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Halloween Costume Ideas

Just don't be a cat, okay? Promise me. I hate cats, not just because they are self-important creatures that don't like to play or offer you comfort but because they are the least imaginative Halloween costume ever. You're better than a cat, okay? You are. Trust me. That being said, if you really want to be a cat, be the best cat ever. You go Glen Coco! Now for some simple, yet great and easy costume ideas that require you not to buy anything if you don't want to but just to get a little creative with your makeup and wardrobe. Some of these are just fancy dress ideas, for those of you who still want to look seriously hot. I cater for all.



If you're blonde, be Barbie. If you're not blonde, even more reason to be Barbie. It adds to the shock factor. Wear a pink dress and some white high heels or black pumps, glittery pink lips with extra glitter, shimmery lids with thick lashes and done. A cheap blonde wig if you don't have blonde hair will only add to the look as Barbie dolls have the worst hair anyway, it's so coarse and straw-like, a wig will only add to the authenticity. Below is a Barbie tutorial from Jackie Wyers and a makeup tutorial from Made in Chelsea's Binky Felstead that seems very Barbie-esque.

Cleopatra for you darker-haired girls, and as a somewhat darker-skinned girl this is definitely more suited to my colouring. Here is a makeup tutorial by Kaushal Beauty which looks great. A white or gold dress or bedsheet, even an oversized t-shirt could work. Maybe a cheap headpiece, or a necklace fastened as a headband could work really well. To make it scary you could go as the dead queen, so I would make my face look as ghostly and hollow as possible.


The easiest costume ever is to just paint your face, there are a million different tutorials on sugar skulls and half skulls and every other kind of skull imagineable. That's an instant costume and all you need is eyeshadow. A lot of the tutorials use various kinds of paint that you have to order especially, but don't do that. It is a total waste of money. I went as a half skull for a Halloween party last year and I just used what I had which is eyeshadow. Make sure you use primer, foundation and then powder on top so the shadow doesn't mix with the foundation. I used a matte eyeshadow palette from H&M but all you need is a white eyeshadow and a black eyeshadow, even a gel or cheap liquid liner will work, just layer and layer until you are happy with the colour payoff.


If you don't mind spending money you can buy some Face Lace and be a very pretty sugar skull like you can see Sam is from Pixiwoo, you can buy face lace from and it is about £23. If you want to be creative with your makeup rather than your clothes, you can wear whatever you like and just draw some cuts on your face or smear red lipstick underneath your eyes and go as a zombie or dead school girl. I really like Nic from Pixiwoo's Chucky tutorial, the cuts look really creepy. You could go as a doll, a broken doll, or a dead version of any book or movie character, even yourself. 



If you want a very easy costume you could just buy a mask, or wear a onesie. I wore a Hulk onesie in my first year. Masks are fairly cheap, you should be able to pick one up from Poundland. Don't be afraid to think out of the box, even if you don't want to be scary and you want to go as the prettiest fairy in the world, go for it. Halloween is all about having fun, and being whoever you want to be>


On a similar note, Halloween is a chance to use all those eyeshadows that you never usually touch. So have a look, if you have a lot of blue eyeshadows that are basically untouched go as an Avatar or as Myst from X Men. Or a Smurf. If you have yellow go as Pikachu or a Simpson character. There are so many different options. There is a costume idea for every colour in the world, you could even go as a planet in fact. Please leave me a comment telling me what you are going as for Halloween, or if you like any of these ideas! And tag and tweet me your costumes and I'll retweet and repost them on Instagram and Twitter. All my social media links are alittlekiran. Have a brilliant Halloween!

Kiran xxx

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