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Makeup Channels for Indian Skin

When I first started to get into makeup I found it really disheartening that there seemed to be such a lack of Indian makeup artists with their own beauty channel. I follow a great range of makeup artists and beauty channels from the very fair-skinned to the much deeper skinned and yet only a handful of them have a similar skin tone to me. I want to help everyone who had the same struggle as me as after scrolling and searching incessantly I have found some incredible makeup artists that will up your makeup game pronto and are undoubtedly of a similar colouring to most Indian/Pakistani/Arabic etc. skin tones out there.

Kaushal Beauty
Honestly, one of the most enjoyable channels on YouTube. I would recommend her videos to women of any colour, she is gorgeous, fun, and really sweet and down-to-earth. Her tutorials would suit so many different people and she uses a wide variety of more affordable makeup to achieve her flawless face. My favourite videos are her Indian GRWM, great source of inspiration. 

Anchal MUA
Another favourite channel, I have watched her since she started her channel and was so excited to find an Indian makeup channel. That excitement was well placed, as I still adore her channel and her recent Autumn makeup tutorial is one of my all-time favourite tutorials ever. She is brilliant, and you can watch that tutorial below.

Huda Beauty
I think Huda Kattan is absolutely stunning, her channel could be improved, she posts some amazing tips and tricks but she hardly ever does Talk Through Tutorials, or even Tutorials with a voice-over, she plays music instead. She also rarely includes a product list, but you still learn some cool makeup techniques and her eyes, contour, and lips are always divine. She also regularly features other makeup artists on her channel which I think is really nice.

I just love her face, she is so cute and her voice is so sweet. Another informative channel, with a wonderful makeup artist. Ideal for girls with Indian skin, who like subtle and defined eyes. Her makeup is so wearable and versatile. I have only recently discovered this channel and I am in love with her makeup.

Fareeha Khan MUA
This makeup channel is incredible for anyone who struggles with makeup for events, Fareeha is a legitimate makeup artist and she posts videos of her clients on her channel. She hasn't posted in a while, but the ones that are up there already are definitely worth a watch if you like heavy coverage, long-lasting makeup and beautiful colourful eye makeup. She is based in Slough, and I want her to do my makeup for the rest of my life, plus she plays Hindi/Indian music in the background which I love and find really relaxing. I could watch these videos all day!

Irene Mahmud Khan
Another gorgeous channel which posts a multitude of makeup looks, everything from Eid to everyday and celebrity inspired tutorials like the one below. Irene has quite dry skin so she rarely uses powder, for this reason she is not my favourite channel as our skin types are so different. But again it is still possible to learn a lot about different makeup techniques to suit your skin tone and eyes. 

Himani Wright
Another great channel I just found for the purpose of this post. She posts videos on different makeup looks that suit tan, olive, and Indian skin tones. I particularly struggle with lipsticks (but my next post will be on that so stay tuned) and she has a video solely dedicated to that topic. Winner. 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. Remember your skin type, tone, face shape, eye shape and personal style will always have an impact on what looks suit you. So bear that in mind when copying tutorials. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and see you tomorrow for another post on Indian skin tones and lipsticks. Take care.

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