Friday, 26 June 2015

Coloured Concealers | Explained

If you have ever seen concealer palettes, or just concealers generally, in weird and wonderful colours like orange and green and wondered what they are for and how people can put them on their face and still look normal then please keep reading. All will be explained. I will discuss why orange, green, lilac, yellow and even a concealer darker than your natural skin tone can be useful to you. All links and prices will be included. 

LA Girl Pro Concealers - £3-7 (Amazon)

A peach or orange-coloured concealer is effective in neutralising the presence of under-eye bags. Orange is more suited to those with darker skin tones, if you have paler skin peach or salmon should do the trick. It will work by covering the purplish blue colours bags often are, for this reason you could use orange concealer on bruises too. You want to apply the coloured concealer beneath a concealer one or two shades lighter than your skin so your under-eye area isn't troublingly orange. This should essentially eradicate those pesky bags. NYX - £6

Green concealer is used for reducing redness, you can use it around any areas of redness on the face, for me that is around my nose, you can also use it on any spots or blemishes. You can apply the green pigment underneath your foundation. You can also use green concealer if you have sunburn.

A concealer that is lilac or lavender (any light purple shade) has a brightening effect on the skin. It is used in particular on sallow, dull, yellow-toned skin. You can use it on older bruises that are yellowing or yellow in colour. SBC - £3.50

Again like the orange concealer, the yellow concealer will neutralise dark bags, veins, anything purplish or even gray on the face. I don't see many makeup artists using yellow concealers as salmon/peach/orange concealers work in the same way and seem to be more in demand. Physicians Formula - £4

A dark concealer, a concealer that is a few shades darker than your skin can be used to contour obviously but it can also be used to diminish the size of any bumps. I have never tried this myself, so I am not sure how it works, but I can imagine it would do the trick as adding a darker shade to the face creates a shadow and makes it recedes (i.e. contouring). A lot of people make the mistake of using a brightening concealer on their blemishes and this just highlights the problem area, so it is definitely not want you want to do. If you need extra coverage use your foundation, or a darker concealer (only slightly darker don't go crazy) and blend it out. SLEEK - £8

The concealer that everyone owns is one a shade that is lighter than your natural skin tone. You only want it to be a shade or two lighter, you don't want it to match your foundation unless you use it to cover blemishes. Some people own two concealers, one for their under-eye area that they basically use as a highlighter so the face does not look flat and a separate one that matches their foundation to hide blemishes.

Thank you so much for reading, hope this was a useful post for you, let me know what concealers you use, coloured or otherwise. I, personally, only use concealer as a highlighter as I am too lazy to spend time covering every imperfection on my face, but I admire people who can take the time and effort to do this. Don't forget to follow and comment, hope you have an incredible weekend. Take care.

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Thursday, 25 June 2015

STROBING | All You Need To Know

Strobing is the new "makeup trend" making the rounds on social media, and I have been getting a few questions about what it entails so I thought I would do a post on it. Strobing is an alternative to contouring, it requires no bronzing or contour powder just a wet-looking, dewy, shiny highlight. The reason strobing seems to be gaining popularity as of late is because contouring can be quite harsh and ageing, not to mention time-consuming with all the blending, choosing the right shade and brush and then figuring out which areas of the face you want to contour (which will depend on your face shape). Strobing is comparatively very easy, all you need is a metallic, shiny highlight.

Photo: Teni - Miss Maven
When strobing, you want to apply it to the highest points of the face, mainly the tops of the cheekbones, but also the forehead, tip of the nose and the chin, possibly to the brow bone as well to accentuate the arch. Basically, all the places you already highlight, I have oily skin so if I was using this technique I would highlight normally with concealer in all of those places and then add the extra shine to the tops of my cheekbones. Another way you can achieve this dewy youthful look is by mixing certain skincare products with your makeup, you definitely don't want a heavy looking base so mixing a serum or radiance-boosting face cream with your Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation would be a good step, because when you think of youth and beauty you definitely don't think cake face. You can also mix eye cream with concealer for a healthy looking, naturally radiant base to your makeup. 

Below is a short tutorial by NikkieTutorials who shows you how to strobe. She uses Champagne Pop by Becca Cosmetics ($38 - not yet available) and Mary Loumanizer by The Balm Cosmetics (£15) as her highlight "strobing" products. These are both pressed powders, to achieve the strobing look I would suggest a cream highlighter, or using a powder highlighter slightly damp to get that metallic, dewiness.  

Finally, I just want to recommend some other products that will help you get your strobing game on point. First and foremost, MAC's Strobe Cream (£24.50), this is a moisturiser that refreshes and awakens the skin, providing a radiant, glowing base which is important for any look that involves strobing. It is all about promoting youth and vitality, you want to eradicate any dullness, or signs of fatigue. 

