Thursday, 3 September 2015

Gigi Hadid VMAs Makeup Tutorial

Gigi Hadid looked breathtaking at the VMAs, she was certainly one of my favourite looks in her beautiful yellow dress and mile-long legs. She looked so summery and perfect, and her makeup was glowing and polished yet simple. 

Your favourite foundation mixed with a drop of a beauty oil or an illuminator depending on the finish you prefer. Use a highlighting concealer, for all the normal areas: under-eye, around the nose, bridge of the nose, centre of the chin, tops of the cheekbones, centre of the forehead, and a little above the brows. Set the concealer with a translucent powder to ensure longevity, and powder your foundation wherever you get oily.

Two shades, a warm shimmery gold like Smog from Urban Decay all over the lid, and then a matte deep brown in the crease like Espresso from MAC. Take your time blending into the crease because as you can see in the photo it is quite neatly carved out. You can draw an outline first to keep it precise. Add a baby wing eyeliner with your favourite gel or liquid.

You want the lashes to be quite spread out but not overpowering this can be done with a lengthening mascara, alternatively try applying some long-length individual lashes evenly across the eye (about five or six).

Keep this matte, so the dewiness is restricted to the highest points on the face. A warm bronzer like Laguna from Nars will add shape and warmth to the face, a lot of more affordable brands have similar products too. A subtle pink blush will add some colour, but you want the look to be predominantly bronzey.

A wet looking highlighter is perfect for this look, you want it to match the undertone of your skin, if you are quite fair it will be pink if you have warmer skin opt for golden yellow tones. This look will suit warmer skin tones better, so if you're pale try warming up your foundation with a bronzing gel.

Avoid gloss, you don't want the lips to look wet, rather apply a satin lipstick or something with a sheen. I recommend MAC's Myth for similar skin tones but whatever nude works for you will suffice, and dab a tiny bit of clear gloss in the centre for fuller lips.

Remember she is a spokesperson for Maybelline so it is likely that most of the products she used were from that brand. Thank you for reading, hope this was helpful, if you have any requests please leave a comment. Don't forget to follow. Take care. 

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