Thursday, 28 May 2015

Sculpting Brush Set | Review

Real Techniques brushes are incredible, I think we can all agree, so when they release a new set of brushes I get very excited and now that they were discounted to under £14 I couldn't convince myself that I didn't need them any longer. This brush set is the Sculpting Set Trio with three brushes designed to create that perfect contour and highlight that people are coveting right now. Unfortunately, they are not on sale anymore but click here to get them for £20.99. Keep reading for more details and a review on the brushes, the different ways you can use them and whether they are worth investing in. 

The three brushes in this set are:
The Sculpting Brush - has a wide-angled head specifically designed to help create defined contours
The Fan brush - small fan that is useful for sweeping away excess makeup and powders
The Setting Brush - a small tapered brush that can apply a controlled amount of powder or highlight to set and complete the makeup.

The brushes are soft, well-made and of good quality, I love the pink shiny handles, like all Real Techniques brushes and as always you can easily use them for different things. The sculpting brush is perfectly suited to fitting into the contours of the face such as underneath the cheekbones, but the unique shape means it is also ideal for applying foundation which is how I have been using it so far. It really gets into those crevices such as around the nose with ease to make sure the whole face is evenly covered. Of course, you can use it for contour, I feel like it would work best with a cream contour but I am not completely certain.

The fan brush is great for applying highlighter or sweeping blush onto the apples of the cheeks, it's not dense at all so you will never apply too much product. I love it for contouring the nose, it allows serious precision. Furthermore, if you are into baking it's a great brush to sweep off the translucent powder. The final brush, which is the setting brush is nothing new, you can use it to apply powder and set concealer, you can use it to highlight. It's small enough that you could possibly get away with using it to apply a wash of colour on the eyes as well. Below is a video by Nic from Pixiwoo demonstrating the many ways you can use these three brushes. 

Personally, I love this set. It's great value at £14, which works out at under £5 per brush. The original price is £21 which is £7 per brush, again I still think it is definitely worth that value. Real Techniques brushes are soft, long-lasting and they wash up like new. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on these brushes and any new posts you would like me to do. Thank you so much for your patience, my exams are almost coming to an end, so I promise to try and be more active. Don't forget to wish me luck for my last two exams. Thank you for reading. Take care.

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