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May Favourites 💜

I have watched so many favourites videos this week that I decided it was only prudent that I share mine with all you lovely people. Of course, you know a lot of the products I have been loving so I am making a conscious effort to include ones I haven't previously mentioned. I hope you like it, I will keep it short and sweet so if you're interested please keep reading. Of course, click on the product names for links and prices and all that jazz, hope you like this post.

Essie polishes. These two colours are my go-to nails this month, I always find myself reaching for them whenever I am being indecisive about my nails. Muchi, muchi is just so clean and pretty, it's quite sheer yet you can layer it to make it opaque and it has that classy french manicure look which is appropriate for everything. Lapiz of luxury is a gorgeous oceanic blue that is a great pop of colour which automatically cheers me up. The finish of Essie polishes are unsurpassed for me, simply fantastic.

Eyeko Eye Do Eyeliner. This is a rediscovery, I left it at home and recently I went to a wedding and found it, I drew a line on my hand just to see how much product was left and it literally refused to come off. Serious staying power, very impressive and so intensely black. Eyeliner made easy. 

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation in Rose Beige. This is one of the first foundations I ever bought and I tried it again a few days ago on a whim and I fell in love with it. I wasn't a massive fan the first time around but this foundation is perfect for summer and heat. It feels like a BB cream and gives enough coverage to give you confidence but your skin looks like skin. I adore this and I can't imagine myself using anything else. It's like an Invisible Skin foundation or a tinted moisturiser, I don't need concealer or powder it's super quick and easy.

Sigma Resort Palette. A great palette for summer it's bright and lovely, basically last year's Urban Decay Electric palette. I might do a more in depth review on this if you would like one let me know in any way you care to. 

The Body Shop Vitamin C range - in particular the Skin Reviver and the Microdermabrasion Scrub. Absolute holy grails for me, I have never before seen the point of primers I wear them and I don't really notice any difference but with the Skin Reviver it feels absolutely lovely and just adds that extra but of brightness that I desperately require in exam season. You can read my Body Shop haul for extra information on these two products. 

Sleek Contour Kit in Medium. One of the best bronzers out there for darker skin tones, it is not too muddy or red, it's matte and beautiful. It looks really natural and the highlight is gorgeous.

Modern Natural Real Techniques Palette. This is a mixed bag for me so my next post will be a review on this. I love the cream highlighter, the glosses and the eyeshadows are really soft and neutral.

Real Techniques Eyeshadow Brushes, it's just everything you need in one near little kit. I love eyeshadow I have a tonne of them so this is amazing for me. It is so inexpensive and yet such good quality. 

Chuck. Rediscovering this TV show fell in love with it the first time round and now falling in love all over again, it is just so cute and entertaining. I really like the cast and the plot it's such a great show. I has only watched the first three seasons because the fourth and fifth look terrible. 

Hannibal. It's gripping like hands over eyes gripping. Watch it. 

If you follow me on Tumblr then you'll know I am obsessed with Kristina Bazan also known as Kayture. I follow her on Instagram and just think her clothes, her face, her blog, her everything is perfection. I just have the most massive crush on her life, who doesn't want to go to gorgeous hot locations and wear chopard jewels and Cavalli dressed for a living. It's the dream and her outfits and photos are always top notch. 

As for songs I am just loving Ariana Grande's Problem. I jam out to it daily.

Finally, a YouTuber and this month it is Will Darbyshire. I think he is adorable and his videos are really relatable so go check him out if you want to commiserate or stare at a cute face for two minutes. You know, whichever.

Thank you so much for reading, my first two exams are this week so wish me luck it would mean the world and really cheer me up. I will continue to post as much as I can. It is my birthday on Saturday, I turn 20 and I will definitely do a blog post about that and share all my pictures and plans and makeup with you guys. Have a great week and fingers crossed for good weather. All my social media links are below.

Kiran xxx

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