Thursday, 11 December 2014

Coming Out?

As a disclaimer I'm not gay, this isn't about my personal journey or struggle it's just a few uncensored thoughts about the struggle other people may face. I recently (about two minutes ago actually) watched Connor Franta's video entitled Coming Out and I found it shocking for three different reasons. 

The first is quite inconsequential but I honestly thought he was an openly gay YouTuber and had been for the duration of his career so I was surprised that his sexual orientation (not that it is anyone's business because it really isn't) wasn't common knowledge. I just took it for granted that everyone already knew, I don't know why I thought he was gay prior to his announcement I just did I guess. 

Secondly, as I was watching it and he revealed all the turmoil and distress he felt preceding the making of the video I was genuinely perplexed. To me, in 2014, I feel like being gay and coming out isn't such an issue as it was some years ago. In Connor's case he explained that he felt he couldn't admit it to himself and that he has struggled with this for most of his life and that really opened my eyes. Even though being gay isn't as frowned upon in today's society, it can be a huge burden on anyone who is afraid (for whatever reason) to come out. As I have never had to battle with this I can't fully relate but I definitely have a renewed appreciation for the courage that is shown by those who do "come out" even though there is no guarantee that people will react positively. 

Which brings me to my final and most important point: the comments. Wow. The sheer mass of comments labelling him as a sinner and an abomination actually makes me feel sick. Of course there were (hopefully) just as many if not more comments supporting him. But the number of likes these quite nasty comments got just shocks me. I believe in God (and no I really don't care about what you have to say about that) and I have my own religion. My religion says that EVERYONE IS EQUAL and should be treated as such. Now I don't know much about all other religions but I am fairly certain that Christianity also stated the same. Why can't we just leave it at that? We are all people, we should all be able to feel like we can be ourselves (to an extent I don't think people should go on mass killing sprees or anything). Even if you think being gay is a sin, who are you to say to someone that they are an abomination? You don't have that right, only God has that right. Just be nice, okay? I really like it when people are nice.

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