Saturday, 15 August 2015

Day 15 | Favourite Eyelashes

I'm not a false eyelash person, to be honest, they are difficult to apply and I am fearful that part of it will disconnect from my lash line mid-conversation. Also, they just look fake, don't they? I love eyelashes and I adore applying mascara, but I want naturally long, delicately curling full lashes and I don't have to fuss with glue and tweezers to achieve it. That being said, a lot of makeup artists and beauty gurus use falsies in their tutorials and I have seen my friends wear them at events and they look quite beautiful in person. 

Velour, Eylure, Ardell, and Huda Beauty are possibly the best brands out there for false lashes. If I ever wear false eyelashes I always want the most natural ones I can find. I have been scouring the internet for the most natural looking, pretty lashes and was almost ready to give up, but then I came across this natural lash from Velour called ARE THOSE REAL? You can see them in their box below.

They are $30 which is expensive compared to Red Cherry and Eylure but Velour lashes are of a very high-quality. They are made of mink lashes, with a cotton thread band and black in colour. The lashes are designed for everyday wear, with the mink sparsely distributed along the lash. They are definitely less dramatic than the other lashes available on the site, but they are still of medium length and certainly noticeable. You can see how this lovely lash look on the eye below. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. If these lashes are not for you, I know Whispie Sweet Nothings and Winging are two lash styles that are very popular with makeup artists and they do look really beautiful with any eye look. Of course, there is always the Carli Lash designed by Carli Bybel with Velour and recently Vegas Nay designed some lashes with Eylure. There are four lashes in total (see them here) and they all range in price from £5.95 - £7.95, so that's a cheaper option for you lash lovers out there.

Love ♥


  1. I have this lashes too!and also whispie sweet nothing (they're possibly my favourite ever). I only wish I could rock them more frequently, but, like you, I'm not a false eyelash kinda gal :)

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