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Things You Can Do That Will Help You Feel Better

I haven't asked everyone in the world but from my own personal experience I think we all sometimes have days when we are just not quite "up to it". This could be due to a myriad of things and sometimes it can be for no particular reason. For me, sometimes there is nothing that will make me feel better and I would rather just hide away in my room or some anonymous library where I won't see anyone. I can't tell you how many times I have just not answered when people have knocked on my door or tried to contact me just out of a piercing desire to be alone for a little while. Granted, usually because my room is in no fit state to be seen by any living entity, but there are those times when you just don't want to interact with others or do much of anything really. 

However, I do hate wasting time, personally watching my favourite shows, trashy or otherwise, in comfy oversized pyjamas in bed with a bag of white chocolate chip cookies is not a waste of time in any way, shape or form. As long as I am enjoying something I never consider it a waste of time and neither should you, you are doing something for yourself. You're being nice and if you're ever going to be nice or kind or thoughtful start with you because that will be what leads you to treat others with the same kind of respect. 

There are times though you do have to leave the house and see people whether you are feeling up to it or not. So here is a list I compiled with suggestions to improve your mood and lessen your misery. These ideas can be used if you need to perk up; interact with others; not look like a zombie; or you are just sick of sitting in your pyjamas feeling so hopeless it hurts. Naturally, everybody is different so if you read these and they don't work I am very very sorry or if you are perfectly fine with doing whatever it is you usually do when you find yourself in a bad, sad, or negative mood then keep doing it and please share. 

So please keep reading for my suggestions, I highly doubt I have thought of everything and they may not be of any use to anyone but me, but I thought I would share anyway:

If I have to leave the house and I feel terrible then there is usually a process I go through. More often than not, I don't sleep because I am so worried about the thing that has me in such a withdrawn state. As this is the case if I have to leave the house at 9 am for a lecture I will be miserably awake at 6 am lying in bed ruminating over my problems. So the first thing I do is a) decide to get up and b) make tea. Which leads me to . . . 

1. Make Tea. Or coffee, latte, moccachino, whatever floats your boat. My day always goes better if I have tea in the morning plus the caffeine helps me wake up. Additionally, if I have extra time due to not sleeping I will make Indian tea which is different, you basically brew it in the pan on the stove (you can do this with English tea and the longer you let the hot water simmer the better it tastes in my opinion) and then add a lychee or some other spices that my Mom handily gives me whenever I go home. I don't make it every day so it feels special and it reminds me of home and my family. 

Following tea time I like to watch something while I drink tea, if there isn't an episode or something I need to catch up on, I will either pick a random episode from beloved shows such as The Simpsons or I will watch YouTube tutorials. This is entertaining as I love watching makeup tutorials but also helpful as it gives me ideas as to what to wear. If I am feeling low I will be dreading going outside the house so picking a tutorial to follow psyches me up for leaving and to start getting ready. 

2. Watch something you enjoy. Hopefully something short you can watch while you are getting ready in the morning it can be YouTube videos or an episode of The Simpsons, 8 Out of 10 Cats, Sex and the City, Top Gear. Whatever you enjoy watch it or start watching it and then you can finish it when you return. That way you have something to look forward to later on in the day and it will distract you before your leave so your mind can't wander onto whatever is bothering you. 

3. Healthy Snacks. This is not one that I use myself because resisting the temptation of junk food is ridiculously difficult for someone who has next to no restraint. The desire to lose yourself in a giant bag of Sensations can be overpowering but if you have something light and refreshing that you like such as raspberries or grapes, which aren't that healthy as they contain sugar, you will feel a difference in your energy levels and you won't feel bloated or full. It's light and bright. Again, this could be anything green tea, fruit juice, water, something that will help rejuvenate your insides.

4. A hot shower. This is great for getting you out of a funk, if you live with others wait until they are all out or engaged in other activities so you can stay in as long as you need. A hot, good shower is a cure-all. The hot water helps me with the knots in my back and feeling clean is always a plus. Which brings me onto . . .

5. Bath and Shower Products. If you have expensive ones that you save for special occasions break them out, if you get a compliment or someone tells you that you smell nice, well who doesn't like that? I use a facial mask, it gives me the illusion that my skin is brighter and all my imperfections are minimalised. Obviously, the effects are most likely purely psychological but that doesn't matter, it has a good impact on your mood and that is all that matters. I love to use Soap & Glory's Breakfast Scrub because it smells so amazing, I use this all over and it leaves your skin feeling smooth and delicious. I use a hot clay mask on my face because it's warm on your skin so I feel like it does do something. I also shave if I have time because freshly shaved legs feel great and if the weather is nice you can feel the sun on your legs which is like getting a hug from the sky. 

