Monday, 2 March 2015

February Favourites

It's the second day of March so this post is obviously going to happen, just like every other month. Fortunately, I have some cool things I want to share with you so without further ado let's get started. All the links will be included and yes I may have mentioned some of these products before. 

This concealer is so thin it melts seamlessly into your foundation and works incredibly well as a highlighter. In addition to this it covers those pesky dark circles. Great buy.

I have been using this for contouring lately and I am so happy with it, the shade is perfectly suited to my skintone. It doesn't look to ashy, muddy or orange it is just a perfect subtle contour. If you would like a contouring tutorial let me know and I will get one up for you ASAP.

I am including this because I love the colour, it;s a dark grey and the finish is glossy and gel-like. It is also easy to apply and you get a good amount of product. I would recommend two coats of polish for an opaque solid layer of colour and a top-coat because it isn't very chip-resistant. 

I have fallen back in love with this gorgeous foundation. It's a classic. I feel that there are so many "innovative", allegedly "game-changing" foundations on the market that we overlook the ones we adored way back when. This was my first ever foundation and it is still one of the best I have tried. I would recommend this for anyone with oily or combination skin, not very dry. 

I have always been a facial scrub fanatic, but I mistakenly purchased the gentle cream wash instead of the exfoliating scrub and I am surprised to reveal that I am content with my decision. I have been getting some breakouts recently due to stress and a large amount of chocolate in my diet but I think using this gentle cream wash has definitely helped clear my skin. Scrubs to some extent can aggravate sensitive areas on the face such as spots or blemishes making them redder and more obvious. Plus it smells like grapefruit which is really nice.

This website has so many fantastic gift ideas that it makes me excited to shop for other people. They really do have a lovely range of items suitable for anyone in need of a gift in your life. Favourites include the adorable biscuit cushions, the sophisticated matte black hip flask and the rose gold jewellery. You can see a full post with my favourite picks by clicking here.

I only recently subscribed to her channel and I love it and everything she does. She is honest, real and easy to watch. She has a vivacious personality and you can tell she really enjoys making videos. Not only does she upload fashion, beauty and vlog type videos, but she shares tips on how to make money and how to save money too. All good things to know. 

Last but not least, I have become obsessed with this show. It is similar to Made in Chelsea except the backdrop is the Big Apple and the guys are unbelievably gorgeous. Ben is my favourite, in all his curly haired perfection. I also like Megan from the girls, her fashion sense is amazing and she speaks Chinese which I find very impressive. 

I have been listening obsessively to Meghan Trainor, click the link above to find her songs on iTunes and click this link HERE for my favourite tracks from her album. Love the cover, it's gorgeous.

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  1. Great bunch of favourites here! I especially love the look of that Revlon polish!!

    Great post :)
    Charlotte xxx

    1. Thank you, glad you liked it. Don't forget to follow and it is a gorgeous grey polish still in love with it even though the weather is getting nicer. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      Kiran xx


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