Sunday, 30 August 2015

Day 29 | Baby Blue

Baby blue is one of my favourite colours, so this post is dedicated to this pretty pastel shade. One of the reasons I love Spring is that the pastel shades come out strong and everyone and their mother is sporting something pale and perfect. See Taylor Swift rocking that baby blue hue.

As for eyeshadow, I don't rock the pastel look much due to my deeper skin shade which means pale colours are not true to their pan shade when they are transferred on my skin; they can look ashy. The closest shade to a baby blue I have is Orsay from my Sigma Paris palette, one of the most beautiful palettes in existence by the way.

Do you like baby blue? And if you do, honestly how could you not, how do you like to wear it? Leave a comment with your thoughts, would love to read them. Lavender is next on the August Beauty Challenge and that will be up very soon. Take care. 

Love ♥


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