Monday, 4 May 2015

Full Skincare Routine Under £5

You know that feeling you get when you run out of all of your holy grail products at once and you need to replace them but the thought of approximately £100 leaving your bank account on the same day just makes you want to rob a bank. Well, I had that feeling just a few weeks ago. So, when all of my go-to products were undeniably empty instead of heading to Space NK to get the Emma Hardy Cleanser or ordering my Benefit Moisturiser I went to Boots and Amazon instead. The three products now integrated in my daily skincare routine are the T-Zone Blackhead Fighting Scrub, Nivea's Light Moisturising Day Cream with SPF 15 and finally the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Night Gel from Boots' own collection.


T-Zone Scrub - £2 on Amazon, but can get it from Poundland also (£1)

Tea tree is a prominent feature in my new routine because my skin is not very clear these days due to a combination of my diet and stress and it is widely known that tea tree is effective in preventing as well as treating breakouts. I bought the T-zone scrub after using it when I stayed at my grandparents. I liked it a lot, and I find my skin always feels softer and smoother when I use a scrub instead of a face wash. I use this day and night, and the only drawback is that no matter how hard you scrub (and I recommend you lightly massage it into your skin) it will not take all your makeup off. For that reason, I use a Nivea face wipe all over my face and neck and then use the scrub so my skin is clean and bare of makeup. 

The Night Gel does feel a little weird at first, it's quite cool on the skin and has a very refreshing scent which is odd to apply at night. I can't say that it is a miracle worker, I think it definitely speeds up the process of my breakouts and they disappear in a few days or so, and they reduce the redness and appearance of spots too. For the price, I would recommend it. 

Finally, the lotion from Nivea is a simple, basic product. A daily moisturiser that has some SPF, it is very lightweight and doesn't take long to sink into the skin, so you can apply your primer, foundation etc. in good time. All in all, I would say these products are good, inexpensive, they do what they claim to do, mot importantly they are cheap but that being said aside from the T-zone scrub I don't see myself purchasing them again. 

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