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Zoeva Mixed Metals | Review and Swatches

Zoeva is a German brand, and they receive a lot of love for their gorgeous luxe rose gold brushes, but I found this lovely palette on their website called The Mixed Metals Palette. Continue reading for more information plus swatches. 

The packaging of this palette reminds me of the Lorac Pro palette, it is thin, made from a cardboard material, and very very light. Perfect for travelling as it is so slim and compact, however there is no mirror or brush. It has a magnetic closure so there is no need to worry about any mess if you toss it into your bag or suitcase. The cover has a camouflage design with a nude coloured background, which is unlike anything I have ever seen. All in all, the packaging is a winner and for the price it is at (£17.50) you can't really complain.

I love the layout of the eyeshadows in this palette. It boasts a total of ten eyeshadows, all fairly large in size and well positioned. This palette uses the space really well, making it easier to dip your brush into each pan without transferring any product. The eyeshadows in general are all warm, autumnal shades. Deep, rustic and very pretty, they inspired by different metallic materials like brass and aluminium. The range of colours would suit any eye colour, there is only one matte shade, and the rest all have a foiled, richly pigmented texture. If I could add anything to it, a matte brown would be a good addition, however I do think the palette is well-designed with a great number of beautiful, eye-catching shades.

Alloy is a lilac tinted silver, similar to Satin Taupe by MAC but a foiled version. Warm Silver is a gorgeous highlight shade, a creamy pale shimmer, ideal for the brow bone and inner corner, you could even dust this on the tops of your cheeks and temples as a highlighter.

Neo Brass is a luxurious olive green with underlying gold tones, this shade would look fabulous with brown eyes, possibly the nicest green shadow I have ever seen. Bronce is a deeper, cooler-toned green than Neo Brass, a sea-green shade in comparison to the golden olive green of Neo Brass. Platinum is a richly pigmented metallic silver grey, with echoes of lilac. Ore Stone is an unusually deep teal shade, very pretty.

Rusty Steel is a gorgeous warm russet brown and one of my favourite shades from the palette. Copper Plate is a rich metallic, reddish copper shade as the name suggests. Aluminium is a cooler, slightly darker version of Platinum. Finally, Onyx, the only matte shade in this palette is a pigmented pure black shade.

I swatched all the shadows by row. This is the top row, from left to right you have Alloy the lilac-toned grey; Neo Brass the golden olive-green; Bronce the cool-toned deeper green; Rusty Steel a rich warm russet brown; and Copper Plate a rich red copper colour. All of the shadows are blendable and highly pigmented. They are all extremely soft and finely milled in texture.

Swatches of the bottom row, there is: Warm Silver a beautiful ivory golden shimmer at odds with its name; Platinum a greenish toned grey is how it swatched to me; Ore Stone a gorgeous unusual deep teal; Aluminium a deep lilac toned grey and finally Onyx a matte blackAgain, the shades are luxuriously pigmented and the foiled, silky soft texture means they blend and swatch like a dream, however Warm Silver and Onyx aren't as pigmented as the rest, in my opinion.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you liked this post. I haven't had time to play around with these shadows and wear them so I have no idea if they are long-lasting, if they need primer or any of that, so if you would like me to create a look with this palette leave me a comment. Don't forget to follow me of course, you can sign up by email or follow me on bloglovin' and leave me a comment. They are always so lovely to read. Take care.

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