Thursday, 26 February 2015

Dakota Johnson | Style

Okay I know everyone has been talking about the Fifty Shades movie, but I don't care about that. What I do care about is Dakota Johnson's amazing looks as of late. I think her style has been refreshing and gorgeous.

This stunning vivid red dress is by Yves Saint Laurent and it is utterly dazzling. One of my favourite ever red carpet looks to date. The ponytail is so understated and simple, it shows off the one shoulder detail and her fringe softens her features. Love this look. 

I love how fun this mirror ball dress from Sonia Rykel is. I even like the faux fur, like she's stepped out of Studio 54 in the 70's. It's fun, quirky and youthful. Styled to perfection. 

Another Saint Laurent gown, who can blame her she wears them so well, this time in a pale angelic hue with a daring neckline. She looks radiant and healthy and I love the deep subtle lip as a pop of colour contrast. 

Thank you for reading. Let me know your favourite Dakota Johnson look in the comments. I think her street style is awesome as well. If you would like a post with high street inspired options of her dresses let me know and if you have any suggestions for future posts let me know. All my social media links are to the right if you wish to check them out and of course don't forget to follow. 

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Drugstore Haul

Somehow, I have managed to run out of all of my basic products simultaneously, this includes concealer, moisturiser, facial scrub and shower gel, even toothpaste. I don't know how this happened and it had been such a long time since I have done a haul because I really haven't been buying a lot of face or body products lately that I thought I would document my trip to Superdrug and Boots yesterday and share the products I purchased with you in this post. Links and prices all included, enjoy.

I decided on these two because I love the cute pretty pink packaging and they seem to suit my needs quite well. I prefer exfoliating scrubs but there is a Clear Cream Wash available in this range too for just £2.99 and I like my moisturisers to be oil-free as I have combination skin. I do want a night cream and am still searching for one so if you have any recommendations please leave them in a comment.

Forever on the hunt for the perfect liquid liner, I have heard great things about this one and it is inexpensive enough that I don't mind giving it a whirl. Hopefully it will not disappoint. I will master the cat eye look. I will.

I bought this matte eyeshadow to use primarily as a contour shade, Kaushal Beauty uses it and it looks so lovely on her. It is also a nice neutral colour to add to my collection anyway, great for defining the crease or to use in a natural makeup look.

I am slowly but surely running out of all my concealers. I have a quite a few and I am not sure if they are just not very good, or if I am not using them properly or if I am just bored but they don't seem to be doing the job. Hopefully this beauty blogger favourite will live up to the hype. I also want to try their Fit Me concealers (£5.99). I have heard great things.

I have tried many shower gels and Nivea trumps them all, it leaves you feeling clean and soft and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The scent is lovely but not overwhelming plus the almond oil makes your skin feel nourished and pampered. Plus, I think this ginormous bottle will last me quite a while. 

Colgate Max White One (75ml) - £1.98
There is nothing terribly exciting about toothpaste, but I am through and through a Colgate girl, this toothpaste was half price. I have used it before and I just feel like it leaves your mouth feeling clean, I wouldn't say I have seen any dramatic improvements in the whiteness of my teeth in the past so I am sceptical about what it claims to do, however it has a flip lid which automatically makes it a winner. I really don't understand why they still make toothpastes with screw caps it is horribly inconvenient.

I have no idea if I am using that word correctly, but I also got some mini eggs. Love mini eggs.

Thank you for reading, don't forget to follow and leave me a comment on any drugstore makeup you think I should try out or night creams. Please like my facebook page I will be doing a giveaway when I reach 10,000 likes. Stay tuned for some reviews coming your way.

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Monday, 23 February 2015

Travel | Saint Malo

Hello, I apologise for the delay in putting up this post it has just been an exceptionally busy week. As you know if you follow me on any social media (all the links are to the right, if you don't) you know I spent Valentine's weekend in Saint Malo. I travelled there with my sister via Brittany Ferries and this post is going to quickly skim over my time there, so if you're interested please keep reading. If you would like any further posts on what I packed and what makeup I took with me, please let me know in the comments. 

