Friday, 16 January 2015

The Struggle | Wing It Out

Hello, I have spoken before about how difficult I find it to line my eyes, but stupidly I still insist on buying liquid eyeliners just in case overnight I somehow master my demons. Rest assured, that hasn't happened. But just because you're not the best at something, doesn't mean you shouldn't try. The way learn and become good at something is practice. Practice makes perfect. So I thought I would share with you the difficulties I have and the end result, in the hope that you can give me some tips and also feel free to tell me anything you struggle with, makeup or otherwise. Let's be honest.

To achieve this look I used Eyeko Skinny eyeliner in Black, it is very fine  and precise. Basically an ideal liduid liner, if you possess more finesse than me you could get a perfect line quite easily. The way I apply my eyeliner is to start in the middle of my eye, as close as possible to the lashline and then extend it out into a wing and then I do the inner lash line which is a lot easier. I used a black matte shadow for the lower lash line and a flat top brush. I don't line the entire bottom lash line because it closes the eye and makes it look smaller.

I wear glasses, so my eyesight is quite impaired, also I feel more confident about getting away with imperfect liner because there is a barrier between that line and the rest of the world. My tips for getting a better line, is a big mirror so you can angle your face the best possible way to see your eye. Look down when applying it, and if you're applying it for the first time perhaps sketch it out with an angle brush and black shadow.

I used a By Terry cream shadow stick in Bronze Moon on the lids and By Terry Mascara in Black, which has to be my favourite mascara in the world. I fully intend to get one in every colour, I already have blue and black, the purple looks gorgeous.

Thank you very much for reading, let me know your makeup struggles or any tips you have for me in the comments. Additionally, what is your favourite liquid liner? I have heard that Kat Von D tattoo liner is very good and Urban Decay Perversion. I truly love reading your comments. Don't forget to follow and like and share my Facebook page. Help me reach the people! Have a lovely day.

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