6. Make-up. I believe that if you look your best this will aid you in feeling better. This may be shallow or superficial but this is just what I think and it works for me. So I do try to cover any physical traces of my sleepless night or if I have been crying or something I try to hide it. I'll put Lisa Eldridge's video below where she shares tips and tricks on how to look your best after a break up, not that it has to be a break up but basically if you're tired and teary these tips will really help you in hiding that. It's a long video because it is incredibly informative and also reassuring: it's nice to hear that other people go through the same crap you do.

7. Mascara. Mascara is a must for me, I feel so relaxed when I apply it and I love applying it, it's not that I have an addiction to enhanced lashes though I certainly appreciate the benefits. It is just my favourite part of makeup; it is calming and if you do it right you can't really mess it up. But do whatever makes you feel good, if you have a favourite blush or as a guy you have a favourite shirt or something wear it, use it. 

8. Force yourself to interact with people. I have a friend who was clinically diagnosed with depression and at university she would have periods where her depression would reappear. I have no idea whether there was a trigger or anything like that but I asked her how she seemed to get herself out of it, because whenever we met she would seem in such high spirits. And she told me she would just tell herself it's enough and force herself to leave her room and talk to others. At first she would feel uncomfortable but for the majority of times it did work. She would talk to her flatmates and it would, at the very least, be a distraction and something to do and often she ended up laughing and enjoying herself. 

9. Get out of the house. You don't have to look polished or perfect but it's not healthy to be cooped up inside, I always feel restless if I haven't ventured into the big wide world at least once in a day if only to nip out and get some milk or something incredibly mundane like that. Especially if there is a visible sun out there. The sun makes you happy, trust me. 

10. Use a creative outlet. If I feel down I will do a variety of things. I will write, hence this post, sometimes it will just be private thoughts in one of the many notebooks I have amassed or a story, a memory, anything. You can draw, paint, sing, scrapbook, redesign your tumblr/blog pages or change your backgrounds, cover photos or headers. I will listen to music that moves me and makes me feel. Call it manipulative music as it manipulates your emotions to represent the song you are listening too. I guess I am weird that I like to listen to sad music too as it reminds me that people, a lot of people, have it much worse than me. But here are a few of my favourite songs below.

The Vamps ft Pixie Lott - Wild Heart (Acoustic). I love this version, their voices blend so well together and it's still upbeat you can really get lost in the music. Pixie's voice is so soulful and fun, my favourite part is 'I know it's late and I know it's cold/ But come right here and I will never let you go'. 

Big Sean ft Miguel - Ashley. This song is great, the chorus sung by Miguel is my favourite becasue his voice is like silk, I loved his vocals on 'Beautiful' with Mariah Carey. He has such a gorgeous voice and Big Sean's raps are always good, they make sense and are easy to rap along with. It's awesome, please listen.

AsiaLoveMusiq Cover of Kid Ink ft Chris Brown - Show Me. I love her. She is a YouTube star and she picks the best songs to cover, Show Me is already one of my favourite songs I love Chris Brown's voice I think it is ridiculously good regardless of his personal life. I don't feel guilty for thinking he is talented because it's not like I pay for any of his music. But like she says in the video this song makes me want to have a house party. Another alternative is Beyonce's Flawless. Very inspiring. 

MKTO - Classic. If you haven't heard this song stop reading and press play. It is the happiest, most upbeat, well sung, old school pop, bluesy kind of song that you fall in love with. It is great. The lyrics and the message are gorgeous 'Baby in a world so plastic/ You're so classic'. It's simple, perfect and uplifting. It will transform your day and mood. I promise you. Good music is so healing. 

11. Clean your room. Or organise your closet. A tidy room is a tidy mind, again it is something productive and if your head is a mess it will help to do something that requires concentration. Just grab a massive black liner and de-clutter your life; sift through your wardrobe; give to the poor. It will really help, you will probably find clothes you haven't worn in forever that you can reincorporate into your life and clothes connected to good memories. You will feel much more at peace having done something. 

12. Do something nice. For others. Give some money to the homeless person on the street, send a sweet message to a friend who is going through a hard time. Call your Mom. Visit your grandparents. It might be for selfish reasons, but it is good for all involved.

These are my main suggestions as for other things, do something you like, treat yourself, read about something you are interested in, talk to people who you enjoy spending time with or haven't seen in a while. Shopping is bad for the bank account but good for the soul. Exercise is great as it is productive so you will feel like you haven't wasted the day. But that would be a massive stretch for me on a normal day. I really hope this will help you. Let me know if you have any tips or tricks yourselves or if you are having a bad day, maybe we can all make each other feel better. 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and it helped you in some way. My links are below as usual. I have finally finished this term at university so it is the holidays for me now, right on time as finally the sun is out. I will be packing for Italy later this week and I will share with you my travelling essentials, I can't wait to go! I am going to watch all of essiebutton's videos in preparation for Rome at least and then see what else I can find. If any of you have been to Italy and have any suggestions I would really appreciate it. In particular: Rome, Florence and Venice. I really want to go to Verona but I have no idea if we will have time for that. Thanks again, lots of love.

Kiran xxx

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