Friday, 10 July 2015

Everyday Minerals Matte Blushes | Review

Hello, I was recently very kindly sent these stunning matte mineral blushes by a brand called Everyday Minerals. After trying out the Bare Minerals Ready to Go palette (review here), I thought it was about time I started seeing what else was out there on the mineral market. Here are the six matte mineral blushes, you get 4.8g worth of product and the cost is $12. You can buy the product here, there are 11 shades in total and I have reviewed six of them for you. The package arrived in this cute little eco-friendly cardboard box with some lovely artwork.

The six shades are listed below and you can see the swatches pictured:
- all smiles peachy orange blush, neutral toned and warm
- pink for flower soft baby pink blush
- sweet coral pink-toned coral blush, light orange in colour, very warm
- tea rose warm lovely rose blush, a more obvious blush choice
- cameo a pale lavender-toned blush, boost radiance, would work well as a highlighter for fairer skin
- field of roses bright pink rose blush

As you can see, they are all matte with no shimmer which I like, shimmer is for highlight. The powder is very fine and soft, easy to blend. They are great quality and they come in a variety of lovely shades, however as you can see from the swatches they do not all possess the same pigmentation which I think is clever. The more wearable blushes really pack a punch and have amazing colour payoff (i.e. all smiles, tea rose and sweet coral) but the dollish, lavender-toned, less wearable and more statement shades (i.e.cameo especially) are slightly sheerer allowing you to build the product up to the desired result. Again, they don't ave to just be used for blush you can use them as a highlight or as an eyeshadow, I think it would look really pretty, it all just depends on your skin tone. I have Indian skin so I naturally prefer the warmer colours, but pale skins would suit the baby pink and lavender blushes just fine.

The blushes came with a face brush for me which I like for any mineral product because it allows control, precision and really enables you to buff out the product so it looks seamless and lovely on the skin. The way I apply it is to tap some of the product into the lid, swirl the face brush in the lid and get as much product as I want on the bristles before applying the blush onto my cheeks in a circular motion and then diffusing the edges with my foundation brush. I will say be cautious at first and use as little product as possible. My favourite blush out of the selection I reviewed is sweet coral, it's just the perfect every day blush. All smiles is similar too.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. I think these are the perfect summer blushes, they are bright and fun and easy to wear. Quick tip: if you want a bright, bold blush colour but don't want to look like a clown, apply the blush first after you've applied your moisturiser and before you apply your foundation. That way even the brightest, scariest of blushes look natural and pretty. Let me know if you would like a tutorial with hoe these look on my skin. Don't forget to follow and comment. Take care.

Love ♥

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