So, on Friday (last Friday) after my seminar I went straight to the train station and got on a train to Euston where I met my sister, we then took the tube to Waterloo. We were both famished and had half an hour to kill so we grabbed some bagels before boarding the train. It was quite a long journey to Portsmouth, my iPhone battery was dwindling fast so I switched it off and all my books and laptop were stuffed securely in my suitcase in the overhead compartment. The train was very busy and very long, but we spent most of it talking and catching up.

 We almost missed our stop, by the time we realised we were in Porstmouth and Southsea we both scrambled for our suitcases, almost hitting ourselves in the process and then we struggled to get them past the seats to the doors because we were so panicked. Frantically, I pressed the button to open the doors but nothing happened so I pulled the emergency lever (something I have never done before, I was certain it would release hounds or something equally dramatic). The train driver spoke through the speakers and after we had explained we needed to get off here he opened the doors again.. Turned out, it was the opposite set of doors. I know, it was dark, okay?

There was a Co-op near the train station so I grabbed some snacks and then we walked to the ferry station. We got on the ferry fairly fast, there were no queues and we found our cabin pretty easily. It was very nice, there was a bed, a sofa, a television, and a decent sized bathroom, plus facilities for making tea and coffee. There was also a radio, but we didn't use it. We went exploring around the ship, we stood on the deck and found the bar to have some cocktails. I had the strongest Long Island Iced Tea I have ever tasted. We watched Eastenders and The Graham Norton Show in our cabin, after we had looked around the ship. There was a circular window in our room so we could see the foaming waves, as we drew away from Portsmouth we saw the Spinnaker Tower too. We were scheduled to arrive at six the next morning so we had quite an early night.

Finally, we arrived in Saint Malo we asked a lady in the office where we should go and she told us to go to The Old City and Cite D'Alet. Saint Malo is in Brittany and is located in the northwest of France, it's on the coast so there were was a beach too, but in addition to that it has a lot of history, IT used to be notorious for piracy and now boasts a large amount of ancient beautiful buildings. We went to the Old City, also called the walled city, first because it was so close to the ferry station, It is quite literally surrounded by walls, so as you go inside it feels quite claustrophobic but also really cool. A lot of the buildings were made of stone or were at least stone in colour, so it felt like we were in a black and white movie, because we arrived so early nowhere was open and hardly any people around so we just walked to see what it was like. 

We did find that almost everywhere was obscenely overpriced but we did find a cafe and had omelettes with a hot chocolate to fuel us for our sightseeing. I had a ham, cheese and egg omelette. The weather was slightly wet, it drizzled on and off before pelting down with rain at one point during the day but we had ducked into another restaurant at that point and getting lost in a bowl of steaming cheesy pasta. I had two hot chocolates in this restaurant because they were both delicious. 

In the walled city, we found the Saint Malo Cathedral (Cathedral of St Vincent) where we admired the brilliant stained glass windows. I love cathedrals because they are so vast and quiet, they just feel spiritual and old, like a relic from another time. We overheard a choir practicing which was really lovely, we walked on the wall, there were stairs to do that and we got a beautiful view of the coast and the beach, the surrounding islands, Fort Nationale and even some passing ships. It was gorgeous, it also started to drizzle, but we survived. 

After we had our fill of the Old City we went in search of the City of Alet, which took us a while to find, but when we did find it there were ruins and this beautiful old tower that inside is a museum full of ancient artefacts and shipping equipment. It had a spiral staircase and that echoing feel of a castle which was very exciting.

My sister wanted some food so we searched for a restaurant and we found all kinds of shops including a huge chocolate shop with slabs of all varieties of chocolate in strategically stacked piles. She even let us sample whatever we wanted, the salted caramel hot chocolate was pure heaven. There were shops similar to Boots, clothes shops, lingerie shops and a numerous amount of antique shops that were really lovely. There was one that sold everything from furniture to wonderfully old rusty gold bells to a surfboard. We had to get back on board at five, so we decided to head back to the Old City to get some food.

