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Alexa for Eyeko Review

Here is the packaging for Alexa Chung's Eye Do range for Eyeko. Stay tuned for the review!

Hello lovely people, sorry for not posting sooner, I don't want to bombard you with excuses but I had a lovely weekend with my family in Sunderland for my cousin's birthday. My Aunt has opened a new salon called Miss Beauty and it's on Wallis Street in Penshaw, Sunderland. It's small and cute and brand new, the decor is sleek and lovely and I am honestly so so proud of them. Their hairdresser Lauren trimmed my hair for me and I am really happy with it, because you know when you go to a hairdresser and ask for a trim and then they cut eight inches off your hair and you have to restrain yourself from going all Jackie Chan on their ass with the scissors and straighteners that are in the vicinity? Well she took an inch off and she blow dried it and straightened and curled my tresses to bouncy goodness. She is a gem. Plus, my beautiful cousin Mini did a gel overlay on my nails, she used a colour called Tutti Fruity which is a bright pink. I love them because they look nice and shiny and hopefully they will last a good two weeks. Fingers crossed. 

Anyway, enough of my awesome weekend and on with the review. As you know, Leamington Spa is the death of me because I physically cannot walk into certain shops without leaving them even more financially challenged than I was when I entered. Space NK is obviously one of those shops; this time I left with the most recent Eyeko range which is Alexa Chung's range. Can we talk about Alexa and her perfection for a minute please? Because, to me, it feels like she can do no wrong, she wrote a book, she's the face of both Eyeko and L'Oreal, she did a cameo appearance in Gossip Girl, her hair is literally amazing and she has the bluest, prettiest eyes anyone has ever had, ever. If you want to achieve her signature Alexa cat eye, please keep reading for the review. 

The range itself is described on the Sephora website as  'a limited-edition, eye-defining duo featuring a new waterproof, carbon-black liquid eyeliner and new conditioning mascara designed by Brit IT girl Alexa Chung for Eyeko.' The packaging is lovely and it is designed personally by Alexa Chung with poster and printed tissue paper, the box is royal blue with black and white detail and the actual plastic packaging of the mascara and eyeliner are black and sleek, very chicly designed. Individually, the porducts are quite pricey, the mascara retails at £20 from Space NK and the eyeliner is £15. You get 0.29 oz of product in the Eye Do Mascara and 0.03 oz in the Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner. 

Firstly, the eyeliner: it is waterproof so you know it will last which is great because no-one wants to mess around creating the perfect cat eye for it to fade or transfer three hours later. Additionally, it is very precise, it is possible to create any line you like and I found it to be a strong, intense black perfect for a night time look. It's definitely dramatic and eye-catching which I believe is usually the point of a cat eye. For me, eyeliner is the most challenging part of any makeup so I often skip it but this eyeliner is the easiest and most expensive product I have used. So far, I love it and I aim to try and use it much more frequently. As a makeup product, it does do what it claims you can easily replicate Alexa's signature look with this product. However, I am sure there must be dupes for much cheaper out there  on the market. Because I am not a massive eyeliner convert and frankly liquid liner terrifies me I don't really know. I have heard very good things about L'Oreal's Superliner so that might be worth a shot. Please leave a comment if you can recommend any good alternatives or even any tips on how to apply eyeliner because I desperately need them.

The mascara, on the other hand, the most expensive product of the range claims  to be lengthening and strengthening. It has a strange wand, it is straight, not even a little bit curved, and the bristles are of differing lengths so essentially it looks like a bizzare comb. Because the shape of the wand baffled me initially I played around with it, the best way I have found to apply this mascara is to coat the lashes once with the wand the same way and then rotate the wand slightly and comb through the lashes again and repeat until you have it at the volume you wish to achieve. I find it very volumising and again it is an intense black which definitely adds drama and enhances the eye. It's buildable and fans the lashes very prettily for the full fringe that you want.  It is formulated with keratin, ginkgo biloba, shea butter, vitamins, and botanical proteins that allegedly condition and promote lash growth, which can never be a bad thing. 

Other good things about the products in terms of ingredients are that there are no parabens, sulphates, or phthalates in either of the products. I would be lying if I said I knew what these were but let's just take it for granted that their absence is a good thing. This range was not tested on animals which is always nice to hear and the liquid eyeliner includes Widelash™ Conditioner to help lashes appear longer, fuller, and stronger. One thing I love about Eyeko is that their products are all about enhancing features and actually including ingredients that are good for the eyelashes and your skin. 

Alexa spoke about the range and said:

“I love a sixties doe-eyed look and this [mascara] gives me longer, thicker, blacker, lashes without the hassle of falsies. It stays on forever but feels amazing thanks to all the lash enhancing magic in the mix.”

“The nib [of this eyeliner] is the perfect shape and size to give you control. It gives you the precision to draw on the perfect cat eye. It’s pitch black and waterproof so it doesn’t move even on the waterline. I love that it enhances my lashes each time I use it.”

—Alexa Chung 

I have never used a liquid liner on my waterline but she is a braver being than I.

Overall rating: 4/5. 

I do love the products and am happy I bought them but I do think they are expensive and this prevents me from using them every day, they are more of a "special occasion" product for me. I especially love the eyeliner so if you have to pick one that is what I would go for, even though the benefits that the mascara claim to have are pretty appealing. 

You can buy all Eyeko products by heading to this website:

Thank you for reading, I will post again soon. Leave a comment telling me what your favourite mascara/eyeliner is because I am always interested to know. Thanks again as usual my links are below. Have a great week, and pretend it's sunnier than it is because that is the only way to deal with this weather. That and good music, I am loving the song Ashley by Big Sean featuring Miguel. Miguel's voice is heaven. Lots of love and hope you enjoyed reading, let me know if you have any suggestions for future posts. Have an amazing pancake day, people! It's basically my favourite day in the year. Pancakes and pizza: my two loves. 

Love ♥


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