Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Makeup Tip | Bicarbonate Soda

This is a simple yet life-changing tip that I mentioned briefly in my last post on my purple smoky eye look. This is an amazing trick for anyone with an oily T-zone or for those who always find their makeup disappearing by the end of the night. I have tried and tested this product and I love it. It is Bicarbonate Soda, honestly, the cheapest beauty related item you might ever  buy. You can purchase it for less than 60p in most supermarkets and it works wonders. 

Take a table spoon of bicarbonate soda and mix with a water-based cleanser until you get a gritty based texture like a scrub. If you don't have a water based cleanser you can mix it with water but you'll end up with quite a runny mixture so it will be a messier experience. Apply the substance normally, I rub it in gentle circles on my face, avoiding the eye area and concentrating on oily areas of the face and definitely on and around the nose. This will instantly reduce oiliness and the appearance of blackheads or any other blemishes. 

You shouldn't use this trick if you have had a chemical peel, are suffering from sunburn or are on any medication to treat acne.

I tried this trick multiple times and I am obsessed. It left my skin feeling clean and dry, so I did apply a healthy dose of moisturiser afterwards. It does dry out the skin so I would restrict use for those occasions where you really want your makeup to last, or at most use it once a week as a great exfoliant.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you found this tip helpful. It has changed the way I prepare my skin for events and is such a basic trick that I am sure many of you makeup lovers already know about it. I am loving the effect, and of course it might not be for everyone so bear that in mind if you do use it. Enjoy your week, I have many more posts coming your way so don't forget to follow and leave me a comment sharing how you prep your skin for events where you want your makeup to last all night. Take care.

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