desk, resting on your lap, rest assured wherever you put that book it will look awesome and chic. It's simple and elegant, as well as being fun and girly. It is packaged perfectly for a beauty book, and as someone who has never bought a beauty book before, I am happy to say the first one I purchased looked like this. 

The book isn't a coherent, linear story, it's not a biography, more or less it's a range of snapshots from Alexa's life. It contains a lot of photos, and drawings etc which I expected, however I did not expect them to be of mixed quality. I thought that it would only contain the most perfectly positioned photos but that was not the case and I rather like the randomness and the candid shots, It's fun and interesting. 

She references a lot of films as inspiration for her fashion sense, films like Annie Hall and Empire Records. Films I had never even considered watching before, but just today I watched Annie Hall for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Diane Keaton's fashion is spot on as is her laidback, go-with-the-flow character, so relateable and inspiring. Woody Allen, on the other hand, annoys me immensely both in life and on the silver screen, there is just no way a guy like him should pull a woman like Diane Keaton (or Mia Farrow, that being said). I plan to watch Empire Records next and I will happily write a review if that's something you would be interested in? 

'It' is informative, as mentioned she plucks out silver screen characters that she integrated into her wardrobe, and for teenagers especially this could be helpful. It's always around fourteen/fifteen people (girls particularly) start exploring and experimenting, really developing a personal style and with a few of her picks you could streamline it into something that works for you. I wish I knew of Liv Tyler's schoolgirl chic look before I started sixth form (see picture below). She does share her staples and beauty favourites as well so if that is something you desperately want to know then by all means get it, she doesn't share her favourite brands, she just gives you tips on how to look effortless and what she takes when she travels. Basically, you could get that from a YouTube tutorial. 


It's overpriced, you can get it for around £12 on the internet but in stores it is around £16 and I really don't think it is worth that much, despite it being bound beautifully.

The text is outweighed by the photos, and it's hard to see why specific photos are there as there seems to be no obvious link, but I could just be being dense. So the book itself is short, I finished it in a half hour train ride and I recall being very disappointed at the end of it. I'm glad I read it because now I have a tonne of new movies to delve into and take fashion guidance from, it also helped me rediscover my love for Lolita, a book I will re-read and review for you wonderful people. But, on the whole, it didn't offer much as a book, it's not anything unexpected and it lacks a lot in terms of beauty tips. I thought it would be more informative than it is.

I feel it has style but not substance, the photos, the cover, all that was great, visually 'It' is a dream, but the content is lacklustre, you don't learn anything you couldn't have searched in Google and though it's nice that she shares her love for horses, Spice Girls and her Grandpa, it's not surprising. If anything, I am just disappointed how normal it is. She moved to New York, she was a model from a young age, she dated rock stars, I really thought this book would be revolutionary and that she would share her fears and her hopes and how she overcame rejection, and homesickness and a million other hardships she probably faced. Rather it was a glorified Match of the Day highlights of her life. 

Essentially, my verdict is therefore: Don't buy it. Borrow it. 

It's up to you of course, I read a review online that said if you love Alexa Chung, or fashion, or beauty, or anything similar then you NEED this book. And well I love all those things and I am telling you it's bullshit. It was a good read, but it's not something I would read over and over again, it's not the kind of book you disappear into and I don't know if that's just because of the nature of the book (as I have never read a book like this before) or the writing/content. But I wish I hadn't bought it, except it is very pretty so I can get over it. 

I have heard that 'The Goddess Guide' by Gisele Scanlon is a great read, so I will scour the shelves for that and review it next. Thank you for reading and I genuinely hope it helped! Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below, I would be interested to hear your  thoughts on the book or any suggestions of other books to read and other posts you would like to see. Thanks again, lots of love and speak to you all  very soon! My links are below, I am very active on all social media because hey you have to do something on bus journeys. Have a great day!

Kiran xxx

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