Friday, 31 July 2015

July Wish List

Normally, I would be doing a July Favourites post but I haven't bought much new makeup in recent months, so instead I thought I would share with you the makeup I desperately wish I had in my life at the moment, I'll leave links and prices to everything and I hope you enjoy this post. Continue reading for what to expect over the next month, August is going to be a big blogging month for me and I am so excited to start it. 

This palette is the most unique eyeshadow palette I have ever seen, with the layout and the shade selection it just begs to be on my makeup table. It's organised in cool, neutral and warm tones and specifically designed to enhance the eye shape whatever your eyeshape may be. The shades all appear to be matte and the packaging is sleek and sexy.

ABH Liquid Lipsticks Fall Collection
Fairly certain these haven't been released yet, but I know that many a blogger has their fortunate paws on this stunning collection already. My particular favourites are Dusty Rose, Trust Issues and Veronica. I think these shades would suit my colouring excellently. Let me know what colour you would want in the comments below.


This brush collection looks dreamy and I have only read positive reviews thus far about the Elite brushes which was designed in collaboration with MannyMUA. They are synthetic brushes and there are 25 in total in the entire collection.

There is both a lip liner and a corresponding lipstick to this new matte shade and it looks gorgeous, in my mind it looks like a more brown version of Gerard Cosmetics 1995 lipstick. You can see it swatched below, unfortunately it is not available in the UK yet.

Urban Decay 1993 Matte Revolution Lipstick

Another Urban Decay item that isn't available in the UK yet is the Naked Smoky palette which just looks gorgeous. There are a mixture of metallic and shimmer shades, I have heard some criticism about the lack of a matte black in this palette which I wholeheartedly agree with. How can you make a smoky eye palette without a black shade? I do not know. In spite of that, the colours look unique and the quality of UD shadows are always flawless. 

This mascara is alleged to add tonnes of volume to your lashes, according to the Sephora website is alleged to increase volume by 330 percent. That is quite a high claim. Whenever I have seen this mascara used in tutorials, you can just see how instantly it has an effect. It looks like a fabulous mascara and the packaging with the purple tube is outstanding. 

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes!

Last but not least a skincare item that would literally break the bank. This is Charlotte Tilbury's Goddess Skin Clay Mask. It is claimed to be a miracle product like much of the CT line, this mask purports to leave you moisturised, dewy and glowing whilst tightening your pores and clearing imperfections. It has some very good reviews on her site, everyone claims to immediately see a difference so I am curious to see if it will live up to the hype. What is your favourite face mask? 


Thank you so much for reading. Hope you enjoyed this slightly different post. I am not sure if you are aware of the July Beauty challenge, where you post something new every day according to a list (which you can see below). Well, this month I completely missed out on it because it was full of a lot of moving around, so I plan instead to do it in the month of August. Furthermore, ever since returning home I have been pouring junk food in my body like there is no tomorrow so August is going to be a chocolate and crisps and donut free month for me. It is going to be really hard but I want to do it, I feel I will see definite results in my health and skin. 

Don't forget to leave a comment and follow and please check out my Facebook page. I have hit over 10, 000 likes which means a lot to me. But honestly, I would rather only a 100 people that would take the time to interact with me. So, please do check it out and give me some feedback on what you would like me to post. Take care. 

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Black Magic Video

I watched the Black Magic music video the day it was released on the Little Mix Vevo channel on YouTube. I had already heard the song and was unsure of whether I liked it or not, so I wanted to see what artistic license they had taken with the music video. I remain unimpressed, you can skip to the end of the post to watch the video if you wish.

