Friday, 2 January 2015

2015: What's Your Resolution?

It's always the biggest question at this time of year, but all my social media feeds are filled with people saying "if you really want to change you don't need to wait until the January 1st". Which is true, but there is something appealing about a new year, it is a fresh start in many ways and sometimes a clean slate is just what someone needs to make a real change. Yes they are hard to stick to and honestly I don't think I have ever properly stuck to a New Year's Resolution but who is to say that this year I won't? So I'll share a few of mine with you and hopefully you will share yours with me in the comments. 

Here are a few funny resolutions I have come across on Instagram, you can follow me by clicking here.

1. Do more of what you love: Travelling, reading, blogging. Just do it. I love visiting new countries and seeing new things, and I love reading for pleasure,  I want to enjoy every day as much as possible.

2. Be healthier. It's the same every year but I feel like the day I don't try and do this is the day that I just give up on life and I'm not there yet. So here's to eating more fruit and veg and less Pringles. Start small, guys, start small.

3. Don't be a lazy bum. I stole this off Kingsley (YouTuber), I, too, am guilty of cancelling, making excuses and rearranging plans just so I don't have to change out of my pyjamas. I want to have adventures this year, it's my last year of uni and being helped financially by the government so I want to take trips to London, drink champagne, visit my friends and go on spa days. 

4. Get rid of all the clutter I possess. The amount of makeup and clothes I have littered in disarray around my room is a joke. I want my room to look like this and not a disaster site: 

5. Being proactive, and keeping on top of things. I am the worst procrastinator and it feels so much better to get things done on time and not waste days just fretting. So getting stuff done is a big one for me. 

And I want to leave you with this, which I found on my Tumblr feed. If you don't have a resolution then just focus on improving yourself. I know that the New Year is considered a time for change for the idealistic but no-one should be cynical all the time. If you want to change, why not now? 

"2015 will be a selfish year. My time and focus will be invested on me. On improving myself. I want to become a better person physically and mentally. I want to let go of my fears and learn to love myself."

Thank you for reading, tell me your resolutions in the comments below. I am eager to hear them, thank you for all your support and I hope we all get to do more of what we love in 2015 

Love ♥

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