Saturday, 25 October 2014

Halloween Costume Ideas

Just don't be a cat, okay? Promise me. I hate cats, not just because they are self-important creatures that don't like to play or offer you comfort but because they are the least imaginative Halloween costume ever. You're better than a cat, okay? You are. Trust me. That being said, if you really want to be a cat, be the best cat ever. You go Glen Coco! Now for some simple, yet great and easy costume ideas that require you not to buy anything if you don't want to but just to get a little creative with your makeup and wardrobe. Some of these are just fancy dress ideas, for those of you who still want to look seriously hot. I cater for all.



If you're blonde, be Barbie. If you're not blonde, even more reason to be Barbie. It adds to the shock factor. Wear a pink dress and some white high heels or black pumps, glittery pink lips with extra glitter, shimmery lids with thick lashes and done. A cheap blonde wig if you don't have blonde hair will only add to the look as Barbie dolls have the worst hair anyway, it's so coarse and straw-like, a wig will only add to the authenticity. Below is a Barbie tutorial from Jackie Wyers and a makeup tutorial from Made in Chelsea's Binky Felstead that seems very Barbie-esque.

Cleopatra for you darker-haired girls, and as a somewhat darker-skinned girl this is definitely more suited to my colouring. Here is a makeup tutorial by Kaushal Beauty which looks great. A white or gold dress or bedsheet, even an oversized t-shirt could work. Maybe a cheap headpiece, or a necklace fastened as a headband could work really well. To make it scary you could go as the dead queen, so I would make my face look as ghostly and hollow as possible.


The easiest costume ever is to just paint your face, there are a million different tutorials on sugar skulls and half skulls and every other kind of skull imagineable. That's an instant costume and all you need is eyeshadow. A lot of the tutorials use various kinds of paint that you have to order especially, but don't do that. It is a total waste of money. I went as a half skull for a Halloween party last year and I just used what I had which is eyeshadow. Make sure you use primer, foundation and then powder on top so the shadow doesn't mix with the foundation. I used a matte eyeshadow palette from H&M but all you need is a white eyeshadow and a black eyeshadow, even a gel or cheap liquid liner will work, just layer and layer until you are happy with the colour payoff.


If you don't mind spending money you can buy some Face Lace and be a very pretty sugar skull like you can see Sam is from Pixiwoo, you can buy face lace from and it is about £23. If you want to be creative with your makeup rather than your clothes, you can wear whatever you like and just draw some cuts on your face or smear red lipstick underneath your eyes and go as a zombie or dead school girl. I really like Nic from Pixiwoo's Chucky tutorial, the cuts look really creepy. You could go as a doll, a broken doll, or a dead version of any book or movie character, even yourself. 



If you want a very easy costume you could just buy a mask, or wear a onesie. I wore a Hulk onesie in my first year. Masks are fairly cheap, you should be able to pick one up from Poundland. Don't be afraid to think out of the box, even if you don't want to be scary and you want to go as the prettiest fairy in the world, go for it. Halloween is all about having fun, and being whoever you want to be>


On a similar note, Halloween is a chance to use all those eyeshadows that you never usually touch. So have a look, if you have a lot of blue eyeshadows that are basically untouched go as an Avatar or as Myst from X Men. Or a Smurf. If you have yellow go as Pikachu or a Simpson character. There are so many different options. There is a costume idea for every colour in the world, you could even go as a planet in fact. Please leave me a comment telling me what you are going as for Halloween, or if you like any of these ideas! And tag and tweet me your costumes and I'll retweet and repost them on Instagram and Twitter. All my social media links are alittlekiran. Have a brilliant Halloween!

Kiran xxx

Friday, 24 October 2014

MAC Eyeshadow Brushes | Review & Haul

I recently purchased a selection of MAC eyeshadow brushes from depop. If you haven't heard of depop, definitely check it out it's basically eBay meets Instagram. You can buy and sell and like other people's items, you can get TopShop dresses and high end makeup for a fraction of the price, it's like a piece of heaven. My username on depop is alittlekiran and I am selling a bunch of clothes sizes 8-10. 

The brushes above are what I received, there are seven brushes in total. Six of them are MAC brushes and one is from Me Makeover Essentials. They are all high quality brushes, I've heard so many great things about MAC brushes which is why I wanted to buy them. I desperately want the MAC 217 Blending Brush because it is a cult product that everyone raves about. Unfortunately, that is not in my haul but maybe next time. If you have any recommendations for other MAC brushes that are worth buying I would love to hear about them in the comments. Now for the links and details and all that good stuff:

I use this to smudge shadow or liner onto my upper and lower lash lines. It gets really close and is a must have for any smoky eye look. 

