Sunday, 23 August 2015

Day 23 | Favourite Eyeshadow Colour

Eyeshadow is my favourite part of makeup, because there is an infinite amount of colours available to choose from and it can transform any look to sultry or sweet. I have so many eyeshadows that it is almost impossible to choose, so I will attempt to narrow it down to two different colours. 

I have brown eyes, so I have found that warm-toned shadows are the most flattering for me, my go-to eyeshadow colours are a warm gold, brown, or bronze. I love the By Terry Ombre Blackstars (£25), these cream eyesahdow sticks are richly pigmented, unique in colour and extremely long-wearing. My favourite shade is Bronze Moon, although I am keen to try pretty much all of them.

If I had to pick the perfect, can't-live-without-it eyeshadow it would have to be a rich matte brown. My favourite is Coffee Bean from the Too Faced Matte Eye Palette (£25). It is the perfect crease colour, although some people might think wearing brown on the lids would blend to much with the eye colour. I think the trick is to use a very dark, rich brown and really concentrate the shadow where you want it. I use it on the outer v of my lid and sometimes to smoke out my lash line. I also love purple for brown eyes, so Vintage Violet is a subtle way to achieve that striking contrast,

What are your favourite eye shadow colours? Tell me in the comments below, and don't worry I will catch up with the posts I missed in no tine. And I'll have details about my time in Copenhagen up shortly.
Love ♥


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