As mentioned, you are adding shine to your face deliberately (so if you have oily skin you might not want to jump on the strobing bandwagon) so a cream metallic highlighter will be your best friend. The Sleek Precious Metals Kit (£10) is one to invest in, don't be shy and really load the sucker up so you can see that glow from the solar system. Remember to ignore the contour shades as they are not necessary when strobing.

Benefit have some great cream highlighting products, my two personal favourites (you all know how much of a Benefit girl I am) are Watt's Up and Ooh La La. Watt's Up (£24.50) is a gorgeous champagne gold soft-focus highlighter that looks stunning on any skintones darker than fair. A less expensive alternative is the No 7 Instant Radiance Highlighter (£10), although much cheaper it is slightly pinker in colour so it would definitely be a good option for the fairer skinned, but don't worry I discuss more champagne gold drugstore highlighters for those of you looking for a better deal.

Top: Benefit Watt's Up. Bottom: No 7 Radiance Highlighter.
If you have pale skin I would choose a pinkish beige colour, for instance the Ooh La La Lift (£17.50), or the aforementioned Radiance Highlighter by No 7, which is supposed to be used under concealer to perk up the under-eye area (an eye-brightener), but if I have had no sleep I happily slather this on the tops of my cheekbones, brow bone, inner corners as well as the under the eye and it truly lifts the face. If you have pale skin, I imagine you could use it on top of your foundation no trouble, if you have medium-deep skin use it under your foundation/concealer or mix it in. I always get a lot of compliments when I use this product, it is one of my favourites.

Last but not least, are the Glow Pots by TopShop, these are such under-rated highlighters, they come in two colours: Polished and Gleam (£9 each). Polished is suitable for the fairer-skinned as it is a "white" highlighter, it looks gorgeous on the inner corners no matter your skin colour so still worth checking out. Gleam is a gold cream highlight, perfect for anyone with medium or darker skin and also great for the inner corners or just as an all over wash of colour for the lids. Gold lids are always pretty.

I hope you enjoyed this post and you learnt something, or at least found it interesting. All the highlighters are brilliant in their own right, they are not just "strobing" products, even if you have no interest in strobing and just want a good highlighter I swear by all of these. Furthermore, just a disclaimer that strobing is not a new technique it's just gained popularity like contouring has gained popularity, you will very rarely hear of genuine new makeup techniques. They all existed before it's just they seem to be getting more hype. Thank you so much for reading, don't forget to follow and leave a comment with your future suggestions for posts and thoughts on Strobing vs Contouring. I am still pro-contouring. 

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Monday, 22 June 2015


Hello, I don't know if you know this but I have done some travelling recently. I went to Budapest with my sister and her friend in late April and I returned from a three-stop trip in Greece with my housemates several days ago. I thought I should stop procrastinating and write about my travels before I forget everything. I wanted to make it a little more interesting and useful to read so I'll split up Budapest, as we were only there for a short time, into specific categories like Food and Sightseeing etc. So this is Budapest.

Budapest is the capital of Hungary. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, famous for their thermal baths, gorgeously fascinating ruin bars and majestic Parliament building. The city is split into two separate parts Buda and Pest, bisected by the River Danube and connected by several old bridges named after historically important people. Buda is also known as the royal city, you can always tell which side of the bridge you are on because Buda contains the hills and Pest is completely flat and is also home to the distinctive Parliament building. Pest is home to the city dwellers and traders of the capital.

We stayed in All-4-U apartments, which is an affordable, clean, centrally located block of apartments with friendly staff and all the amenities you could possibly desire. It was almost too nice, I didn't want to leave. They even had a hairdryer, a washing machine, a fridge, a microwave. It's like being at home.

When you have limited amount of time in a place, then the tour buses that cities often employ can be very useful. We paid 6000 Forints for a two-day bus tour, which included a free lunch, and use of the green and pink bus for the entirety of our stay as well as a boat tour. The green bus stops at 17 tourist attractions, and the pink bus only stops at 10 (two are the same, but the rest are different), the pink bus takes a more scenic route along the River Danube.

As for sights, on the first day we arrived in the afternoon and decided to check out Szechenyi Baths, which was built in 1917 making it one of the oldest thermal baths in Budapest. Entry was 5000 Fts. Aside from the old structure, and the fact that you can play chess in the pool and there is a tiny wave pool in the middle I found it to be a little underwhelming, I am not entirely convinced by the purported healing qualities of the pool but it looks like a good time and people claim it is a good hangover cure. Fortunately, it is located near the City Park which is very beautiful and tranquil.

The next two days we made use of the bus tour, the first day was spent on the green bus tour which travelled around Pest and then crossed the bridge to Buda, the bus had audio so enlightened us on interesting facts as we drove around the city. The audio informs us of the history of Budapest, what the meaning behind certain statues are, how the roads were modelled on Paris and when the metro system came about. My favourite part was learning about the story behind certain bridges, I am not sure if that is interesting to everyone so I'll spare you the details. The Chain Bridge is recognised as a tourist attraction, though, as it was the first bridge constructed to connect Buda and Pest together completed in 1849, it took 9 years to build.

