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Lime Crime Controversy and Dupes

Let me start by saying that I have never in my life ever purchased anything from Lime Crime due to their childish packaging which is far too reminiscent of My Little Pony to want anything like that sitting on my vanity. However, I am aware that they have produced some cult classics, I know the Lime Crime Velvetine in Cashmere has been on beauty sites everywhere for the past year or so. As a beauty enthusiast, I watch videos, tutorials, and read blogs all about makeup and beauty like it is going out of fashion, and in doing that I have noticed bloggers and YouTubers talking about Lime Crime and admitting to not using their products anymore. My first thought: Why? So, I took to the internet to discover the reason that everyone had turned on Xenia Votrova aka Doe Deere aka the CEO of Lime Crime. 

It seems there are many reasons that have resulted in her gaining the ire of her former fans. Firstly, there are many accusations about the makeup quality itself. Some people say the lipsticks produced are too pigmented which damages the quality of the product, others have said that she repackages bought packaging, adding stickers of unicorns etc. There are mixed reviews about the quality of her products, and concerns that Lime Crime social media is heavily photoshopped. Their most famous product the Velvetine Lipsticks appear to need four to five applications to achieve opacity. Lime Crime also markets their entire cosmetics line as vegan when this is not the case as their lipsticks contain carmine and beeswax. Most shockingly, however, it is claimed that Lime Crime repackages actual makeup bought from other companies as well as selling the credit card details of her consumers to scammers, Carli Bybel was a victim of this, she received several charges to her credit card that she hadn't made, and tweeted about it. 

I don't know, for certain, if any of this is true, I just thought I would share what I have learnt. So don't sue me. Which leads to my next point, it has been stated that Doe Deere (Xenia - which is a much cooler name in my opinion) deletes any negative comments on her page and talks trash about her consumers, there are posts suggesting she called her customers stupid for purchasing a product of only one gram. Her deleted post read "it was YOUR fault that you idiots were stupid enough to spend $16 for a gram of product". This was in response to an unsatisfied customer.


Lime Crime are famous for their "unique" products and having a fabulously unusual colour selection which is uncommon. If you are looking for dupes for some of their best products, please keep reading as I will share with you some alternatives to their most loved products, starting with Cashmere which is $20. A dupe for this is Aromi's Desert Taupe matte liquid lipstick which is $17.

An even cheaper option is the Me Now Waterproof Long-Lasting Rich Nourishing Lip Gloss in Shade 18 which is $3.70. I am not sure why it is marketed as a lip gloss when it dries like a matte liquid lipstick. It's a great dupe and is very similar in colour to Cashmere.

Another dupe for the Velvetines are the ABH liquid lipsticks, but also the Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks, which apparently have the best formula. Not drying, super long-lasting and, of course, pigmented. They also come in stunning shades, their latest releases are three beautiful blue colours as can be seen below. They are $18 a piece, though, for more a more purse-friendly option check out the next cosmetics line.

For brightly coloured opaque matte lipsticks on a budget, check out Impulse Cosmetics, their lipsticks are a jaw-dropping $7 and come in a range of wild and adventorous shades. They have lilacs, green, yellows, blues and even some classic shades such as reds and nudes.

As for their Fantasy palettes, Sugar Pill cosmetics do bright, high quality eyeshadows better than any other brand. Their single shadows are $12 each. Of course there is also the Urban Decay Electric Palette (£38) and the Sleek i-Divine Palette in Acid or Snapshot or Ultra Mattes V1 for bright and daring colours and the Sleek i-Divine Palette in Sunset as a dupe for the shades in the Venus Grunge palette which are warm reddish browns and an orange mostly. All Sleek Palettes are £8.

From left to right: Sleek Acid Palette, Sleek Snapshot Palette, Sleek V1 Palette and Sleek Sunset Palette
Thank you for reading, I hope this post helped. I know I have been wondering for ages what everyone was up in arms about. I do think, that if any of this occurred, these are valid reasons to boycott LimeCrime products. Manners do not cost anything. Please comment and let me know your views and feel free to follow. Take care.

Love ♥

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