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I thought I would do more of an interactive post today whereby I detail all the products I am obsessing over and desperately want in my life and you can tell me if you have tried them, want them too, love or even hate them. Help a sister out. Living in the UK, there are a lot of products that aren't as widely available here as they are in other countries so I am constantly deliberating over whether I should splurge and get them from eBay or Amazon or one of those obscure websites. Brands like Tarte, Kat Von D, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Makeup Forever HD, are the brands that I most wish I had access to. That being said, there are some fantastic brands in the UK also. So let's jump right into the things I want. I will start with things I can get in the UK and then move onto things that aren't as easily purchased. All of these products are going to be fairly expensive, I might do an affordable version too if I get some good feedback.


The truly sad thing is that I want both, there is the Smoky Nude version on the left and the gorgeous vibrant one called Colour Design on the right. All the colours look amazing, such a great range with that stunning embossed pattern. They are so beautiful. I am more inclined to get the more colourful palette because it would work really well for Indian weddings. I have read some reviews and they are predominantly pretty positive: sheer, buildable, blendable colours. If you look at it my way you are spending about £7 per eyeshadow which is not that unreasonable and you get a brush. What do you guys think?

This blush palette has been splashed all over the beauty blogs for ages and now I feel like I am finally succumbing to the pressure. Out of all the individual shades I feel like Mood Exposure would best suit my skin tone, but this palette is gorgeous and I have heard so many great things. So please let me know in a comment if you have tried it, seen it, know someone who has it and let me know how you or they got on with it, because I need to know.

I saw Wayne Goss do a video on this foundation and I also recently watched Carli Bybel use it in one of her tutorials and I think it looks great. It looks flawless without looking heavy and you get a lot more product as the bottle is 70ml which is pretty cool. It looks a bit tricky to apply so I am on the fence, let me know your thoughts below. 

Illamasqua Gel Sculpt in Silhouette - £22
I love a contour and I have seen so many people on YouTube wear this product and look beyond stunning, so I am angling after it, it looks beautiful. I think it works with a surprising amount of skin tones as well, as Lily Melrose and Kaushal Beauty have used it in their tutorials. It looks really easy to work with and can achieve a daytime or evening look according to reviews.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer - £14.58
I am not impressed by UD's skin products, I was left underwhelmed by their Naked foundation, but their concealer seems to be blowing up and it is not horribly overpriced. I think Urban Decay eyeshadows are stunning and I hope they are finally stepping up the rest of their game. Have you tried this concealer?

Beauty Blender - £15.35
Everyone has a beauty blender. EVERYONE. Except me, call me old-fashioned but I like a brush. I like soft bristles and lightly working a foundation into my face, bouncing a damp sponge back and forth sounds uncomfortable and effortful. But it does achieve flawless and natural results, so let me know if you're a beauty blender girl or a brush girl.

Tarte Contour Stick (Medium/Dark?)
This is a product I cannot get in the UK, except from a few dodgy sites and possible eBay. I saw HudaBeauty use this in a GRWM and I just felt like I needed it, her face is so perfect. I feel like I need to put whatever she puts on her skin onto my skin, but I just don't have the funds let's be real. I would greatly appreciate it if you would put your favourite contouring product in a comment below so I can check it out, because nothing hurts worse than spending a lot of money on something that just won't even work for you. It's like the female version of being kicked in the balls.

Anastasia Liquid Lips
Honestly, I am not very adventorous when it comes to lip colours so I don't know why I am lusting after these products so much. I guess it's the hype, it's always the hype. But they look gorgeous and from all the collection videos they seem to swatch beautifully, they look great, they are long-lasting, insanely pigmented and not drying. Sounds like the jackpot.

Tartelette Palette
Back to Tarte cosmetics, this is quite a basic palette, it is all matte shades and fairly neutral but everyone talks about it like it is the holy grail of all palettes. So can someone please tell me if I am missing out, because I am so close to shelling out £40 for this badboy and I don't even know if I want it. The struggle.

Makeup Forever HD Foundation
I already know my shade because when I was in Paris two years ago I checked. I have wanted this foundation for that long, but there must be better foundations available right here in the UK, right? Right?

I could talk about all the products I want forever, so I am going to stop right now before we all fall asleep or cripple our bank accounts. Please let me know what you think of these products, especially if you have tried and tested them, if you have considered buying them or don't like them at all for whatever reason I would love to know. Let me know which one you want to buy the most and as always please don't forget to follow my blog and if you like my social media. Thank you so much. Take care.

Love ♥

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