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SPACE NK HAUL | The Beauty Anthology Event

Space NK is basically my all time favourite store, it has selected skin care and makeup lines like some wonderful human went out into the big wide world and hand picked the best (and most expensive) brands for beauty and put them all in one lovely shop. I only discovered Space NK upon moving to Leamington Spa and as soon as I entered I knew I had found something special.They have everything you need: trained professional artists as staff that give you great advice and tips as well as recommendations; the best range of brands from hair to skin to makeup to even detoxing; and lots of testers. They actually encourage you to try before you buy, in a similar way to how I imagine Sephora operates. Please bring a Sephora to England, somebody, please.

You can get a Space NK card which means you collect points with every purchase which means money off products in the future and you can get invited to very cool events, much like the one I just attended.

The Beauty Anthology Event was held on 17th September from 6-8pm, they had sushi, champagne and cocktails. Cosmopolitan, I believe, was the cocktail choice and I felt very Carrie Bradshaw drinking it. I have never really developed a taste for sushi, but this sushi was very good, fresh and tasty. The point of this event was for customers to spend over £150 in store and they would receive a goodie bag with £150 worth of their favourite products. I went with the mentality that over time I would spend that much money here so why not do it today and get a bunch of free things. A good mentality, I like to think,

The staff who are also professional makeup artists were there on hand, happy to give advice and answer any questions or issues we may have with our skin or makeup. The lovely woman that attended to me had just been abroad working as a freelance artist and she was telling me her favourite items in her Travel Kit that help her skin look well rested and refreshed, she was a big fan of Nude skincare, particularly the replenishing oil and overnight repair mask. I love the brightening fizzy powder but I didn't buy any of it. So. . .


I bought makeup, specifically Laura Mercier and By Terry makeup. I have never bought anything from Laura Mercier, I desperately wanted the Silk Creme foundation when it first came out but they didn't have my shade in stock so I went without.

Today, though, the makeup artist tried the Silk Creme foundation on one half of my face and the new Flawless Fluide foundation on the other half to see which one I preferred. I definitely liked the oil-free Flawless Fluide one a lot more. The Silk Creme foundation seems to sit on the skin, even though it looks nice and blends well with a high coverage it doesn't feel like skin, whereas the oil free foundation seems to melt into the skin whilst still leaving it looking like healthy, clear skin.

And because I got the foundation, I had to get the powder and concealer as well, I got a shade lighter in the powder to brighten the skin (there is another tip) and the Secret Camouflage concealer which seems like a good buy for the future when I'll care enough to hide all my imperfections.

I also snatched up this gorgeous cheek colour called Lotus Pink that looks especially lovely high on the cheekbones and temples as it is quite a shimmery highly pigmented colour. You can just use your foundation brush to blend it into the skin. I wear this every day, it really helps to make me look awake and alive. 

From By Terry, as there was a lovely woman with gorgeous fiery red hair from the brand, I looked at their eye products. I already had their mascara in the blue shade, I got it in Paris and I adore it. The wand and formula as well as the colour are all sublime, plus it acts as a serum for your lashes. The packaging is beautiful, you couldn't ask for more.

Sometimes, I cheat and I use the By Terry wand with other black mascaras and it works great like that as well. I caved, however, and got the By Terry mascara in black and the Ombre Blackstar Cream Shadow Stick in Bronze Moon.

 I have a lot of neutral palettes and I think this would work really well with the Sleek Au Naturel Palette and the Naked 3 palette. 

Finally, I got the holy grail of all foundations which is Nars Sheer Glow. I have coveted this for years and I keep going back and trying it on and loving the finish and feel of the product but never quite enough to buy it. Until now. I got the shade Barcelona, it matches really well. It's a great foundation so I am glad I took the plunge, I just need the pump now so I can use it without creating chaos everywhere. 

What I was really on the hunt for was a good contouring product, I already have Nars in Casino and the Sleek Contour Face Kit in Medium, both great products, but I wanted to see if I could find anything that worked better. Short answer: I didn't. So, if you know any good contouring products for more olive/yellow skin tones let me know.

Thank you so much for reading, I will do more in depth reviews and tutorials on the products I purchased here in the near future, so let me know if you would like to see anything specific. I would love to know what you think of the products, you can let me know via Twitter, Instagram (all alittlekiran) or leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. Nothing would make me happier than to hear from you guys. Thank you, as always, for your support and kindness. The next post will be about all the little treasures I got in my goodie bag! Lots of love.

Kiran xxx

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