This is a smaller more precise blending brush, great for focusing colour on the outer corner of the eye. Then using a fluffier blending brush to blend out the shadow.  

A flat-tipped, paddle shaped brush, perfect for applying cream or powder products. You could also use it to apply lipstick with precision or smudge out liner.

A short, rounded, double-chiselled brush with soft natural bristles. I use it to add depth to the lid, very handy when it comes to rusty coloured fall looks where you blend a multitude of brown, orange and red on the lid to create a really cool gradient effect.

This is an extra-fine synthetic brush that is ideal for lining the eyes. It is quite thin so you can manipulate the thickness of the liner and use it all around to define your eyes.

Designed to create sharp lines; I love using this for the inner corners. Especially as the holidays are near, I love a bit of glittery shimmery goodness in my tear ducts. Sparkle. Sparkle. Sparkle! 

 Similar to the MAC 219. It is a very soft brush, slightly fluffier than the 219, but great for blending out the edges of any eye look and diffusing pigmentation to create a soft hazy finish.

Thank you so much for reading. Leave a comment telling me your favourite brushes, I definitely want to hear which ones you love the most and I shall speak to you soon in another post about Halloween costume ideas! Have a great weekend.

Kiran xxx

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Goodie Bag Haul Space NK

As I mentioned in my Space NK Haul if I spent over £150 (which I did, I really did - hides) I got a goodie bag with 28 products that together are worth £150. So this haul is just telling you what is in the goodie bag, I haven't had the opportunity to use any of the products yet but I will keep you informed in future posts on my thoughts. If you are particularly interested in any specific product just leave a comment and I will reply promptly. I will explain briefly the point of each product and which ones I am most excited about and of course you just need to click on the product names to be able to buy it on the Space NK website, like always, as I always leave links to anything I mention. Enjoy!:

There are 28 products in total and they are all the best of the best so read on if you are looking for the best primer, hair care treatment, mascara, lip balm, mask, moisturiser, anti-ageing products, lipstick, all things beauty related are in this haul!

Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm - £48.00
Known as the Eye Elixir, this nourishing balm combines anti-ageing ingredients with Vitamin C and caffeine. Use it twice daily and say goodbye to puffiness and dark circles and hello to younger, plumper looking skin, and fewer wrinkles. A great gift for your mother, that is what I plan to do with mine or save it until I am 25 and need to invest in some decent anti-ageing products.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal - £33.00
The Glow Giver: Becca is an Australian brand that believes in natural flawless skin. This tinted moisturiser will help you achieve such an effect as it contains light reflecting particles, antioxidants, and SPF 25+ filters to protect the skin, it claims to instantly boost radiance and vitality. I would mix a little into my foundation for a dewy radiant finish. 

The Altruistic Oil: This product fortifies the senses with its blissful blend of clary sage, frankincense, rosemary and rose. It smells really lovely and is especially relaxing when you pour some in a nice hot bath. Perfect for the winter months and I absolutely love the packaging. The website says it is designed especially for anyone who has experienced personal trauma, so if you are having a bad day, bad week or year hop in a bath with a glass of your favourite alcoholic beverage (not too much of it as you don't want to drown) and some pretty Diptyque candles. You'll feel at least a tiny bit better, I promise.

The Iconic Balm: This is a renowned restorative lip balm that is a must-have for beauty addicts. Similar, I believe, to Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream that I know is a cult product for many celebrity makeup artists. This balm, however, is formulated with a signature blend of rose flower wax, ceramides and Vitamin E. Pop it on your lips for a plumped up pout that will rival Kylie Jenner's.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum - £45.00
The Complexion Corrector: This is a multi-tasking serum that can tackle any problem your skin may throw at you, be it sun spots, age spots, acne marks, anything. It has unique ingredients that has an exceptional effect on dark spots and uneven skintone. Leaving you looking flawless even without makeup.

The Lash Lengthener: This mascara has a super volumising formula that will rival any pair of wispy lashes you may have. Put the lash glue and tweezers down and opt for this mascara that contains a special combination of natural waxes and rosewater that instantly lengthens, thickens and accentuates lashes without clumping.

The Hair Hydrator: Useful for dry, damaged hair. Use this cream as a quick fix when your hair is not up to scratch, the cream instantly rehydrates hair turning your dry mop into silky smooth, shiny locks.

Diptyque Luxurious Hand Balm - £24.00
The Hand Saviour: This is a comforting balm infused with apricot kernel oil, it replenishes dry skin making it great for hardworking hands and anywhere that needs a little extra TLC. Use it on elbows, heels, knees, any area at all that you feel may benefit from some extra care.