As we got to the bridge to get back, the lights on either side of the bridge flashed amber and a discordant wailing noise emitted from it. The bridge was moving so a humongous ship could leave. I never expected to see that, plus when we returned to the Old City a funfair was in full swing. We went on a ride that felt horribly unsafe, we were both in a compartment and the ride for the most part just goes round and round really fast, which I am used to and find quite exhilarating, but then the compartment you are in swings from side to side at the same time so  you feel like you're going to be tipped out. It was pretty awesome. We got some churros and nutella chocolate sauce to have while we wait to board and then we headed back onto the ferry.

We were in a different cabin on the way back, it didn't have a television, but a bed opens up from the ceiling. we put our stuff down and went to all the higher decks on the ships, we found the pool, the shops, and a salon. My sister booked a massage and we grabbed some food from the self service, I had lamb and chips and it was delicious. I tried to get some work done while my sister had a massage and then we listened to the radio when she returned as they played some really good songs. We returned to Portsmouth the next morning and then I stayed with my sister in London until Monday.

Thank you for reading, I hope that wasn't too boring. I would love to know what you were up to last weekend, so please leave me a comment and don't forget to follow me either by email or bloglovin', it is greatly appreciated. Have a lovely weekend. 

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Music ♪♫ | Hozier

Hello, it's not Monday anymore but I just finished downloading some new songs onto my phone so I can be a lot happier on the bus tomorrow morning and I thought I would include a particular song in a post for many different reasons. The first reason is that it is a great song, the song I am talking about is Take Me To Church by Hozier, it is truly a brilliant track. Fun fact: his mother actually did the artwork for his album cover which you can see below.

I heard Take Me To Church first when I saw his Grammy performance with Annie Lennox and it has been stuck in my head since. You can see that performance below. The guy has seriously awesome hair, just throwing that out there.

So, after hearing it, I did a little Google search and honestly the more I have found out about this particular song the more strongly I feel about it, I think the lyrics are very powerful and can resonate with everyone. Hozier wrote this song after breaking up with his girlfriend, so on a personal level it is about heterosexual love (if that's what you want to call it) but the official video portrays a gay couple and a violent response from the rest of society. Love is love, is what I take to be the message of this song, but here is the official video and make what you will of it, I would love to know your opinion in the comments. 

Finally, I came across this amazing Russian ballet dancer who is really cool and covered in tattoos and patches of sunlight while performing the most amazing ballet routine to this song. Plus, he can leap and jump alarmingly high, so check that out below too, it's really something.

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked at least one of the videos I included in this post. I honestly get sick of reading and hearing people talk about how the Bible and God and religion deems homosexuality as wrong. I'm not a Christian, I do believe in God and I don't particularly think my opinion matters but I am going to share it with you anyway. The Bible is a manuscript from thousands of years ago, humans have evolved since then, the world has evolved since then, so stop living in the past. All any religion teaches, as far as I know, is to love and respect others, that is the fundamental basis of almost all religions. Have a lovely week and I'll see you very soon in a post all about my weekend. Thanks again, and let me know what you think of the song and the video and the really hot Russian guy.

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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey Makeup

Everyone has heard about this film, the trailer, the hype, it's everywhere, and recently I have seen some really lovely grey makeup looks that inspired me to do a little post centred around the film. So read on for some gorgeous grey makeup tutorials as well as a breakdown of the Makeup Forever products inspired by the Fifty Shades of Grey movie with links and prices.

Marlena from MakeupGeek created this gorgeous soft grey look for Valentine's with a nude-pink lip. I love the hint of cool purple in the crease, purple and grey go so well together and looks lovely on her brown eyes.  

Binky from Made in Chelsea opted for a more shimmery glam look, with iridescent eyes and lips perfect for a night out. I love her glowy contour as well, she uses a Dior palette on the lid, but you can just use similar shades from any affordable makeup brand like Maybelline or L'Oreal.

Unlock the secrets behind the makeup on set by watching the video by Sephora below, the video details the different products available to buy from Makeup Forever. There is the Give In To Me Makeup Kit ($79), Desire Me Cheek Set ($49), and Tease Me Lip Set ($32). 

The Give In To Me Makeup Kit includes 4 Artist shadows, all neutral shades; a mascara; a felt tip liner; a lipstick and a lip gloss. Everything you need for a sophisticated makeup look. I know everyone raves about the quality and pigmentation of the artist shadows, and I think the shades of all the products are universally flattering.