The song itself is energetic and fun, in spite of my lukewarm feelings towards the video, I admit that the song has grown on me.Th music video too has a fun feeling reminiscent of classic chick flicks such as She's All That. The four girls begin the video dressed to appear unattractive and nerdy and this is achieved by wearing glasses, making goofy facial expressions and covering as much skin as possible in loose, plain clothing. Which leads me to my first issue, the message being communicated by this act is not something I agree with, changing such superficial things about your appearance does not make you ugly or unattractive. It's ridiculous and something I am inclined to take personally, I wear glasses and by insinuating that I am unattractive because of that is ignorant, shallow and frankly just rude. This is something that should not still be happening, beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and appearances. It is a social construct. By wearing glasses and carrying a pile of books implies that other girls who wear glasses and like to read and have braids in their hair are unattractive by default. This is not the case and it sends a negative message to everyone.

As the music video continues a popular girl pushes them lightly out of the way so she can get to her boyfriend who the band members are clearly crushing on. The scene cuts to the library where Jade searches out a book and then gets hit on the head by a spell book. All girls start chanting spells while sitting in a circle in a bedroom, thus spurring their transformation/makeover.

Now in the place of thick-rimmed spectacles, backpacks and braids are skirts, shorts, perfectly curled hair and high heels. They begin to use their newfound powers to make the girl, that really did nothing to warrant their ire, fart, yes fart, in order to embarrass her in front of the boy they fancy. Consequently, suggesting that it is perfectly fine for girls to put each other down in order to gain favour with a boy.

Overall, the world is overwrought with young girls struggling with body image and this video does nothing to help that. It just confirms all of their fears that if you don't dress like a fleet of paparazzi are following you you're never going to be liked or popular. It suggests that validation should com from others when in reality it should come from within. I am aware that there are intentions are mostly good but they could have done something much better with this video. It sucks.

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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Review | Bright Here Bright Now

Let me begin with pure honesty, my skin is awful right now. I have blemishes from being too excited about the range of chocolate available in the home (Galaxy chocolate gives me life), it's dull from lack of sleep and uneven from spending time both in and out of the sun with weak SPF application. I know I should take my health a lot more seriously, believe me, I know. Luckily, I have makeup to hide the majority of awfulness that exists on my face. Skincare also helps, and recently I have been using Soap and Glory's Bright Here Bright Now Instant Radiance Energy Boost Balm, which is half-price at Boots at the moment and therefore £6.

Photo from

I love this moisturiser, it does exactly what I need it to do by instantly adding radiance to the skin and hiding the dullness and fatigue that is the truth. In addition, it is lightweight and you only need a tiny pea-sized amount to cover your face and neck. It takes seconds to absorb into the skin and doesn't have a strong fragrance. I love S&G packaging and their names are cute and imaginative. I have the 50ml bottle and believe this will last me months. Some people even use this product on top of their foundation, a light, carefully placed layer will add a subtle dewy finish to any makeup look.

Thank you for reading this short review, please leave your thoughts and skincare favourites below and don't forget to follow. Take care.

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Makeup Trends

Hello, I just wanted to share a short video with you which echoes similar thoughts I have been having recently. Due to social media being the force that it is every few weeks a new makeup trend blasts forth - contouring, strobing, clown contouring, strong brows, Kylie Jenner's 90s lip - and everyone goes crazy for it. But the truth is that all these trends are entirely fabricated, they are all simply recycled from different areas of the beauty world, such as drag or theatre, and occasionally named something different.

It pains me to say this but the beauty world is actually quite unoriginal, in terms of the cosmetic brands. They have a sheep-like mentality and what urges me to say this is that so many well-known makeup brands have recently come out with Artist palettes. First, Make Up Forever, then Anastasia Beverly Hills and now Laura Mercier. The same thing happened with liquid lipsticks, as soon a one brand makes a success of something the rest chug them out. I just don't see the point in imitating products from other brands as potential customers could just opt for the original. The least you can do is choose a unique name so at least people don't get confused between brands it seems so stupid to me.

Thank you for reading, let me know if you would like a comparison between the three artist palettes and which one looks best. Hope you are having a wonderful week, please a comment with your thoughts below and share any future suggestions you have for posts. Take care.

