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København | Day 1

I went to Copenhagen for three days with a friend from university, I wanted to write a short yet detailed post about what we got up to while we were there. Let me start by saying we are and were both dirt poor, so saving our money was a top priority for both of us. If you are looking for ways to travel on a budget, this is an excellent post for you to read, if you are looking for information about Copenhagen in general, again a great post for you to read, however, if you are looking to read about the fanciest bars and restaurants you can visit this is not the post for you. Now that is cleared up, let's get on with it. I will break it down day by day, This post will cover the first day, flights, hostel and what we did that day. There will be two more posts for the next two days we spent there.

Our flight was early in the morning, we took a National Express bus to Luton airport and spent yet another night in uncomfortable chairs either snoozing or reading. We always take Ryanair, because they seem to have the cheapest deals and our flights in total cost about £35. The flight was short, less than two hours, and to reach our hostel which  was called The City Public Hostel, we took a train to the centre which is in walking distance to our hostel.

Now, let's talk about the City Public Hostel. We paid 264 DKK (Danish krones) for two nights which roughly works out as £25.67. We were in a cramped room with ten other bunk beds, slotted together like a game of Tetris. We laughed so hard when we realised where we were staying, it was definitely an unusual experience for us. We have stayed in hostels for every single holiday we have been on without our family. Even the few nights spent in Amsterdam had better conditions, I think because we only had each other everything was a little more daunting. It would have been different if all of our friends were in the other beds, like a giant sleepover.

We didn't get bed sheets, no cover, no duvet/blanket, or pillow. If you wanted these "extras" you had to pay 60 DKK which is equivalent to almost £6! So in true student style (because we are still students at heart) we used our  cardigans and towels as pillows and blankets. There also wasn't a decent mirror in the room, and the plugs available were at the furthest corners of the room. I will say the shared bathroom was relatively clean considering the whole hostel used it, and the lounge was a good place to chill and hang out while waiting for your phone to charge. Instead of napping as soon as we arrived we decided to jump into action and get some attractions under our belts. We were still reeling from the harsh reality of where we would be staying, so we freshened up as best as we could. We had some snacks from Lidl on the way to the hostel, just some crisps and a drink (Lidl is surprisingly expensive).

This entire trip we walked everywhere, which was great, for our legs at least, and on the first day we visited City Hall; Christianshavn; the Opera House; Børsen (Stock Exchange Building). Von Freslers Kirke (a church) and the Royal Library which is known as the Det Kongilege Bibliotek. At moments, we stopped to sit and take in the scenery at particularly scenic spots. Copenhagen is so clean and lovely, and the water sparkled and it just made me feel very happy and content to just sit and watch people going about their day in this beautiful city, and daydreaming about living in a glass-walled apartment overlooking the gorgeous canal with a brilliant view of the sunset. Goals.

City Hall
Also known as the Town Hall was erected in 1925 and is right in the centre of Copenhagen, right by the Tivoli Gardens and the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. You can't miss this building, it has flowers lining the outside and we literally walked past it several times a day. It became a landmark for us.

Christiansborg Slot
This is a palace, which looks like a castle and is full of opulent rooms like the Velvet Room and the Great Hall. Again it costs to enter and look around the palace. The outside is very impressive alone with the statue at the front, the grounds surrounding would be a lovely picnic spot

This is a district known as 'Little Amsterdam' because of the abundance of canals and bicycles - I assume - there are a lot of boatyards here. It's a very pretty, relaxing place. We sat by the canal for a long time, basking in the sun and watching the boats go past. It was lovely.

The Opera House
The Copenhagen Opera house opened in 2005. It's a very modern building clad in German limestone. It contains a 1500 seat auditorium with a gold-leaf ceiling. We didn't go inside, but the journey to the opera house was just as beautiful as I imagine it looks inside. 

This Renaissance building used to be home to Copenhagen's stock exchange. I love the beautiful architecture here, and this is yet another building you can't miss because of the spire on the tower which is carved to look like a dragon's tail. Unbelievably cool.

Von Freslers Kirke
Called Our Saviour's Church, an unmissable church due to the distinctive spire you can see a mile off. Th extraordinary spire was completed in 1752 The church itself was built in 1696. The tower you can see below has a spiral staircase where you can get a brilliant view of the city. You do have to pay for the view though.

Det Kongilege Bibliotek
The Royal Library, pictured below is the ultra-modern part of the library, colloquially called the Black Diamond because of the black and granite exterior. It has a great seating area outside, akin to the steps on the Seine in Paris. Very peaceful, pretty place, great for recharging your phone and quickly googling various tourist attractions. 

Thank you for reading, I know this was a little long but I hope you enjoyed reading it. I will be posting Day 2 and 3 this week. So stay tuned for those. Don't forget to comment and follow, lots of love. Take care.

Love ♥

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