In the Desire Me Cheek Set you receive an exclusive and completely adorable black velvet pouch with pink lining, three cheek shades (blush, highlight and go) again universally flattering, the blush looks quite pink and the highlight is a standard gorgeous champagne. You also get an Artisan powder brush.

Last but not least, there is the Tease Me Lip Set which consists of the Innocent Nude Lip trio, I believe there is a Berry option too but it's no longer available on the Sephora website, it might be worth it to check out the Makeup Forever site if you have your heart set on that. You get a lipliner, lipstick and a lipgloss. 

Thank you for reading, for a chance to win one of these stunning sets head over to the Makeup Forever Instagram page by clicking here (deadline is 13th Feb so hurry!), I hope you enjoyed this post. Happy Valentine's Day! Don't forget to follow and leave me a comment, I would love to hear if you have tried any of these products or what you think of the Fifty Shades hype. Have you read the books? Do you plan on seeing the film? Do you think Jamie Dornan is pretty hot? Because I do. Have a fabulous, fun-filled day.

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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentine's Day Tutorials

The day is approaching, whatever your plans I have a makeup look for you so fear not. There are already so many fantastic looks out there that I thought I would share them with you, so there is something for everyone whether you like a dramatic vibrant smoky eye or more natural, toned down makeup. So keep reading for some tutorials and some makeup tips at the end to ensure you look your absolute best and feel your best this Valentine's.

Here are a few tutorials from my favourite YouTubers, this is quite possibly the most wearable look I think. It's by Teni from Miss Maven and she is naturally gorgeous and her look is soft and pretty and girly. She uses warm neutral browns on the eyes with a touch of soft pink on the inner corners, she also includes some outfit looks. This look is suitable for all plans whether it's a dinner a night out with your friends, a day trip, anything.

This next tutorial uses all drugstore products and is by Zoella, I just think it's very pretty and the deep lip goes really well with her skin colour. Also, how awesome does her hair look. I am so tempted to chop half my hair but I just can't bring myself to do it. 

Next is this gorgeous bronzey copper eye by Kaushal which would look amazing on all eyes (especially blue and brown). She is possibly my favourite beauty guru on YouTube just because all of her makeup looks are so fun and pretty without looking like too much or using a tonne of different products. Again, it's such a versatile look that could be worn in all situations and look amazing.

Last but not least, here is a really vibrant deep emerald smoky eye that is just mesmerising by Jaclyn Hill. She is famous for her smoky eye tutorials and this one definitely knocks it out of the park, perfect for a night out with your friends or if you're doing something at night with your significant other, or even if you just feel like doing something different with your makeup. I love this look.

No cake face, always use a light hand with all the products you apply to your face, it's better to build and layer rather than place a lot of product and look sloppy.
Be patient, getting ready should be enjoyable so take your time until your happy with how it looks.
As long as you feel great in whatever you are wearing that is all that matters, you want to be comfortable in your own skin and remember to just enjoy yourself. It's not about how you look, it's about who you are with (even if you are by yourself, you're awesome).
Make a playlist of your favourite songs while you're getting ready to get you in the mood and to stop you from getting frustrated if you can't get perfectly even wings.
Keep cotton buds (Q Tips) and makeup wipes on hand to erase any mistakes.
Take a lip balm with you so your lips stay soft and lovely all night and if you are wearing lipstick or lipgloss pop it into your clutch and use a lipliner first for longevity

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked at least one of these talented ladies' tutorials and that you found the tips helpful and not patronising, if you would like me to do one myself I would be happy too. I just don't want to subject you to more of the same content because there are so many Valentine's inspired tutorials out there, but if you do let me know. Don't forget to follow my blog and leave me a comment telling me your favourite look and your plans for Valentine's day. I am actually going on a cruise to Saint Malo in France for the weekend and I am so excited.

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Monday, 9 February 2015

Music ♪♫ | Avalanche

Monday has rolled around again and here is a new song that I have just discovered, I get obsessed with new songs very regularly. If you don't like these posts let me know in the comments and I will stop posting them, I love hearing about what kind of content you would like to see from me, I really appreciate hearing all your thoughts, so please like and check out my Facebook page. I read everyone's comments and truly take into account everything you say, I promise. As for the song I am loving it's called Avalanche and it's by Nick Jonas but also features Demi Lovato, and we all know that her voice is just what dreams are made of. Click the video below to have a listen, and I'll post the lyrics below because it is one of those songs that you feel obligated to belt out.


