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January Favourites ♥

The first one of the year, January is always the toughest month I think. There isn't much to look forward to and everyone has unrealistically high expectations for the new year as well as diets and goal weights and delusions of grandeur. I think it is important to keep being positive and don't be too hard on yourself, I hope your year got off to a good start and that you have done at least one thing that you are proud of. Now onto my favourites, have a read and as always everything will be linked.

I have not been getting enough sleep at all lately, so this has been a lifesaver. It's such a simple trick, but using this on your waterline makes your eyes look brighter, bigger and just better. This isn't anything new and I am sure you've heard it all before, but the Rimmel liners are soft, creamy and blendable, if you have paler skin you could even use this as a base on your lids. Unfortunately, it does need to be sharpened though, I find the twist up liners a lot more convenient. 

It took me a while to figure out the hype behind this product, I wasn't a fan. I found that using a brush with it was difficult as it didn't apply much product. However, I find using your fingers alone works like a dream. The concealer just melts into the skin, and I like the two different colour options, it means you can highlight, reduce blemishes and cover acne, it just takes patience while you work out what procedure works best for you. I am loving it so far, 

The perfect highlighter for any skintone, I would say, I just pat the tiniest tiniest amount onto the tops of my cheekbones and appreciate the glow. This is a sample size of 15ml and I haven't even made a dent in it despite having it in my posession for more than three moths. You literally need a pin-size amount. You can also mix this with your foundation for an all over dewy glow which would look really nice if you were on holiday or if you just need an extra boost. Of course you can use this as a highlight for the tearduct of your eyes, it catches the light in a really pretty way.

Again, I only have a sample size of this and I am not sure if it actually works (despite the name) but it smells very relaxing and I feel more in the mindset of going to sleep when I tuck myself into the covers once this has been sprayed on my pillow. Usually, my mind is going a mile a minute before I go to bed and I am constantly thinking about things I have to do and what I might have forgotten, so I think the concept behind this product is a brilliant one. It smells of lavender which everyone knows is the most relaxing scent, so alternatively you could just pick up a lavender candle and you should get a similar result. Let me know if you have any tricks to cure insomnia. 

I love this brush. Let me know if you would like a separate post on my favourite makeup brushes. I use this brush to blend in my concealer, it is allegedly designed for dispersing foundation all over the face for even coverage, but I use it for blending in my concealer. It works wonderfully, I apply concealer under my eyes, around my mouth and nose and occasionally on my forehead and the bridge of my nose and this is the perfect brush because you can just pat the concealer in which means it doesn't move and just blends almost magically away. It's brilliant.

Lorac Pro Palette - £21.99
You can see my full review on this palette by clicking here, but to sum up it's a cult classic for a reason. I especially adore the great range of colours, it's a great basic palette and suitable for any occasion. You can do a party look, an evening look, a daytime look, a work look, it's incredibly versatile and I think it is complementary to all skin and eye colours which is always a bonus.

I intend to do a more in depth review on this. I don't have a lot of blushes so I thought this would be a great investment for me, there is even a contour shade at the top left. There is a great selection of corals, pinks, apricots and peaches. They are pigmented but not too pigmented so you don't have doll cheeks. Blush isn't my favourite component of makeup and I can usually take it or leave it, so I love this palette as it has everything I need. I am, however, looking for more cream products so if you know of any I should take a look at let me know in the comments.

Vitamin E Cream - £11.00
I ran out of my favourite moisturiser (Benefit Triple Moisturising Cream by the way) and stumbled across this Body Shop bestseller in my drawer full of forgotten beauty products. It's actually really good, but it's so simple and just an everyday classic that you don't really give it the acclaim it deserves. It's very lightweight and hydrating you can feel it instantly as soon as you rub it into your skin and it absorbs so quickly you can apply your makeup immediately after. I have combination skin, I would especially recommend this cream to anyone with dry skin or changeable skin.

Morning Sunshine Mug - £1.50
Thought I would end my post on this beautiful mug. I love it, it's small and I am hoping to use it to drink more green tea. I hate green tea but I am aware of all the benefits so I'm going to try. So far, in all honesty, all I have drank out of this lovely little mug is tea and vodka, separately not together, of course. And it's from Primark.

Thank you for reading, more general favourites are cucumbers, they taste really good submerged in water. But more on that soon, as you know I have been listening to a lot of James Bay. I am still obsessed with him, I also love The West Wing and Glee, so glad Glee is back. It's getting more and more ridiculous but it is such a feel-good, hopeful show that I can't help but love it. And The West Wing will always hold a special place in my heart.Check out what I have been wearing this month here. And lastly, here is Matt McGlone. He is a model with cat tattoos and I think he is equally hot and adorable at the same time.

Isn't he cute? Don't forget to follow and leave me a comment, I really appreciate it. Thank you for reading, all my links are to the right. You can find me absolutely everywhere on the internet as all my usernames are alittlekiran. Thank you so much for your support and expect a giveaway soon. I want to reach 10,000 Likes on my Facebook page and then I will randomly select a loyal follower for a giveaway. So follow, like, comment, do whatever you like. Have a lovely week.

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