Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Perfect Holiday Palette: Bedazzled

With the holiday season fast approaching, everyone gets a little more daring with their makeup. You begin to see super flawless skin, dark berry lips and bold eye makeup. Glitter is a must-have around this time of year, and with good reason, with Christmas almost in touching distance everyone wants to feel just as sparkly as the perfectly decorated towns we live in. You don't have to break the bank to wear highly pigmented shadows that boast glitter that just won't quit, because there is a fabulous find in your nearest Superdrug for less than £5. 

It comes in a small compact cardboard packaging, so very easy to slip into your purse/clutch on a night out for touch ups. There are a total of nine shadows, all very glittery and highly pigmented. There are a nice range of colours, you have your bolder, more striking and vivid green, blues and purples with the softer whites and golds and browns to balance the palette out. 

Colours: On the left are the more daring shades, going from top to bottom, you have a bright purple, which would look fantastic with green or brown eyes, you could run it through your lower lash line for a nice pop of colour, followed by a darker christmassy green and a royal blue. These shades remind me of tinsel. In the middle, you have a softer, more subtle gray, a very glittery and highly pigmented black and a white, which is an excellent highlighting shade for the inner corners and brow bone. Finally, my favourite column of colours, there is a pale champagne gold, which could be used as a highlight for slighter deeper skinned ladies (like me) or if you're just experimenting with a darker colour palette, beneath that is my favourite shade of all which is a very rich glittery gold which reminds me of the chocolate gold coins in shops, and last but not least a warm, glittery brown.

I only recently stumbled across this palette as I was rooting through my drawers back at home, and I was pleasantly surprised with how pigmented it was. I placed the gold shade all over my lid (left, middle row) using my finger tip, which deposits the most colour, and blended it out with a matte brown shade from a different palette. I really liked the way it looked, and it lasted all day without primer. I love golds, I have a great many different gold shadows as I think they pair especially well with brown eyes. 

Leave a comment telling me what your favourite holiday palette is and follow my blog for a chance to win a Collection Bedazzled Palette! I am going to spend the rest of the week scouring Boots, Debenhams, Space NK and Selfridges to have a sneaky look at all the holiday collections out. I really love this time of year. Thank you so much for reading, if you made it this far please follow my blog if you like it. All my social media links are alittlekiran. Love to you all ♥.

Kiran xxx


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