NICK: Words like a loaded gun
Shot out from a fire tongue
Love lost from a fight that was won
And I can see you breaking down
The end to a falling out


I got pride you can't hold your breath
We'll crash down like an avalanche
Look out now, don't take one more step
We'll crash down like an avalanche, avalanche

DEMI: I never wanted it to turn out this way
Now forever feels like yesterday
Sorry's something that I just can't say
Can you see me breaking down
The end to a falling out yeah


BOTH: I got pride you can't hold your breath (even if we survive)
We'll crash down like an avalanche (crash down, crash down)
Look out now, don't take one more step (even if we survive)
We'll crash down like an avalanche (crash down, crash down)
Avalanche (oh oh oh oh oh)

We'll crash down, yeah (oh oh oh oh)
Like an avalanche

I got pride you can't hold your breath

NICK: We'll crash down like an avalanche

BOTH: I got pride you can't hold your breath (even if we survive)
We'll crash down like an avalanche (crash down, crash down)
Look out now, don't take one more step (even if we survive)(DEMI: one more step yeah)

We'll crash down like an avalanche
(Crash down, crash down) Avalanche (oh oh oh oh oh)
(Crash down, crash down) oh oh oh oh oh
Just like an avalanche

Let me know if you like this song, and if you like these kind of posts in the comments or if you don't, and if you want to see any Valentine's related posts. You can see a little lookbook by clicking here. If you want to see a makeup or gift guide let me know. All my social media links are to the right. Other songs I have been loving are Four Five Seconds by Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney, I am still listening to James Bay and Meghan Trainor's Lips Are Movin' have featured pretty heavily in my playlist. Have a wonderful week and I'll see you very soon.

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Sunday, 8 February 2015

MAC Cinderella Collection

The new Cinderella movie is going to be released soon and to celebrate MAC are launching a Cinderella inspired collection. Yes, this is what dreams are made of, and every product is as shimmery and pretty and feminine as you would hope. I am already obsessed with the stunning periwinkle packaging, it's stunning. There is a link at the end of this post that will show you swatches for some of these products. Keep reading for more information

There are two face products (highlighters), two lipstick and two lipglosses and a bunch of different eye products. There is a palette containing six eyeshadows, two loose pigments, two gel eyeliners, two eye glosses and a mascara. In addition to this, they are releasing a Cinderella version of the 217 Eye Blending Brush and their Angled Contour brush, but if you already have brushes that do the trick then save your money. I broke up the collection into face, eyes and lips.

Mystery Princess Beauty Powder ($28) - silvery pinkish beige highlighter 
Coupe D'Chic Pressed Powder ($28) - golden peach highlighter

Happily Ever After Lipglass ($16.50) - shimmery pink lipgloss
Glass Slipper Lipglass ($16.50) - champagne pink lipgloss
Lipstick in Free as a Butterfly ($17.50) - a sheer golden nude lipstick
Lipstick in Royal Ball ($17.50) - nudish pink lipstick

A Stroke of Midnight Eyeshadow Palette ($44) Shades include Vapour, a light peachy-pink; Phloof!, a frosty off-white; Omega, a beige-taupe; Quarry, a plum-brown; Satin Taupe, a silvery taupe, and Stroke of Midnight, a black sparkly plum.

Eye Gloss in Lightly Tauped ($23) - sheer, shimmery, beige eye gloss.
Eye Gloss in Pearl Varnish ($23) - shimmery white sheer eye gloss.
Fluidline in Little Black Bow ($17.50) - a silvey grey cream eyeliner.
Fluidline in Macroviolet ($17.50) - smoky violet eyeliner

Glitter in Reflects Pearl ($23) - loose white glitter
Pigment in Evil Stepmother ($24) - loose dark plum sparkly pigment
Pigment in Pretty It Up ($24)  - olive coloured loose shimmery pigment 

Studio Fix Lash in Bold Black ($19) - mascara with quite a defined wand, looks like it would be suitable for separating lashes for full flutter effect.
There are also the two brushes, the 217 blending brush ($24) and the 168 angled contour brush ($35)

For some swatches and real life pics click HERE.

