Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Nobody Love ♥

I have always been a big fan of Tori Kelly, ever since one of my friends at university introduced me to her amazing covers (click here to see her Taylor Swift Medley). Unfortunately, I don't find her original music as addictive as her soulful covers, although I do love the song 'Dear No-One'. But her most recent release 'Nobody Love' definitely deserves a listen. You can see the opening lyrics below, and please keep reading for the adorable snapchat lyric video as well as the official video. 

Her latest song is called 'Nobody Love' and the official music video is already up on her Vevo channel. However, there is a SnapChat lyric video that is infinitely cuter and you can check that out below.

You can't deny that she has amazing hair and an undeniably awesome voice. This song is fun and vibrant and yet still manages to display her impressive vocal range. You can see the official video below.

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Love ♥


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