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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Graduation Day | GRWM

Hello, I am officially a graduate now! I graduated yesterday with a BSc (Honours) Degree in Psychology from The University of Warwick and I thought it would be nice to share with you what I wore, both makeup and outfit, and what I did with my hair.

Prep: Face washed with tea tree scrub (£2), moisturised with Nivea Day Cream (£4) and primed with Sheer Cover Base Perfector Primer (£15).
Base: Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation in Toasty Beige (£26.50) mixed with a drop of Nars Sheer Glow in Barcelona (£31). Applied with a beauty blender (£12.67). For concealer used Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer in SC5 (£26.50), the lighter shade was used to highlight and the darker shade was used to conceal blemishes.

Setting: I set the under eye area with Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Translucent (£4). I set the rest of the face with Smooth Finish Foundation Powder in Cafe/13 by Laura Mercier (£33). 
Definition: I used a peach blush from the BH 10 Colour Blush palette and Nars bronzer in Casino (£27,50) for bronzing the face and adding some definition. 

Eyes: I used the Laura Mercier concealer to prime the eyelids and carve out the eyebrows. I used Topshop Waterproof Eyeliner in Gunpowder (£5) for the top waterline and lash line, with a baby wing and then blending it out almost completely into the crease as well as the lash line. I used Gold from the Lorac Pro Palette on the inner portion of my eyelid and Espresso in the crease, Cream for highlighting the inner corner and the brow bone. Finally, I added some of MAC Pigment in Melon (£16) all over the inner half of the lid, I applied it wet which really intensified the colour. Last but not least I used Eyeko Eye Do mascara (£20).
Lips: Rimmel Lip Liner in Obsession (£4) and Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Rush (£15.50).

I washed my hair the night before, I used the L'Oreal Elvive Thickening Shampoo (£4) and Herbal Essences conditioner. I towel dried it, waited about two hours for it not to be so thick and heavy with water, my hair retains water so it takes twelve hours to truly dry properly (it's ridiculous). I then brushed it out with my Tangle Teezer (£11), and combed it through with one of those nit combs you have when you are a kid, they are really great for not leaving any tangle behind. I then added some of the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil (£6), stayed awake for as long as possible and then when the front parts were mostly dry, I popped it into a loose braid and went to sleep. 

In the morning, I put in some of Space NK's Living Proof Prime Style Extender (£18), which is supposed to be used when hair is damp but I used it anyway, sprayed some Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray (£5.25) and straightened my hair. I didn't have any hair spray so just settled for my hair looking smooth and neat for the most part. 

DRESS (£20//£18 with student discount)
I wore an A-Line Shift dress in Powder Blue, I got this in a size 6 because otherwise it's just ridiculously big. My shoes were block heeled sandals with an ankle strap, they were pale pink in colour and very comfortable and flattering to walk in. I was nervous about falling, but I didn't!

SHOES (£12)
The best thing about the shoes, apart from how sweet they look, are that they were half-price! I got them for a steal, they were only £12. Definitely worth the money. 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope your graduation (if you have one) is brilliant and be very proud of yourself regardless of your grade. You worked hard and you definitely are deserving of a celebration! Please leave me a comment, I love reading them. Take care.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Makeup For Glasses Wearers

Hello, as you all know I am a glasses wearer and have been for a very long time. I often get people messaging me and asking questions about what makeup is best for glasses and I just want to take this opportunity to share that in my opinion wearing glasses should not prevent you from wearing any makeup look you want. There is really no such thing as "makeup for glasses", you can wear whatever you like. Smoky eye, winged liner, lashes, shimmer, matte, they can all look good on you regardless of your eyesight as long as it is well blended and suited to your eye shape. I love makeup, and I wear different makeup looks every day, and you can to. 

