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Mac Pigments: Are They Worth It? Plus Dupes and Discounts!

So I have  watched a few videos and heard it from friends etc that Mac Pigments are incredible. I have especially heard that about the pigment Tan, which is a pretty rose gold shade. I have included a video below that uses this pigment in a makeup tutorial by AnchalMUA one of my favourite Indian make up artists, her looks are really wearable and yet diverse. So check her out. In addition to this, CarliBybel also did a makeup tutorial for Prom using MAC pigment in Melon. That is below also, so check them out if you want to see how pigments are used and recreate these really pretty soft, flattering looks. I have added links on all the relevant products to save you time. Keep reading if you are interested in if MAC pigments are worth the hype and the money, how Barry M Dazzle Dusts compare and where you can get the MAC pigments for ten pounds less than their RRP.

I bought Melon and Copper Sparkle. I believe they retail for around £17 which I think is quite expensive. Considering Dazzle Dust by Barry M is a fraction of the price at about £4. With Barry M you do get a lot less product but I highly doubt you will even use up all of the smaller Barry M pot in your lifetime either. I, however, purchased these pigments for a lot less using an app called Depop which is basically a hybrid of eBay and Instagram where you can search for whatever you like and usually get a really good deal. You can personal message and haggle, like pictures of products and buy and sell instantaneously. A must have for any compulsive shopper, you can save so much money. I love it for buying makeup because high end products are overpriced massively and you only really come to see this when you see the alternatives.

As for the pigments, I like them. Melon is very bright and shimmery which is essentially the point. Both colours work well dabbed across a neutral colour on the lid. Sometimes I use it to highlight my inner corners. You get a lot of product in these little pots, I can't ever imagine running out of them. I even spilled some of Melon (which is my favourite of the two) but there is still a tonne left and that goes for Copper Sparkle also. Copper Sparkle is a pretty brownish shade warm and subtle with shimmer, perfect for a low maintenance daytime look as you can see from the picture below it is barely noticeable on darker skin tones whereas on a fair skin it would be less subtle but still very low key. Melon is a brighter gold, I would say, very shimmery so you want to use it in moderation. 

Swatches of MAC Copper Sparkle, Barry M Mushroom and MAC Melon (left to right)

I have a Barry M Dazzle Dust in the shade Mushroom which is a silvery purple shade. It's gorgeous and looks lovely paired with a purple and brown lid, ideal for highlighting the inner eyes. I think, as much as I adore gold, gold is definitely an overused colour these days it's nice to explore other options. All the pigments pair well with the Naked 3 palette because the eyeshadows have both gold and purple tones in them. 

MAC Copper Sparkle , Barry M Mushroom and MAC Melon in their packaging (left to right)
My verdict is don't pay full price if you can find a similar colour in the Barry M range, otherwise have a good search on eBay, Amazon, Depop and Vinted as well as looking for discounts because I don't think you can justify the RRP of £17. They are lovely, although it can get a bit messy. I also bought this lovely ring on Depop so do check it out. 

Lots of love to all of you, I am having a tough week trying to keep on top of everything. I am trying to post as often as I can so thank you for all your kind words of support, it means a hell of a lot. Thank you and have a great start to your week. All my links are below and leave a comment telling me your opinions on MAC pigments including what your favourite shades are. I will attempt to show you a few different looks using all of them, let me know if that is something you would be interested in and I will add it here or put it up on my Instagram. Love to you all!

Kiran xxx

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