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked this post, I cannot wait to get my hands on any of this line, hopefully it won't be sold out. Let me know in the comments what you would like to see in my next post. All my links are to the right, have a lovely weekend wherever you are.

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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Be My Valentine ♥

With Valentine's Day nearing, I thought I would share some options with you. I was literally just looking at the Missguided Twitter feed when inspiration struck. I love Missguided, but sometimes what looks lovely and stunning on the model disappoints you when it arrives on your doorstep. This has happened more times than I can count and it is the one thing I truly dislike about online shopping, you do have to take a leap of faith, but luckily if you don't like what you ordered it is very easy to return it. 

The outfits I am sharing with you, are all from Missguided, all the links are included in the post for your convenience and this isn't a sponsored post. I just think these clothes are really lovely and date-appropriate. They are more suited to evening dinner dates of a more romantic variety. If that's not your thing let me know and I will do another outfit post. Without further ado, let's jump right in.

Outfit 1: Lace Pink Playsuit - £30
This gorgeous dusky pink playsuit with the eyelash lace looks so delicate and pretty I wouldn't even want to wear it out in case I ruined it. It looks a little like négligée, so it all depends on how daring you are, but you would want to forgo the tights so you can see that stunning lace detail. Perhaps, pair with a black duster coat for some modesty? 

Outfit 2: Racer Bodycon Dress - £12
Again, if you are confident enough to pull off a tight dress then by all means go for it. You could wear this if you are going out on the town with your friends or for a hot date. Just because you're single doesn't mean you can't look smoking hot. Plus, as it is such a basic pattern you can wear ankle boots and still look fierce. Ankle boots are so comfortable and yet they look trendy, I love the simple jewellery the model is wearing too. Throw on a leather jacket for some warmth.

Outfit 3: Suede Oxblood Minidress - £25
This dress. THIS DRESS. This colour, honestly gives me life, it's gorgeous and the suede material is so different. I love playing with different textures and mixing colours and fabrics to achieve a really great look. Some leather boots or patent pumps would look great with this dress. I also love how minimal it is, it doesn't need any embellishment, you don't even need a jacket as it's long sleeved and really, your boyfriend should give you his. 

Outfit 4: Burgundy Stripe Shift Dress - £22
Sensing a theme, these deeper reds are so flattering on olive skintones, if you have paler skin then opt for heavier makeup like a smoky cat eye so the clothes don't detract from your face. This candy stripe dress looks so fun and unique and flirty, great first date look as the high neck gives it a chic edge, strappy heels and messy undone hair would look awesome with this dress.

Outfit 5: Floral Print Shirt - £24
For you non-dress lovers out there, I found a few shirts that look luscious. So so pretty, I love a floral print whatever the season, and you can really dress shirts up or down, with a pencil skirt or skinny black jeans for a night out or a fancy dinner, or a pair of ripped jeans for a daytime event. The hat is optional.

Outfit 6: Striped Pussybow Blouse - £25 
This blouse would look adorable tucked in a quilted leather mini skirt, or even a white skirt as long as it is quite tight fitting. Just a cute outfit, to be honest, you could wear it to uni, to school, college, on a date with maybe a red lip or smoky soft eyes. I think it would look really pretty.

Outfit 7: Lace Swing Dress - £30
Back to dresses. There is something about lace that makes any outfit with lace detailing sexy. This dress is pretty conservative but the fit and design is flattering on most body types and girls of different heights. If you have long hair, consider wearing it up to show off the neckline. If you have paler skin, or quite dark skin check out the nude option below.

Outfit 8: Lace Nude Skater Dress - £30
It's so pretty, love this with the dark bold lip so pretty, if you are feeling particularly flirty and adventurous I think a deep purple lip would look absolutely stunning with this dress. Nude is such a great colour because it means you have free reign on other things, your hair, makeup, nails, shoes and bag can be as crazy or understated as you want them to be. Just have fun with it.

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