The Award-Winning Moisturiser: This is a lightweight moisturiser that is considered the go-to-treatment for lacklustre complexions. It is scented with Bulgariann Rose Otto and enriched with antioxidants, watch as it smooths and hydrates skin that is in need of nourishment. You know from my recent post on my skincare routine that my favourite moisturiser is Benefit's Triple Emulsion cream, let me know if you're interested in me doing a comparison between the two.

The Targeted Treatment: Offered as an alternative to injections or surgical procedures, this product is a serious youth-boosting fix. A mix of pure ingredients and seaweed extract that combine to reduce the appearance of fine lines and deep creases. Ideal for all skin types. I hope it works at that price.

The Pout Perfector: This cream formula lipstick colours and conditions lips. It is rich in Vitamin E and free from parabens and sulfates, aptly named Grace as it is a stylish nude-pink perfect for the daytime. Wear with a bright gloss on top for a more sparkly night-time option.

The Kindest Toner: Gentle and delicately scented toner containing all-natural ingredients, it removes all traces of dirt and prepares the skin for moisturiser application. With essence of rose and aloe to help regenerate and soothe, this toner will help refresh and revive all skin types.

The Effective Exfoliator: Basically a body scrub for what I can tell, it removes dead skin cells and prepares the body for any further treatments like applying lotion. It is a skin resurfacing treatment and claims to boost cell turnover again promoting healthy, younger looking skin. It is part of a three part skincare system designed by Dr Lancer, you use this first on the face as it is gentle it is suitable for daily use, then this is followed by the Cleanse.

The Colour Canvas: This is one of the best primers on the market. Apply a thin layer of the creamy gel evenly over your face for superior makeup application and a look that stays looking fresh and colour-true all day long.

The Lip Saviour: The perfect pout starts with well-conditioned lips. This purse-friendly salve was designed by Space NK with special ingredients designed to protect and perfect dry chapped lips. Again, a similar product to By Terry's Baum de Rose and Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream. However, this is much more afforable and in an easy to apply package with no lids and screw-tops.

The Hair Saviour: Developed by Jennifer Aniston's hair care brand of choice (I personally would be more impressed if it was Angelina Jolie's)  this primer preps hair for further products while repelling dirt and oil. This helps extend the life of whatever style you choose as it means fewer washes. A great time-saving product.

The Gentle Cleanse: This skincare brand focuses on sensitive skin. The natural grapefruit extract in this foaming gel cleanser purifies the skin without drying, leaving your complexion balanced, hydrated and free of blemishes. It doesn't strip the skin of its vital natural oils but is still able to deeply cleanse. The perfect cleanser for anyone with dry skin or sensitive skin.

The Heat Styling Hero: This spray minimises the damaging effects of heat from blow drying and styling. It repairs the internal structure of damaged strands. A must if you use heat on your hair regularly, a good heat protectant spray is a necessity to keep your hair healthy and pretty. It is especially formulated to protect damaged ends.

The Universal Serum: Contains thirteen active ingredients that work to reduce deep-set wrinkles and uneven skin tone, as well as improving skin elasticity and firmness. Again, a good gift if you're not so into anti-ageing yet.

The One-Minute Wonder: Provides an instant antidote to dull and sluggish city skin. It is designed to be used every three days and is composed of a potent dose water-activated Vitamin C to visibly revitalise and rejuvenate a lacklustre complexion.

The Double Duty Cream: This is an antioxidant-rich cream that provides defence from the sun and works to lift and firm the skin. There is both a day and a night cream, and the price of both combined is the same price as the laptop I am currently typing on.

The A-List Choice: An interestingly names product, bot don't worry no dragons were harmed in the making of this product. This product works by forming a second-skin like film around the face which protects the skin, reduces redness and firms for a smoother complexion.

The Hair Healer: The secret behind this top haircare brand is the Ocean Silk Technology, a combination of algae and other tailor-made ingredients that has a healing effect on hair. This treatment helps transform stressed, overly styled hair into strong, shiny tresses leaving you with the mermaid locks you deserve.

The Daytime Defender: This product is chock full of Vitamin A, antioxidants and omega-rich oils, also has an SPF of 15. It is basically a do-it-all moisturiser that repairs and protects skin against daily stress. I imagine I will be using it a lot during my exams.

The Youth Boost: This mask is specially formulated to work on signs of ageing and fatigue, In just 15 minutes skin is visibly hydrated, plumped, smoothed and re-densified. A welcome tret for tired complexions.