That being said, there are other issues that come alongside wearing glasses, they cover certain parts of your face, may leave indentations on your nose and shield your awesome eyebrows. Lisa Eldridge, the most heavenly celebrity makeup artist and beauty guru on the planet did a very useful and honest video about different ways to tackle each issue. She addresses how to reduce redness and the chance of indentation around the nose, how much concealer to apply, and how to make your eyes look bigger or smaller depending on whether you are near-sighted (like me) or far-sighted. It's quite a long video but definitely worth watching if you have any questions because she addresses them all.

Most importantly for good makeup you need a magnifying mirror especially if you wear glasses, mine is from Revlon and it is a life saver. I use it to put in my contacts as well as to do tricky things like liner, mascara and intricate blending without the aid of my glasses. Because glasses get in the way and you don't want the fall down of your eyeshadow to form a layer of colourful dust on your lenses. Been there. 


If you're really struggling or simply looking for inspiration, fear not, there are many tutorials on girls with glasses on the internet. They are all pretty and flattering and suitable for various occasions, the internet is always here for you guys and I included a selection of my favourite tutorials below. 

The one above is a gorgeous shimmery, eye-catching look that will look flattering for any event where you want to look nice and a little bit more glamorous. It's not full on glam, but it is very pretty. Carli picked out the colour of her friend's top, and the champagne shadow on the lid with the tiny wing really accentuates the almond shape of her eye and the colour. The brows are groomed but natural, the cheeks are flawless but not heavy and her pout is pink which draws the focus to the eyes. 

Lastly, this tutorial is by Tanya Burr and it's a perfect, clean and simple makeup look for the every day. It's natural, uses matte, neutral shades on the eyes with a solid wing to add some drama to the look. Perfect for school, college, university or work and it won't take you long at all. Remember all tutorials you recreate on yourself should play to your strengths and be adapted to suit your face, because no one has the same face and features as someone else, and that is the key to a good makeup look. Thank you so much for reading, don't forget to comment and follow. Take care.

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Friday, 10 July 2015

Everyday Minerals Matte Blushes | Review

Hello, I was recently very kindly sent these stunning matte mineral blushes by a brand called Everyday Minerals. After trying out the Bare Minerals Ready to Go palette (review here), I thought it was about time I started seeing what else was out there on the mineral market. Here are the six matte mineral blushes, you get 4.8g worth of product and the cost is $12. You can buy the product here, there are 11 shades in total and I have reviewed six of them for you. The package arrived in this cute little eco-friendly cardboard box with some lovely artwork.

The six shades are listed below and you can see the swatches pictured:
- all smiles peachy orange blush, neutral toned and warm
- pink for flower soft baby pink blush
- sweet coral pink-toned coral blush, light orange in colour, very warm
- tea rose warm lovely rose blush, a more obvious blush choice
- cameo a pale lavender-toned blush, boost radiance, would work well as a highlighter for fairer skin
- field of roses bright pink rose blush

As you can see, they are all matte with no shimmer which I like, shimmer is for highlight. The powder is very fine and soft, easy to blend. They are great quality and they come in a variety of lovely shades, however as you can see from the swatches they do not all possess the same pigmentation which I think is clever. The more wearable blushes really pack a punch and have amazing colour payoff (i.e. all smiles, tea rose and sweet coral) but the dollish, lavender-toned, less wearable and more statement shades (i.e.cameo especially) are slightly sheerer allowing you to build the product up to the desired result. Again, they don't ave to just be used for blush you can use them as a highlight or as an eyeshadow, I think it would look really pretty, it all just depends on your skin tone. I have Indian skin so I naturally prefer the warmer colours, but pale skins would suit the baby pink and lavender blushes just fine.