There are many other notable sights, for instance, The Parliament Building, whose architectural design is Gothic, is spectacular both during the day and at night and impossible to miss with its red roof and haunted house appeal. St Stephen's Basillica, a very impressive cathedral.

My personal favourite, The House of Terror Museum, which was literally the headquarters for the Nazi Party when they were still around, the museum plays videos of soldiers and civilians discussing that very difficult period of their lives, it is very moving. They also have sheets of information about Budapest during that time and how they progressed. There are actual dungeons and cells in the basement where people were helped captive.

On a cheerier note, the Citadella in Buda, which is a fortress on Gelert Hill, it offers amazing views of the city and again has historical importance. Budapest is very rich in history and has been home to many important people like Nobel Prize winners and opera singers. Also to see, there is, The Market Place, which is something every European capital seems to possess and is essentially a market full of raw meat and souvenirs which is just bustling with activity during the day, a great place to haggle and get some cool stuff to forcibly shove into your suitcase and gift to friends and Margaret Island which is a small island (around 2.5km long) in the middle of the River Danube, mostly made up of parks.

Heroes Square is one of the biggest squares in Budapest and is known for the iconic statue of the Seven Chieftans as well as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. In the middle of the square is a statue of the Angel Gabriel on a very high column. The Museum of Fine Arts (possibly the coolest building ever) and the Art Gallery can also be found in Heroes Square so it is definitely worth a visit. It is located just in front of the City Park and is a wonderful area to walk around.

There are many other sights to see in Budapest, many museums and castles, there is an old synagogue and even a palace, but we just did what we could in the time we had. One of the coolest places we went to was a ruin bar called Szimpla Kert, it is literally a huge bar in a castle, with mismatched decor, hidden rooms with TVs strung around, a giant disco ball, a garden and a colourful atmosphere. I love it. I doubt you will ever in your life go anywhere else like it. Their cocktails are pretty great too.

Food, for me, is one of the most important parts of a holiday, it can make or break the trip. Hungarians take their food, and their meat, very seriously and it is surprisingly quite traditional. Goulash soup is one of their more traditional dishes, a filling soup/stew with beef and coarsely chopped vegetables that were easy to make for farmers back in the day. We got a free bowl as part of our bus tour deal at a place called NKA which is near Astoria (a fancy and frankly overrated hotel). I liked it.

As mentioned, most traditional Hungarian dishes use a variety of meat, which translates into a heavenly place for me. I tried deer, duck, chicken, they had it all and it was all delicious. We went to three different restaurants and I would say my favourite was Spiler which was near our apartment, they do the most amazing berry iced tea, the most refreshing tea I have ever drank in my life. They do a burger there called Juicy Lucy which is an ordinary beef burger except the burger is stuffed with melted cheese. Yes. My favourite meal was chicken paprikash which I had in Trattoria Mama. We also went to Cafe Vian where I had duck. All great places, but the last two did charge for service.

We went to two places worth mentioning, the first is Fanki Donuts which we walked past on the way to the thermal baths. I had a raspberry and white chocolate donut which has altered the way I regard donuts for the rest of my life. I simply expect more from them now, I wish I could go back in time and eat it again it was that good.

Finally, we went to Goamama which is a cafe and they do a gorgeous white hot chocolate which is not as sickly sweet as the one Costa bring out every Christmas. It's frothy and deliciously perfect, like a warm hug for  your throat, they also have a great selection of cakes so naturally we sampled all of them.

Of course, there was the ruin bar which is unmissable, but we also checked out Instant Bar and Liter Bar. Instant Bar is nothing special, we went on a Monday night and it wasn't particularly lively apart from a group of boys on a stag dressed as Oompa Loompas complete with glittery wigs. Liter Bar had a 2 for 1 cocktail did, one of my favourite things of life, they were understaffed but the drinks were great. A good place to chill and relax after a hectic day running around the city.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this helped, for more photos and details about my travels check out my Instagram (username: alittlekiran). Have a wonderful week, and I am going to start writing about Greece. Don't forget to follow and stay tuned for a giveaway. Take care.

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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Bare Minerals Ready to Go | Review

I returned from Greece yesterday hideously ill, I have already started writing up about my travels to both Budapest and Greece but I thought I would do a little post sharing my thoughts on the Bare Minerals Ready to Go Complexion Perfection Palette which is £35 from House of Fraser, previously £39. In this nifty little kit you get a mineral foundation, mineral veil (coloured setting powder), bronzer, illuminator (highlight) and a cream concealer. There is also a mini precision face brush and a tapered face brush.

