Thursday, 25 September 2014

Day 5: Turtles, Caves, Jet Skis and Beach Bars.

It is my Mother’s Birthday today, I really wanted to treat her but she wasn’t sure what she wanted, so I was keeping my eyes peeled throughout the busy day we had planned ahead. We rose at around 10 and I wore my swimming costume and paisley dress again because it dries really quickly and is very light. We left for the Ionian Sea restaurant to get the coach and I got an ice cream (Cornetto King Vanilla to be exact) and waited in the shade until twenty past, which was significantly later than they had said.

We were convinced we had missed the coach so we walked to the Luxury Island Events Office to get a taxi which we got at around quarter past 12. The taxi driver was truly nice, he told us that when people shake the top half of their T Shirt (the front of the shoulders) it means that you go far far away from that person but they are too polite to say it out loud.

Our plan for the day was to head to the water sports beach, go on a jetski ride and enjoy the beach and then return to Laganas and go on a Glass Bottom cruise. We got to St Nicholas beach and it really was a beautiful beach in its own right. We went on a hunt, after a dip in the water, for the water sports office. On the way, we spied a palm tree with sprinklers attached that a few guys were using as a shower which was pretty cool. The guy at the water sports office told us we had the wrong place so we asked at the Beach Bar and the guy told us we needed to get to the Banana Beach. He very kindly gave us a lift as it was five minutes away in his car, he told us a taxi would have cost us €15, I wanted to pay him but I also wanted to believe he was doing it out of the goodness of his heart; so we didn’t pay him. He was a really nice guy. A top man.

We did get to go on a jet ski which isn't what I thought it was. I though jet skis are when you get flung about behind a speed boat but that's not the case it's like a bike on water and me and my sister had a lot of fun on it.

We had 15 minutes in total as that is the law, I wore a life vest, the guy who sorted us out had blonde tips (fake I'm pretty sure) on brown hair and the most incredible blue eyes. Blue eyes are so pretty. I loved being on the water, you can feel the spray from the ocean and the jet ski bobs in the water when you stay still. It feels like you really are free, you could just take off. So tempting.

Unfortunately, we had to leave get to the office in time for the glass bottom cruise. We called a taxi from this beach bar instead which was the prettiest, loveliest bar I have ever seen. It was gorgeous and white, there were pretty flowers in all kinds of colours flourishing everywhere, yellow, pink, purple, there were large comfy looking baby pink hammocks and a cute ornate looking white bike, it looked so vintage and decorative just propped casually in the garden. I wished we had more time there, I would have loved to have spent the day and eaten at the bar surrounded by all the vivid flowers.

The taxi driver that took us back to Laganas was really nice and sweet and he talked to me the whole way, occasionally making fun of me for snapping so many pictures but I did regret not taking any on the way here because the views were breathtaking but the reflections on the window would have interrupted the pictures I would have taken. So instead, I made the most of the ample opportunity I had on the way back. There was so much greenery the cliffs are covered in all sorts of trees, just solid walls of forests. There were houses, lone houses in the middle of these perpendicular forests, it was so unexpected.

We passed some nice bars and restaurants too I liked their names the sunrise restaurant looked lovely and there were loads of fancy looking hotels in this area which is called Vasilikos.

We went to the glass bottom cruise, our boat seemed sturdy and spacious enough plus I had a good seat. The captain was called Anggelo. I was surprised in the beginning because the boat didn't have a fully glass bottom or steps where you could go down and just be surrounded by glass there was just the tiniest strip of a window in a square near the middle. Anggelo wore pink shorts and had a tattoo on his chest, he was extremely tanned and hairless.

We did see a few turtles which makes me very happy as that was the point of going on this cruise. The turtles were surprisingly large but lovely, we spotted a few. I didn't think we would see them actually. I'm such a cynic. We did some more exploring on the cruise and went inside some caves like the Keri caves and we saw the Turtle Island which is literally shaped like a turtle, which is the oddest coincidence.

We stopped to swim, they didn't have life vests which was gutting, if they had I would have been the first to dive in there happy as Larry, but the sea is scary when you think about it, it's weird not having the safety of knowing that you can touch the floor. I sat on the edge where everyone got down and put my feet in the water just happily swinging and kicking away. It feels so lovely I could do that forever it's just so wonderful and peaceful. I can't get over how awesome the ocean is. It makes me feel content. Like I'm free from everything from all I want and need and all the things I have to do.

We also stopped off at a really nice island with real soft sand and brilliant blue water, as Angello helped me climb down the ladder one of my flip flops got washed away and at first me and Kulvir tried to catch it but the water got to deep. Fortunately an English guy (old, nice but startlingly pale) swam and saved it for me, what a gent. Then I got a Recorderlink and some food for my family from a  shop that was slightly submerged in the sea. The guy let me off 50c because I don't think he had the change, he made me promise to give it back to him next year which I thought was funny. Now I just feel guilty.

We sat and took a few pictures in the sea and of the island. We were only allowed I walk around the edge near the water I don't know why we weren't allowed to cut across. We had gone to three real sandy beaches today and seen turtles and caves, I have seen some of the most beautiful sights I think I am ever going to see and as it was the first real holiday my brother had been on I was very happy it was such a success.

It was our last night in Zante, so we had a meal at Pythari, I had chicken de greca it came with rice and chips, and I ordered a piña colada and a coke. The cocktails here are so much stronger than usual like you can actually taste the alcohol. After that I went to Yolicious and got a peach smoothie which is a blend of peaches, mangoes and blueberries. It was delicious, of course. We also went to Palladium it's a beautiful jewellery shop much nicer than the one we found on our first night. My sister bought a few items and I got a necklace. It is exquisite with the tiniest little pearls making up the chain and a dark blue circle charm which is supposed to be lucky. I need all the luck I can get. It's all I really want is someone who adores me and desires me desperately.

Finally we returned to the Laganas beach, I got some tennis rackets and a ball that floats in the water and we played a variation of tennis in the sea at night. I got a peach juice and drank it on the beach, while my sister ordered stuffed bells and peppers. Then we headed and back and stopped at the fish spa, I had a proper look at all the items they sold and took a few pictures, they sold some really awesome colourful flip flops. We did the fish spa thing again, I treated my Mom and then we returned to the hotel to pack as we had to leave early the next morning.

Thank you so much for reading, sorry for the delays between posts, the lack of wifi in my life was definitely gruelling but thankfully it has returned. I have a haul, some reviews and some exciting new products up next for you, so be prepared to be bombarded in the next few days. Thank you for your patience, support and enquiries. Have a lovely day.

Kiran xxx

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