Saturday, 4 April 2015

How To Master The Art of Layering

Layering is no easy task and unfortunately in England it is a definite necessity. When an outfit is layered poorly, clothes can appear ill-fitting and sloppy. A well-layered look can be achieved through the pairing of a simple, lightweight top with a bold pull-over. Complete the look with a jacket or coat in a basic colour and you will be ready to head out the door. Coats in camel, grey and black never go out of style, and for the spring months an adorable pastel coat will be a sure staple year after a year. Incorporating jewellery and accessories give an added polish to the ensemble, but are not necessary. Accessorising can be tricky especially when you are pushed for a time, a good watch and a few rose gold rings will look perfect with any outfit. 

 If selecting pieces from your wardrobe is too much work here are some ready-made layering ideas just for you. For a more daring look, trying layering dresses with patterned sweaters or go preppy with an oxford shirt and blazer with a pair of coloured jeans (very Spencer Hastings). My favourite way to layer is with a collared shirt underneath a jumper paired with a skort and some opaque tights; skinny jeans or patterned treggings. Whatever clothing combination you prefer you can use the image below to help you generate some fresh ideas.

Courtesy of: Alight

Thank you for reading, let me know what your favourite way to layer is in the comments. Jumpers, collared shirts, super cosy tights and skater dresses are a must for me. Have a lovely Easter weekend. Take care. 

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