Tuesday, 4 November 2014

IPhone Screen Problem | Apple Repairs

Hello loves, I am quite literally having one of the most stressful weeks I have ever had. Nothing serious has happened, it has just been a non-stop accumulation of a lot of little things I'm in my final year and I just feel really scared about the future, my phone has suddenly decided to stop working (which is what this post is about, don't worry I'll stop moaning soon), I'm not getting anywhere with my dissertation and I just wake up I'm the morning not wanting to talk or see anybody. I'll snap out of it soon, I know. I also know that my problems are minuscule in the grand scheme of things, no-one cares and there are definitely more important  issues in the world. 

But recently (a week ago to be exact) my phone died as it does when you forget to plug it in to be charged after several warning signs and then following this it started to vibrate every five-ten seconds. The screen stayed blank but the phone kept vibrating. I left iron charge hoping to get it fixed the next day but it wasn't. I called the places purchased the phone from over a year ago (affordablemobiles.com) and they told me to call Apple. 

I called Apple, a total of two times. I had already booked an appointment with the Apple Genius Bar in Solihull for today (Tuesday 4th November) because I have a tendency to expect the worst. On the phone they told me to see if I could connect to iTunes and I could and then they suggested restoring the phone. I did that and briefly the screen came up again and it started up like it was a new phone. I restored it but it failed during the process and reverted to its constantly vibrating state and blank screen. 

For a few days I kept trying to restore my phone, thinking a repeat of what happened before would occur and I would have a working phone again. But it just kept failing at some time during the process. I tried it again this morning and the apple logo came up on my screen and I almost screamed with happiness except it failed. Again. 

So I got on the train (the train station was having a fire drill when I arrived and I almost burst into tears thinking that I would miss my Apple appointment, I just can't catch a break. But it was all okay!) and made my appointment at the Genius Bar. I spoke to the alleged genius and after a bit of dithering the guy told me that it was because when my screen shattered it was repaired by a non-Apple company. Which it was, over the summer I took my phone to a guy on the night street when I dropped it on the way to Costa and it was cracked in several million different places. I can't deal with a cracked phone and I have a lot of respect for the people that just put up with it. The guy charged £35 which was a lot less than what Apple would have charged me. 

My phone was fine for several months after that, it was working fine and doing fine it was only last week that it became a blank canvas. According to Apple, the guy didn't do a good job and there are missing screws which means my screen can't receive video. Apple also. Said that due to this "Unauthorised Apple Repair" Apple would not fix my phone nor would they give me a replacement or really help me in any way. I wasn't aware of this, so heads up if you have an Apple product go to Apple to get it fixed they charge monstrous amounts but at least you have the security that they can replace your gadget if it is irreparable. 

I decided spontaneously to go home, I had two days off university anyway and it would be good to just regroup and have a home-cooked meal and a hug from my Dad who by the way just said "You could have got a Samsung phone". Thanks Dad. On the way, I stopped at the Bullring store and they said to go back to the place I got my screen fixed or try Cex,which is another techy place. I went to the guy who fixed my screen and he was really nice he insisted it was a software problem and that the screen wouldn't have been working perfectly fine for months if he had repaired it improperly. The guy promised to try and fix it for me in two days, and I am praying that he will! 

I'll keep you all updated. I can't post as much because I don't have a camera (no iPhone, sobs uncontrollably) but know that I really want to. I'm sorry for the nature of this post, I just wanted to get this off my chest. I hope you're all having a better day than me. Lots of love and hopefully I will post again really soon. If you fancy cheering me up you could follow my blog, maybe? That would mean a lot to me. I have only around eight followers (God, I sound so desperate) but I get on average around 60-80 views a day, which makes no sense to me. I want to do give always and things and I can't do that without a higher number of followers.

 Stay safe and smile because Christmas is coming! 

Kiran xxx

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