The blushes came with a face brush for me which I like for any mineral product because it allows control, precision and really enables you to buff out the product so it looks seamless and lovely on the skin. The way I apply it is to tap some of the product into the lid, swirl the face brush in the lid and get as much product as I want on the bristles before applying the blush onto my cheeks in a circular motion and then diffusing the edges with my foundation brush. I will say be cautious at first and use as little product as possible. My favourite blush out of the selection I reviewed is sweet coral, it's just the perfect every day blush. All smiles is similar too.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. I think these are the perfect summer blushes, they are bright and fun and easy to wear. Quick tip: if you want a bright, bold blush colour but don't want to look like a clown, apply the blush first after you've applied your moisturiser and before you apply your foundation. That way even the brightest, scariest of blushes look natural and pretty. Let me know if you would like a tutorial with hoe these look on my skin. Don't forget to follow and comment. Take care.

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Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Don't Judge Challenge

Honestly, I thought nothing could reduce my lack of faith in humanity more so than has already happened, but yet again the universe and little idiots on social media have, naturally, proved me wrong. If you're not familiar with the #DontJudgeChallenge that has taken off on various social media platforms, essentially it's just teenagers drawing on "imperfections". Literally, they are colouring in a monobrow and getting creative with red Crayola crayons drawing acne and spots. Some blacken their teeth, hopefully with black paper and not a Sharpie although it genuinely wouldn't surprise me, put on glasses and do something crazy with their hair. And then they show a photo without all the crazy to be like "Hey, no it's just me, psych!". What the actual fuck?

I don't know who this is, so I'm not blaming her, she is very pretty but this is so so pointless.
The whole purpose of this challenge was to encourage people to not judge others based on looks and I fail to see how this, pretty offensive, challenge is helping the situation at all. I think it stemmed from Em Ford aka Pale Skin Blog (who has amazing tutorials on acne coverage) posting a moving video sharing all the hate she receives whether she wears makeup or not. I urge you to watch it as it just proves you can never please everybody. Remember: you're not a nutella jar.

All this challenge does is basically spit in her face, it spits in everyone's face as it implies that having acne, wearing glasses, braces, having a gap in your teeth or a monobrow means your ugly. Which is the total opposite of the intended purpose for this challenge. Morons. Are teenagers in this day and age really that stupid and shallow? Is the world really this stupid and shallow?

I love makeup, I love wearing makeup. I get my eyebrows waxed, paint my nails, and rarely leave the house without makeup. However, I am under no illusion that wearing makeup makes me beautiful. My skills are not that high to hide every blemish and scar or discolouration on my face. Frankly, I am too lazy and I don't really care. Being beautiful and being ugly goes way deeper than what you look like. I can sincerely say I have never met an ugly person because I have never met a person that feels no compassion for others, that takes joy out of others' misery and pain and commits vindictive acts for shits and giggles. I have never met an ugly person because I have never met an evil or consistently unkind person. 

Why so serious? For the record, I don't think the Joker/Heath Ledger is ugly. I have a lot of love for both of them in fact.
Everyone has such a strong opinion on makeup, all I ever read is "You're a liar and tricking men into liking you by painting your face", "this is false advertising", "this is why I have trust issues", or "that girls wears too much makeup", or even better "that girl doesn't wear enough makeup". Social media is full of hate and opinions about what people look like, probably because on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all you see is superficial. You should never judge someone before you even know them. It's redundant, because you don't know shit and you're going to hurt someone's feelings for absolutely no reason, they have never done anything to you, they don't even know you exist. The reason I feel so passionately about this is because I am very sensitive to people making comments on my appearance, even when it's my Grandad constantly  telling me to eat more, but the difference is that my Grandad loves me and knows me as a person, what he is saying is always out of love and caring. So don't get it twisted because if you don't know someone at that level (that level being you had some hand in creating them as a human being) then you have no need to pass judgement on the appearance of someone else. 

I apologise for the rant, it is just so disheartening to see such idiotic, asinine messages like this being spread across the globe. I hope I have never made anyone feel self-conscious about how they look or act because it is one of the worst feelings in the world. Thank you so much  for reading, I would love to hear your thoughts on this below, even if you disagree with me. I'll leave you with my favourite quote of all time. Take care.

