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Current Skincare Routine | Tips for Clear Skin

I recently ran out of the majority of my skincare products, so my skincare routine has been switched up a little. I have started to become more interested in looking after my skin as I think it has a direct bearing on my confidence. But at the same time I don't want to fritter away all my money on skincare products so instead of searching through the epic gems in Space NK, I opted for trusty Superdrug instead. I picked up a new scrub and a mask, thankfully I am loving both and they are very inexpensive. 

This scrub gently exfoliates the skin removing dead skin cells and controlling the appearance of blackheads and blemishes. I love using exfoliating products on my face as I think they provide a deeper clean, however, facial scrubs especially when used daily can actually irritate spots thus increasing the redness. Fortunately, with this scrub it is designed specially for use multiple times a week. I have been using it for several months now, it has definitely been a summer favourite of mine and my skin has noticeably been more clearer. 


A tip I recommend is either purchase a gentle face wash like Vitamin E from The Body Shop range or dilute your favourite scrub with a moisturiser or cleanser making it softer and less abrasive on the skin. A body buffer also can help exfoliate the skin, this can be used with face wash and masks also.

Face masks are my favourite thing, they make such a huge difference to my skin so I was very sceptical when I came across the Superdrug range of face masks, they have a good variety that all specifically target different problems. I chose this Detoxifying Dead Sea Mud mask which comes in a cute purple bottle and is enriched with ultra-purifying Dead Sea Mud. This mask unclogs your pores and draws out all the muck, dirt and impurities embedded in your skin. You have to leave it on for a while, the directions suggest around fifteen minutes but I suggest wait until it feels quite stiff on your face and then use warm water and a cleanser to get it off as it can be quite tough to remove. It leaves your skin feeling soft and bright and you can instantly see a difference. A great find, the only thing I dislike is the slight tingly feeling and it starts to feel itchy five minutes after application. 


Masks are a very personal thing, the most obvious way to find a routine that works for you is to identify the issues you have with your skin. You need to know your skin type and then get a mask that is best suited for you, if you have acne issues, or oiliness you want a mask that will counteract this. A YouTuber called Tati who has a great channel full of great beauty tips, plus she posts daily did a video not so long ago about multi-masking, you can watch the short video below. 

I am aware that this is a very expensive product and of course there are cheaper alternatives, like Tea Tree Lotion from Body Shop great for people with spot prone skin, but for some reason my love for this Benefit moisturiser just won't die. I can't get enough of it. I bought a new bottle from depop last week for a fraction of the price, so I highly recommend that you look on the depop app for anything you want because you may be able to get it a lot cheaper if you just look. 
Why do I love this product? Well, it's a lightweight formula, very thin and hydrating, perfect for mixing with primer as a long-lasting base for foundation, it's also oil free and as I have combination skin I like to use oil free products. It contains SPF - only 15 though - I wouldn't recommend it for those with a dry skin as then you would use up the product quite quickly. My first bottle lasted me ages, almost two years which I think is really fantastic, a little does go a long way and I honestly don't see myself not using this product any time soon. It is brilliant.


You always want your moisturiser to have an SPF so you have some protection from the sun, you will appreciate this step when you are older so trust me on this. Once you find a good moisturiser stick with it as long as you can still see the benefits of the product, sometimes skin tends to stay the same as the product doesn't work as well after time if that is the case then try something new. You can read reviews and ask your friends what they like to use. Again, it all depends on your skin, if you have dry skin you will want a thicker, more hydrating moisturiser, you could mix an illuminator or a cream higlighter in it to give you a dewy radiant glow. For oilier skins you want oil-free nourishing products that render your face matte, so your base isn't slippy when applying foundation so the products don't move on the skin.

Thank you so much for reading, let me know what your holy grail skin products are, I love hearing about all the products you guys love. Thank you for all your feedback and your patience, your support and kindness never goes unnoticed so thank you again. I have quite a few different ideas for some posts this week, but let me know any suggestions you have. Remember, you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and I now even have Pinterest. My username is alittlekiran for all of this! Lots of love.

Kiran xxx


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