Monday, 2 March 2015

More Music for Monday

Mondays are hard, so to get you up and about this morning I wanted to share some more great music with you. All from the same artist today: Meghan Trainor. Her album Title is a winner. I like a fair few of her songs which I will list all below. If you're a female you will find the majority of her songs very relatable, her lyrics are always on point and I adore her vocals. How pretty is her album cover?

The biggest highlight from the album is Like I'm Gonna Lose You featuring the incredible John Legend. This is just the sweetest song about the limited time you have on Earth and the uncertainty of life so to love like you could lose them at any time; which is sadly true. 

3AM is another track that I could listen to on repeat, it's fast paced, uplifting and refreshing. A great song to belt out in the shower or as you are getting ready to go out somewhere. 

Dear Future Husband this song makes me laugh so much. The title is self explanatory, but for all of you ladies out there: know what you're worth. 

Lastly, Title is another stand out for me. In this era where dating seems to be a myth with social media taking over all forms of interaction. People, especially in the younger age groups, are reluctant to get into relationships and prefer to just fool around, possibly with several people simultaneously. No. Better give me that title, title. It's like Single Ladies for the teens. 

And of course there's All About That Bass. Hope you enjoyed this post, leave me a comment telling me how you get yourself motivated on a Monday. 

Love ♥


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