Love ♥

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


It is the 7th July, exactly a month since I turned 21 and I wanted to write a little post about it. I was in Greece on my birthday, on the actual day I spent the early hours on a bench in Santorini listening to music and admiring the views waiting for our bus to arrive. We took a ferry to Mykonos, had a nap in our hotel room because we got no sleep the night before and then we explored the town. Mykonos, thus far, is my favourite place in Greece, it's gorgeous and picturesque, with whitewashed buildings, lovely sandy beaches, pristine sea and a town you can just get lost in easily. I could stay there for weeks and never want to leave. On my birthday, we ate some pasta at a local interest, spent some time at the Skandinavian bar and just looked around. It was quite a chill day, and the perfect start to our time in Mykonos. The Old Port is one of my favourite places in the world. 

Birthdays always seem like a big deal. I don't really care about the celebratory part, it doesn't really bother me, my family sent me a video in the morning wishing me happy birthday and I cried. I know you're not supposed to cry on your birthday but I couldn't help it. The thing that seems to crop up every year is that I always feel like I haven't achieved enough, like I'm behind. I don't feel young enough to be able justify all the poor decisions I make, I genuinely feel like the farthest thing from an adult. 

I do not feel grown up at all. I can't imagine the day where I won't ask my sister or my Mom for advice. When I won't enjoy eating pasta out of a packet. When I won't feel like in comparison to every other human being I know I am failing, I am doing life wrong. This all just makes me panic, I don't want to grow up, I can't imagine having a family of my own, sorting out bills and laundry and owning a piece of property. It seems light years away, when deep down I want it to be sooner rather than later. I want my life to be figured out already. This impatience is my undoing. 

When I was in high school, for a while, I was deeply unhappy. I don't even know what it was that made me so unhappy, school was fine, home was fine, everything was fine. I just felt like I was wrong. It genuinely perplexed me that everyone else seemed so happy all the time, and I just couldn't comprehend why I didn't feel that way. Why wasn't I happy? Well, the receptionist at my school said to me: No one's happy all the time, we just become better at hiding it. I think you can apply that to most things, of course there are some extraordinary people that know exactly what they are doing and are always right on track but for the most part people are just fumbling through life hoping for the best. At least that's what I tell myself. Cheers, to being 21 and one month old. Take care.

Oh Leo...

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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Lime Crime Controversy and Dupes

Let me start by saying that I have never in my life ever purchased anything from Lime Crime due to their childish packaging which is far too reminiscent of My Little Pony to want anything like that sitting on my vanity. However, I am aware that they have produced some cult classics, I know the Lime Crime Velvetine in Cashmere has been on beauty sites everywhere for the past year or so. As a beauty enthusiast, I watch videos, tutorials, and read blogs all about makeup and beauty like it is going out of fashion, and in doing that I have noticed bloggers and YouTubers talking about Lime Crime and admitting to not using their products anymore. My first thought: Why? So, I took to the internet to discover the reason that everyone had turned on Xenia Votrova aka Doe Deere aka the CEO of Lime Crime. 

It seems there are many reasons that have resulted in her gaining the ire of her former fans. Firstly, there are many accusations about the makeup quality itself. Some people say the lipsticks produced are too pigmented which damages the quality of the product, others have said that she repackages bought packaging, adding stickers of unicorns etc. There are mixed reviews about the quality of her products, and concerns that Lime Crime social media is heavily photoshopped. Their most famous product the Velvetine Lipsticks appear to need four to five applications to achieve opacity. Lime Crime also markets their entire cosmetics line as vegan when this is not the case as their lipsticks contain carmine and beeswax. Most shockingly, however, it is claimed that Lime Crime repackages actual makeup bought from other companies as well as selling the credit card details of her consumers to scammers, Carli Bybel was a victim of this, she received several charges to her credit card that she hadn't made, and tweeted about it. 

