Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Makeup For Glasses Wearers

Hello, as you all know I am a glasses wearer and have been for a very long time. I often get people messaging me and asking questions about what makeup is best for glasses and I just want to take this opportunity to share that in my opinion wearing glasses should not prevent you from wearing any makeup look you want. There is really no such thing as "makeup for glasses", you can wear whatever you like. Smoky eye, winged liner, lashes, shimmer, matte, they can all look good on you regardless of your eyesight as long as it is well blended and suited to your eye shape. I love makeup, and I wear different makeup looks every day, and you can to. 

That being said, there are other issues that come alongside wearing glasses, they cover certain parts of your face, may leave indentations on your nose and shield your awesome eyebrows. Lisa Eldridge, the most heavenly celebrity makeup artist and beauty guru on the planet did a very useful and honest video about different ways to tackle each issue. She addresses how to reduce redness and the chance of indentation around the nose, how much concealer to apply, and how to make your eyes look bigger or smaller depending on whether you are near-sighted (like me) or far-sighted. It's quite a long video but definitely worth watching if you have any questions because she addresses them all.

Most importantly for good makeup you need a magnifying mirror especially if you wear glasses, mine is from Revlon and it is a life saver. I use it to put in my contacts as well as to do tricky things like liner, mascara and intricate blending without the aid of my glasses. Because glasses get in the way and you don't want the fall down of your eyeshadow to form a layer of colourful dust on your lenses. Been there. 


If you're really struggling or simply looking for inspiration, fear not, there are many tutorials on girls with glasses on the internet. They are all pretty and flattering and suitable for various occasions, the internet is always here for you guys and I included a selection of my favourite tutorials below. 

The one above is a gorgeous shimmery, eye-catching look that will look flattering for any event where you want to look nice and a little bit more glamorous. It's not full on glam, but it is very pretty. Carli picked out the colour of her friend's top, and the champagne shadow on the lid with the tiny wing really accentuates the almond shape of her eye and the colour. The brows are groomed but natural, the cheeks are flawless but not heavy and her pout is pink which draws the focus to the eyes. 

Lastly, this tutorial is by Tanya Burr and it's a perfect, clean and simple makeup look for the every day. It's natural, uses matte, neutral shades on the eyes with a solid wing to add some drama to the look. Perfect for school, college, university or work and it won't take you long at all. Remember all tutorials you recreate on yourself should play to your strengths and be adapted to suit your face, because no one has the same face and features as someone else, and that is the key to a good makeup look. Thank you so much for reading, don't forget to comment and follow. Take care.

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  1. Great post!! I wear glasses and always have trouble with how much makeup I should wear while wearing my glasses.

    1. Thank you Olivia, so glad you liked this post. Please follow my blog if you enjoy my content and check out my Facebook page. I would love to interact with you more and create more helpful posts.

      Love Kiran x

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