Monday, 5 January 2015

Music Monday | Tori Kelly and Leroy Sanchez

We're back to the start of the week again, and for me it is back to uni as I am sure a lot of you are returning to normal after the holidays. I hope you're all ready and raring to go and here is some music that I love, from Tori Kelly and Leroy Sanchez, to keep you smiling. Click the links to go to their YouTube pages below:

Tori Kelly is one of my favourite artists, a friend introduced me to her covers last year and I have been obsessed ever since. She did a Taylor Swift medley with AJ Rafael featuring You Belong To Me, Sparks Fly, We're Never Getting Back Together, Mine, Know You Better and all of her other popular songs. I love her covers of Justin Timberlake's Suit and Tie, and my all time favourite cover of Frank Ocean's Thinking Bout You. She recently gained fame, I am a huge fan of her collaboration with Professor Green in Lullaby and her own singles are incredible as well. 

She has a really great voice, so she is definitely worth checking out. Dear No One is a great song and brings me to my second artist that I am loving which is Leroy Sanchez, he does amazing covers, each on garners hundreds of thousands of hits sometimes over a million and it's just because he is brilliant. He did a cover of Tori Kelly's Dear No One (to watch hers click here) which you can watch below, it's great. He's great. 

Now for a cover that I love more than the original, he did a cover of Ariana Grande's Break Free, you all know how much I love acoustic covers, they just touch my heart. So check this one out:

Let me know in the comments if you like any of these covers, my favourite is TK's Swift medley and cover of Thinking About You and of course tell me your favourite songs that make you feel better about life instantly! Have a brilliant week and try not to break any of your resolutions just yet.

Love ♥

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