Sunday, 1 March 2015

It's Not On The High Street

We all understand the struggle of finding something unique, whether it is for ourselves or someone special. The world we live in is becoming quite globalised and brands like TopShop and ASOS are becoming the go-to for consumers everywhere. The convenience of these high street stores and their ability to ship worldwide at "affordable rates" renders us lazy and unable to go on the hunt for something slightly more special. I have been on the website notonthehighstreet in the past and although I think the concept is fantastic I was less than impressed. Now, though, with more sellers and sufficient time to grow, it honestly seems to be thriving. So here are some of my favourite picks.

A beautiful soft nude toned leather bracelet with rose gold plated discs (which you can personalise) and a freshwater pearl. It's darling, so understated and classic, a really thoughtful gift.
Leather And Rose Gold Wrap Bracelet

A matte black hip flask which can be personalised too. Very classy and sophisticated it would be a great gift at a wedding to your best man or to a brother or just someone you like, appropriate for both boys and girls I think. It has a James Bond feel.
Personalised Black 6oz Hip Flask

Just by looking, you can see how adorable this is. It has a solid chunky handle and is plain enough to have at work, in your office or give to house-guests without having to provide an embarrassing backstory, and it is just quirky enough to make people like you. Your mug says a lot about you. 
Giraffe Handle Mug

Set of six handcrafted mini candles in a variety of colourful, vibrant designs.They look lovely on the mantle piece as demonstrated below. Fun fact: these candles are actually made in Swaziland.
African Mini Candles Set Of Six

I don't know what it is about elephants, but I truly believe they look good on anything. Mugs, necklaces, purses, and now on a phone case. You can get the same style in yellow.
Pink Damask Elephant For Phone Case

Possibly, my favourite item. Biscuit cushions. How I love them. They look good enough to eat.
Celebration biscuit cushions

This has the most gorgeous effect. I love the fiery feel of it and the baby pink background. I could stare at this all day. One of the best posters I have seen. It's uplifting, simple and boasts a sublime colour scheme.
Laughter Copper Foil Poster

This is such a gorgeous gift for an anniversary. I love the copper metal. And it guarantees that they won't forget your anniversary. 
Personalised Special Date Copper Keyring

Gorgeous, cute makeup bag. I love this slogan, they have quite a few available, and they are all lovely.
'Friends Forever' Make Up Bag/Pencil Case

Tell me what you like the look of in the comments below. Of course, I am always interested in your suggestions and ideas so if you would like to see more of something just let me know. All my social media links are on the right. Have a lovely weekend. 

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