Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Drugstore Haul

Somehow, I have managed to run out of all of my basic products simultaneously, this includes concealer, moisturiser, facial scrub and shower gel, even toothpaste. I don't know how this happened and it had been such a long time since I have done a haul because I really haven't been buying a lot of face or body products lately that I thought I would document my trip to Superdrug and Boots yesterday and share the products I purchased with you in this post. Links and prices all included, enjoy.

I decided on these two because I love the cute pretty pink packaging and they seem to suit my needs quite well. I prefer exfoliating scrubs but there is a Clear Cream Wash available in this range too for just £2.99 and I like my moisturisers to be oil-free as I have combination skin. I do want a night cream and am still searching for one so if you have any recommendations please leave them in a comment.

Forever on the hunt for the perfect liquid liner, I have heard great things about this one and it is inexpensive enough that I don't mind giving it a whirl. Hopefully it will not disappoint. I will master the cat eye look. I will.

I bought this matte eyeshadow to use primarily as a contour shade, Kaushal Beauty uses it and it looks so lovely on her. It is also a nice neutral colour to add to my collection anyway, great for defining the crease or to use in a natural makeup look.

I am slowly but surely running out of all my concealers. I have a quite a few and I am not sure if they are just not very good, or if I am not using them properly or if I am just bored but they don't seem to be doing the job. Hopefully this beauty blogger favourite will live up to the hype. I also want to try their Fit Me concealers (£5.99). I have heard great things.

I have tried many shower gels and Nivea trumps them all, it leaves you feeling clean and soft and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The scent is lovely but not overwhelming plus the almond oil makes your skin feel nourished and pampered. Plus, I think this ginormous bottle will last me quite a while. 

Colgate Max White One (75ml) - £1.98
There is nothing terribly exciting about toothpaste, but I am through and through a Colgate girl, this toothpaste was half price. I have used it before and I just feel like it leaves your mouth feeling clean, I wouldn't say I have seen any dramatic improvements in the whiteness of my teeth in the past so I am sceptical about what it claims to do, however it has a flip lid which automatically makes it a winner. I really don't understand why they still make toothpastes with screw caps it is horribly inconvenient.

I have no idea if I am using that word correctly, but I also got some mini eggs. Love mini eggs.

Thank you for reading, don't forget to follow and leave me a comment on any drugstore makeup you think I should try out or night creams. Please like my facebook page I will be doing a giveaway when I reach 10,000 likes. Stay tuned for some reviews coming your way.

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