Monday, 1 December 2014

Music Monday | Shawn Mendes

As a response to all the wonderful things you guys have said to me about my reviews for the One Direction album (click here) and Taylor Swift's 1989 album (click here), I wanted to be a bit more open about the music I listen to and am loving currently. I have quite varied taste in music, I am able to listen and appreciate most genres (except heavy metal, it's just not my cup of tea), I like chart music as well obviously if my previous album reviews are anything to go by. In this post, to keep it short I just wanted to mention one artist that I have recently become addicted to.

Which would be Shawn Mendes, he is very young and was propelled into stardom via the social platform of Vine, he does covers of popular songs and eventually garnered millions of fans worldwide which prompted his record deal. He has released an EP and the two songs I am currently listening to on repeat are Show You and The Weight. He was also featured in The Vamps Oh Cecilia which is another great song if you haven't heard it, or already love it click on the video below.

The Weight is probably my favourite, there is just something very appealing about the way his voice sounds there is a gravelly quality to it that I can't describe, so here is the lyric video which I like more than most official videos, you can tell a lot of effort and thought were put into his lyric videos, they could actually work as a music video in their own right. 

As for, Show You, the initial opening lines of the song made me think I would detest it, it sounds really petty at first and talks about not being able to watch a TV show or  "walk the streets at night", it made me think he was just an ungrateful brat but once it got to the chorus it speeds up and gives you the chance to properly get into it. The song is just about proving your capable and it turns out to be quite uplifting and positive in the end. His vocals are consistently good as well. 

Thank you for reading this short and sweet music post, I might make this a regular thing depending on all of you reading this, if you like it leave a comment. I am always interested in hearing new music so comment a song I should listen to, or just tell me if you like my "Music Monday" post. I would love to know what you guys want to see, have a lovely day and listen to these tracks to perk up your Monday blues. You can find me on all social media, my username is alittlekiran.



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