Monday, 7 September 2015

Made in Chelsea Mondays

This post is slightly different to what you would usually expect, but I just have so many opinions right now that they need an outlet or I'll end up talking to myself and never getting to sleep. Firstly, this is about the show Made in Chelsea which aired about two hours ago, this is a spin-off the original show and is set in LA because the cast members of this structured reality show are in LA for the summer. Lucky bastards. 

JP looking perfect as per . . .
If you don't watch the show, you should, there's really no point in reading this post because it won't make much sense. For those of you that do, grab a cup of tea and let's vent. The second thing I want to address is how really really really really good-looking JP is. He is so attractive, tall, athletic and just incredibly nice and well-spoken. He just seems like such a genuine guy that I'm basically in love with him and would marry him in a heartbeat regardless of his shady behaviour because he has to be the best human being of the male species on Earth. He's really hot, okay? 

JP and James being extras on Baywatch or Baewatch. . .
Next: Jess. I find her quite difficult to relate to, she plays it so coy and I can't help but feel she is stringing Jamie along. She clearly doesn't harbour an attraction to him, but she likes the attention so she just keeps him on a string. I find that very disrespectful, plus there was a scene at a wine-tasting where everyone is being inexcusably spiteful to Jamie, telling him he'll die alone, he leaves on the verge of tear. And Jess just sits there. What the hell? 

Jess being hella awkward and a REALLY REALLY shit friend. . .
If that was my friend I would never let that happen. I would stick up for them and comfort them when they're sad or at least get them drunk. I know it's scripted so a lot of it isn't even real but nonetheless it was still poor friendship behaviour. In addition to all of this, JP shot Binky down which spurred her to leave and go back to England. Obviously, I really like JP and I still do because he obviously cares (no one is that good of an actor) that shaky breath was as real as you and me. I hope they sort it out because I think they could be really great together. 

Binky leaving because JP was being a total ass, unexpectedly #stillcutetho
I'm going to stop talking now before you all think I'm crazy, hope you all enjoyed this minor rant, if you watch Made in Chelsea leave a comment so we can chat about it, and who knows? I might turn this into a weekly thing. I get embarrassingly invested into reality shows (my guilty pleasure), actually any show I'm into to be honest, so I would love to share this with you guys. So please let me know what you think, honest opinions always matter to me: good or bad. Good night, loves. Take care. 

Love ♥

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