The Backstage Secret: A multi-tasking treatment that is popular backstage at fashion shows, a cult beauty must-have. Use it beneath moisturiser and let its potent blend of ingredients brighten, refine and plump your complexion.

The Eye Contourer: Perfect product that will banish signs of under-eye fatigue, apply this re-usable dry patch for thirty minutes three times a week and watch your under-eye circles disappear before your very eyes.

The Good Sleep Solution: A natural and highly effective sleep remedy, a must-have for insomniacs. I am definitely excited to see if this works. You spray it on your pillow and let the relaxing blend of lavender, vetivert and wild chamomile lull you into a deep sleep.

And that is the end of this haul, thank you so much for reading. I can't wait to try all these wonderful products out and let you know what I think of them in more detail, If you have tried any of the products or are specifically interested in any please leave me a comment and don't forget to follow my blog so you know when my next posts are up. I love writing and hearing from you makes me so so happy so please comment if you got to the end of the post. I apologise that it was so long. Love you all, all my links on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr are alittlekiran. Have a great start to the week.

Kiran xxx

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Autumn Shoe Style

Hello, today I thought I wanted to talk you through some of my favourite style staples for fall/autumn. As winter approaches and the days are getting shorter and colder some of my favourite garments come out of hiding from my wardrobe. Namely, cosy jumpers, sweater dresses, creamy cotton scarves and quilted leather jackets. And the colour grey, of course, everyone seems to channel their inner Eeyore with a massive injection of grey into their outfits, and you can to with this luscious jumper from TopShop.

TopShop Jumper - £36.00 

Fashion bloggers worldwide have imparted all their favourite fall looks, however, so I thought I would try something slightly different and pick out my favourite footwear of the season.  So here are some new shoes that I have been looking at from the Brantano website, which is a great affordable brand. You can get 40% off if you use the code FLASH40 online until this Friday (17th October).I speak from experience when I say their shoes are always supremely comfortable, even the heels, I used to purchase my school shoes religiously from them. Read on to find links to all the stock and to see what I would wear them with.

Boots. Who doesn’t love a good pair of boots? The only style of boots I don’t own are knee-high or over-the-knee boots. This is soon to be rectified though as I love the preppy Ralph Lauren look most of all, with the jodhpurs, glossy boots and collared shirt or polo. To veer away from the classic look into more wintry territory, I think knee high boots look fantastic with any pair of tight fitting trouser and jumper combination for a low maintenance casual look, or even with a knit sweater dress and bare legs to add a bit of sex appeal.

Picture right taken from @riverisland Instagram account

Knee-high boots - £48.00

My favourite style of boot is the ankle boot. It is timeless and is flattering on all females, they make your legs look slimmer, they make your walk more graceful and they just look superb paired with anything, whether it is office wear with a pencil skirt and a ruffled blouse or a simple skater dress with a biker jacket thrown over the top. This is a life staple, because heeled ankle boots can be worn whatever the weather, night or day. These two are my favourite, classic black as you can never go wrong with black and then one with a snakeskin motif mixed in to make it more interesting.

Pictured left Blogger and YouTuber Lily Melrose , photo taken from her Instagram account @llymlrs

Clarks Katelina Black Ankle Boots - £70.00
Snake Ankle Boots - £38.00

Pictures bottom left and top right from Blogger and YouTuber +BECCA ROSE 

Hard Metal Bootie Ankle Boots in Black - £42.00
Hard Metal Bootie Ankle Boots in Grey - £42.00

No autumn/winter wardrobe is complete without fur lining. Fur lining on coats and hoods, scarves and snoods, and shoes. Lace-up boots look really prim and proper to me, I always feel very polished and put-together when I wear them and they can look really great with your favourite jeans. Blue jeans and brown boots go especially well together, and it enables you to put the black away for a while.

Finally, these round toed shoes are all the rage, the summer was about peep-toes and the return of the court shoe (feel free to check out my post on that by clicking here). With it being winter steer away from the brights and pastels unless we are talking orange or red, typical autumnal shades, and stay with the blacks, browns and greys. These are perfect for a night out with a party dress or playsuit.

Picture left taken from Blogger and YouTuber @jackiewyers from her Instagram

Grey Court Shoes - £32.00

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you liked this post and if you did leave a comment, click onany of the product names to buy any of the shoes featured in this post. You can get 40% off any Brantano Footwear until this Friday if you use the code FLASH40 at the checkout screen! 

Thanks again, all my social media usernames are alittlekiran. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+, if you like my blog please follow and leave a comment. I will see you all very soon! Lots of love. 