I purchased this before I went to Budapest and I have used it every single day in both Budapest and Greece, It was quite literally all that I needed, especially during the hot climate of the day where you don't want anything to heavy. The foundation has an SPF of 25 so I always put a decent layer of that over my face for protection. It doesn't feel heavy, it offers about medium coverage and has quite good staying powder even in the heat, I would recommend setting it with a powder if you have skin that is on the oilier side. I use my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte powder.

I love the illuminator and bronzer, they are perfect for my skin and look very natural. The whole palette is just like a skin enhancer in my opinion, and I love it for precisely that reason. It's great for summer, when you don't want to really feel like you are wearing makeup. The concealer is not my favourite but it does the trick. I use my index fingertip to just blend it underneath my eyes and around my mouth and nose, before using the mini face brush which has a flat slanted kabuki shape to buff the mineral foundation into the skin.

The tapered face brush is used to apply the rest of the products. I apply the veil first, although mostly I just use a normal large powder brush and my translucent powder, as I don't think extra coverage is needed with this foundation. The illuminator is applied to the tops of my cheekbones, tip of my nose and above my brows, and the bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks and the perimeter of my face. Sometimes I use the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush to apply the bronzer when I want more definition.

What I will say is that this palette will not last, after a few weeks of travelling I have already hit pan on my foundation which makes me really sad. I reckon you will get about six months solid use out of the palette before you run out of the foundation. Of course, this depends on how much foundation you use, you might get more or less out of the products. On the plus side, I believe, the remaining products will last a lot longer, as you use a lot less, and this palette does contain some very high quality highlight and bronzing shades. Definitely try out and test this palette in a store as getting the right shade is very important, if you are purchasing it for travel then maybe consider getting a shade darker if you tend to go to hot climates and work on your tan. Personally, I always like to stay true to my skin tone.  

I love the packaging, I could give the concealer and the powder a miss, but overall a fantastic idea and so helpful for when you are on holiday. It makes life so much easier and saves a tonne of room. This was literally all I needed in Greece and yet I packed so much more makeup. Let me know if you would like a Holiday Makeup Bag post and I will put that up for you. Thank you so much for reading, don't forget to follow and comment. Take care.

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Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Hey guys, I just wanted to share a quick little update with you. My last exam is tomorrow and then that is it, my final year is done! Which is both relieving and unbelievably scary, what do I do now? But also I am heading directly to London to catch a plane to Greece, exciting times. I'll be gone for almost two weeks and in that time I want to still try and get up some content for you because I am packing some new makeup to try and of course I'll be taking a tonne of pictures and everything so be sure to follow my social media accounts. I just wanted to give you a heads up because if I do post it will be on phone so it might not be perfect. Anyway onto some more interesting details. We are heading to Santorini, Mykonos then Athens and I cannot wait.

I have wanted to go to Santorini for as long as I have known of its existence. Doesn't it look glorious. Santorini has amazing caldera views and gorgeous beaches. It just doesn't even look real.

Mykonos is supposed to have the best nightlife and the best beaches in the whole of Greece, it looks brilliantly serene. 

 Last but not least, is Athens with some of the most ancient and beautiful monuments in the entire world. I am genuinely so excited for this, I am finding it really hard to concentrate and revise for my last exam when this epicness is in my near future. Other updates: I got my hair cut today, took about two inches off. As always, I hope it grows back super fast. I want hair down to my knees. Down to the ground. Thank you for reading, have a beautiful day, wish me luck for my last exam and I will speak to you shortly. Don't forget to follow. Take care.

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Monday, 1 June 2015


I have just finished watching the two All About Bruce episodes in the latest season of Keeping up with the Kardashians. I just wanted to share this with you, because typically I watch KUWTK as a lighthearted break from my own reality. It's fun, and the kids and kind of spoilt but endlessly entertaining and with flawless makeup to boot. 

But these two episodes actually had me in tears and it just makes you think about what some people actually go through. It's shocking and difficult to understand, and my heart went out to every single person in their family, because I think those two shows really highlighted how it's not just extremely challenging for the person with those issues but also everyone around them. I could never imagine going through something like that and at the end of the day I think regardless of whatever else they do in their lives and whether you agree with the choices they make, they handled this really really well. 

Side note: how ridiculously stunning is Kendall Jenner, she was crying and being all serious and I was just staring at the screen in awe of her beauty. Anyway, I just wanted to say that those two episodes are definitely worth a watch. I can't say that I fully understand it, but I think everyone should be happy and if you can be happy without hurting anybody then you do you. Hopefully, this journey will really help people and do something truly amazing in helping us all understand that hey it takes all type of people to make a village. Leave a comment if you watched it too, or your thoughts on this whole thing. If you don't care about this kind of stuff, I apologise, I will revert to my usual content so don't worry. Don't forget to follow and comment, have a lovely day. Take care.

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