I don't know, for certain, if any of this is true, I just thought I would share what I have learnt. So don't sue me. Which leads to my next point, it has been stated that Doe Deere (Xenia - which is a much cooler name in my opinion) deletes any negative comments on her page and talks trash about her consumers, there are posts suggesting she called her customers stupid for purchasing a product of only one gram. Her deleted post read "it was YOUR fault that you idiots were stupid enough to spend $16 for a gram of product". This was in response to an unsatisfied customer.


Lime Crime are famous for their "unique" products and having a fabulously unusual colour selection which is uncommon. If you are looking for dupes for some of their best products, please keep reading as I will share with you some alternatives to their most loved products, starting with Cashmere which is $20. A dupe for this is Aromi's Desert Taupe matte liquid lipstick which is $17.

An even cheaper option is the Me Now Waterproof Long-Lasting Rich Nourishing Lip Gloss in Shade 18 which is $3.70. I am not sure why it is marketed as a lip gloss when it dries like a matte liquid lipstick. It's a great dupe and is very similar in colour to Cashmere.

Another dupe for the Velvetines are the ABH liquid lipsticks, but also the Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks, which apparently have the best formula. Not drying, super long-lasting and, of course, pigmented. They also come in stunning shades, their latest releases are three beautiful blue colours as can be seen below. They are $18 a piece, though, for more a more purse-friendly option check out the next cosmetics line.

For brightly coloured opaque matte lipsticks on a budget, check out Impulse Cosmetics, their lipsticks are a jaw-dropping $7 and come in a range of wild and adventorous shades. They have lilacs, green, yellows, blues and even some classic shades such as reds and nudes.

As for their Fantasy palettes, Sugar Pill cosmetics do bright, high quality eyeshadows better than any other brand. Their single shadows are $12 each. Of course there is also the Urban Decay Electric Palette (£38) and the Sleek i-Divine Palette in Acid or Snapshot or Ultra Mattes V1 for bright and daring colours and the Sleek i-Divine Palette in Sunset as a dupe for the shades in the Venus Grunge palette which are warm reddish browns and an orange mostly. All Sleek Palettes are £8.

From left to right: Sleek Acid Palette, Sleek Snapshot Palette, Sleek V1 Palette and Sleek Sunset Palette
Thank you for reading, I hope this post helped. I know I have been wondering for ages what everyone was up in arms about. I do think, that if any of this occurred, these are valid reasons to boycott LimeCrime products. Manners do not cost anything. Please comment and let me know your views and feel free to follow. Take care.

Love ♥

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

June Favourites

June is coming to an end and I have a few favourites to share with you, beauty and otherwise, so keep reading if you want to know what I have been loving this month. Don't be confused by the picture below there are no MAC products in this post, I just thought the picture was too cute not to include.

Firstly, and this is a complete turn around for me, I have been obsessed with matte nails, in particular the shades Vanilla and Mocha by Barry M. I know summer is about bright and vibrant nails, but there is something so casual yet polished about neutral nails.
Photo by Lily Melrose
Speaking of matte, the Matte Eyeshadow Palette by Too Faced is divine. I love the colour selection, it is such a good range of neutral and deep shades, everything you need for a variety of different eye looks. This palette could easily take you from day to night. Very easy to wear, you can't really go wrong with it, any combination would look beautiful. 

The first Naked palette is something I have been reaching for a lot in recent days, in particular the exceptionally bright and eye-catching Half Baked shade in the centre and Smog, they are perfect for impromptu nights out and really elevates any eye look. They even look beautiful on their own. Very much in love with this palette, from the velvet packaging to the endless amount of pigmented shimmery shadows, it screams summer nights out of fun to me. I do think out of all the palettes in the Naked collection this is the most suited to those with warmer skin tones, because gold looks so lovely on tan skin. Most likely, you can get a better price if you have a look on eBay, amazon and depop.

