Saturday, 7 March 2015

Valentino on the High Street

If you follow any of the major fashion bloggers, my personal fave being Kayture, then you'll have seen these lustrous Rock Stud Leather pumps from Valentino all over your social media and you have probably been dying with jealousy for months. 

These beautiful, eye-wateringly expensive shoes can be worn in multiple ways, as demonstrated by the stunning Kristina Bazan. Above, you can see the Valentino Nude Rockstuds paired with a cut out red dress. The stud details renders them edgy enough for complimenting bold looks and outfits. 

The nude shade of the pumps ensure that they work well with casual clothes, such as jeans, they look great with trousers as they elongate the leg. This compilation of outfits show they work with any colour, which is an amazing and unique quality for a single pair of shoes to have. Like me, you probably scoured the internet for them found that the cheapest price was £519.00, gave up cried and had some milk chocolate. Well, fear not because I have a beautiful alternative for you.

These shoes are nude, patent with gorgeous gold stud detail, an ankle strap, leather sole and 110mm heel. The pointed toe is a key part of the design and it looks fantastic no matter what you are wearing them with. They are possibly the most versatile, classy pair of designer heels I have ever seen, and the only pair I would ever consider buying.

Unfortunately, I am not rich. I can't afford to spend two months rent on a pair of gorgeous, supremely fancy shoes. TopShop have a great alternative, however, they are not a fashion dupe, there are many dissimilarities between this pair and the Valentino heels, but they do boast the same shape, design and nude look. They do look very fancy and they are only £50, £45 if you use your student discount.

Nude, suede leather strappy court shoes with snake-effect straps and a 4 inch heel. Gorgeous for the upcoming brighter seasons and as you can see below it looks lovely paired with white, but would also work well with jeans, co-ordinates, shorts, or partywear.

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked this post and that you love these shoes as much as I do. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and of course, don't forget to follow me. Take care.

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