Friday, 31 July 2015

July Wish List

Normally, I would be doing a July Favourites post but I haven't bought much new makeup in recent months, so instead I thought I would share with you the makeup I desperately wish I had in my life at the moment, I'll leave links and prices to everything and I hope you enjoy this post. Continue reading for what to expect over the next month, August is going to be a big blogging month for me and I am so excited to start it. 

This palette is the most unique eyeshadow palette I have ever seen, with the layout and the shade selection it just begs to be on my makeup table. It's organised in cool, neutral and warm tones and specifically designed to enhance the eye shape whatever your eyeshape may be. The shades all appear to be matte and the packaging is sleek and sexy.

ABH Liquid Lipsticks Fall Collection
Fairly certain these haven't been released yet, but I know that many a blogger has their fortunate paws on this stunning collection already. My particular favourites are Dusty Rose, Trust Issues and Veronica. I think these shades would suit my colouring excellently. Let me know what colour you would want in the comments below.


This brush collection looks dreamy and I have only read positive reviews thus far about the Elite brushes which was designed in collaboration with MannyMUA. They are synthetic brushes and there are 25 in total in the entire collection.

There is both a lip liner and a corresponding lipstick to this new matte shade and it looks gorgeous, in my mind it looks like a more brown version of Gerard Cosmetics 1995 lipstick. You can see it swatched below, unfortunately it is not available in the UK yet.

Urban Decay 1993 Matte Revolution Lipstick

Another Urban Decay item that isn't available in the UK yet is the Naked Smoky palette which just looks gorgeous. There are a mixture of metallic and shimmer shades, I have heard some criticism about the lack of a matte black in this palette which I wholeheartedly agree with. How can you make a smoky eye palette without a black shade? I do not know. In spite of that, the colours look unique and the quality of UD shadows are always flawless. 

This mascara is alleged to add tonnes of volume to your lashes, according to the Sephora website is alleged to increase volume by 330 percent. That is quite a high claim. Whenever I have seen this mascara used in tutorials, you can just see how instantly it has an effect. It looks like a fabulous mascara and the packaging with the purple tube is outstanding. 

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes!

Last but not least a skincare item that would literally break the bank. This is Charlotte Tilbury's Goddess Skin Clay Mask. It is claimed to be a miracle product like much of the CT line, this mask purports to leave you moisturised, dewy and glowing whilst tightening your pores and clearing imperfections. It has some very good reviews on her site, everyone claims to immediately see a difference so I am curious to see if it will live up to the hype. What is your favourite face mask? 


Thank you so much for reading. Hope you enjoyed this slightly different post. I am not sure if you are aware of the July Beauty challenge, where you post something new every day according to a list (which you can see below). Well, this month I completely missed out on it because it was full of a lot of moving around, so I plan instead to do it in the month of August. Furthermore, ever since returning home I have been pouring junk food in my body like there is no tomorrow so August is going to be a chocolate and crisps and donut free month for me. It is going to be really hard but I want to do it, I feel I will see definite results in my health and skin. 

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