This is actually a pressed powder by Sleek which I use for bronzing and adding some definition to my face, it's quite neutral toned and obviously several shades darker than my skin tone. It has an SPF 15 and it works really well, easy to blend it doesn't look to heavy and you only need the slightest amount of product on your brush. I would say it looks to me like it has a slight, very slight, shimmer to it, which I don't mind in the summer, because it is a luminous powder. It is very pretty though, perfect for those of medium skin tones and there are four shades in total with one shown below being the darkest. Great affordable bronzing powder.

Two hasty swipes of this mascara will give you really black lashes and for me the formula was quite volumising and clump-free. I think you could build it to a false lash effect, but even with one coat you get quite a difference. I always wipe off some product when I unscrew the wand, but with this mascara I only take off excess product because it is the formula that makes this mascara good as the wand, in my opinion, is quite generic. 

Want plumper lips without surgery? All you need is a pretty nude gloss, simples. My favourite at the moment is Urban Decay's Naked lipgloss in Sesso which I got as part of the Naked on the Run palette (review here). It's a great formula, not sticky and just a pretty nude-pink shade that leaves your lips looking glossy and full. Lip gloss in the summer is one of my favourite things to wear. 

I already have Primark eyelash curlers, but I lost my Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curlers a year ago and I came across these curlers when buying some holiday attire for Greece. I love the colour, gold eyelash curlers make me feel fancy and these do a surprisingly good job at curling my lashes. The curl holds and the spongy part in the middle has yer to come loose, it doesn't hurt my lashes or pull them out. All in all, they are comparable to my Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curlers and these are a quarter of the price.

This was my go-to bag for my summer vacation, it is the perfect colour as it compliments any outfit and is large enough to carry around without feeling like your arm is going to spontaneously break away from your body. Furthermore, the fringing adds an element of fun and I love playing with the tassels when I am bored or waiting. It is big enough to fit in everything you need, I even took it to the beach and managed to cram a beach towel, sun glasses, two bottles of water, a charger, my phone and my purse. Love it. Even more importantly, it's one of those bags that even if all you need to take is your purse and phone you don't feel ridiculous because it isn't that big.

Only recently started to use this, but the formula is quite interesting. It is thicker than I prefer, but it doesn't feel greasy on the skin, it absorbs quickly and leaves your face feeling really soft and smooth, the perfect base for makeup application. It has a very clean scent that isn't overpowering which I love. This product is alleged to be a moisturiser and serum combined which explains why the texture is different, in addition it has an SPF 20 and anti-ageing properties. So far I like it, I would recommend it and just because a product is anti-ageing it doesn't mean you can't use even if you're 16. 

I started watching this show and I am already addicted, it is about a record company called Empire and the battle between three brothers (and the two youngest have such a great, sweet, adorable relationship) for the role of CEO. It has some great music and several fantastic upcoming artists, the two main characters Jamal and Hakeem (that is their character's names) are already signed to Columbia Records (who represent Beyonce). The story line is great, the singing is incredible, it is entertaining from the first second. I did find some scenes difficult to watch, but it's still a great show. Like an R&B, grittier version of Nashville. Andre (the one in the suit, far left) is ridiculously good-looking.

Another show that I have slowly become infatuated with is Parks and Rec, I have so much admiration for Amy Poehler that I am reading her book Yes, Please. She is smart, beautiful and strong, she doesn't pretend everything is perfect, she just appears quite real and honest. Her show is so funny, you would think a show about the Parks and Recreation department in a small town in Indiana would put you to sleep but it is refreshingly hilarious. I love it, and I am already about to finish season 4. April is the best. The absolute best.

Thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoyed this post and please share your favourites in the comments below. I would love to know what music you are liking and TV shows as well as your favourite beauty products. Don't forget to follow and let me know any suggestions you have for posts. Have a wonderful day and a life-changing July, summer is officially in the air. Take care.

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