Saturday, 11 April 2015

Dreams | Life of the Party

Any acoustic Shawn Mendes song is going to be featured on my blog. He recently released an acoustic version of Life of the Party and needless to say I am utterly in love with it. I love acoustic covers and Shawn's voice is so unique. It's a great song and you can check it out below. 

"Cause we don't have the time to be sorry, so baby be the life of the party"
"Take your shot it might be scary, hearts are gonna break"

I truly love this song, it's quite encouraging. Chase your dreams, guys, what is the worst that could happen? In the spirit of this song, let me know in the comments what your dream is, it can be absolutely anything. I don't care if you think it's silly, I would love to know. My dream is to be a Clinical Psychologist, a goal I am working towards right now. My next dream is to go on a yacht, there I said it, now tell me yours down below.

Thank you for readng, let me know if you like this song. I apologise for not posting as regularly as I would like, but my entire life is consumed with revision. I will have a post coming up shortly with some revision tips and I just got a new foundation so keep your eyes peeled for a First Impressions, I am pretty excited about it. Thank you so much, don't forget to leave me a comment. It is so lovely to read them, have a brilliant weekend. Take care,

Love ♥

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