Sunday, 2 August 2015

Favourite Organic Product

The second post in the series and one I struggled with. I had to Google "organic beauty products" to find one I actually use. Regrettably, I don't appear to possess many and that is possibly because organic products tend to be less expensive to produce as well as purchase. Consequently, they are not as easy to get hold of or as affordable as the products I regularly use. That being said, I worked for L'Occitane two years ago which is an organic beauty brand, and I  grew attached to many of the products they sell, my favourite would have to be the Almond Shower Oil (£18). 

This product feels so luxurious on the skin and smells divine. The almond scent is one of my favourites. You apply it on wet skin and it transforms from an oily consistency to a foam. It's gorgeous, afterwards I apply the Almond Milk Veil (£28) which contains tiny crushed pearls and makes your skin glow and shimmer like a supermodel. I tend to despise any body shimmer lotions because they can make you look like a disco ball but this is the perfect amount of shimmer. 

Love ♥

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