Kiran xxx

Friday, 10 October 2014

SPACE NK HAUL | The Beauty Anthology Event

Space NK is basically my all time favourite store, it has selected skin care and makeup lines like some wonderful human went out into the big wide world and hand picked the best (and most expensive) brands for beauty and put them all in one lovely shop. I only discovered Space NK upon moving to Leamington Spa and as soon as I entered I knew I had found something special.They have everything you need: trained professional artists as staff that give you great advice and tips as well as recommendations; the best range of brands from hair to skin to makeup to even detoxing; and lots of testers. They actually encourage you to try before you buy, in a similar way to how I imagine Sephora operates. Please bring a Sephora to England, somebody, please.

You can get a Space NK card which means you collect points with every purchase which means money off products in the future and you can get invited to very cool events, much like the one I just attended.

The Beauty Anthology Event was held on 17th September from 6-8pm, they had sushi, champagne and cocktails. Cosmopolitan, I believe, was the cocktail choice and I felt very Carrie Bradshaw drinking it. I have never really developed a taste for sushi, but this sushi was very good, fresh and tasty. The point of this event was for customers to spend over £150 in store and they would receive a goodie bag with £150 worth of their favourite products. I went with the mentality that over time I would spend that much money here so why not do it today and get a bunch of free things. A good mentality, I like to think,

The staff who are also professional makeup artists were there on hand, happy to give advice and answer any questions or issues we may have with our skin or makeup. The lovely woman that attended to me had just been abroad working as a freelance artist and she was telling me her favourite items in her Travel Kit that help her skin look well rested and refreshed, she was a big fan of Nude skincare, particularly the replenishing oil and overnight repair mask. I love the brightening fizzy powder but I didn't buy any of it. So. . .


I bought makeup, specifically Laura Mercier and By Terry makeup. I have never bought anything from Laura Mercier, I desperately wanted the Silk Creme foundation when it first came out but they didn't have my shade in stock so I went without.

Today, though, the makeup artist tried the Silk Creme foundation on one half of my face and the new Flawless Fluide foundation on the other half to see which one I preferred. I definitely liked the oil-free Flawless Fluide one a lot more. The Silk Creme foundation seems to sit on the skin, even though it looks nice and blends well with a high coverage it doesn't feel like skin, whereas the oil free foundation seems to melt into the skin whilst still leaving it looking like healthy, clear skin.

And because I got the foundation, I had to get the powder and concealer as well, I got a shade lighter in the powder to brighten the skin (there is another tip) and the Secret Camouflage concealer which seems like a good buy for the future when I'll care enough to hide all my imperfections.

I also snatched up this gorgeous cheek colour called Lotus Pink that looks especially lovely high on the cheekbones and temples as it is quite a shimmery highly pigmented colour. You can just use your foundation brush to blend it into the skin. I wear this every day, it really helps to make me look awake and alive. 

From By Terry, as there was a lovely woman with gorgeous fiery red hair from the brand, I looked at their eye products. I already had their mascara in the blue shade, I got it in Paris and I adore it. The wand and formula as well as the colour are all sublime, plus it acts as a serum for your lashes. The packaging is beautiful, you couldn't ask for more.

Sometimes, I cheat and I use the By Terry wand with other black mascaras and it works great like that as well. I caved, however, and got the By Terry mascara in black and the Ombre Blackstar Cream Shadow Stick in Bronze Moon.

 I have a lot of neutral palettes and I think this would work really well with the Sleek Au Naturel Palette and the Naked 3 palette. 

Finally, I got the holy grail of all foundations which is Nars Sheer Glow. I have coveted this for years and I keep going back and trying it on and loving the finish and feel of the product but never quite enough to buy it. Until now. I got the shade Barcelona, it matches really well. It's a great foundation so I am glad I took the plunge, I just need the pump now so I can use it without creating chaos everywhere. 

What I was really on the hunt for was a good contouring product, I already have Nars in Casino and the Sleek Contour Face Kit in Medium, both great products, but I wanted to see if I could find anything that worked better. Short answer: I didn't. So, if you know any good contouring products for more olive/yellow skin tones let me know.

Thank you so much for reading, I will do more in depth reviews and tutorials on the products I purchased here in the near future, so let me know if you would like to see anything specific. I would love to know what you think of the products, you can let me know via Twitter, Instagram (all alittlekiran) or leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. Nothing would make me happier than to hear from you guys. Thank you, as always, for your support and kindness. The next post will be about all the little treasures I got in my goodie bag! Lots of love.

Kiran xxx
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