Thursday, 16 October 2014

Autumn Shoe Style

Hello, today I thought I wanted to talk you through some of my favourite style staples for fall/autumn. As winter approaches and the days are getting shorter and colder some of my favourite garments come out of hiding from my wardrobe. Namely, cosy jumpers, sweater dresses, creamy cotton scarves and quilted leather jackets. And the colour grey, of course, everyone seems to channel their inner Eeyore with a massive injection of grey into their outfits, and you can to with this luscious jumper from TopShop.

TopShop Jumper - £36.00 

Fashion bloggers worldwide have imparted all their favourite fall looks, however, so I thought I would try something slightly different and pick out my favourite footwear of the season.  So here are some new shoes that I have been looking at from the Brantano website, which is a great affordable brand. You can get 40% off if you use the code FLASH40 online until this Friday (17th October).I speak from experience when I say their shoes are always supremely comfortable, even the heels, I used to purchase my school shoes religiously from them. Read on to find links to all the stock and to see what I would wear them with.

Boots. Who doesn’t love a good pair of boots? The only style of boots I don’t own are knee-high or over-the-knee boots. This is soon to be rectified though as I love the preppy Ralph Lauren look most of all, with the jodhpurs, glossy boots and collared shirt or polo. To veer away from the classic look into more wintry territory, I think knee high boots look fantastic with any pair of tight fitting trouser and jumper combination for a low maintenance casual look, or even with a knit sweater dress and bare legs to add a bit of sex appeal.

Picture right taken from @riverisland Instagram account

Knee-high boots - £48.00

My favourite style of boot is the ankle boot. It is timeless and is flattering on all females, they make your legs look slimmer, they make your walk more graceful and they just look superb paired with anything, whether it is office wear with a pencil skirt and a ruffled blouse or a simple skater dress with a biker jacket thrown over the top. This is a life staple, because heeled ankle boots can be worn whatever the weather, night or day. These two are my favourite, classic black as you can never go wrong with black and then one with a snakeskin motif mixed in to make it more interesting.

Pictured left Blogger and YouTuber Lily Melrose , photo taken from her Instagram account @llymlrs

Clarks Katelina Black Ankle Boots - £70.00
Snake Ankle Boots - £38.00

Pictures bottom left and top right from Blogger and YouTuber +BECCA ROSE 

Hard Metal Bootie Ankle Boots in Black - £42.00
Hard Metal Bootie Ankle Boots in Grey - £42.00

No autumn/winter wardrobe is complete without fur lining. Fur lining on coats and hoods, scarves and snoods, and shoes. Lace-up boots look really prim and proper to me, I always feel very polished and put-together when I wear them and they can look really great with your favourite jeans. Blue jeans and brown boots go especially well together, and it enables you to put the black away for a while.

Finally, these round toed shoes are all the rage, the summer was about peep-toes and the return of the court shoe (feel free to check out my post on that by clicking here). With it being winter steer away from the brights and pastels unless we are talking orange or red, typical autumnal shades, and stay with the blacks, browns and greys. These are perfect for a night out with a party dress or playsuit.

Picture left taken from Blogger and YouTuber @jackiewyers from her Instagram

Grey Court Shoes - £32.00

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you liked this post and if you did leave a comment, click onany of the product names to buy any of the shoes featured in this post. You can get 40% off any Brantano Footwear until this Friday if you use the code FLASH40 at the checkout screen! 

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Kiran xxx


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