Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Day 4 | The Perfect Pair

After some deliberation and a brief internet search to understand how others have interpreted this title, I have decided on two answers to this post: the first is fashion-related and the second is a fail-safe beauty combination. I love preppy fashion and I truly believe you cannot go wrong with a lovely well-made jumper thrown over a collared shirt. It works for both men and women and can be manipulated according to one's shape and style. I have seen many girls wear this style with a loosely fitting shirt with a smaller jumper layered over the top. This cinches in the waist, adding shape to the body and creating a more feminine silhouette. My favourite is a slightly oversized jumper with a shirt tucked away underneath, complete with a pair of skintight trousers à la Alexa Chung. 

As for my other perfect pair it has to do with eyeshadow bases. On Indian skin, aka my skin, a lot of eyeshadows lose their true colour due to the deeper shade of my skin and a way to combat this isto use a white base to my eyelid. Additionally, I  have oily eyelids so a primer is a must for the days when my eyeshadow needs to last all day. My two favourite items to achieve longevity and vibrancy are Too Faced Shadow Insurance and NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk. 

I discovered these two products thanks to xsparkage which was the very first beauty channel I subscribed to. I can honestly say, if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have started a blog or have become so interested in makeup and beauty. You can tell through her videos that she is a happy, amazing person with a genuine passion for what she does. I will always watch her videos. More importantly, the primer and pencil I bought three years ago are still in my life today, a little goes a long way with these products. They are brilliant.

The way I use it is to place the Shadow Insurance on my eyelid, brow bone and sometimes even underneath the eye. After applying the tiniest amount, I place the Milk pencil directly on top and then pat it out with my fingers. After this, I pat on the main eyeshadow colour I want on the lid and do the standard blending until I am happy. It lasts all day. I promise. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed this post and see you tomorrow with the next post: Top 5 Lipsticks. Take care.

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